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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  October 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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person who pulled the trigger. >> michelle: kyndell nunley live at the bar on st. rose in henderson. this is the last place the victim was seen. the way police found out about the shoot, pretty surprising. >> kyndell: that is correct. police say the victim called 911 from inside his car to say that someone had shot him. he has been identified by the coroner's office as 49-year-old christopher stewart. he was last seen leaving here. everyone inside the bar him said he was doing just fine when he left and he managed to get about four miles to the intersection of anthem parkway and bicentennial while on the phone with 911. he was not able to give dispatchers much information that they needed until suddenly everything came to a stop. when the dispatcher was on the line with the male, she heard a loud crash and, unfortunately, the male had crashed into a
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>> kyndell: police need your help. if you saw a 20124 door black focus yesterday you are urged to call police. we will have an update right here on news 3 starting at five personal. reporting live in henderson, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> krystal: now to an update to a story we first brought you here on news 3. a two-and-a-half-year-old service dog that went missing from a northeast >> michelle: this is a pit bull very special to a local army veteran who suffers from seizures. news 3's denise joins us. >> reporter: he went home from elpokeo -- elpoco. in less than 24 hours, viewers coming through. >> lucky!
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what are doing? how are you doing honey. how are you? raucous are you okay baby? come here. good boy. hi baby. i missed you. >> reporter: we were with brian labelle this morning when he picked up his service dog raucous. the army vet relies on him to alert him of on-coming diabetic seizures. on saturday he stopped at elpollo loco but started for 20 minutes. customers thought the dog was abandoned. he wasn't wearing service dog tags because he had recently bitten them off. a customer unaware he was a service dog took him home and brian says no hard feeling. >> thank channel 3 news. it would not have happened if we didn't get channel 3. thank god. do you watch the news every day. >> yes i seen it on my facebook. >> did you find out the internet or television.
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>> kyndell: that woman you saw on the video is the roommate of the person who took raucous home. again, they thought the dog was abandoned and didn't want him to end up in a shelter. all in all, a happy ending that we were hoping for. reporting live, i'm denise rosch for news 3. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire. we brought you this story as breaking news on news 3 today at five. this happened this morning and sloan. investigators say the home was abandoned and neighbors tell us squatters were living there. >> michelle: some rape victims could be closer to getting justice with 42 kits. we're talking about rape kits now being tested. this was after it was discovered many of them had been sitting on shelfs for years. these are the tests that victims took. the most vulnerable and important moments after being attacked. and now after sitting on the shelves untouched for all these
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we've learned as of monday of the 334 kits that have come back to authorities, 42 have positive hits in the database known as code code -- codeous which identifies possible suspects. >> that's why we don't solve problems because they're too busy blaming each other that they don't ever solve the problem. >> michelle: we've asked the clark county district attorney's cases will be reopened or if charges will be filed. so far we have not gotten a response on that. >> krystal: seismologists say the risk for a massive san andreas earthquake triggered by smaller earthquakes has diminished f. there are more than 200 smaller magnitude quakes in southern california in a 24 hour time span which led seismologists to think it may be leading to something bigger. experts had put southern
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clark county is having earthquake preparedness month. fire prevention says nevada is one of the top five most seismicly active states. >> 0.5, 1.0. the last earthquake here in southern nevada was a couple days ago. it was very small. but we do have them frequently. >> krystal: happening today, a new public service announcement hits the airwaves as they find ways to they partnered with property brothers to create the public service announcement. they're issuing a warning to generate support for the great nevada shake out. the drill set for october 20th. >> michelle: so important coming from california where earthquakes are a real possibility this is something that we did growing up. talking about earthquake preparedness, plans with your family and what to do in school. >> kelly: i grew up in the midwest where it wasn't so much of a concern.
