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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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background and donald trump will be in the valley later today. >> kim: he will be speaking in henderson at a big rally. i have a feeling he'll be talking about his running mate's performance last night. we have live coverage on that and we're tracking matthew. i watched the early version of the today show. right now some of the models look like they have matthew hit the coast of florida as category four at 2:00 in the morning on friday. >> dana: state of emergency in the carolinas, georgia and florida as well. for more on what is going on let's go to kelly curran in the weather center. >> kelly: scary situation. we're hoping it will take a curve to the right. here at home lots of sunshine again today. temperatures warmer than
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here is a look at what we're expecting. 78 at noon and 82 at 4:00. still going to want if swea ther with you today but might not need it for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> dana: donald trump coming to southern nevada to talk to voters in henderson starting at 11:30 this morning. doors open at then he's headed to reno. all this after speaking in phoenix yesterday. he defended himself against the criticism about his tax return leaked to the "new york times" and putting the blame on hillary clinton. >> so now after years of failure she complains about how i've used the tax laws of this country to my benefit. then i ask a simple question. why didn't she ever try to
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use them? you know why? she could have changed the laws when she was in the united states senate but she didn't. she named a few buildings. that's all she did. the reason she did not do that is her donors and contributors have used those same tax laws as i did the same way. >> dana: he's talking about immigration. he claims that the u.s. is being immigration. tune in for live coverage of donald trump's visit to the valley on later editions of news 3. >> kim: about last night, fact checkers say both candidates said things that just are simply not true. this was their first and only debate and it happened in virginia. you're seeing a live picture of the stage behind me. it was tough to watch at times. both candidates talked over each
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back to the action. >> i don't have much of a voice left. >> here is why. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> back and forth for 90 minutes, at times impossible to hear. tim kaine interrupted frequently to bring up donald trump's tax returns. mike pence on hillary emails. each accusing the other side of insults. >> you can't have somebody at the top that demeans every group he talks about. >> that is small potatoes comb paired to hillary clinton
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deplorables. >> they talked about the economy, russia, police shootings and abortion. >> what i can't understand with clinton and now senator kaine at her side to support partial birth abortion. >> why can't you trust women to make this choice for themselves. >> the last chance to see the presidential nominees on the same stage. live on the program. we want to give you a heads up about this. the second showdown between the lead candidates just days away. it will play out on sunday night. we invite to you join us the following morning on monday for a full breakdown of that debate and analysis and reaction from a panel of experts. easy for you to participate because all have you to do is hop online. starting at 4:00 we're going to start treatmenting this
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>> dana: it is the busiest stretch of freeway in nevada and there are going to be problems there tonight starting at 10:00. as you head north, a lot of people headed toward summerlin take that u.s. 95 off ramp to the right of the freeway. that is going to be shut down from 10:00 tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. you are heading north on 15, instead of going to the north on 95 you take the southbound get off at las vegas boulevard. that is that green line we're looking at. when you get off at las vegas boulevard make a left and then get right back on to the freeway u.s. 95 northbound. that's from 10:00 tonight to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. part of project neon. the first phase wraps up in two years from now. we're going to see other restrictions on interstate 15
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>> kim: tome will join us live starting in our 5:00 hour with additional information you need to know. a local teenager is expected to be charged with shooting and killing his own grandmother. police were called to a home a little before 5:00 yesterday evening. once they got there, they found a woman in her 80's lying dead in the street. witnesses say her grandson was running around in nearby backyards. officers into custody. there was some sort of a physical fight between the teenager and his grandmother before he opened fire. he walked into his own backyard and eventually surrendered to them. police still don't have a motive. they know this was domesticically related. we will stay on top of all the developments. >> dana: we are hearing from the
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by shooting in henderson. christopher stewart, married, father of four. police say early monday morning stewart left the bar headed to his home in anthem. along the way there was an incident with another driver that resulted in him being shot in the neck area and even though he was critically injured, stewart called 911 to report he had been shot. alex can hardly believe the man wh is gone. >> if it was an accident, that would be one thing. now it's like somebody did this to my dad, why. >> dana: later stewart crashed. police not able to get a description of the suspect's car so they are now pleading for the public to help. did you see anything.
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anything call crime stoppers. >> kim: trick or treat. this is a trick. the owners of a local haunted house say a customer attacked one of their employees over the weekend. it's at rainbow and the 215. have you to sign a waiver before you can go inside. it warns people foul language and incidental touching. two customers violated michelle is an actress at this attraction. she dresses in a costume and stands in a room in the dark and scares unsuspecting people. that's the whole point of going through this whole thing. a mom and her daughter walked through that area where she was performing and listen in. >> pushed me backwards and said get off my mom. i immediately said get out of here and went to show her to the emergency exit.
