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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from her husband, kanye west. >> dana: good morning. >> kim: kim kardashian but she is ok. we're the wagners on this monday morning. >> dana: little chill in the air. let's bring in kelly curran. chilly out. >> kelly: it is going to be chilly throughout the day so grab a sweater heading out the door. temperature this is afternoon more typical for lows last week. here is what we're seeing for the day todayment right now the
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60's. by noon 73 and our high today just 76. about 10 below normal. i'll let you know what to expect the rest of the work week coming up. >> dana: hundreds of small earthquakes put southern california for heightened alert for a major quake there. if a major quake hits california southern nevada could be caught in the fallout. california after 142 earthquakes shook the sea just southeast of palm springs. some experts estimate a one in 100 chance these could tremor a magnitude 7 or larger earthquake. a quake of that size would be devastating to california and even felt here in las vegas. >> it will certainly be a
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so there are unintended consequences you think you are far enough away and you are not. >> dana: fallout could impact the roads and freeways along interstate 15 to get between here and southern nevada. they are saying our gas line pipeline will likely be cut off and we could see hundreds of thousands of people coming to live here. all teams preparing for right now. scientists say we should not be worried until we see a magnitude six or higher. >> kim: michelle is going to join us with the impacts that could possibly be felt here. we transition to decision 2016. donald trump has not released the tax returns but a new report
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taxes for some 18 years. >> early voting starts next week in ohio, donald trump is leading state polls. hillary clinton is there endorsed by lebron james signing up new voters one day after addressing racial tensions in north carolina. trump is in c polls are virtually tied. he's going after clinton's character. >> she should be in prison. >> i don't think she's loyal to bill you want to know the truth. >> trump is defending himself against a "new york times" report showing he declared a $916 million loss that could have -- >> he's a genius.
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>> trump tweeted he knows the tax laws better than anyone running for president. his campaign said he paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. >> dana: donald trump will be back here in the valley this week stopping in henderson on wednesday morning. scheduled to speak at the henderson pavilion at 11:30. doors open at through donald trump's website. we have a link at >> kim: democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine is going to be addressing all of the voters here in southern nevada who would like to see him by thursday of this week. he's set to hold a voter registration event here in town. it's his second visit to nevada.
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nevada, he will be preparing for the vice presidential debate coming up tomorrow. >> dana: live from new york, it is donald trump appearing on snl. well, not quite but it was alec baldwin impersonating the donald. >> the thing about the blacks is that they are killing each other. all the blacks live on one street in chicago, all on one street. it's called hell street. and they live on hell street and all just killing each other. >> secretary clinton, did have you a response? >> not a response, more of a
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now? >> dana: this is the 42nd season premier. we understand that alec baldwin will be in his role as donald trump all the way through the election. >> kim: a heads up since we are talking about the election. you want to be able to vote. we have voter registration deadlines coming up quickly. here are the dates on your screen. you have until october 8 to register to vote online or you can do so at a dmv. october 9-18 you can get signed up but have you to do it in person at a county elections
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by october 22 in case you want to cast your ballot early. if you want more information rob onall of this, we have you covered. we have an easy link to everything to do with registering online. >> dana: scary moments for kim kardashian west. she was robbed at gunpoint. restrained as well. this happened early this morning. footage of how kanye west found out tat robbed. >> kim: a close call for some people after a sports car nearly
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>> kim: hours ago kim kardashian
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millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen. kanye west wasn't with her. he was in the states in new york city. he got the news during a concert. this is how he responded. >> i have an to stop the show. >> kim: here is the back story. two guys dressed as police officers ended up going to the consier holding up him and having him take her up to the apartment. they tied her up and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry.
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members for paris fashion week. kanye west, crowd shouting of course. and i want my money back after he left the stage. they now know this was a real event that happened to his wife. >> dana: police arrest a 102-year-old woman. we're going to tell you what she did to get herself behind bars. >> kim: a couple of people waking up to find a home blocg how did it get there to begin
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>> dana: the fatal shooting of an african-american teenager in california prompted protest that blocked a normally busy intersections. he was shot and killed by police
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away on foot. lapd making arrest but pushed most of the protestors off the street and back to the scene of the shooting where a candlelight vigil was held earlier in the evening. >> kim: not a normal tackle that you see in the nfl. it was quite different and this was yesterday during nfl sunday. the lions bears game. a fan dressed up in a gorilla suit runs out on the field in chicago during the quarter. that person dressed in the gorilla suit with a shirt reading all lives matter. they were quickly arrested at the 40-yard line. no word if any charges are going to be filed in this. >> dana: sometimes you see one of the football players tackle these guys.