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here not too long ago. i was working somewhere and i had a cubicle and i told the girl can you stop shaking the desk. she's like we're having an earthquake. so it's definitely something we need to be prepared about. i saw a little bit of that video and it's actually informative stuff like what you should and shouldn't hang on the walls. here is a live look or a time-lapse look. this is the southeast career and technical academy camera. this morning it has been nothing but blue skies out there. side. but i don't know about you but i'm loving it. 77 degrees cunningham elementary school. and crestwood elementary school, you are at 71. we're expecting to reach about 80 degrees for our high today. but that's at mccarran. the west side of the valley, the northwest side of the valley, you are struggling to hit that 80 degree mark. if you are planning on having dinner outside, make sure you bring a sweater. might be a chill in the air. >> michelle: we want to warn you about a major closure
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from northbound i-15 to us-95 will close temporarily. it will reopen thursday morning at 6:00. so if you are headed northbound on the 15 freeway detour to u.s. 95 southbound then exit at las vegas boulevard and turn left to re-enter the u.s. 95 going north. >> krystal: tonight is the one and only face-off between the vice presidential kaine debate for an hour and a half in virginia. tracie potts has more. >> looking forward to it. i can't wait. >> reporter: republican mike pence already in virginia giving a hint what he'll focus on tonight. >> hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs alone could take up the whole 90 minutes. and it wouldn't be a pretty picture. >> reporter: democrat tim kaine is off the campaign trail presumably getting ready for his one and only debate. at times, both have disagreed
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tonight pence may find himself on defense >> i knew how the use the tax code to rebuild my company which others didn't have a clue. >> reporter: the "new york times" report on donald trump's 1995 tax return has him explaining why he took such a big loss. nearly a billion dollars in one year. qualifying for nearly two decades of zero taxes. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? [ laughter ] >> reporter: trump hasn't confirmed ori his supporters don't seem to care. >> any good businessman should never pay taxes. >> zero taxes means zero for your vets, zero for our military, zero for pell grants that send young people to college, zero for health, zero for education. >> reporter: hillary clinton's in pennsylvania today with bill clinton, michelle obama, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren all
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washington. >> michelle: this brings to us our question of the day. we want to know what do you want to hear about in tonight's vice presidential debate? are you interested in the economy, immigration, national security, climate change, taxes? let us know what you think. head over to and click on the question of the day icon. >> krystal: donald trump will stop in henderson on wednesday morning. he is set to speak at the henderson pavilion starting at 11:30. you can register for must do so. we have a link on our website. find that on the second showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump less than a week away. we're talking about monday. that's the next debate. for a full break down of the debate with analysis and reaction from a panel of experts that's next monday at 4:00 p.m. streaming on and, of course, las vegas will play host to the third and final presidential debate. >> michelle: on the 19th.
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and the whole thing caught on camera. coming up, what was inside that has multiple thieves targeting this location. it's not the first time. >> krystal: hurricane matthew causes widespread destruction. it landed in haiti. and you know they can't really take anymore after they went through the earthquake in 2010. well, they're getting hit. and we're going tell you about the impact potentially here in thu helping others. what a local teen is doing to help the homeless and at risk kids in the community. and that's led him to earning nevada's top youth volunteer award. we'll introduce you to this outstanding young person. that's at 12:30. "news 3 live at noon" is back on
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l work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say...
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that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> michelle: surveillance video from a washington state pot shop, a marijuana shop,
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the video shows a car drive right into the shop. this is called the green nugget. and smashed through the windows. then people inside the car jump out and run into this newly created hole they created with a car and took whatever they could get their hands on and took off. police say those suspects remain at large. meanwhile the store's manager says this is not the first time this has happened to them. this is the sixth time that shop has been broken in to since last following a gas explosion. first responders arrived this morning and minutes later could hear hissing from the gas leak. firefighters immediately started evacuating the building and managed to get everyone out before the buildings exploded. quite a scene. investigators in new jersey also looking into that train crash. the train was going 20 to 30 miles per hour when it crashed into a station in hoboken. the speed limit is 20 miles an
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an official who wanted to remain anonymous. speaking with the associated press, that official said the speed was determined based on the extent of the damage and investigators are trying to recover a device from the train recording its speed. the national transportation safety board is expected to release an official report later today. that train crash killed one woman and left more than 100 others injured. >> michelle: a california meal delivery service under investigation after several employees have reporting violence on the packaging facility and unsafe conditions there. we're talking about blue apron. it ships 8 million ready to prepare meals across the united states every month. last year police responded to that plant several times including three times for bomb threats, seven times for a variety of assaults. there have also been several safety problems there including
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up ward $20,000 for storage of chemicals and employee training violations. one worker says she personally hasn't seen anything or has any problems at the plant. >> people come to work with great attitudes. i'm very happy to work there. >> michelle: blue apeon says it is working to improve its record of workplace safety and violence. police say the company is moving in the right direction and the number of 911 calls is down significantly from last year. >> krystal: let's this hurricane matthew. a category 4 storm slamming in to haiti's south western coast this morning. civil protection agency reporting one man has drowned as a result of this storm. raising the death toll to three. they had life threatening floods, landslides and sustained winds now -- not wind gusts as kelly was pointing out to me earlier -- sustained winds up to 145 miles an hour. residents are bracing for the
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area in nearly a decade. organizations standing by as you can imagine to provide relief to an area that's already just badly damaged and really still trying to recover after that horrible earthquake in 2010. so haiti is not getting a break here. at the same time here in the u.s., florida is bracing for that storm. >> once the storm comes we cannot but our first responders in harm's way. you must leave before it's too late. you can rebuild a home. you can follow directions of your local officials. this is serious and your safety depends on you being prepared and staying alert to all warnings and orders. >> krystal: so far models showing hurricane matthew could impact florida by friday. >> michelle: wow. all right. so you have been following this storm. this is not good news for haiti. >> kelly: and krystal was just touching on, after the earthquake is so many people
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you are dealing with three feet of rain and 145-mile-an-hour winds. it's going to be catastrophic for haiti. it has left haiti now or they're getting the back end of the system. the eye as you can see heading for the guantanamo region of cuba. so that's where it's expected to hit next. still a category 4 storm. that clearly defined eye as it continues to move northward. i'm going show you the track for this storm. it is a forecas we think it is expected to be. so as we put this in motion we're heading through today and into tomorrow. we're looking at it moving through cuba. the eastern edge of cuba and into the bahama. it's still a category 4 storm even by thursday morning. as we get into friday, look at it hug the coast of florida as a four, weakening to a three. that's still bad. we're still going -- because it's keeping its energy. probably not going to make
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its trek along the coastline. potentially making landfall. if it stays in the center of the cone along that red line, right between north and south carolina right on the border. this will be early saturday morning. watch out for this. it continues to hug the eastern seaboard even at the end of the weekend. a category 1 storm off of new jersey. so this is a very big, very dangerous storm that we will continue to watch over the coming days. here at home, everything is much quieter. we've got lots of blue light winds out there. temperatures cool but not quite as cool as what we got yesterday. summerlin right now at 73. you want to have lunch outside you are going to need a sweater. downtown coming in at 79. henderson at 78. winds light not an issue for us. in fact not a whole lot going on. we do have a lot of active weather across the northwestern portion of the country. here at home it is going to stay sunny. there is a dlbs abs that will oo ie disturbance.
