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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> krystal: what happens to your personal information when you register to vote outside of the grocery store and not with the reg stars. we have a warning for you. >> dana: matthew heading toward the united states. kelly gets us up to date coming up. good morning. it is 5:00 on this terrific tuesday. off the las vegas strip this morning on october 6. >> krystal: we are so glad to have you in. some parts of the country are really dealing with a dangerous situation. >> dana: they are elvis presley they are telling peopleto move e coast. we're going to find out if
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kelly curran is over the weather center with our forecast. >> kelly: we're looking at a beautiful day today. temperatures warmer than the last couple of days. you are going to want a sweater. this afternoon 75. 80 at 4:00. we'll see highs in the upper 70's today. >> tom: we have a warning for a couple of days about this major closure that was scheduled to go as late as 6:00 this morning. they were several hours ahead of 6:00 a.m. it was clear by at least 3:00 a.m. so that ramp looks good. however in that same area we have an accident now from 15 south to 515 or 95 south. watch out for that one.
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traffic is getting by without delay but motorist need to use caution in that area. >> dana: a one on one interview with donald trump. he was in our state yesterday. he was in henderson for a rally. our reporter had the chance to talk to him one on one. one of the questions that they talked about yuck camt. >> you are a proponent country. none of them around nevada. why should we store the waste 9? >> i have enterprises here and my building and the hotel trump international. i'm going to take a look at it. so many people are talking about it. >> just brainstorming, you take the nuclear waste and bury it
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better than barb wire. >> if we had it here people would be afraid of it. do you share that concern? >> you have to worry about safety. it's close to a major population base. i will take a look at it and i will have an opinion. >> jim got a chuckle out of him. good idea to bury the waste under the wall. they talked about the impression thle donald trump on saturday night live. you can check that out on a little later in this newscast we are going to talk about how donald trump pronounced the name of our state. >> krystal: we're only three day as way from the second presidential debate happening sunday in st. louis missouri. because we have football here on news 3 you can watch it on our
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6:00 p.m. >> dana: a lot of people trying to get people to register to vote. some are crossing the line here. craig joins us live from the post office about news with these new mailers being sent out. >> here is a question, what should you be on the lookout for if somebody walks up to you and asks to you register to vote. there has been a crush of activity asking people connected with a political campaign and it is legal but it is catching the attention of some people. i want you to meet a registered voter who has voted in every election since roosevelt. she got a letter the author claiming to be retired general charles jones. the voter concerned because james claimed she wasn't
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organization that attempts to get you to register to vote without the letter purporting to attack corporations and get you involved in other issues. >> news 3 did digging. charles jones does exist. a man named charms jones is one of the 88 generals that trump. it's free speech and proteched by the first amendment. if you are registered to vote by somebody you don't know, you will never be asked for financial information, you will be asked address, birth, perhaps last four of your social security number. return that to an election official at the elections office. you give it to that stranger and they hang on to that information
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>> krystal: good information to keep in mind. thank you for that. we're going to stay on the topic of politics today. tim kaine in las vegas. he's speaking at a democratic rally at 6:30 this evening. the rally at the united brotherhood of carpenters training center. >> dana: also happening today, omar tally expected in a local courtroom. if you don't recognize the name, you might recognize the crime. tally kd encounter that started as a fight at the planet hollywood. these are the two women from california that lost their lives. tally told investigators he was drunk and high on marijuana and didn't recall leaving the parking garage with a gun after a fistfight with a man that was with those two ladies. we'll have more in a live report in about 30 minutes from now. special session to consider an increase in the room tax here to
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the plan was recommended by the infrastructure committee relies on $750 million of public money raised through a hike on tourist on the hotel room tax. the rest will be paid for privately, some by the raiders, some by sheldon coverage of the special session begins sunday evening after sunday night football. >> krystal: we want to see your pictures from back in the day, way back in the day.
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throwback thursday. this is sarah brown, our 5:00 a.m. producer. she's very unhappy. this is the most unhappy sarah i think i've seen. around aaron johnson sent us something. we appreciate that. we want to see your pictures too. news 3tbt. where is yours? >> dana: i'm going to post one shortly. i'm a little behind. donald trump said this yesterday >> dana: that was not here in las vegas yesterday. we're going to tell you where he did say that. >> krystal: new footage showing the hurricane damage left behind in haiti. they got slammed. why it is the worse humanitarian crisis in the country since that
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2010. >> dana: a woman you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day. but now you can get mcgriddles all day, and more. so, you can find something else to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ba da ba ba ba two billionaires, spending millions to buy smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto
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you love mcgriddles...