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a downed hot air balloon caused a major power outage in new mexico. officials say that balloon landed on the power lines. this happened early yesterday morning. the crash knocked out power to about 1200 customers. traffic along the highway shut down as emergency personnel responded to the scene. no reports of any injuries. balloon to crash on to the power line or how many people were on board. every year they hold this event in northern new mexico. it is a large hot air balloon festival. it's gorgeous and possible this pilot was not familiar with the area. >> kim: here is a weird one. talk about a close call for a couple of people what they have called the monthly coffee and
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what is he doing? the driver of that mustang leaving the event and hits the gas and spins out. could have just nailed all those people in the crowd. fortunely he didn't hurt anyone. witnesses say if it wasn't for the curb that stopped the car, he could have taken out a lot of people who were standing by. sounds like he hit the gas by accident, i don't know he's sticking to it. hurricane matthew has caused flooding in jamaica. it's a category four hurricane. it could devastate parts of haiti. the winds picked up in haiti yesterday. hurricane warnings up for jamaica, haiti and parts of cuba. three feet of rain is possible
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portions in the caribbean later today, it will move toward the southeastern united states by this weekend. >> kim: no hurricane force winds here but enough to wake up our daughter during the night. a lot of people disrupted by the winds in the overnight hours. >> kelly: breezy conditions. a cold front moving through this morning. temperatures much cooler. here is a time lapse look from conditions in the late afternoon and into the overnight. blue skies to get things started. little bit of dust being kicked up as we got into the evening. temperatures as you are stepping out the door right now, north las vegas 62, nellis 63. spring valley coming in at 60.
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advisories have been dropped. we're looking at gust to 25 miles per hour as the cold front swings through. a lot of active weather in the region but dry conditions expected for us. a little bit of a breeze. check out the temperatures. 76 is our forecast high. mostly sunny skies. gusts to 25 miles per hour. tonight mostly clear, 57 for our low temperature. our seven-day sweaters handy. temperatures staying below normal throughout the work week. lows in the 50's, highs in the low 80's. we will warm back up to normal for the weekend though. >> kim: an nfl tight end doing his part to give back to the local community. his name is boo williams. he volunteers at the salvation army kitchen.
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after he says he was saved by a homeless person. >> i laid on the railroad tracks and tried to end my life because i was majorly depressed. didn't know where my life was going. didn't have any vision, passion or direction. i thought myself at the end of my rope. and some homeless people saved me in 2011 and it was the best thing that happened to me because it turned my life around. >> great work here, and we're so appreciative. he's not just keeping it here. he's going to make sure he gives back to communities across our great nation. >> dana: yesterday you might have noticed a lot of motorcyclist on the road for the poker run that happened yesterday. the goal to raise money for the
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fawn stars road out for a good cause yesterday including rick harrison. he led the drive down to the hard rock hotel. >> all the money stays here local. it's really great. community helps out. >> dana: a lot of reasons to get involved. they had a great raffle and one person able to drive off new motorcycle. >> kim: sounds like a fun event where you get to ride a motorcycle and play poker at the same time. they had an event at red rock where people showed up to keep that place beautiful. it is such a pretty place of employment you can see them doing their part to make sure it stays that way. a lot of volunteers are from here in southern nevada hoping
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everyone work hard to keep a beautiful spot. >> kim: they were saying they were out there because of their love for the area and it's something they do regularly. >> dana: police arrest a 102-year-old woman. look how sweet she was. she wanted to get arrested. patrick clark tells you why. >> as the police cruiser pulled up to the senior center in st. louis, it wasn't public enemy number one inside but number 102. >> are you enjoying your ride
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>> yes. >> we're more than happy to participate in these types of things. we get more out of it than the seniors do. >> the little old lady fulfilled a backseat bucket wish list n. her 102 years on this earth she had never sat in the back of a police car until today. >> keep going, don't stop whatever it is you are doing. and spend some time doing community service sometimes the -- >> last year she stitched 113 hand maid items for the folks at this center. >> i made my first dress that was wearable. not saying it was good but i wore it to school when i was about 10 years old. >> here we've got a senior helping seniors.
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neatest thing. >> she celebrated a birthday but has no plans of slowing down. >> 25th of september. you can tell what my folks were doing on christmas before. she was making babies. >> then back to bingo. where everyone got a hand maid item to take home courtesy of 102 sims and free advice. >> it's a great world if you openou >> kim: we hope that your monday is off to a marv louse start and that takes us to this great new social media tool we're using in the mornings. # it if something happened over the weekend that's a ton of fun. post a picture of anything. it didn't have to happen over the weekend.
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program. still to come it is a competition to build the tallest and most complicated human tower. we have proof on your screen.
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>> kim: this is a competition to build tallest and most complicated human tower ever. the winning team got a wild reception when the champions play in the title for the eighth time. human towers date back to the 18th century in this portion of spain. >> dana: we've seen this in years past.
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that pyramid. there are adults signing often on this? >> kelly: they had helmets on. temperatures our big story today. it's october finally around here and we know october brings us fantastic weather. so this morning it is a little bit chilly. you're going to want a sweater or light jacket. primm 56-degrees. keep in mind, temperatures will likely drop a couple more degrees before sunrise this morning. by noon we're talking 71 only mid 70's for highst . what's in store for the rest of the week we'll have coming up. >> kim: new in our 5:00 hour this morning we have teamed one the experts at consumer reports and they are weighing in on mobile payments. talking about a cashless society. there are things you need to know if you are going to be paying the way you are seeing on
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>> kim: earthquake danger. why california is on alert and what it means for us here in
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way. >> dana: kanye west saying he has a family emergency right in the middle of a concert. we're going to tell you what happened to kim kardashian coming up. >> kim: cashless society. it's an exclusive. we've teamed one the experts at son qumeer reports. why they say carrying cash is more and more rare and what you need to know behind >> dana: welcome in to this monday morning. the first monday in october 2016. >> kim: the city that never sleeps. when i see those lights in las vegas we live in a cool place. >> dana: we're talking about kim kardashian being in paris. more on what happened to her inside a hotel room coming up. >> kim: right now let's check in with everyone with us. we have a team of people in


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