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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> >> marie: the games are filled with athletes both present and past and perhaps even a great place for scouting. >> jim: las vegas sports celebrity and former olympian is in rio now in his presence is raising somebr live there in rio with who that person is and what he had to say about looking for the next boxing great. >> reed: well jim and mary, floyd -- floyd mayweather is here and it seems we keep missing them. he was the christ the redeemer and then we were there.same thing for sugarloaf. but nbc come out friends there caught up with him and he said that he bleeds red white and blue.he is thrilled to be here. you know he was an olympian some 20 years ago.
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about to hear is this. could the next boxing great, do you see inside the ring in las vegas come because floyd made whether wasn't scouting in rio? take a look. >> the ultimate goal is to find the next floyd mayweather. only thing i can do is keep believing, keep playing, keep searching and we'll find the next floyd mayweather. >> reed: all right, maybe we'll find him by recruiting in rio by none other than fly mayweather. jim and marie? >> jim: before you let you , ryan lochte and the story he told police there about being robbed. what are you hearing? p9 all right so, just to bring our viewers up to speed a little bit. you know ryan lochte was ordered by a judge to stay in rio but by the time word got to him his attorney said hey, he's already back in the united states. so is too late to have and surrender his passport. they wanted to ask questions about some perceived inconsistencies in the story.
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been confirmed by nbc sports and a reporter out of the nbc affiliate in miami. he has confirmed that the other two us swimmers who said they were with him the night of the supposed robbery, they were pulled off their plane at the rio airport. resilient judge wanted to talk to ryan lochte. they wanted the passport sees from him but like we say, he had already come back. but the other two swimmers gunnar and jack who were said time of the so-called robbery, they are now in limbo here in rio. so the story will continue to develop and there will likely be more information on this by tomorrow morning. jim and marie? >> marie: thank you so much for your live reports from rio de janeiro once again.of course we will be seeing him tomorrow. be sure to file reed cowan and chloe beardsley on their social media ages. >> jim: there posting my crazy, online when they are not on the air.
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for all of their dispatches from the olympics. >> marie: having quite the experience there. matt motivation is his fianci who is an olympic swimmer waiting for poland.he said it is an honor to live around a three time olympian. check out their adventures out south america's first games on >> jim: with the olympics continues tonight in prime time here on take the field for the women's long jump in the 100 meter hurdles. plus the gold-medal match and beach brought volleyball and women's platform diving. it all starts at 8:00 right after news 3 live at seven and then the olympics zone and we hope you'll stay up late with us after the olympics for all the latest local news. >> marie: is new at 6:30 p.m. the donald trump campaign to southern nevada today. mike pence helped he was at the convention center.
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convention. jeff gillan is live there with the tense message today. >> jeff: good know forget all of that talk about a campaign in trouble. mike pence told me today, people will prove the mainstream media wrong. at this convention center, mike pence was preaching to the choir. >> because you have nominated a man for president who never quits. who never backs down, who is a fighter, who is a winner >> jeff: it is the donald trump that mike pence says he knows. and it is the donald trump who will restore -- he met the president donald trump will support our law enforcement at every level. we will provide the resources so they can protect our families and come home safe to theirs. >> jeff: in the crowd today, guys like 60 charlie ford has never voted until this year.
