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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  August 23, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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a special guest is going to tell you how entertainers are stepping up to help raise funds for local charities in our community. the founder is here with an exciting announcement. that is coming up. >> michelle: back to school. our friends from town square are here in studio today. they've brought goodies, back-to-school shopping examples of the stuff that kids -- you know the latest styles that are hot. what you need. all that coming up >> announcerew right now. >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you for joining us. we have breaking news to start this half-hour with. we've heard the southern nevada health district has confirmed the very first case of the west nile virus in our area. it is a woman over the age of 50. >> krystal: she is suffering from a very serious form we understand of west nile. she had been released from the hospital. the virus of course transmitted through infected mosquitos. just breaking news we wanted to
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go ahead and follow up. >> michelle: let's get to the top story. we're so proud of our olympians but especially when they're local. >> krystal: i know! >> michelle: makes us proud. one of our local olympians returned from rio today. boy, was there ever a homecoming for him at the airport. >> krystal: all you heard was usa! usa! he is our golden boy. kyndell nunley live at mccarran airport where connor fields had a whole bunch of folks so happy to see him arriving this morning. right >> reporter: that is correct. the best part is he had no idea what was in store for him as he started walking towards baggage claim. with balloons, signs, t-shirts, i can tell you that dozens of people were out here for the surprise fit for a gold medalist. fields says he was expecting only his parents and girlfriend to be out here today. but that was definitely not the case with fans from all over nevada were out to see the country's first olympic gold medalist in bmx. he had the medal in his bag but
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he sent the crowd into cheers as he reached down to pull the medal right out. for over an hour he signed autographs and took pictures with kids. many of them who told me they believe they could achieve anything after meeting a gold medalist. fields says he himself is still getting used to not only all the attention but the medal itself. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. i look down and i can't believe it. it's just crazy. but it feels >> kyndell: now fields dreams of becoming an olympian not only an olympian but an olympic champion were put into writing many, many years ago. we've got the proof for you right here on news 3 with coverage starting right up at 3:00 p.m. for now reporting live at mccarran, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> krystal: we're excited about that and we're real excited about this. mondays dark. so you may not know what that is. but here is our special guest mark who is going to tell us
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>> perfect. >> krystal: great. i got it. mondays dark. what this is, usually the shows on the strip are dark on monday right. so you don't have any shows. but, you know, the good folks like mark and entertainers have stepped up to come together and you guys have these shows or events -- >> you should be my agent. >> krystal: i do what i can mark. but what you guys are doing is really great. i love it. and you have some exciting news. you all come together on mondays and you raise money for local month we partner with a different local charity. i get ten to 15 headliners from the strip. we raise $10,000 in 90 minutes charging $20. it is a variety show. with all the shows represented. you see footage there. we basically throw a party. in 90 minutes we raise ten grand for different local group. we've done 30 events. we've raised over $300,000. what we're doing is taking mondays dark to the next level
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own community center. that is charity driven. we have acquire add building behind the city center on polaris and harmon. 9,000 square feet. we're going to continue this journey this mondays dark mission to partner with more groups and to raise money for vegas. >> krystal: if you think bit, we contribute to the shows and success of these entertainers and it's their opportunity to really give back to the community. you know plant some roots. >> it's neat because we get to do something that we don't have the chance to do. we do the same show every night. we do the same lines, sing the same song. this is a cool way to sort of get out of our habits of showing up at our theaters and we come together and we do something different and unique and what's great for me is that i've become, you know, friendly with every organization in town. guys have become my friends because they're people that have devoted their lives to helping people. >> krystal: let's talk about the charities you have been able to support. >> you name it. safe house.
