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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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state of emergency in major wildfire intensifies. 65,000 acres up in smoke some 84,000 people have been told to pack up and leave. fire crews rushing to save hundreds of structures in the path of the fire. good evening thank you for joining us i am marie mortera. >> jim: i'm las vegas and la has been shutdown about directions for a full day now. the wildfire in the traffic nightmare it's causing or blocking an important pipeline for us this is our top story is six. we've team coverage of the blue cut fire as it is called. we will check in with kevin to see how the smoke is impacting our air quality and christie wilcox is live in san bernardino with an update on the frontline. >> marie: let's begin with
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fast. >> let's start with the latest. highway patrol telling me just minutes ago to have no plans to reopen interstate 15 anytime tonight. do not let these drivers behind me for you that are going past us. most of them will be rerouted and we found out that very few of them are actually turning around to go back to vegas. literally right next to us. >> kelsey: explosive and out-of-control.the so-called blue cut wildfire sweeping down through dry and interstate 15. leaving drivers to find another route between las vegas and southern california. >> we felt like all my god we have 4 and a half hours. that's a long ride. b-17 this family long ride just got a whole lot longer. >> this is my dog cash. he goes everywhere we go. >> kelsey: it is week two of catches cross-country trip to california. billy and rebecca need to get these deliveries to the destination by don.
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do right? >> kelsey: drivers i can tailor our stopping to fuel up and look for another way to get where he is going. >> i'm in no hurry i will just make a day out of it. >> kelsey: wade lewis has tickets to tonight angels baseball game. >> is a possibility we may not make it. we do have traffic jams in england so it's not too bad. >> kelsey: it is a slow day for mad greek cafi where business >> it's a numbers game. the more courtesy go by, the more options to stop in.>> kelsey: across the state line a desperate firefight tonight. leaving those like this family dreading a long drive. >> it will be an adventure that's for sure. >> kelsey: so if we see the same tomorrow it will be because the interstate is still shutdown. a lot of the drivers on hearsay
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their homes. reporting live tonight from, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> jim: thank you and now let's say more about the adventure. and that less women in her piece said multiple california high was around i 15 are closed as well. so if you have to drive to la you better plan for a long road trip. the detours will take you around the blue cut fire and that of course takes more time. they recommend staying away from the impact of the freeways if you can. but if you lu here is one detour you can take. you had south of the 15 all the way to victorville then you get on highway 18 west. take the 18 to the 14 s. and that leads to interstate 5 which runs right into los angeles. >> marie: hundreds of firefighters were called out to the front lines where the fire first began. and they're still trying to get a handle on it. firefighters are calling is one of the fiercest they have ever seen. christie wilcox continues our
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evacuated towns. >> kristie: just to give you an idea of where i am, i am on the 138 between and light wood. i want to see what's going on behind me. you can hear the helicopters are coming up over top of us. they're trying to get out displays right behind us. the biggest problem is if the fire goes over top of this rigid they are afraid it will affect homes over in the city of wrightwood. but on the other side of the ridge to prevent at least part of that fire from moving forward. this is a look at the blue cut fire as it rages up the mountainside toward the small town of wrightwood. firefighters say it was consumed hundreds of homes along the way. >> you see this making aggressive movement. >> is a ready caused tens of
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and with more than 1300 firefighters fighting to stop it, firefighters say is burning with a ferociousness they have never seen before. that means, every firefighting technique is being used and every precaution is being taken. this team of professionals is being careful as they mount their attack. >> this is the structure protection group. we are attempting to protect behavior and as much as heat as it is giving off there are certain areas where we simply cannot engage due to safety. >> kristie: the fire is already threatened most canyons in the valley and interstate 15. the san bernardino fire leaders say if this blaze makes it over the mountains, the threat will only get bigger. some residents are choosing to stay. >> the sound from the previous night sounded like a jet airliner flying over but it was constance.
