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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 10, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>>breaking news overnight 3 deputies were shot and a gunman killed in a shootout in contra costa county near brentwood. it happened. right after a 12 hour standoff with that gun in fact, here's a closer look at where the shooting took place. the map points to wear green acres lane is located there in night since right up highway 4 in lone tree way and that's where we have kron four's reyna harvey standing by now with the very latest on the dramatic scene that played out there right now. >>that's right james it lasted
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nearly the entire day like you just mentioned 3 deputies were shot 2 of them actually injured and had to be taken to the hospital we now know that suspect or that gunman rather is dead, but we're going to show you that scene from overnight take a look at your screen right 80's now this taking place like you mentioned in nightstand this is the 1700 block of green acres lane. now the deputies were responding to a domestic violence call. >>a woman reported that the gunman is holding her hostage. >>and told them that they that gunman broke her ribs import gasoline on her while threatening to center on fire. now the contra costa sheriff's office along with the swat team and hostage negotiating team was also called out to that scene. >>that man continued to shoot at the deputy several times during that 12 hour standoff, they would not give up. now that evening the gunman came out of the house and fired a
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shotgun at members of the swat team, 3 of them being struck. the deputies >>hitting that man he was then killed that 2 of the deputies like i mentioned were transported to the hospital, although we know 3 of them were actually shot. >>now this is still an ongoing are now investigating the incident that happened for now reporting here in contra costa county. reyna harvey kron 4 news all right, thank you very much rain. >>time now is 4.32 john trouble in the weather center morning john good morning james we are looking at conditions today a warmer one than yesterday for inland areas, a little bit cooler towards the coast as we are seeing some fog near the coastline. this is your view from suture tower right now as the financial district you can barely make out the bay bridge there in the distance. we are seeing fog mostly just right
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up and down the coastline, but it has pushed into parts of san francisco. so visibility being affected in areas like the golden gate bridge as well as half moon bay. foggo try to push in over the bay much like it did yesterday but not be very successful in doing so that's most of us are going to be sitting under abundant sunshine for morning. all the way through the afternoon ahead of us dry skies in teller coastal areas do see some coastal drizzle at times so a nice smooth drive into work for most of us 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, san mateo and alameda as well as oakland at 55 degrees. each upper 60's unconquered well low 70's in pittsburgh, currently warmer inland for sure to start the morning, it's going to be a warmer afternoon for the same areas. winds will eventually come down today a couple of breezy spots left in san francisco in fairfield after wind speeds increased late last night. daytime highs in the 90's for inland spots, 70's and low 80's right along the bay, upper 60's to low 70's near the coastline. james. our john thank you for
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33 is the time the u.s. recorded more than 60,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday setting yet another. >>daily record and that has some organizations and companies reconsidering large events and gatherings. john lawrence now with a closer look. >>some walt disney world theme parks in orlando getting ready for a phased reopening for the general public this weekend. and it will be a small world after all with attendance limits. temperature screenings masks and social distancing will also be in force for guests at the mouse house as covid-19 cases rise on a daily basis. there are concerns about protecting people when they're outdoors some college sports programs are making changes. big 10 teams will only play conference games this season. there's a chance we might have football teams. >>so we shifted to i can we got kids on the shield drive-in theaters like this one in chicago allow people to beat cabin fever safely, it's
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alive, but you know, hey we were working so it's great to see events like this. >>so take us away from responsibility and gop officials are still considering how next month's republican national convention will be handled we'll have to wait and see how things look. >>and late august to determine whether or not we can safely >>that many people health experts keep stressing the importance of being cautious while out and about if we social distance and wear face coverings we can really interment inner inner fear with the human to human transmission of this virus. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>in national headlines the cdc will not revise its guidelines for reopening schools, the cdc guidelines say that it's up to local schools to decide how to open and run their school safely. but as caitlin collins explains those guidelines go against the demands of president trump. >>with only weeks before some schools are scheduled to reopen more confusion is
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emerging from the cdc guidelines are guidelines, but we are going to provide additional. a reference documents to aid. >>basically interest that are trying to reopen k through 12 cdc director doctor robert redfield now says his agency will change its guidance on reopening schools after president trump criticized did that will release additional information instead it's not a revision of the guidelines, it's just to be fraught provide additional information to help. >>schools be able to use the guidance that we put for trump said the guidance was too tough and expensive, but officials have struggled to say exactly what trump has a problem with which guidelines are too tough which guidelines are impractical. >>i think it's important george to realize you use the word guide. >>guidelines that's what cdc has done they provide guidance is there not requirements. >>with the president and the cdc on different pages, maryland's republican governor larry hogan says it's trump who's mixed up.
