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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> >> jim: right now on news 3 live at 5. fire emergency. the wildfire burning to the rest of us so intense and anything like it. and the smoke is in the air here in las vegas. >> marie: guns gear. a man under arrest after facing a gun at people at a shopping center. what police say he is no stranger to them. plus this >> is america so naove, so gullible?as to believe a fairytale . that of course is steve wynn who is not able to roll the dice it for the race for president. what he said the candidates will have to do to get his
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>> and we began at five with the state of emergency in effect right now in the california county just west of las vegas. the fire that flied up flared up has a scorched 65,000 acres and shows no sign of letting up. >> marie: so many people caught in the mill. more than 84,000 people have been forced out of their homes including the entire community of wrightwood. fire tallied the number of homes and other structures that have been wiped out by the flames. and this fire is still zero percent contained. >> jim: long battle ahead and give you some perspective on this. this is the sky over the city of in california. you see the orange glow from the flames, the smoke completely blocking out the sun and making it very difficult to see anything on the ground too. >> marie: the fire disaster is
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the california town. >> just to give you an idea of where i am, i am right off the 138 between and wrightwood. i will say was going on behind me. there's air support overhead, there are pockets of fire here but just about an hour ago, the fire a huge blaze still at the base of the ridge. i don't know if you can ashley see the ridge because of the plume of smoke there. firefighters said consuming that part of the woods. and about 3000 feet tall. >> this is a look at the fire as it rages up the mountainside toward the small town of wrightwood.the firefighters they consumed hundreds of homes along the way. >> this is we see the fire making very aggressive runs i pill or a canyon. connect the fires aggressive
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evacuate. with more than 1300 firefighters fighting to stop it, firefighters say it is burning with a ferociousness they have never seen before. that means, every firefighting technique is being used and every precaution is being taken. the team of professionals is being careful as they mount their attack. >> that you see are the structure protection groups. we are coming in there attempting to protect instructors as well as we can. behavior and as much heat is coming up there are areas we certainly cannot engage. >> the cut fire is now -- the san bernardino fire leaders say if this blaze makes it over the mountain, that that will only get bigger. some residents are choosing to stay. >> from the previous night it sounded like a jet airliner flying over but it was constant. and that sound was the roar of the fire and when i hear it today, i said well you know it
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>> now just beyond this ridge is lone pine canyon. firefighters tell me beyond that is the city of wrightwood. the highest density of homes on the san bernardino county line closest to los angeles county. they are in fear that more structures will be damaged by this fire. reporting live kristi wilcox, news 3. >> jim: thank you. we see some structures showing his life. this fire is setting smoke drifting into the las vegas valley. maybe you have smelled it at some point today it is creating unhealthy air. >> marie: our weather authority team is monitoring the air quality now. kevin janison is joining us with what we need to know about the smoke. >> kevin: the air here in las vegas has improved significantly around midday. the last couple of hours the wind coming more from the south
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northerly. las vegas would be appear. now we do expect the wind to back off later tonight and that the push more of the smoke into the las vegas valley. but in the meantime our air quality is in the good to moderate category. it will probably last for the next several hours. it didn't start out that way because we had a smoky start. check out the view from the springs preserve, you can't even see the mountains on the east side of town. when the wind shifted you can see the mountains and also the cumulus clouds the forms. we did have some moisture that was brought in as well. on the doppler radar, a couple of showers out there. one that popped up right between henderson and boulder city. it was a fast mover, didn't do much and is no longer an impact player. but humidity is getting closer. not necessarily in clark county but close. that means some forecast
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if you absolutely have to drive to los angeles you can still do it but it is a long road trip. we want to get to tom hawley and sky 3 with important information on how the fire is affecting traffic into california. >> tom: i would say at least a couple of extra hours into your plans, probably more as we take a look at interstate 15, the main drag. this is the way you get there. unless you're going way out of the way you had done interstate and it is fine as you exit but it is a complete closure at this area. so in victorville you can turn off of i 15 at the palmdale road exit. those california 18, take it west to california 138. then bypass and go to the blossom highway. and that gets into interstate 5 on the upper and of the los angeles basin. now bear in mind you're not the only ones doing this. and that bear blossom highway is not equipped to handle volumes of traffic. it will be back to for hours.
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3 when it finally reopens. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> jim: best to postpone a road trip there if you can. police and first responders across southern nevada are saying a final farewell to a us service firefighter who was killed battling a wildfire. 26-year-old justin beebe died saturday when a dead tree fell on him when he was fighting a fire out in the great basin national park in eastern nevada. he was part of an elite group of firefighters called hotshots. they dropped into fire trained to battle intense wildfires. a memorial service will be held for him later this week in missoula montana where he was based.>> marie: five, new tree has information about a man who points a gun at a local t.j. maxx. >> jim: sending everyone running for their lives. brought you this is breaking news here last night. tonight we know the suspect is no stranger to police. >> marie: sergio avila joins us live from the clark county detention center.