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the fire and when i started to hear today, i said well you know, it's time to go. >> kristie: now firefighters are really hoping that the trench is going to help out. just to give you an idea, you can see the top of the ridge there, it is about 3000 feet tall. firefighters said it takes about 45 minutes for that blaze to reach the top earlier today. reporting live christie wilcox, news 3. >> jim: thank you christie. and coming. a lot of the smoke is drifting our way. >> marie: and we woke up to a haze so heavy you could definitely smell the smoke in the air. news 3 is a weather authority. let's go over to kevin janison out to see if the wind is helping out. >> kevin: we have been fortunate marie that the wind has shifted somewhat and is out of the south. let me give you some perspective. la is over here and with the wind coming out of the south the smoke is pushing more to the north. the las vegas valley would be
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evening we thing more of the smoke will work its way toward the valley. right now for most of the day it has been good to moderate as far as air quality. but that can change very quickly depending on the wind. check out this picture from our camera in pahrump. this is the high school looking on the west side of the spring mountains. this smoke is hovering over the las vegas valley early this morning. we dealt with it for quite a while until we had a shift the wind. north. another view from in town looking off toward the spring mountains. you cannot see them earlier in the day but as the day rolled on, the skies did clear somewhat. at least enough to see the mountains. will update you not only on chances for smoke but also a couple of thundershowers down in henderson and boulder city today.the future of those two in the forecast in a couple of minutes. >> marie: thank you. metro police need your help
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it is used to determine the distance between particles and soil and they contain two radioactive isotopes. the gauges come in the yellow box that looks like a cooler. the gate itself has a yellow body and a digital keypad. they were stolen from the storage facility near valleyview last thursday. if you know anything that can help police peace corporation morocco at 702-828-3111. b3 and the police officer was in court today to face proud child pornography charges. crimes against children task for say he was using an app that shares child born. he is building held the less he is being held in jail right now. he has only been with metro for about a year and was assigned to the community policing division. >> marie: knew it six, a body found in seven e. valley home monday turned out to be a woman who was beaten to death. then whoever did it left her body inside the burning home.
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investigation on their hands. antonio castellan joins us now near sahara and lamp with a firefighters found the body. antonio, at this point do please have any leads? >> antonio: police might have a lead, the house is right here there was a surveillance camera. we're told that caught surveillance footage of a man before the house went up in flames. metro homicide detectives were back at the scene where a vacant house went up in flames monday morning. fi a body inside the home located near sahara and lamb. neighbors cut images of the home burning. many original found the body was that of a man but it turns out it was a woman.the coroner identified the body of 54-year-old carol of las vegas. detectives say she was beaten to death before her body was burned. she was allegedly beaten somewhere else and then brought
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many people to notice the house is vacant. >> jim lives in the house next door. he sees a lot of suspicious people hanging around the home. >> the home has been vacant for about three years. heaven squatters and therefore half of that time. >> antonio: is not sure if he ever ran into the murder victim. >> i went down it to check it out one time and the lady that was in the garage, she had broke into the garage. >> antonio: police say they have no the murderer. they say there are so many transient people going in and out of the neighborhood, there probably could be many persons of interest. >> with as many squatters that we have around here, it does not surprise me. >> antonio: the corners of the victim's body was found inside a closet. if anyone has information into this murder please call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. jim and marie. >> marie: thank you for the update antonia. 37 years ago police found the
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vacant dirt lot. >> jim: they still do not know her name. what coming up new information released today that could help fill in the blanks in jane sahara does story. >> marie: and her jewelry collection stolen in a break in. nothing's too many acts of kindness she has new shiny pieces of jewelry to wear and a smile on her face. >>. >> reed: i am reed cowan live in rio de next champion boxer that could appear in a ring in las vegas. well, we caught up with him and
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>> marie: she was only gone for an hour but came home to find she had been victimized. as 74-year-old distraught woman someone broke into her home. >> jim: the court took treasures that had sentimental value. ripping off her entire jewelry case. new is six, denise rosch explains why the treasures have not been found. metro employees got together to do the next best thing and bring a smile to her face. >> denise: this was the burglar report just like so many others. but this one struck a nerve with one of the employees here who thought that the 74-year-old victim is a cancer survivor did simply deserved better. and operation restock the jewelry box took off. cannot i got out of the current thinking >> this woman's is not something you don't get over. >> it hurts my heart. >> coming home last month to find her place had been broken into. >> anybody here and i kept
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and i get to my bedroom i see that, but it was a mess. there was stuff thrown everywhere. >> denise: the only item taken, her jewelry box. and one possession that month most to this two-time cancer survivor. -- i can't believe it that someone would do that. >> denise: it is now being handled by detectives in the downtown area. they are checking out pawnshops to making see if her jewelry shows up. so far no luck. but when metro empl metro employee took the story to heart and showed up with a surprise. >> i love you! >> denise: a replacement jewelry box stock entirely with donations and police officers and their families. >> we got donations from dispatch, records, area command and not las vegas placed on it. >> denise: she works with detective handling the case. after talking to alan she