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>>well actually i'm not confused. i think it's the president who's confused. the governor seemed to know exactly. yeah, we know exactly what cdc was talking about. >>asked how the administration can say that they're not going to tell schools helped open but they will say when kayleigh mcenany said this the costs are too high to keep school shutdown how can you say you're going to tell the school's how 3 maybe you're going to tell it all went >>48 their 47 guidelines issued by the there's guidelines have been put in place this can be done safely can be done well what you do testing to that extent trump repeated his inaccurate assertion that there are more cases in the u.s. because there's more testing. >>claiming of have to people have been tested there would be half the cases, but again that's not true even according to his own health experts that's an indication that. >>you do have additional. infections. the trump administration is also being accused of politicizing the reopening of schools by threatening to cut off funding
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if some of them don't reopen education secretary claimed that money could go towards a conservative cause school choice if schools are going to reopen. >>we're not suggesting pulling funding from education, but instead allowing families take to let the families take that money and figure out where their kids can get educated. >>that was kaitlan collins reporting the cdc also encourages parents to consider home school and virtual learning for the new school year. california and state college leaders are suing the trump administration over to policy for international students. the order would force those students to live. or to leave the united states if their universities transition to online only learning proper stance or in explains. >>california has more than 180,000 international students are at risk of losing their student visas a sudden policy change by immigration and customs enforcement this week says foreign students enrolled in entirely online courses will have to leave the country
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or transfer to a school offering in person classes this could put everyone at risk of getting and spreading the coronavirus or be subject. >>in any case of these international students to deportation if they don't comply with this latest trump. >>policy the states lawsuit led by attorney general javier becerra comes after harvard mit in the usi system filed similar suits. the schools have announced they're moving to remote learning to help curb the spread of coronavirus meanwhile president trump has been pushing for universities to fully reopen in the fall the trump administration policy. >>here's our universities and hot spots of the disease. this policy isn't just unlawful. its dangers and morally reprehensible. >>in march i said announced student visa holders would be allowed to remain in the country if they're forced to take only online courses because of the public health crisis uci's president has called the new ice order quote mean-spirited arbitrary and
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damaging to america. the reversal is also alarming for california's community college chancellor issues like this continue to create fear and anxiety. >>on our college campuses. the state's law suit is on behalf of 21,000 international students at california's community colleges university professors across the state and across the country are also taking action saying they'll be offering in person independent courses for their students that are facing possible deportation. >>reporting in berkeley dan thorn kron 4 news. >>american red cross is looking for volunteers across the bay area it says it needs people to staff. evacuation centers and help with other emergency response efforts in the future the need for help is a lot greater because of the pandemic and kron four's rob fladeboe explains why. >>disasters like wildfires and earthquakes don't stop because of the pandemic it's not a question of whether the red cross will be needed but
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rather where and lamb says the agency's cynthia shaw on this weekend's fires in gilroy morgan hill. >>were you know sort of those precursors that reminding us you know should we have a large evacuation we will need care for many people we want to be ready to do that and so the red cross has put out a call for volunteers to help set up an operating evacuation centers like those that provided food and shelter for thousands during the recent camp and wine country wildfires. >>the need maybe a bit greater right now because of the coronavirus pandemic we know that some of our workforce may become ill. >>or may have family members who are ill or maybe just in those vulnerable groups either to their health or age. other than may not be in their best interest to go out and volunteer in person at this time straw says that he needs shoring up because volunteers themselves are often impacted by wildfires and other disasters. covid-19 as the red cross planning for alternatives to traditional shelter protocols.
