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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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away from election day. >> kim: as we take in a live look at our lovely city there. tons of sports books up and down the strip. i guess you can't place a friendly wager on the vice presidential debate tonight. >> dana: who determines who wins? >> kim: people have an opinion and that is what everyone goes wi the forecast with kelly curran in the weather center. >> kelly: wasn't yesterday amazing? i went home and opened up all the windows. loving it. it is a little bit chilly out there in some location this is morning. we're talking mid 50's outside right now so you are going to want a sweater this morning. 67 by 9:00 a.m. lots of sunshine for us today.
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temperatures still going to be below normal for this time of year. we're going to talk about how long that trend will continue in 10 minutes. >> kim: thank you very much kelly. tonight is the one and only faceoff between the vice presidential candidates. mike pence and tim kaine, neither one of them have much name recognition but that could change hours from now. here is nbc's tracy potts. >> republican mike pence already he'll focus on tonight. >> hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs could take up the whole 90 minutes and it wouldn't be a pretty picture. >> tim kaine is off the trail getting ready for his debate. pence may find himself on defense. >> i know how to use the tax code to rebuild my company when
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explaining why he took such a big loss. nearly a billion dollars in one year qualifying for nearly two decades of zero taxes. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? >> any good business man should never pay taxes. >> zero taxes means zero for our zero for grants to send young people to college, zero for health, zero for education. >> clinton is in pennsylvania today with bill clinton, michelle obama and elizabeth warren all out campaigning for her. >> dana: we are joined live by dr. ben carson. he himself ran for president of the united states just months
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hillary clinton asked the question and i'll ask the same of you, what kind of genius loses almost a billion dollars in one year? >> well the fact of the matter is people who deal with large businesses and big business transactions have feast and familiaren. sometimes they do well and sometimes they lose a lot of give them an opportunity to mitigate those losses over the next several years. is that a good idea? it may not be. the idea was good in the beginning but i think it's morphed into something that is not fair. that's one of the reasons when i was running i advocated a flat tax with removal of all deductions and loopholes so everybody is on an equal playing
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contributes to the well being of our country. this situation provides an opportunity for us to talk about real reform in the tax code and trially making it fair. what were taxes for in the first place? it was so we could run the government, not to control people's behaviors and the many things it's morphed into >> dana: they have been asked trump release his tax returns for a long time. why doesn't he do it already? >> i suspect he will at some point. his lawyers have asked him not to while he's under audit. he had to disclose his finances as i did and everybody else who
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much better glimpse into one's financial situation. i think the issue here is there something that we can do about a broken system? and we're talking about traditional politics and the status quo with both democrats and republicans over a long period of time and moving in a different direction. that is what this i think we'll get a chance to see more of that tonight in this vice presidential debate. it's going to be about the issues and that is something we haven't heard a whole lot. >> dana: we appreciate it as we do every tuesday morning. we'll be able to talk more as we approach election day which is coming up five weeks from today. you just heard that the debate is tonight. the second showdown between
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week away. we invite you to join us next monday for a full breakdown of that debate with analysis and reaction from a panel of experts monday at 4:00 p.m. streaming on >> kim: we have a murder misery on our hands in southern nevada. police in henderson trying to figure out a deadly drive by shooting that took the life of a the man was last seen alive at that tavern called the bar. apparently he thereafter place around 3:45 in the morning. and that's when police say they received a call from a man claiming he had just been shot. >> when the dispatcher was on the line with the male, she heard a loud crash and unfortunately the male had
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>> paramedics arrived at the scene and took that victim to the hospital but he died a short time after. investigators believe someone shot him while he was driving. did the bullets come from another car passing by or from a gunman who was hang out on the side of the road? >> they've had 200 tiny earthquakes south of palm a higher risk for a major earthquake 7 magnitude or higher in southern california. we know that clark county is very active, one of the top five most active states in our union. the last earthquake in southern nevada was just a few days ago.
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>> dana: we don't feel them most of the time here so that is good news. with a higher risk in southern california, if they have a major earthquake there, it's possible we could feel them here as well. >> kim: we have live pictures from a little community in virginia and there is the debate stage where the vice presidential candidates will face off just hours from now. you just heard dr. ben carson telling dana neither one of the men are their percentage rates as far as popularity are very small. we'll have continued coverage here on news 3 today. we want you to show off your pets. we have this new great social media application called tag board. we want to share your furry friends. tag news 3 pets.
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during the commercial break i'm going to send out a picture of lucky and local la. >> a smash and grab takes place all caught on camera. we're going to tell you what the crooks were after. >> kim: some experts are saying kim kardashian's robbery could have been avoided. they are jacky rosen: i'm jacky rose , i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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>> kim: this is called a high flying moment. it's surveillance video from a washington state pot shop. look what was caught on camera last week.
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green nugget. smashes right through it. you see crooks run into the hole and steal whatever they could find from this business. they hop back in the car and drive away. these people are still out there. the store manager says this is the sixth time the shop has been broken into. not like this. the sixth time they've been hit since last fall. >> dana: there is a new twist r twist becoming a common c mom is not as innocent as you might think. >> kim: new in our 2:00 hour this morning deciding to pimp his ride. can you figure out what those are? those are pennies? can that car actually go?