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treer down a degree or two. 80 degrees at mccarran. northwestern portion of the valley will struggle to make night the upper 70s. most likely our highs today. overnight tonight. clear skies. great sleeping weather again. 59 degrees. nice and cool. 82 tomorrow. temperatures staying below normal. morning lows in the upper 50s. highs in the low 80s. the weekend we return to normal. that's still really pleasant. sunny and mid-80s. >> krystal: we'll >> michelle: it is time to show off your favorite furry friends. yesterday we told you we know what today's topic was going to be. hash tag whatever our tuesday topic is. hashtag #news 3 pets. we want to see all your furry babies. >> krystal: you have delivered sending us lots of photos. that's our producer. so we want you to send us pictures of your pet. they may not be furry. they may have scales. they may have shells.
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hashtag #news 3 pets. there's raina. that's kelly's dog. and lexi her cat. please send them. we love to see them. then you may see them on this newscast.
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i will not stand for congressman hardrdy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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>> krystal: a city in idaho honoring a dog as its hometown hero. >> michelle: let us introduce you to jackson. here he is. and this is his honorary firefighter badge that he is receiving here. jackson will be presented with the city of meridian's firefighters say he's getting the award because an electrical fire could have easily burned down his home but because of this 11-year-old pug noticing sparks coming from electrical outlets just in time let his family members know and they were able to use a fire extinguisher to get the fire out. meridian firefighters say jackson definitely saved the day and the house and the family. >> krystal: give him a bone.
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speaking of pets, we're going continue to show off all of our favorite friends, all of our favorite pets. it is our topic of the day here. you have to use the hashtag #news 3 pet for us to find your pictures. if you do we're going to add them to our tag board and we are going to be able to show the pictures throughout the day on all of our different newscast. there's my baby. >> krystal: charlotte and cooper. i have to look at her forehea and that's puff the dragon with his little puppy. >> michelle: we love -- there's kelly's cat watching lester holt. we love looking at all of your pictures. this is the hash tag of the day, news 3 pets. show us your picture. we'll get them on the newscast. that's a great way to celebrate tuesday. >> krystal: that's pip the dragon's little dog ji.
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live at 12:30" "saturday night live" has a new donald trump played by alec baldwin. we showed you this yesterday. now we're going to compare his skit to the bill thing thanks to jeanne moos. she is going compare all that coming up in trending today. >> krystal: and how a local teen is earning top honors helping homeless and at risk children.
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ray steiber: i was in charge of homicide. i know when something's not right. the attacks on question 1 are wrong. to bear arms. carry. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. and no one goes to jail for swapping guns while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show or go online and buy guns without background checks. that will save lives. yes on 1.
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>> michelle: right flu on "news 3 live at 12:30", day in court this happen -- the former head of the animal shelter in boulder city facing felony animal abuse charges. what happened in the courtroom today coming up. >> krystal: how one local teen
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youth volunteer. he's done incredible work not only here in this country but across the globe. we have his story coming up. >> michelle: and rock toner. how the hit show rock of ages is embraces '80s appreciation month. did you know there was such a thing? with some special ticket deals and a few of the cast members are going to be here to talk about it. >> krystal: i love the 80s >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. the former head of an animal boulder city back in court today facing felony animal abuse charges. >> krystal: our craig fiegener all over the story. definitely grabbing a lot of headlines. craig, you said it was going to be interesting today in court. what happened? >> craig: well i did say it was going to be interesting today in court because this was technically on calendar as a status check which is generally a chance for both parties, counsel for both parties, prosecution and the defense to have a meeting of the mind with the judge to make sure the case


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