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>>which means volunteers with special skills are also needed to maximize readiness is we're looking for anybody willing to be shelter workers to work in our shelters with their but we are looking for have a health professional so doctors nurses >>people with those licenses that can help us with screenings and monitoring people during this time in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>4.42 coming up we're going to take you on a rescue flight to save 2 dogs from suffered dangerous conditions for next plane that in our next episode of flying tails got that in a moment, here's a live. look outside our live camera here in san francisco shows us the park and errol and the bay bridge.
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>>and we are back at 4.45 as we take a look at the forecast for today, we'll visit with john trouble in the weather center and i guess john we're looking at another room, a scorcher of a afternoon today on yeah, another hot one james and increasingly hot temperatures for the rest of the weekend too. so by no means are we done with the heat just yet looking outside at the bay bridge is the empties out to san francisco. we do have some fog that's hanging out near the coastline. that fog is going to be the saving grace for coastal areas today keeping these areas just a little bit cooler than yesterday. you head further inland and the hotter temperatures will be come. high pressure is sitting in place now and it's going to remain in place through the
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weekend and into next week so do expect an extended around of hot weather sunny skies and overall just dry conditions ahead of us. what does that mean for us today well, even though coastal areas remain fairly cool in the 60's to low 70's. elsewhere in the bay area the heat is certainly on burlingame 79 for the high saying carlos redwood city mid 80's, mountain view in woodside upper 80's, south bay daytime highs in the low 90's for saratoga los gatos in morgan hill while san jose and milpitas 88 today. inland valley spots like pleasanton livermore and dublin in the 90's hayward in union city as well as oakland and san leandro in the upper 70's similar to yesterday. concord you'll be at 96 look at antioch in pittsburgh, though 99 degrees for the high today just shy of triple digits and likely to be getting into the triple digits for a few spots as soon as tomorrow and even into sunday too. now after a scorcher of a weekend for inland valleys, temperatures
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begin to slide downward come the middle of next week. highs falling back into the upper 80's inland by next thursday. james thank you john. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza cameras we check the traffic around the bay you're moving well here for 47, no issues, slowing it down at the toll gates themselves are across the span either the chp lot of pretty empty when it comes interstate 80. >>so far so good here we're also looking at a nice ride to on the san mateo bridge highway 92, not reporting any problems and you can see the traffic is moving at the limit lot of gaps between the cars so you're making good time from hayward out to foster city. back in the news, we have a rescue mission in the san joaquin valley to save 2 dogs suffering from mange kron four's ken wayne takes us there in this morning's flying tails. >>you never really know what you're going to get when you fly off on a rescue mission. i
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was told there would be 2 dogs suffering from mange something i knew very little about on the ground in porterville was quickly apparent that this nasty skin disease can cause great suffering a pit bull named wally had a red rash showing through is white coat. >>and little terrier named jr was still in his crate and his injuries weren't as clear. we loaded them up and took off naming the plane back to the bay area where they would get treatment an hour or so later we were on the ground in petaluma row was met by shirley zindler from dogwood animal rescue project. we tried to coax jr out of his crate is. even as moneys wall seem to want to help. we got our first good look at j r's condition. they looked awful.
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>>the 2 dogs came to us just our coptic mange that's the contagious types that other animals can get and it can actually because the russian people so we have to be very careful about handling in treating initially. >>mites burrow into the skin leading to incessant it. she is going to rot even bays initially so we just you know started immediately the treatment to kill the and we also some anti it's medication just first comfort and pain meds and wants the pain and issue disease they began to show their true personalities. >>while we the people is always you know he loves everybody and feels you know the you think the world to beautiful places just pretty edgy for a wild indulge a or a fabulous start we just need a little time to to let you know overcome the worst of his of his skin and mains.