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>> krystal: runs the gamut. >> yeah. it's become really neat. we've got a big fundraiser going on for the space. the building is called "the space." and if you go to we're going to raise fundss for the next couple of months to build up this incredible facility. it's going have a 3,000 square foot raw performance venue. two rehearsal studios, a recording studio. 120 foot black box theater and piano bar up front. you are goi a vintage piano bar. come into a space that is just essentially there to help our community. >> krystal: i even see, maybe bringing up and coming young performers. >> you are going to come and sing for us. >> krystal: i'd love to. maybe do a little piano work. i don't do solos. i harmonize. [ laughter ] >> we can harmonize together. >> krystal: let's do it. this is very exciting. so the space is where
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mission. wonderful work. i love how you are giving back. come back and give us updates and we'll get that harmony session going. michelle, back to you. >> michelle: all right. so americans are leaving rio with a message for people there in brazil. we're really sorry about ryan lochte. we have a look at the controversy swirling around lochte and how comedians are taking aim. that's coming up in trending today. and summer is coming to an end. which means time to get those kiddos ready to go back to square. we're going show you the latest back to school fashion trends for students and teachers. that's coming up. >> kelly: it is a fantastic afternoon outside. maybe you want to take a lunch break. go eat outdoors? we do have thunderstorms chances on the way as well. we're going talk more about that coming up. >> michelle: and back to our back to school information. we do have these back to school fairs that we want to let you know about so you can get kiddos ready. we have a series of them
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the first one august 27th. or this coming up one is august 27th at downtown summerlin from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. ooims this is the last one. the last of the series is what i was trying to say. august 27th, downtown summerlin, 10-four. also, the first official day of school for the clark county school district coming up fast. we want to share all of the excitement with you. so if you have any great shots of kids getting ready to go back to school upload them to your photos and videos could end up on one of our newscasts.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message.
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so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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>> kelly: thanks for staying with us on this noon hour. we do have quite a bit of sunshine right now but clouds starting to form over our local mountains and we could see more thunderstorm action today. now i want to start things out
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this is from the virgin valley high school camera in mesquite where we're seeing a lot of blue sky. we can see clouds off in the distance. if you have been outside recently you know temperatures are very comfortable. really nice gentle breeze as well. pahrump you are warm at 94 degrees. same for sandy valley. but boulder city coming in at 85. mesquite also 85 degrees. look at these temperatures in the valley. low to mid-80s. centennial just 81 degrees right now. lakes at 85. sunrise you are coming in right now at 88. ai north. keeping things cooler here. and as we take a look at the dew points though they're still pretty high. there is a lot of moisture in the air. el dorado 60 degree dew point. all those things good for thunderstorms but it's not really hot enough. we're not getting anything going. there is though convection starting to form over the local mountains and we do have thunderstorm activity going on to our east around flag staff into parts of utah. let's zoom in closer.
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shower activity starting to pop up. the showers moving their way south and east. they're heading towards cedar city. we're going to be watching for development later today along the sheep range. and along the spring mountains. that's where we're most likely going to see thunderstorms pop up. there is a slight chance we could see action here in the las vegas valley. that will probably be later in the afternoon into the evening hours. we do have a flood warning that's still in effect. we want to talk about this. areas shaded in green along the the water has crested at glendale. it's flowing down with river. over ton you haven't crested yet. behind the river the base inz that throw into this river, get this, they received three to four inches of rain out of that storm yesterday. that's why the muddy river is flooding right now. here is a look at forecast highs for today. pahrump 99 degrees. searchlight 90. that's your expected high. mount charleston story.
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again looking at lows in the 70s. take a look at the 7-day forecast. today 98. chance of afternoon storms in the valley. tomorrow we go back up into the hundreds. the weekend? we're talking sunny and upper 90s. remember when it was just 110 a week ago? >> krystal: i know. boy, what a difference a week makes, right. >> michelle: and ten degrees makes such a difference too. this next story had me cracking up in trending today. a summer vacation comes to an end, many u.s., a few indiana state troopers decided to mark the last days of the indiana state fair with their rendition of "summer nights" from the hit movie "grease." ? summer days drifting away ooh the summer nights well, well well, well well tell me more ? ? did you get very far ? ? tell me more tell me more like
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isn't that cute. >> krystal: i love the guy in the back. >> michelle: it's been viewed -- [ laughter ] that's great. all right. kfc i really -- listen this to i want to you tell us if you would try this. kfc unveiled a new extra crispy sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. i'm not >> krystal: wow. can you hear it? okay. we're suppose to have some sound there of the commercial. so here's what's going on. >> you are just not hungry. introducing the kfc extra crispy sunscreen. a real limited edition product that we are giving away for free. it works just like regular sunscreen. but it smells like fried chicken. >> i'm more popular now.