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all day, and more. so, you can find something else to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ba da ba ba ba diet we're getting a look at some of the damage that hurricane matthew left behind. roads flooded, homes leveled in this poor country. this is the poorest countries in the americas. at least 14 people have been killed in one small town alone. haiti's official death toll expected to rise. a spokesman said 350,000 people in haiti need immediate
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hurricane matthew created the worst humanitarian crisis in that country since that devastating earthquake from six years ago. jacksonville, florida, people are getting ready for matthew. the seas are angry. this is headed toward the eastern coast of florida. people there have been asked to evacuate up and down to coast. you can see the size expected to gain strength, could become a cat four as it parts itself just off the coast of florida late tonight, early tomorrow morning. some areas expecting almost a foot of rain. people are trying to get out of town. rick scott says this could be devastating and after the storm hits it's going to be hard to
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>> krystal: smoke from a cell phone prompting evacuation of a flight. this happened on a flight out of kentucky. that cancelled after a passenger's phone began smoking just after takeoff. all passengers and crew members able to get off ok. a statement confirmed the smoke came from the passenger's electronic device. that passenger said that was actually the new samsung phone. we have yet to [indiscernible] a procession of police vehicles followed the vehicle carrying the 29 year veteran of the sheriff's department. owen was shot while responding to a burglary call on wednesday. he was rushed to the hospital where he later die.
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2014. he was the first deputy shot and killed in the line of duty in more than a decade. >> dana: last night they shut down one of the busiest ramps in the state of nevada. >> tom: you are talking about the ramp from 15 north. that scheduled to go as late as 6:00. they wrapped it up early. it was open by 3:00 a.m. that's the ramp you can see traffic going up and over the top. that is good news. however there is an accident on the ram as you make that turn. doesn't look like it's causing a major delay but you have the flashing lights on the side. let's check travel times. no delay whatsoever. the closure ended early. weather is nice too so all smiles here. >> kelly: the weather here locally fantastic. on the eastern seaboard that is not the case. here is a look at the radar. we have some bands of showers starting to make their way on shore in florida.
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miami. the center of circulation to the south of nassau. category three storm right now. expected to increase strength to a category four later today. then making its way along that florida coast. some models have it making a land fall. that is something we're going to be monitoring within the next 12 hours. it's going to continue northward along the eastern coast of florida before spinning back around. some models have it hitting florida again as a tropical storm. that is something we'll continue to monitor. here at home fantastic yesterday. tons of sunshine as we take a look from the red rock resort camera. beautiful weather all day. temperature this is were monthing warmer than has been the last few mornings. low and mid 60's across the valley. a little bit of cloud cover
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temperatures this afternoon will be cooler than what we saw yesterday. high around 80. winds out of the north 5-15 miles per hour. tonight looking at 58 for the low. clear skies. our seven-day forecast showing temperatures rising. getting above normal as we get into the weekend. upper 80's and sunny skies. monday we have a slight chance for showers with a high around 88. >> dana: time to take you live to the jane king is joining us. jane you want to get away? >> yeah. southwest airlines having a sale through the end of the day today. i'd love to get away. you can fly to san francisco for $49 one way. 79 to seattle. you can come to new york for $129 or i can come to you. >> dana: that was the reaction i
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we're both married. there is nothing going on here folks. not yet. kim is off. i'm having fun. customers reporting a connection issue with new iphone 7's. >> they are. the blue tooth complaints were the most common on the iphone but heard from dozens of users having issues dropping signal, some say they need to restart a phone to get a proper connection. no comment from apple about that. >> dana: warren buffett has that stock too. >> he has a ton of it. the company has lost about $5 billion because of wells fargo holding.
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about this despite being the largest shareholder of wells fargo. we're talking about the fake accounts set up so employees could meet internal sales targets. >> dana: lot of fun today. we will see you tomorrow. only on television. i will see you tomorrow on television. have a great day. >> krystal: new security video showing the moment that these two men attacked an elderly womanns standing inside of that cathedral in ohm ha and one man grabs her purse before the other punches her in the head knocking her to the floor. the two were arrested a short time after the assault. the man who hit the woman entered a plea to a robbery charge and sentenced to 10-12 years behind bars. he apologized saying he's not that kind of person.
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this is the governor of the state of florida. he's been holding a lot of news conferences lately. this one is going on live from tallahassee, florida. it is 8:20 in florida and they are talking about evacuation orders a state of emergency in florida because of hurricane matthew.
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>> tom: there is an accident in that same area south. looks like they've just cleared the last light out of the way so we deep good news copping.
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winds not an issue for us this morning. we had a little bit of a breeze overnight. highs today 80 is what we're forecasting for mccarron today. that's what we're looking at for the officia >> nevada. you know what i said, you know what i said.
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if you don't say it correctly and it didn't happen to me but it happened to a friend of mine he was killed. >> he may be talking about brian williams. remember when brian williams said it wrong, he got a flood of emails. he went on air the next night to apologize. >> krystal: we don't mess around about that. >> dana: we have live pictures out of west palm beach in florida. this is north of the miami area.
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moms. people dressed in clown costumes trying to scare people. >> dana: a local clown scare leaving some parents worried. we're going to tell you where this happened and what happened coming up. >> krystal: the man that shot and killed two women after something went down at planet hollywood facing a judge. >> dana: former las vegas mayor joined by the show giant martini glass. now there is something named for oscar. we'll tell you what it is.