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>>they're now both with new families who adopted them and pamper and care for them the way they deserve to be. and despite the rough start. shirley says the previous owners did the right thing. >>there's no deliberate car meant to these dogs their owners actually cared for them very much but they had no money, i mean no money. to seek even veterinary treatment so they reached out for rescue. >>but it was ken wayne reporting in some cases mange can be fatal. so if you have a pet that teaching a lot you do want to take it to the vet to get checked out. well the ivy league as we reported yesterday has already canceled their fall sports and now the big 10 is following suit. the league says it will not allow any out of conference games in any sports this season, including football. in a statement big 10 officials say that limiting games to teams only within the conference would give them greater institutional control and make quick decisions and be flexible during the pandemic. and they'll be rolls on though with no covid testing issues thursday, the giants and the
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a's both free to focus on baseball gabe kepler called out slugger darin ruf and catcher tyler henman for outstanding performances in yesterday's session and the a's bob melvin said the team is hoping to pull some more pictures into the mix for longer simulated games and overall the team is grateful that they haven't had any health issues to deal with so far meanwhile 3rd baseman matt chapman expressed some frustration of the team won't have more time to prepare for the regular season. >>we're just disappointed you organization just you know. took those extra few days and it ended up costing us even more few days when we're all you know ready to go on july first, but you know we're we're on the field now and that's all the matters and you know that's all we can control so you know we want to we want to just you know move forward. >>well since the warriors won't be one of the teams heading to orlando for the nba bubble steph curry's free to have a little fun and hit the links with day at edgewood in
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tahoe with a small group celeb tournament, including boxer canelo of her has and you can see here in this impromptu a little sparring session that they had a little fun. i don't think or is ready to take on canela just yet entering any time soon but they had some good laughs and you can't play basketball minds will have some last as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside of our camera in walnut creek will be right back.
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>>welcome back for 55 on this friday morning, a touch of fog for coastal areas you can see that fog over us us sfo right here not something you can see yesterday it was clear over here at the same time yesterday. so you're more of us are seeing that especially along the coast as we make our way through this friday morning. low 50's for coastal areas, mid 50's in oakland and hayward right now while hanging on to 70's in antioch concord boy how in livermore on the 60's to start the day a warmer start to your morning for inland areas and it will be warmer afternoon for the same spots too daytime highs climbing into the upper 90's for antioch conquered in livermore low 90's in morgan hill napa and santa rosa. james thank you john and as we head to break a quick a programming reminder kron 4 will be hosting a live town hall next week with police chiefs. >>from across the bay area we'll be discussing. the
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changes of police departments have been making after the nationwide calls for police reforms that's going to be pretty in-depth conversation and you can join it by submitting a question for the police chiefs to answer just go to our website at kron 4 dot com we've got instructions on how to do that there. the town hall don't forget is going to air next wednesday, so wednesday of next week that's july 15th. at 09:00pm right here on kron 4. coming up in the next hour. 3 deputies were shot gun and dead now following an hours long standoff in the east and to get outdoors reyna harvey standing by with an update live from the scene. >>and sonoma counties expected to join the states watch list for counties seeing a surge in coronavirus cases we'll tell you what that means for businesses proper will travel to on that story for us and county fair may be canceled. but the fair food is still up for grabs are going to show you how you can get a taste in an unusual way. so what they've done it. they never done it before but explain coming up. look the news
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stations. >>and the breaking news comes from overnight with 3 deputies shot. at and a gunman killed in a shootout in contra costa county this was near
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brentwood. the shooting happened after an 11 hour standoff with that gunman. and we have a closer look at where the shooting happened on the map you'll see this happened at the green acres lane area in nights and that's right off highway 4 and lone tree way. >>kron four's reyna harvey is live at the sheriff's office with more >>yeah good morning that's right 3 deputies were shot 2 of them had to be transported to the hospital this all originated as a domestic violence call that the deputies were answering we're going to show you that scene you can see just how massive that response was standoff that lasted the entire day. this is at the 1700 block of green acres lane and the nightstand when a man barricaded himself inside of a home with a woman. now that woman told deputies that the gunman was holding her hostage. she said the man broke her ribs and poured gasoline on her while threatening to set her on fire. now the contra costa sheriff's office


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