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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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glad to be with you. >> dana: brian williams called it nevada one time. the next night he went on the air to apologize. >> krystal: we don't take too kindly to that here in nevada. >> kelly: sunny skies and temperatures cooler than what we saw yesterday. fall is in full swing. it is going to get a little warmer. you are going to want a sweater. te now. 75 at noon. 80 at 4:00 is our high for today. we've got warmer temperatures, chains for rain in the forecast, plus the latest on hurricane matthew coming up. >> dana: hours from now a man named omar tally is expected in court. metro says tally killed jennifer and melissa in something that
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streets as a car chase behind the aria. tally told investigators he was drunk, high on marijuana and didn't recall leaving the parking garage with a gun after a fistfight with a male victim. his case was delayed while doctors made sure he was mentally competent to stand trial. he's expected to be arraigned in that courtroom today. we'll have a live report >> krystal: decision 23016. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in las vegas today. he's speaking at a rally at 6:30 tonight. that rally held by the united brotherhood of carpenter's. >> dana: yesterday donald trump informs las vegas. when he was in reno, he tried to pronounce the name of our state.
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know what i said. i said nobody says it the other way, it has to be nevada. >> dana: he did pronounce it correctly when he was here in las vegas. but he doubled down on the wrong pronunciation yesterday in reno. it will be interesting to see if he has to walk that back today. >> krystal: bringing out 7,000 supporters to his rally in until the election. trump told this crowd he's the guy that can bring back jobs and keep america safe. he spoke about building that wall, obama care, trade deals and taking jabs at hillary clinton. jim snider talked with trump about getting union support that could make or break his chance of winning. >> culinary very important here.
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have deals with them. trump tower does not, why not? >> i think we'll eventually get something that is satisfactory. >> that union support is important. sign a contract with them. >> we just got polls indicating we're going to do well. i think that will work out very well. >> jim snider covered a lot of ground with donald trump. you can watch the entire interview including his of alec balanced wynn's baldwin's impression ofhim. trump staying on the campaign trail while clinton taking a break to get ready. >> clinton behind closed doors setting policy. donald trump doing is opposite going public. town hall in new hampshire
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session with his team including with chris christie who has been helping him out. both candidates hope to build on tuesday's debate. >> we are talking live this morning with a democratic strategy its who joins us live from washington, d.c. thanks for joining us. we want to talk about something that the former president of the united states bill it a crazy system. does this show a divide between clinton and obama? >> i wanted to talk about how donald trump pronounced your state. seriously, it is something that has been addressed. mrs. clinton addressed the improvements that needed to be made on obama care from the beginning of her campaign.
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she has always said it is a good start. it is a good start that you are not denied medical care because of preexisting conditions it's a good fact that you can now if you are a child you can stay on your parents health insurance until you are 26. those are all good fundamental things. 25 million more people have health insurance. the rate of cost are going down. all of those are good things. but as the former like, there are improvements that need to be made. mrs. clinton has laid out plans. she has put forth things we can do to improve it. a good basis. unlike donald trump who wants to scrap the entire thing which means all your benefits go away. she believes it's a good start but improvements need to be made. >> dana: swing states, nevada among them.
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by two points but within the margin of error. i've seen a lot of polling in ohio that has trump in the lead. if you want to become president of the united states, normally have you to win ohio. why is it so close there? >> it's close. it's a contested state. it always is close until the end. the good news is with democrats there are multiple pathways in clark county to get to that electoral college. she's doing well in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, virginia, colorado, am of those states doing well. means she might not win ohio and still win the presidency. it's going to be contested. you and hoe ho are not going see
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nevada. a lot of people getting sick of the tv ads. we're just a little more than 30 days from the election. thanks so much. we appreciate your time. we have dr. ben carson on tuesday from the republican side so everybody knows we try to balance it out. we have sunday night football here on nbc, you can watch the next presidential debate onr starting at 6:00 that is cox cable channel 6. >> krystal: we're going back, way back. we want to see throwback pictures. look at some of the ones we have here. is this terry? i think it is when he was two or three. send us your throwback pics. # tbt.
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on in. >> dana: a little kitten find himself with a big problem. he had to rely on humans to get him to a safe place. we're going to tell you how he ended up in such a predicament in the first place coming up. >> krystal: facebook helping you
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>> dana: poor little guy got himself stuck on a ledge 12 stories up. the cat jumped out the window and didn't realize he was way up there. an animal officer was called in.
