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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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more on this coming up. good morning. right now we know it's dark outside. a little bit of haze in the air but not bad right now. >> kim: i can see it a little bit there over the lights on the strip. >> dana: we have a wildfire and we're expecting to see smoke from that wildfire here and interstate 15 is shut down in portions so we'll have more on that coming up. >> kim: our weather authority is all over this story. we were talking to kelly when we came in and you said get ready to see smoke in the skies of southern nevada today. >> kelly: we sate moving in
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in. expect sunny skies with hazy conditions, plan on jogging on the treadmill instead of outside today. 92 at 9:00 a.m. 101 at noon and another hot one, 107. we're going to talk more about this smoke and hiss in a few minutes. >> kim: let's give you perspective on what is going to cause all the smoke in town. breaking news out of california and we have a couple of fires we're state of california. let's take you to this one first. this is the blue cut fire, about 28 square miles. forcing 80,000 people to evacuate their homes. look how intense this footage is. easy to see how intense this is for firefighters on the front line.
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0% containment. this is only ability four hours from here in las vegas. the source of the smoke you will see in the light of day here in town. california highway patrol recommending that you stay away from the map on your screen as far as that area if you can. find an alternate route which we map out for you. we'll have this up at you can take the 15 south tom is the best in the business when it comes to mapping out these things and jeff will be helping with the reporting throughout the morning on this dropping story. >> dana: a firefighter from
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going to be taken home for burl and the procession will wind through parts of las vegas. they will pay respects by providing an escort to the airport. a hot shot firefighter killed when a tree fell on him when he was helping fight that fire in the eastern part of our state. governor sandoval ordered flags at half staff traffic closures. >> kim: this is a story no doubt you will be talking about. imagine hanging out in a local store when someone burst in with a gun and it was terrifying when this happened yesterday. >> i felt hopeless because i was thinking if he gets to us, what do i do. >> shy and her four young
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when an armed man stormed inside on tuesday afternoon. >> he said get on the floor. i saw people hiding so we ran out. >> she and her kid. escaped through the emergency exit in the back and hid. hernandez was inside and calmed down a woman who came face to face with a gunman. >> it was a white guy bald headed. he pointed the gun at he called every name in the book to her. >> metro took that man into custody. the suspect is mentally unstable and tells news 3 he may have used a fake weapon. the employees telling their friend the armed man demanded money and got more and more aggressive pointing the weapon at shotters.
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it was everybody and yelling taking they were taking too long and they were cussing. >> it came to an end a couple hours later. >> david: happening today the metro officer accused of possession and distributing child pornography in a courtroom today. he was arrested last week. the arrest rep was released yesterday and shows he had one of the biggest collections of shared files in the state of nevada. some contain video of children being raped. some of them just babies. >> kim: craig will have more on this starting next hour. the topic of discussion has been about the reorganization of our
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who fill the classroom. the district is going to welcome some 1500 new teachers today. the teachers will participate in professional development events to get them ready to teach a little less than two weeks from now on august it had. they will be treated to special performances by the jazz ensemble, drum line, cheerleaders and michelle may do stand up in later this morning. >> dana: what a day in rio yesterday for team u.s.a., especially in gymnastics. three more medals for team u.s.a. as we take a live look behind me. while there was amazing wins, there was a gymnist who had a hard time yesterday.
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dutchman was anything but. he fell on his face apparently. he did get another chance and did better the second time around simon biles will be on "the today show" this morning. >> kim: they as they did their thing on the mat and got the
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talking, there was someone in the mix who surprised them. >> that is zac efron. apparently they had been tweeting back and forth. he became their biggest fan. he decided to surprise them. he flew to rio and look at this. simon got that kiss from her holld throughout the morning as he surprises her in the locker room and joins them on "the today show" this morning. team u.s.a. keeps the lead in the medal count. we have it for you on our website. right now team u.s.a. sitting pretty with 84 overall. 28 gold. china in second with 51. grain remains in third with 50. >> dana: there was an upset as
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chloe. they have a lot of behind the scenes stuff on there was an upset in beach volleyball last night. first time jennings has ever lost in beach volleyball in the olympics. she has three gold medals. she'll have a chance at the bronze tonight. >> a terrifying crash caught on video. it is disturbing. the people involved did survive as a car. find out how the people in that car were able to escape without major injuries coming up. >> kim: trump announcing there is a lineup change in his race for president. all this taking place as mike pence is going to be in henderson today. we have it headed your way as far as decision 2016 this morning. >> dana: a live look at the
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we have a critic of donald trump. beck has written a new book. he's not voting for donald trump. he's live on the program coming
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>> dana: caught on video it is disturbing but everybody is going to be fine this. happened in southern china. that is a cement truck that crushes that car. it's frightening for sure. this is footage that was captured on monday there. surveillance images showing that tanker swerving and rolling over on top of the intersections.
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forklift and hydrolic tools to extra kate a man in the vehicle. both people taken to a local hospital. the woman has undergone surgery. the man is not out of danger yet and they are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> kim: still to come, we take to you louisiana for epic flooding. the details on this just heartbreaking as lives are lost, homes are ruined. we have a report from the scene look at the home hanging out up there. how are they going to get down?