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used? >> sergio: we are hearing the gun was fake. the 34-year-old jason mote is facing very real charges. two felonies in relation to the incident. and we found multiple past charges that he has had including grand larceny, battery and burglary. >> it's the gray store. >> sergio: this woman is constantly at the t.j. maxx with that was the focus of a standoff. >> so close to home. it could happen to anyone and think that out okay and without knowing all the details. >> sergio: reports came in the mail with the gun was pointing it at employees and customers and demanding cash. hernandez and her mother were inside the store when it happened. she described what she saw happen to another customer. >> he pointed the gun at her and he said give me a purse and she was like don't hurt my anybody. >> sergio: she was able to escape the store but her mother
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liked, she can speak english but she understood that word so she just panicked. >> sergio: today were line the suspect was justin beebe. -- his public facebook profiles as he goes by the nickname optic. he was charged with a count of robbery and burglary with a deadly weapon. -- was also in the store and cannot believe that even after she was out safely. >> i didn't think it was real at first shaking. >> metro police officers said that jason mote is being held in the medical wing of the gel. tonight they're confirming the weapon he used indeed was fake but the fear police say this may cause was very real. >> the way the law is written about it even if the weapon was fake, you can still be charged with an enhancement having a deadly weapon because the law reads that a reasonable person believe that the item is real
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something that happened here. jason mote remains in custody of the clark county jail. sergio avila, news 3. >> marie: thank you for the update. a casino giant weighs in on decision 2016. >> they are making all kinds of promises. free education, free this and free that.the question is is america so naove, so gullible? as to believe a fairytale that both of these parties dishing up. >> he is apparently not impressed with the presidential election race and he knows both candidates and says he has not decided until he's going to vote for. >> jim: says he still waiting for someone to have a responsible conversation on the issues. republican candidate donald trump is making some big changes to his campaign staff today. he hired the top executive for the conservative website
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advisor kelly conway to be his campaign manager. his campaign chairman manafort appears to been sidelined in the move. he also got his first classified intelligence briefing happening in new york today. new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant general michael flynn went with him. >> marie: donald trump's intimate mike pence bringing their message to las vegas today. >> just about every day the national media as some issue about my running mate. do you ever notth busy with every word he said in the last 30 minutes they probably don't have time to talk about what the clinton have been doing for the last 30 years. >> marie: mike pence trying to defuse criticism of donald trump over comity is made on a variety of issues. this happening in a town hall in henderson earlier this afternoon. mike pence, this is his second visit to nevada this month.
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athlete is now under investigation by brazilian authorities. >> marie: next on news 3 live at 5, why authorities are question ryan lochte's story about being robbed at gunpoint and real. >> jim: and let's give you more live aerials of this fire
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>> >> jim: some members of team usa are ready commit icon. one of them is gold medal winner ryan lochte who is now under investigation by authorities in account of an armed robbery. >> marie: a brazilian judge has ordered the caesar of their passports. the judge says they gave different stories. lucky says there was just one armed robber but the other say there were several.>> jim: they were coming back from a party. ryan lochte's father says he arrived back in the us before he learned about the brazilian judge's order to surrender his passport.
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believe that we are about to hit the final stretch of the olympics. >> jim: more than a half-million tourists and athletes will find their way to rias hotspots when they are not watching an event. >> marie: and our news 3 reed cowan of course, part of the team rio and you got to check out one ofrio's rights. >> .>> jim: yes tell us more about this this includes dangling from a wire from a mountain? speed is -- >> reed: yes looking just take a look. there are places in this world that call to you. places where sounds echo the sites. here at sugarloaf mountain where cars pull up and ride a single cable on wheels.? ? -- [music] >> is a feeling of exhilaration for me.
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it feels secure yet free. >> reed: this is one of a half-million tourists who will write this. she says appear you find yourself open.birds fly as the moon looks close enough to touch. people in love share a kiss high on life. >> give me more. more friends, more time and all of the parts of the world that just the joy that i love. >> the heart of the city, the heart of the people you can feel the vibe. >> reed: -- christ the redeemer looms large behind them. security cameras watching every move of everyone going to the top. still visitors say the world needs the olympics and the message of the games.