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took a few tries but the officer finally saved that cat so they are now saying in singapore cats and kittens are curious animals. keep the windows shut. >> krystal: southwest flight never gets off the ground after a passenger's phone starts smoking. it was one of those 7's. the passenger said his phone didn't catch fire so what's the deal here? >> dana: tim kaine was interrupting his opponent a lot. if you don't see it, jeanie most
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>> krystal: we are on hurricane
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for the big storm. dana and kelly monitoring this thing. we're expecting it could head in that direction late tonight. >> dana: it's a cat three currently but could increase in strength, expected to become a cat four as ate approaches the florida coast tonight and tomorrow morning. people being told to evacuate. >> krystal: parts of the east coast also preparing for matthew. we have a live picture where people are preparing for what matthew may bring. matthew felt in the bahamas this morning. >> we're at the atlantis resort where they've asked all the guest to move to the convention
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await hurricane matthew to bring its full force to the area. folks are hanging out waiting for the next move. the lights were flickering in the rooms this morning and that's when we made the decision to leave. you can see the glass bending back and forth since we've gotten here. that was the same thing that was happening in the room. at that point i took the stairs from the 18th floor to make sure we got here safely sure in case the power went out. this is where we plan to stay. we'll keep you up to date on how things are going as we wait out hurricane matthew. >> dana: melissa is no dummy. hurricane approaching i'm going to be indoors. remember when al roker was on "the today show" and got knocked
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coast. i know what it can bring. >> dana: kelly curran is tracking in theaters in. >> kelly: we are watching the updates. as it gets closer and closer to the united states making its way in through the bahamas right now. here is a satellite pick chew of matthew. maximum -- picture of matthew. it is forecast to strengthen today to a category four. you to the northwest at 12. here is the forecast track for this storm. category three right now. there are some models making its way on land, some staying off coast. if it stays on the center of this cone, it will just hug the coastline. it will continue to work up the coast. and then it turns around, turns into a tropical storm and heads
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next week. a category four storm is devastating riding up the coast. beautiful sunny skies for us. temperatures nice and cool. we saw highs yesterday in the low 80's for the most part. 83 the official high in las vegas yesterday. downtown 65, henderson 63. a little warmer than the last couple of days. still want a lit temperatures not expected to increase that much today. we had a disturbance that passed over the area throughout the overnight hours. still a few showers well up to our north and you see cloud cover as well. that is going to knock the temperatures down today just a couple of degrees. sunny and cooler today. clear skies, 58 and our seven-day forecast look at more sunshine tomorrow but warming up for the weekend.
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showers on columbus day. >> dana: nevada lawmakers will meet in a special session in carson city to discuss the plan that could bring the raiders to las vegas. governor sandoval signaling his intentions to call for this special session. legislators are going to consider raising the room tax here to help pay for that estimated $1.2 billion stadium. if they build it, the raidest sa >> krystal: a special honor to honor that man. he always has the show girls on either side everywhere he goes. our former mayor of las vegas. tuesday the city dedicated the
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until making a reality. the man of the hour on hand for the dedication and plaque unveiling. >> dana: between is in that giant martini glass? a lot of people think it's water. it's ginn. i'll tell you how i know >> krystal: it ain't water. >> dana: the concern over creepy clowns has people concerned nationwide. two incidents reported in the las vegas area this week. the latest one started with the precautionary lockdown of a middle school after a student reported hearing gunshots. afterwards some students received a threatening text way
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were not able to substantiate the gunfire reports. the owner of star costume said clown costume sales typical this time of year. >> companies are known , the brands are known , the look is known. they leave traces of there is too much to track it back. >> we checked with metro to see if they had any clown incidents lately. they confirm only one of doorbell ditchers dressed as clowns. >> krystal: a scare involving a
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a southwest airlines flight out of kentucky was cancelled after a passengers phone caught fire just before takeoff. emergency officials responded after a flight attendant complained of smoke in the cabin. all people able to get off. there is a twist in all of this. the owner says this it was replacement phone. he had just gotten from samsung that was supposed to be ok. on the website the serial number been all right. samsung said it's not confirmed it was a new note 7. it is working with the fire department to recover that phone and determine the cause. >> dana: you have a way to send super secret text messages on facebook. it is called secret conversations and featured on the messenger app. text are encrypted on the devices they are sent from and received. this means if you are chatting
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smartphone you won't see previous messages on your desktop. conversation is deleted after a time you determine. facebook won't have access to the text. they are not going to give them to the government. that was a big issue yesterday. to use if new feature tap on the new conversation icon and hit the word secret. >> krystal: now you know. the vice presidential debate raising a lot of eyebrows. >> you could say tim kaine browbeat his opponent with his eyebrow. the debate was best summed up by the grinch. >> it's a wonderful night for eyebrows. >> from the first word tim kaine uttered, his eyebrows rose to the occasion.
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in the political universe his levitating brow. the brow first came to national attention in 2006 as tim kaine gave the democratic response to the state of the union. the state of his brows was up. though the left brow seemed to work separately. tim kaine's eyebrow must have eyes, full brows can't lose. by the time he was nominated for v.p., tim kaine seemed to have tamed his brows a bit. they were no longer the furry caterpillars from a decade ago. speculation that kaine prepped for the debate by lifting weights with his eyebrows.
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no eyebrows. fun fact mike pence doesn't have eyebrows read another tweet. democrats don't think they are low brow. they flaunt them on t shirts. >> i have an uncontrollable left eyebrow. >> he once gave jon stewart a button. how bad can it be being to spock and the rock. >> dana: i've never noticed that before and now it's going to bother me because i'm going to notice it every time. police officers show love to a child having a bad day.
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>> krystal: a little love. she went to a school for a rally when she saw a small boy that caught her eyes. >> looking all sad and i'm like what is wrong buddy and i went up and hugged him and twirled him around. then i put him down and he was like -- he just felton ground. i got on the floor and was like buddy, what is wrong. tears start rolling. i was like it's going to be all right. >> that is so sweet. she gave her phone to the pastor to take pictures and he captured this momentment it's gone viral and we're talking about it. >> dana: when i'm having a bad
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>> dana: pronunciation error. donald trump mispronouncing the name of the state. we'll tell you where he said
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>> krystal: what happens to your personal information when you register to vote outside of the grocery store and not with the reg stars. we have a warning for you. >> dana: matthew heading toward the united states. kelly gets us up to date coming up. good morning. it is 5:00 on this terrific tuesday. off the las vegas strip this morning on october 6. >> krystal: we are so glad to have you in. some parts of the country are really dealing with a dangerous situation. >> dana: they are elvis presley they are telling peopleto move e coast. we're going to find out if


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