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>> kim: portions of louisiana remain under water this morning. some areas curfew as a result of looting. people taking advantage of the dire situation. 40,000 homes have been damaged. 11 people killed in the worst flooding in louisiana state history. those floodwaters have started to rezeid in some areas.
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here. only one in eight people affected by this had insurance to help them get back on their feet. we have live pictures coming up later in the broadcast. >> dana: maybe the top story is that fire burning three and a half hours from southern nevada, about /miles east of los angeles. it has closed part ofnt 15. air quality concerns here as well. flames burning as high as 80 feet. it just exploded yesterday from noon until midnight and this thing is huge. it's burning hot and 0% contained. >> kim: you'll see the smoky
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this great tool. it is exclusive where we can show time lapse video coming in. >> kelly: i've gone through a couple of time lapses. we're going to start with this one. blue sky to start yesterday. nice beginning to the day. as we get into the bit of white coming in. then as the sun goes down, you can see clouds there in the distance. a couple of other camera shots that are a little bit better so we'll show you these throughout the morning here. temperatures as you are getting ready to head out the door, summerlin 78, paradise 87. if you are thinking about going for a morning jog or walking the
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advisory issued yet but i wouldn't be surprised if there is. so it might bay better day to keep your workout inside rather than outside. we have rain and clouds in parts of utah. 107 is our expected high today. winds will pick up in the afternoon. that will help stir things up a little bit and improve the visibility for tft where how long is this going to burn, how long is it going to take them to get this under control. tonight 811 our overnight low. a lot of sunshine. moisture will be increasing next week. >> dana: he has written a new book and joins us live this morning. glenn beck, conservative television host.
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texas. you've been a long time critic of donald trump despite being a conservative. tell us why you are not going to vote for trump and about his prospects for winning the election 82 days from now. >> anything can happen in this election and i've been proven wrong a lot. i didn't think he'd get the nomination. let me start with this. you said despite me being voting. it is precisely because i'm a constitutional conservative that i can't vote for donald trump. i am not anybody but that person. i don't think that is the kind of vision we need for america. i think donald trump is a national pop pew list. i think he has socialist leanings. he has far more socialist than
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coverage. he is a progressive. a new york progressive with socialist leanings and an absolute pop pew list national list. and that is a dangerous combination. whenever you find those mixed in history, you find bad things come of it. >> dana: another person you are not going to be voting for is hillary clinton as well. you've written this progressives among others lie to the public. you talk about how hillary clinton does not want to fix income inequality in this country. why? >> because it takes away the ability to be in charge. it's a great progressive trick. and i want you to do me a favor because i noticed you brought
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talk about somebody else hillary clinton and brought the book up. look at the cover of the book and tell me whose faces are on the cards? >> those are your mt. rush mother. >> the point of the book is not a liberal take down. i can live next to liberals my whole life. i have no i have a problem with progressives and those are the people that want to control your life and make every decision for you and have a huge government system that never ever works. and so this is a disease that was started by the republicans and the republicans are playing right into it. you want to talk about gun control. the president that was the most
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off the streets was not a democrat, it was richard nixon. the guy who took us off the gold standard which was one of the main principles of the early progressive movement was richard nixon. it is not a liberal disease, it is a disease that runs with people who want to control people's lives and that is in both parties. that is the split that is happening now. i think the republicans have spli trump is he is a progressive and he wants that extra control. he's for giant barriers on the economy in trade barriers which is a bad idea. it started the great depression. and kept us in the great depression for a long time. it is a progressive idea and national list idea.
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liars. you can get a copy of it now. glenn beck, thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> kim: donald trump is getting an intelligence briefing and his running mate is going to be here in henderson. looking at the other end of the political aisle right now and that is our hugger in chief, vice president biden. jeanie most reports. >> there are hugs where you throw up your arms and go for it and then there are hugs tha joe biden wouldn't let hillary go as they met on the tarmac. about four seconds into the hug they semidisengaged. nothing to see here, right? wrong, because the vice president wouldn't unhand hillary for almost 16 seconds. >> notice how many times she tries to tap out. no, he's still holding on.
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let go. >> this latest awkward hug would not have been micro analyzed if it were not for all the other handy biden moments. critics collect them. times when he rearranges a young girls hair and whispers in her hair and rearranges some more. the parents are right there as he leans in for a kis talker. he does it to the president. perhaps his most famous hands on moment came when he put his hands on the wife of defense secretary ash carter. conservatives -- >> this is the creepiest thing. >> so did some liberals. you appear to smell her hair.
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hillary and president obama have come a long way in their history of hugging. from this excuse for a hug to this, a hug so close that hillary closed her eyes. they even gasessed into each others eyes. this was a hug so novel, it
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kit on armed robber burst into a local store demanding money. you are getting an eyewitness account in moments.
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hours from las vegas causing concerns for air quality here in southern nevada, also causing concerns for people traveling to southern california today. the latest from kelly and tom coming up. plus -- good morning. the sun will be up hour from now. >> kim: you are taking a live look at what is going to be the source of the smoke. this burning about four hours from las vegas. we have team coverage on this event. we're the wagners, kim and dana here in the studio alongside kelly and tom. this is going to be the story of the day. >> dana: we'll get to the


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