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if we just work on coming together and putting our differences aside. >> reed: they say. people are different, having caught on to something bigger, all inspired. >> when you're on top of this mountain you just see god is great and what he is able to create and it is beyond amazing. >> reed: you know before we ca everybody said you're going to love, rio is magic. but having stood at the top of sugarloaf mountain i can tell you that any doubt that i had before, well that doubt washed away. the view jim and mary is beautiful. if you have a bucket list, i will tell you to put it on your bucket list immediately. >> jim: it is. i have to hand it to friends, one of the busiest and most hectic spot on the planet right now and you still manage to
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>> reed: good well that is what i hope to do. a little bit of zen here at the olympics. now i would like some. [laughter] >> marie: another trip to sugarloaf mountain for you my friend. thank you so much. >> jim: back here in town we are talking about the fire to the rest of us and the smoke that is drifting into our valley. >> marie: and you have to feel for the fire for is the people there has to be so hot right now. >> kevin: is hot and when you look at the numbers and how how the fire burns it is abte incredible. take a look now, first of all for a tree or diversity claims the temperatures of 572 degrees. once the wildfire gets rolling, the surface temperature is nearly 1500 degrees and if you go up 150 feet, you can get that surface temperature to about 2200 degrees. obviously not quite at some level which could be tempted 30,000 degrees at the surface. we see number like this is easy to see why you have the
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from one tree to another because of the wind when it is so hot it doesn't take much to get rolling what you have a temperature at that extent. here's the view from our camera at the springs preserve earlier today. it was a smoky start but as advertised, we got the wind shift and that cleared most of the smoke outside the valley. further to the east as we looked from high school camera mesquite, off toward utah and arizona, we are seeing a little more build up of cumulus clouds. that's where the showere. to town again over the next couple of days but i'm not really too optimistic we will get much needed rain in the valley.106, eight percent right now in your sahara on the east side. on the far west side at 99 and 10 percent blowing at 11 miles per hour. and paradise coming in at 104, nine percent and 11 miles an hour breeze. the rest of the temperatures a question about it, we're still cooking although down maybe a degree or so from yesterday. 98 to 105 across town, the high
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the east side, a few 107's including green valley. outside the valley the mountain at 78, the lake at 104. high temperatures today 110 over 10, laughlin 112, naturally death valley in the teens. at mccarran we max that it 107. the morning the temperature was 82.more heat inside the car while we talking big numbers, the car thermometer up to 138 this afternoon. as you make plans for your thursday there will be a start in the 80s, little get to triple digits at lunchtime. we will get there though and have a high around 1022105 depending on your neighborhood location. like today, not much wind in the morning. and that's why think we could get some smoke early. once it picks up out of the south it should clear the air yet again. on the doppler radar we've had a pretty intense dividing line between the humidity to the east and the dryer air to the west. as the wind shifted today some
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showers popped up just to the south of the valley. rumbled over parts of henderson towards boulder city. and we can pretty quickly to is going to the east. i would be surprised to see areas especially east of las vegas get a couple of innocent showers over the next few days. 58 on the mountain, 68 and pahrump. those are the overnight lows. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon mesquite 104, laughlin 109. mountains looking at 77. for the las vegas valley tonight, 82 degrees, once the will get some patches of smoke and that could linger into the morning hours with a breeze picking back up in the afternoon. look for high temperature of 105.we do offer a cooling trend. humidity levels might sneak up, not enough to make us we will see some showers but we'll see one or two sunday, 101 monday. and that it calls for the celebration in mid-to-late august. more clouds next week, we could see a better chance for
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>> marie: a nice way to round out august. >> jim: we have a great story come up for you tonight. all new at 6:00, turning a burglary into a good deed. a local senior citizen stolen jewelry was replaced thanks to acts of kindness. >> marie: and an update on the fierce fire. the scene and san bernardino county. >> jim: this is very
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>> >> jim: will take you back to california now to talk more about the fight against his massive wildfire you see a burning straight uphill here and just before the break we saw how close it is getting to homes in the area.
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of the homes up there in the hillside. and this is a fire that started yesterday afternoon and as i 15, it was just five acres at the time when we first told you about it. now it has burned 65,000 acres and at this point no end is in sight. >> jim: they see some of the structures and the shot now. 84,000 people are under mandatory evacuation order tonight because of this. the fire covers 46 square
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breaking news tonight. olympic bombshell, questions swirling around ryan lochte and the 19 u.s. swimmers who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. a judge orders two of their passports seized as a court says that gave contradictory accounts to police. what really happened? explodes, incredible devastation, homes and a historic landmark destroyed byne of the most powerful fires in recent memories. campaign shake-up, trailing in the polls, donald trump makes a dramatic move hiring the head of a conservative website known for inflammatory headlines and conspiracy theorys to lead the charge. overdiagnosing cancer, an alarming new report about the fastest growing cancer


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