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for the first time? >> because he is not double >> jeff: protesters laid out their own mike pence welcome mat. an environmental group is here. to make their wanted to move away from clean energy and we want to move towards it. >> jeff: -- i got a few minutes of mike pence himself who downplayed today's shakeup in the polls. he says the campaign is fine. >> it is level of enthusiasm and thousands of people are proud to see donald trump. on very short notice. >> jeff: people like frank russo, with donald trump we see is what you get he says. >> i can see them coming out and unfortunately mrs. clinton, i never know what she is hiding. donald trump is offering a compelling vision for stronger america at home and abroad. and i think the crowds they see
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bit of evidence that we are on our way to a great victory for the american people. the 11th election now 83 days away. and back now live here in henderson, democrats had their own take on the mike pence visit today. they called him "the most extreme vice presidential pick in decades" live in henderson, jeff gillan, news 3. >> marie: thank you. one of our goals is election year is to give you a voice in this historic and important rice for the white house. we want to hear from you. ask hillary clinton or donald trump? send us your questions to or you can post them on our facebook page. >> jim: new information on the developing story just over the nevada border and san bernardino county. this big wildfire is burning. firefighters are starting to get a handle on what they call the blue cut fire. they say they have about four percent of it contained. we are also getting a new acreage estimate which is closer to 30,000 acres
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earlier. often they focus the resources on the firefight and not the specific acreage count until they get a chance to do that. so the numbers do change. we know that 84,000 people have been ordered to leave their homes and their jobs. many of them are staying in shelters tonight. >> marie: many more drivers trying to get the by the fire as well. the main route between las vegas and los angeles, interstate 15 remains closed in both directions because of the fire. at this point officials a sparked the flames. >> jim: a final journey of honor for a firefighter who is still battling a wildfire in northern nevada over the weekend. a band of brothers here must make us think about your phone, as his remains were escorted to his family back in vermont. nathan o'neal has more on the emotional sendoff. >> nathan: the stars and stripes -- firefighter brothers and sisters saluting on either
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of firetrucks representing different departments from all over nevada. >> for henderson firefighter kenny ramirez and family, it is a sobering stunt. >> will do the same job, different department a different name but together we are brotherhood. >> justin beebe loved his job as a hotshot until the very end. although based in montana he was part of a highly yelled and team. justin beebe was battling the strawberry fire in northern nevada last week when he was killed by a falling tree. >> is actually, a local hero. >> nathan: his mother and father holding onto each other for support at their home in vermont. >> he was about saving houses and saving people's lives and saving property and that is when he was about. and that was he wanted to be remembered for. >> nathan: this comes with a very dangerous risk. in fact not lost on the
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beebe's remains were escorted to the north las vegas airport. >> it is covered in a hazy smoke from the wildfires and certainly not desperate enough far from us because. befitting a tribute of this fall a firefighter makes his final journey home. >> every day go to work there is you know that you can die and give the ultimate sacrifice and that is exactly what he did. >> nathan: in north las vegas, nathan o'neal, news 3. >> jim: he died fighting the strawberry fire. a it is 90 percent contained this evening. the one lesson a pager and talk about the upcoming us c202. the saturday t-mobile arena. >> jim: conor the last mcgregor
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>> >> jim: welcome back it has been a classic family favorite for generations. the summer rotor to see our national parks.>> marie: nothing like it but big crowds in some areas are taking a toll. here's news 3's denise rosch with a preview of her special report national park crowds
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>> denise: next week the national park service celebrates its 100th anniversary and employees welcome visitors to come out and experience nature. just be prepared for this. huge crowds descending on many of these natural wonders. recently we spent the day of zion where visitation is breaking records every month if not every week. employees are now worried about trash, graffiti and even search and rescue operations up 34 percent from last year. now the park service is >> but we are working on a planning process. we are asking those questions, we are asking the questions of how penny how many people can we fit into this canyon without it having resource damage? without changing the national park service experience.>> denise: zion is not unique. visitors are finding many parks are overwhelmed during the summer. i hope you'll join me for my full report national park crowds tonight on news 3 live at seven. >> jim: all right, right now we
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and with even a little smoke it is a spectacular sunset. >> marie: yes and i guess that is a good thing, it is pretty to look at but if you're looking to wake up to it not so much. >> kevin: that is the one positive byproduct.the sunset or in this case the sunrise from this morning. this is from the camera at the red rock resort looking across the valley. you can see how red the sun appeared with all of the smoke that settled into the las vegas this morning. the sun rose and as the day ll pretty good job of clearing at least here in las vegas. had acute few clouds developing. you can think the shift and went rather comes from the southwest they came up almost due south for a while. now they are starting to shift back and i would be surprised if we get a little smoke late tonight and tomorrow morning if the same thing happens again. right now flamingo coming in at 104, seven percent humidity and blowing at seven out of the west.
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gusts of 30. cabbage up there is little cooler at 97 degrees. over the hobbit is 99 with a very light breeze from the southwest.which would be in the direction of the fire. rest of the temperatures if you're heading out, north las vegas checking in a 102, beautiful downtown henderson at 103 outside the valley it is 100 even. sandy valley and mesquite still at 104. as you make plans for thursday, it will be pretty warm still to get the day started about 87 at 8:00 a.m.. right around 100 at lunchtime and we wpi we will see a few clouds and maybe that smoke in the morning. not completely confident it will be back but a decent chance we will have some smoke in our sky early tomorrow morning. not much wind to blow it out early but as the day rolls on the breezes to pick up and again they shift enough out of the south that we should clear out yet again. we've been watching this very determined line between the humid air to the ease and the triumphs of the west.