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>> dana: there are reports that the robbery of kim kardashian may have been an inside job and the star may have made herself a target. kim may have shared too much about her personal life by snap chatting her every move which gave the robbers a play by play of her where abouts including she was in that apartment alone. kardashian robbed early monday in paris. five armed robbers dressed as li two bound and gagged her and pointed a gun at her and threw her in the bathroom. they made off with a $4.5 million engagement ring. they stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry. >> kim: a common package thief in san francisco pretending to be a mom. we have surveillance video that shows what is inside that
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this person casing the neighborhood walks up to a stoop and grabs the package and stashes it in the stroller. people who live in the area say they thought this person seemed suspicious with a stroller. a growing number of neighbors are setting up surveillance because of what we witnessed on the screen. that video has been handed over to police and posted to the neighborhood blog. >> dana: the eye of math that you, that category four hurricane is moving over impacts on that country. it was just six years ago that they dealt with that devastating earthquake and many people are living in flimsy arrangements on that island nation. sustained winds over 140 miles an hour. they are expecting upwards of 4. now it looks like it could have impacts along the southeastern coast of the united states as well.
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looks like the models agree with the track towards us here in the states. >> dana: let's bring kelly in on the conversation. looks like it could make land fall in the united states eventually. >> kelly: some of the models look like it's going to hug the coast of florida making land fall in the carolinas this weekend. that is something we're going to keep a close eye on that. that keeping a close eye on it. we had a beautiful day yesterday. we had a few clouds, just high thin clouds, lot of blue sky in there as well and very comfortable temperatures. high yesterday 76. here is a look at what we're seeing for current temperatures. and you are going to want a sweater stepping out the door. summerlin 56, north las vegas 58.
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blue diamond 48 this morning. winds going to be light for us today. not much of an issue. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday but still below normal. lot of activity along the northwest and getting into montgomery. everything here is quiet. we have a system that will pass through tomorrow that will knock the temperatures down a couple of degrees for thursday but that's about the only impact we'll notice. shire look at matthew where it is making land fall in clipping the eastern edge of cuba and move into the bahamas. we're keeping a close eye on that. just a tragedy it's hitting that part of haiti where it's going to have a major impact. sunny skies for us, quiet weather. today's high 80. that is 6 below normal for this time of year. tonight another cool one, more greet sleeping weather.
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our seven-day forecast is showing temperatures staying below normal throughout the work week. 82 tomorrow and that dip i talked about back down to 80. temperatures return to normal for the weekend. mid 80's and climbing above normal for columbus day on monday. >> kim: a popular mode of transportation for the kids is spotted on a highway in philadelphia and like so often these days it was caught on cell phone it's a big wheel. that guy riding a big wheel on a
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police are looking into this. they are investigating because this could have gone horribly wrong. >> dana: dwayne wade made his preseason debut with the bulls last night. he spent his first 13 years of his career in miami. won three lebron went back to cleveland cavs and now this point guard playing for the chicago bulls at the age of 34. >> kim: and lebron james is endorsing hillary clinton. >> dana: to barry bonds no longer serving as hitting coach for the marlins after taking the job just a year ago. he's a 14 time all-star named one of the team's hitting coaches in last december.
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him due to lackluster results on offense. i heard there were a lot of players on the team that didn't like him and the way he interacted with them so as a result he's gone. >> kim: fun at the park. check this out. former president jimmy carter liking a long smooch with his wife. this is from over the weekend. he and his wife caught on kiss cam at the atlanta braves game. after 20 years the braves are moving t outside the city. >> dana: the baseball playoffs begin tonight. teaser for pirates of the caribbean.
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>> dana: did you recognize him? pirates of the caribbean does not hit theaters until may of next year. saturday night live hada presidential candidates making fun of their debate from last monday night. how did they do? jeanmy most reports. >> from the donald's sniffle to the hillary shimmy. mm's debate was like a real one
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>> wrong. wrong. >> alec baldwin in his debut as trump did more than just wrong hillary. >> unfit to be commander in chief. >> wrong. >> shut up. >> he's not that rich. >> i don't think. >> not that chartable. wrong. >> or never paid taxes in his life. wa >> critics said baldwin was spot on, perfect, totally nailed trump. on his show 30 rock he once tried nail nixon. kate as hillary coughed her way on stage and paid homage to the late gene wilder. the real trump waited until after the debate to complain about his microphone.
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did you notice that? >> she broke it. she and obama stole my microphone. they took it to kenya and broke it. >> what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. >> snl picked low hanging fruit walking trump's pronunciation. >> china, china. >> it's pronounced jina. >> china. >> still to come, harry potter fans sit tight. we have big news for you on the other side of the break. why you might soon be able to
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>> kim: the harry potter movie is coming back to theaters. all eight of the films are going to be shown at those theaters for one week. this will start october 13. it is a consumer reports exclusive. we're talking favorite concert ticket at a reasonable price that you don't get gouged when you go to the box office. >> dana: you know it from america has got talent. the guy dressed as a dragon on your screen is going to be live in our studio talking about what
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>> kim: we team one the experts at consumer reports to make sure that you get your entertainment in the most bargain friendly fashion. we're talking local concerts and how to get the best price for you to see the best >> dana: we are five weeks away from election day. >> kim: we are hours away from the vice presidential candidates facing off tonight on the debate stage. we're going to take you live to the debate stage as they start to get everything up and running this morning. we're the wagners, kim and dana here on this tuesday. >> dana: traffic and weather


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