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face. >> kim: she says that she did get an x-ray and revealed her nose had been broken. j.f. who owns the haunted house say the women in this incident were drunk and aggressive. one of the women is claiming to have been groped by the actress you heard from. she says that is not only untrue but it's ons door today we want to see what you look like when you go to work. show us your outfit on this wednesday. # news 3 work outfit. you might see yourself on television this morning. you can send in pictures of your children as they get ready to go to their job which is school. the # is very important. news 3 work outfit all one word. >> kim: if you go on instagram,
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>> dana: he's a hero. he's an 11-year-old pug named jackson and now has a badge to prove it. this happened in idaho. he noticed there was smoke in
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about it. >> he has his somebody is at the door bark and he has his something is happening bark. >> dana: he went to city hall yesterday. there was an electrical fire in the wall there. he has the firefighters helmet on. he's a good >> kim: kim kardashian is reportly saying she doesn't want her engagement ring replaced. someone close to the family talking about how she was robbed
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kelly saying it's still a category three hurricane and the winds sustained at 123 and moving at 10 miles per hour. we have pictures of nearby fort lauderdale. it is threat it can bahamas this morning. melissa is in the bahamas with what is >> we are expecting hurricane matthew to dump huge amounts of rain on us and we could see winds up to 155 miles per hour. the prime minister of the bahamas is asking folks on the southern island to evacuate inland. he says they could face significant risk if they do not. even here we are all going to be
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is going to be from there. we will be going to the convention center. the airport is closing at 11:00 a.m. other smaller airports in the area have already closed. there is significant risk already that they are trying to avoid anyone from falling victim to. we're going to be keeping an eye on how things are going out here as hurricane matthew approaches the baptist churc >> kim: something we don't have to worry about here. a lot of these governors issuing
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storm. >> kim: this is hurricane matthew right now. a category three storm weakening
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get things started. henderson you are coming in at 61. we have a weak disturbance that will pass through the great base 83 our forecast high. lots of sunshine. tonight 59 for the low. another night of good sleeping weather. here is the seven-day forecast and there is a little dip in the temperatures. the weekend temperatures warm up and we're watching on monday the potential for some rainfall. right now looks to be mainly in the higher terrain.
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>> kim: the six-year-old little boy who died over the weekend after being shot at school in south carolina is going to be laid to rest today. people gathering to remember jacob hall just the other day in honor of the little boy who loved superheros. a lot of his friends and kids who didn't know him dressed up. superheros gathering at that baptist church to pay respect tie life cut way too mom, something she asked people to do at today's funeral service as well. >> dana: a new report showed yahoo secretly serged all incoming email for a specific term at the request of the government. apple refused to do this. yahoo says that it is a law abiding company and implies with
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obey the order made by the c.e.o. documents leaked three years ago by snowden shows that the national security agency tapped into email traffic to search for terms connected to terrorism. yahoo was doing the searching last year in real time looking for an item specified by the government. the website spells it out. yahoo analysis stores content email. u.s. intelligence agencies not commenting on the classified program but i've heard experts say if you have a yahoo email. experts say close it and go with a different company. >> kim: we saw how apple got into it with the federal
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concerned. there will be tours of paisley park this weekend. officials got in the mix and said we can't do that. managers are not prepared to handle public safety and traffic concerns associated with this. here is how it's going to shake out. tours will be given to guests who buy tickets between now and october 15. right now it's october 5. tours are going to continue and no new tickets will be sold after today show" this morning but back timing for you. live in our 6:00 hour this morning here in las vegas we get our hands on an early tour thattal was able to take so your first exclusive look headed your way at 6:00. >> dana: police in paris look for the people who robbed kim kardashian west over the weekend. they stole more than $10 million in jewelry. a source saying that kim feels
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everything. the source says kim is shocked and tearing herself up for taking so many pictures with her engagement ring from her husband and sharing so much about her life online. kim doesn't want kanye to replace the ring although he wants to do so. her stylist was with her at the time of the robbery but her bodyguard was not. >> kim: we want to give you a heads up here that the are about to see is going to be disturbing for some. there is a montana man who not onlysurvived being attackedy a bear, he posted video. >> dana: his face is covered in blood. here is the story from jeanie most. >> remember when leonardo
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todd got attacked twice. >> she got my head good. i don't know what is under my hat. >> his brain is in tact because he has the presence of mind to tell the story right after what happened in a movie happened to him. todd was scouting places to hunt elk in montana when a grizzly protecting her cubs charged him. >> i sprayed her with bear spray. >> she kept coming and biting. the force hammer with teeth todd wrote on his facebook page. and then the bear left. and todd started hiking three miles back to his truck. 10 minutes or so later the same bear attacked him again. one bite on my forearm went through to the bone and i heard a crunch. >> pieces of stuff hanging out. >> todd played dead. he could feel her breath on his
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and then was gone. >> legs are good. internal organs are good. >> todd recorded this video for facebook when he got back to his truck. who videos themselves bleeding and battered before going to the hospital? this is a guy whose business is selling knives. he drove 20 miles to the closest hospital calling his girlfriend and 911 on the way. she was stitched up, released now he's become a legend in montana. todd for president making more sense after a bear attack than trump and hillary can in a
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>> kim: shouting match at times anyway. tim kaine and mike pence went head to head in the first and only vice presidential debate. not only do we have the must see
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your way. >> dana: donald trump coming to southern nevada. we're going to tell you how you can see him live coming up. >> kim: it's a video vault morning here on the broadcast. tom taking us back in time to the campus of unlv where some of the college students felt like they could change the world. 60 years of activism on campus is headed your way this >> dana: good morning. happy wednesday. live pictures of the trump tower on the strip. >> kim: if we could only have listened in to the phone call last night. mike pence on the phone with donald trump right after the debate. it's about last night that has everyone talking. >> dana: the clean up begins


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