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>> on my cat, i love cats. >> denise: the department doing its best to bring her little happiness. even cancer pins taken during the burglary. >> bad things happen to good people. it doesn't make sense though. >> we wanted to remind you that there is still good in the world. >> denise: while donations are not expensive, they certainly will not bring back originals, it is employees stepped up and were able to make this happen. >> denise: two strangers brought together by crime. forming a friendship some say no one can steal. >> i want to say to the whole police department, thank you for everything.>> denise: denise rosch, news 3. >> jim: is not fantastic to see a smile on her face at the she had what she has been through all things to metro. >> marie: and friendship. as denise so will put it is that no one will ever be able
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let's get back to the weather. the smoke we had earlier today with shifting winds and all kinds of stuff.>> kevin: i don't think so i think we'll get some more smoke early tomorrow morning and possibly on friday as well. once the winds relax and allow the smoke to come back in. we will talk about heat and plenty of it because when you watch these images of the wildfire, take this into account. when a tree burst into flames, that would has reached the temperature of 572 the temperature of the surface is about 1500 degrees. it can go up to 150 feet in elevation and you are up around 2200 degrees. no wonder it is next to impossible for the firefighters to get close enough to fight this wildfire. here's the image from pahrump. you see smoke over the las vegas valley. some came up and then the wind shifted and it was much clearer. in town looking in that direction off to the west, you
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hayes hanging over really the entire valley. again the wind shift not only cleared the sky but it also brought in some waster. moisture that produced a single hundredth of an inch of rain down near 95. it was really south henderson that picked up a couple of showers. there at 101 right now, washington manhood 105 and eight percent. still pretty dry just not as dry as yesterday. jones and lake mead and the northwest 100 degrees blowing at 10 miles per hour. temperatures not dipping into double parts of the valley but it certainly goes upward quickly depending on your neck of the cactus traveling east. and i for high on the east side of town and several neighborhood smacking maxing out 107. the mountains at 74, the lake at 106, high temperatures look at laughlin 112, overton 110. at mccarran the mercury maxed out at 107. five degrees above normal. inside the car the car thermometer, not actually as hot because of the smoke and
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the car door. it was parked outside. tomorrow we start in 80s, work our way to triple digits at lunch time. i think we will peak between 102 and 105. like today, not much wind in the morning. it does start ramping up in the afternoon and shifts of the south which will bring maybe definitely relief of the clouds and haze but also possibly some moisture. the dividing line between the human air has got much closer to clark county. we did ve henderson. that moved quickly to the east and weekend. now that with moisture getting close, can rule out the possibility of a few mountain showers over the next couple of days. in town not looking likely. 68 in pahrump, 81 in mesquite for the overnight lows. high temperatures tomorrow, boulder city wanted to, locking up to 109. 77 comfortable degrees on our trust in. in town we are going up to 82
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will be after not a 10:00, there is a possibility for a little more smoke in town late tonight and tomorrow morning. i do not expect it to be a stick as what it was this morning because it will not have enough time to get here. even so it is a huge fire. 105 for your thursday high. we do backtrack toward the weekend 104 and 102. there are hints that more humidity will stream our way next week. thus more clouds, fewer degrees and maybe a chance for
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>> >> marie: metro officers
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afternoon was a fake. refer your old jason mote was taken into custody after the incident. no one was hurt and of course no shots were fired. according to police jason mote was pointing the alleged weapon at customers and the employees demanding money. although the weapon was fake, the fear was very real. >> so close to home it can happen to anybody and think and without knowing all the details. it's even scarier. >> marie: jason mote not charged a one county to burglary and robbery with a deadly weapon. his bail has been set at $60,000. >> jim: metro has new information to on a cold case. there is seven years after the crime. it was august 1979, police found the body of a young woman in a vacant dirt lot at sahara and las vegas boulevard.
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pseudo-and now they found out she spent time in napa valley central valley california. this came from lab tests on grains of pollen found on her clothing. police say she was five feet six inches weight about 100 pounds. if you have any information that can help finally identify her please call the national center for missing and exploited children at one 800 843 5678. >> marie: southern nevada on as if on hero fired under killed on the front lines in our state.>> marie:
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>> >> marie: the games are filled with athletes both present and past and perhaps even a great place for scouting. >> jim: las vegas sports celebrity and former olympian is in rio now in his presence is raising somebr live there in rio with who that person is and what he had to say about looking for the next boxing great. >> reed: well jim and mary, floyd -- floyd mayweather is here and it seems we keep missing them. he was the christ the redeemer and then we were there.same thing for sugarloaf. but nbc come out friends there caught up with him and he said that he bleeds red white and blue.he is thrilled to be here. you know he was an olympian some 20 years ago.


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