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>> michelle: so i don't know what do you think about this? i'm interested to see, would you prefer to smell like fried chicken? i think that would be awkward to smell like chicken and people will be like what? >> krystal: they point out you cannot eat this stuff. it's not edible. >> michelle: it smells like fried chicken. by the way it's all sold out. people are buying this stuff. >> krystal: you just go this the website. it's legit. [ laughter ] this is crazy. it? i don't think that's quite for me. i'd rather eat my chicken than wear it. >> michelle: hillary clinton laughed off questions about her health and stamina during an appearance on jimmy kimmel live monday night. also they talked about other things too. >> krystal: after kimmel asked whether there was any truth to rumors about her health raised by former new york city mayor rudy giuliani she took a little test. and here's that test.
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this is not [ inaudible ]. [ laughter ] >>. >> it's not been touched. >> i do feel -- >> michelle: sometimes those pickles are hard to open. or spaghetti sauce. >> krystal: see i don't know. >> michelle: because you don't cook. sometimes i cannot get that jar stamina is pretty good. >> krystal: she is good to go. that is always fun when late night host get hold of those things. also jimmy fallon really took ryan lochte to task talking about endorsements. >> michelle: he did. you knew they were going to jump on this whole thing. this again after the bogus robbery story in rio. here's jeanne moos with more on how swimmer is now singing the
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>> reporter: the sorry refrain. ? sorry ? >> reporter: sung by everyone from justin bieber to brenda lee. >> ? i'm sorry ? >> reporter: look who is sorry now. not just swimmer ryan lochte. >> he lied. he lied to you. he lied to matt lauer. >> reporter: but when travelers departing the olympics were asked to leave a special message to rio at the airport, sorry about ryan lochte was one of the more popular ones scrawled on the board. apparently embarrassed americans felt thed more times than the message board? lochte himself. >> i'm just really sorry. i'm just embarrassed. i'm really sorry. how sorry i am. i am really sorry. i'm just really sorry. how truly sorry i am. >> reporter: he's paying a stiff price for saying he and his teammates were robbed and he had a cocked gun held to his head. do you lie a little or a lochte was one meme. on john oliver's last week
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him. >> ryan lochte, america's idiot sea cow. >> what defines me? ryan lochte. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now he is being stripped of his endorsement deals. >> i am speedo fit. >> reporter: not anymore. on monday speedo dropped lochte. tweeted one columnist... i ronic to lose a speedo endorsement over an inadequate cover-up. a mattress company dumped him. even his gentle laser hair removal sponsor cut off ralph lauren refused to renew his contract. >> i could be having the worst day of my life but as soon as i step foot in that water everything just disappears. >> reporter: better dive ryan. and make that one worse day of admitted intoxication disappear. ? i was too blind to see ? >> reporter: drunk ? to see ? >> reporter: jeanne moos. >> i overexaggerated. >> reporter: cnn.
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>> reporter: new york. >> krystal: okay. we always love to hear from you on facebook. what do you think about ryan lochte and his situation? please weigh in. feel free to let us know what you think on our facebook pages. you see them there on the screen. also on twitter. we always love to hear what you have to say. okay we have a little breaking news to bring you right now. we're talking about a person being killed after a motorcycle crash. we have live images here on the i-15 off the northbound ramp near d this morning. you see the flashing lights. they're still trying to get the situation under control. troopers saying that motorcycle was going northbound on the off ramp, collided with an suv headed southbound on d street and as we learned the driver of that motorcycle killed on the scene. the driver of the chevy, not injured. that according to the nevada highway patrol.