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one showered in southern parts of henderson today. there's more where that came from. i'm just not confident that we are going to really saturate the air mass. so a couple of mountain thunderstorms over the next few days. that is possible and the valley, not quite as likely. right now 70 in la, 91 salt lake, thomas hi phoenix at 105. san diego 77, san francisco 73. for southern nevada tonight, going up to 81 in the moapa valley, 79 in boulder city, high temperatures r the mountain, 99 indian springs, not as warm and sandy valley but plenty more plenty of excess degrees in death valley. our valley tonight going down to 82, again there is a chance for some smoke late this evening. that is through tomorrow morning, when the wind shift especially in the afternoon we will clear out any smoke that it if it even develops. when a five is the expected high. your seven-day forecast and here's what you've been waiting for, all summer.
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for this since march. temperature starting to drop off a little bit, 102 by sunday, a couple of 101's next week. notice the clouds added to the equation, humidity baby up and there are hints that they may be some thunderstorms around. just hints. not full press yet just hints. >> jim: washes off a little bit. thank you. we will talk about sports now and amber is here with more on the big drama at today's ufc press conference. >> the rematch is saturday at the t-mobile kind of in need of some buzz. what today it got drenched in it. the fireworks coming into form, of water bottles. >>. >>. [screaming] >> mcgregor who lost the first
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conference so it started without him. when he got there, he answered a few questions then without any clear reason why, diaz got up and started walking out. that is when he and mcgregor began hurling expletives and water bottles at each other. if all of this mcgregor said, hecker how water he will get revenge come saturday. >> bring jujitsu, bring everything. i'm ready fo >> stockton is where diaz is from.hopefully both men will bring more fire than water on saturday. at the westgate mcgregor is the flavor. there are 120 that to him to win hundred 251. that is what joey gallo is batting this year. he played six games in the major leagues last month. stephen hit a home run from
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the aaa affiliate, they played the 51 last night. we have the -- we got to speak them tonight. connect a you have your family yelling at you now and trying to watch and you are like hopefully he doesn't do and all teachers coming out stuff. it is pretty big responsibility. but it's fun you of just be a mentor for them and show them that you put in hard work that you can do the same. >> and tonight and the low the olympic medal count. us still in the number one spot with 34 more metals than china, the us men's basketball team looking to add a metal to that gold column. today they beat argentina 105 78 in the they played spain and then semi finals spain is maybe for the gold medal in the last olympic games.
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>> >> on thursday morning will start plenty of sunshine.the big question is how smoke will work its way from the california fire. i now think there could be a hint of it probably will not be a huge deal but enough to give a little layer of hayes across the las vegas valley. temperatures should be 83
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rolling. the session of the day gets rolling and then as we go through the rest of the day we are expecting a high temperature around 105. then we will jump quickly, you want to check out every degree as the increases beginning tomorrow morning with kelly on news 3 today. jim and mary? >> jim: thank you kevin. it is not exactly a favorite activity for any of us. but going to the dentist as an important part of staying healthy. >> marie: that's were told. the same g f is well. take a close look at this 16-year-old bear who lives in a zoo in massachusetts. her keeper noticed something was wrong when they brought her her food. they decided to have her checked out. >> jim: they sedated the bear, the dentist was like your sure is out right? and then they took her to the zoo's animal hospital on a gurney. they took x-rays and found out that ursula had to have one of her teeth pulled. before we go we want to give you a quick update on the blue
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shutting down the 15. fire officials now say it burned about 30,000 acres. they have updated that after they got a good map of the area. >> marie: four percent containment so that is good news there is a progress. as for the people, they were still seeing 80,000 people have
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore,
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i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. >> >> marie: a southern california wildfire continues to burn out of control causing a nightmare for neighbors in the area and
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pass. we take you live. >> jim: the fire burning has been causing problems here in the valley. we are checking the smoky air. >> marie: as the olympic take center stage in rio de janeiro terms are also flocking to hotspots to experience with the city has to offer outside of the games. >>. >> jim: more than 80,000 people forced from their homes by these flames tonight. a massive down the main out from here to los angeles. >> marie: the fire has burned about 40,000 acres now. it has shut down multiple highways including the portion of the 15 freeway. thank you for joining us i am marie mortera. >> jim: i am jim snyder and for reed cowan tonight. firefighters say them never seen a wildfire this fierce. the flames have destroyed an unknown number of homes


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