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follow. more on it on later editions of news 3. let's send it over to michelle. it is back to school time. >> michelle: you know what's important about back to school time is making sure that you are looking good, looking spiffy. got all the important stuff that you need. so along with school supplies we're here to talk about some of the styles jamison makes from town square back here in studio to show us what are some of the styles that people are excited about. you've got stuff for kiddos. then you've also got stuff for the teach let's start over here. lucky brand jeans. for the men right now these graphic t prints are huge. it's got a nice linen blend. it's light weight. it's airy. pair it with nice, you know, medium weight denim. it's versatile. use it for just about anything. >> michelle: back to school even though it's august and still hot kids are still wearing jeans. >> pair this shirt with it and throw a nice bomber jacket or letterman jacket over the top and you are good to go.
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really set for fall. but you see this nice little army jacket here from lucky brand jeans. the plaids are in. plaid is always in. it's back this season with a vengeance. so you talked about kids. we have great backpacks and matching items from gymboree. >> michelle: i love that store. >> we also for kids have for the men plaid or for the boys plaid is in. and nice little knit. knit pants right here. dress up with fun sparkles. of course. >> michelle: you can't go wrong with florals and sparkles. >> what's key is you know find colors to match then you can wear different outfits out of the same original outfits. >> michelle: sometimes back-to-school shopping can get expensive too. >> you got to be careful. right now we have a great promotion at town square. >> michelle: the passport. >> we have our shopping passport. what's great is you spend a minimum $20 at five
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card. keep doing that and get everything done. >> michelle: it kind of works like a passport. you get stamps for every store that you go to. and then you are going to get $10 back in a gift card which you can spend in other store. >> we have a couple of visitors here. >> michelle: let's bring in our models looking fabulous today. you guys look cute. this is kind of an idea of what the kids are into this season. >> yep. hanna and kevin here from navy. they're modeling some items here. hanna is wearing a distressed jean, skinny jeans. >> michelle: show your shoes. they're really cute. she is wearing the ankle straps. but they're flat. >> and she's got the floral print and a little army jacket over the top. kevin he's got just like we were talking about the letterman jacket or bomber jacket, a nice woven knit tee them ten the jogger shorts. >> michelle: layers are good. it's still going to be kind of
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thanks for coming in jamison. >> thank you. >> michelle: remember if you go there, town square, you can get the passport and get money back. which is always great. okay. coming up tomorrow at noon, make a wish teaming up -- prompter can you wake up for me. thank you. making a wish teaming up with dave and buster's. what wishes and flights are all about and how you can help raise money to grant more wishes here in our community. such an important cause here. we are big, big supporters of it here at news around the corner. and while the games are exciting it's all about the food isn't it? for some of us it's all about the food. we're going have a rondz-up of the hottest local spots to check out this season. don't miss those stories and more coming up on news 3 live tomorrow at noon.
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>> kelly: all right. we are looking at lots of sunshine right now. a few clouds building over our local mountains. we have a chance for thunderstorms later today. they're mainly over the local mountains. spring range and sheep range. we're going be keeping you updated that throughout the afternoon. keep it right here on news 3 for all the latest updates. and tomorrow looking at mostly sunny skies. about 102. >> krystal: thank you for that. we have a lot more to come on "news 3 live at three" today. astronauts working hard right now to growo we're going to tell you how this mission is so important to the future of space travel. and getting those astronauts up on mars. so they can eat their own food. plus no homework! sounds great for students right. but there's a catch. don't get so happy so fast. you kids as you are headed back
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[pencil scratching] [soft guitar music] >> claire: ? came out ? ? of yourself ? ? you showed your light ? ? showed me how your bones ? ? could hold me tight ? ? you find ? ? my veins again ? ? ? [dramatic music] >> ciara: theo. hey, i'm sorry. i didn't see you. >> theo: looks like you're in a big hurry, and i think i know exactly where you're going. >> belle: chad? hey. i was worried about you when i left last night. did you get any sleep?


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