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well we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. >> tom: we're not quite accident free. got one near the lakes community. watch out for that one in the middle of the they wrapped this up by 3:00 this morning so in good shape there. >> kelly: as you are getting
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police say tally told investigators he was drunk and high on marijuana and didn't recall leaving the miracle mile parking garage with a gun after
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the victims families involved in the case have shown frustrations with the court development because tally has been convicted of three other tellnies in a separate case. we will bring you live updates starting at noon. >> dana: there was another alleged clown related incident reported in las vegas t weekend. we went over to the place they call star costume on valley view and the owner said clown
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halloween. if you think you are going to hide your identity behind one of those masks think again. >> the companies are known , the brands are known, the look is known. they leave traces of makeup. too much to track it back. >> dana: we checked with metro on this. have they had any clown incidents recently. they confirm one incident of doorbell ditchers dressed as clowns. >> krystal: it was a special honor for this man , the former mayor of las vegas. the city dedicated the plaza located outside city hall, a building he was instrumental in making a reality. he was on hand as you saw there for dedication and plaque unveiling. oscar with his show girls and the martini. he served as mayor for 12 years
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>> special session to consider an increase in the hotel tax here to help pay for that new football stadium will get under way on monday. the plan relies on $750 million of public money which is going to be raised mainly through tourist in a hike on the hotel room tax in clark county. the rest will be paid for privately, some by the oakland raiders. the other by she woulden our special coverage begins after sunday night football live from carson city. our political reporter will be there. >> krystal: going way back. it is a throwback thursday. # news 3tbt. there is a new one.
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let's show another one here. her first birthday. she was so excited to get her doll. we would love to see your photos. >> dana: we have live pictures out of west palm beach, florida. this is north of the miami, fort lauderdale area as hurricane matthew approaches and the worse hasn't arrived yet. the worst is expected late tore night into tomorrow morning with winds in excess of 100 miles an hour, upwards of 10 inches of rain in some areas.
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live news conference to get out of town, get off the coast and get 100 miles inland. >> krystal: donald trump had people talking after saying this. >> nevada. and you know what i said, i said when i came out -- >> why he's pronouncing our state like that and what he had to say to his supporters. >> dana: what's on that drone? it's carrying a what is in there you might like. we'll tell you where this
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do.
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nd joe heck.
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>> krystal: a group of college students got a sweet treat from a sky when the drone brought them frozen i don't go you are the. they did a test run delivering. that was in michigan. the service is part of a pilot delivery program officially
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>> tom: there was a report of a drone flying below. we heard they later tracked down the person and cited them. an accident to the west at charleston. watch out for this one. we'll take you to the bowl to
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6:00 wrapped up early. it's a clear >> kelly: it's a couple of degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. 65 right now. winds north, northeast at six. calm winds at alexander dawson school. the current temperature there 58. 65-degrees for the morning bell.
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today 80. we have warmer temperatures on the way. the next update in 10 minutes. >> dana: live pictures out of south carolina. the traffic going in and out of that city. look at this. on the left side that is normally the inbound traffic. now they have switched the direction so both sides of the freeway are leaving charleston south carolina. they are not letting anybody go in. it is fascinating to watch. you warning because hurricane matthew is approaching. coming up looks like a regular zumba class but it's not. we're going to tell you what makes this class so special coming up. >> krystal: a hospital charged a you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day. but now you can get mcgriddles all day, and more. so, you can find something else to not love.
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pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ba da ba ba ba >> krystal: election day fast approaching. localsinviteed to come out and vote to the beat. we're doing something we haven't done before. they are going to tell us all about it. this is interesting. we're combining zumba with voter registration. how does this all come together? >> we've done so many events that deal with dancing. zumba especially. and we do a lot of things for
5:46 am
this time with elections coming around, we wanted to get involved with getting the community partaking in voting because it's very fortunate for the people to get educated in that arena. we're so excited. >> krystal: and a fun way to bring people out. anytime you have zumba, it just takes off. >> we want to make sure we bring our passion to zumba because it brings the community together regardless of ethnic background just like we feel hillary does for our country. in zumba it united states everyone regardless of where you come from. >> without a doubt. you are participating in hillary for nevada. we want to mention you want everybody to come out and vote regardless of what side of the political divide you are on. this is about exercising your
5:47 am
of that. >> which is so fun. >> which is october 8 from 2:00 to 4:00 in north las vegas. also constant from fresh off the boat will be helping us register our community. we want to make sure we make this event fun and you do vote to the beat. >> krystal: anytime you mix zumba with something it's a hit in this community. we're so glad to join news studio. both zumba instructors so they know how to vote to the beat. >> dana: not far from here, about a four hour drive the l.a. clippers hosting the toronto raptors in a preseason nba game. you are going to see a guy get hit in the face with a shoe. the one guy loses the shoe. blake griffin tries to throw it off the court and instead throws
5:48 am
who played high school ball here in las vegas. was this an accident or on purpose? you know that they are opposing colleges. griffin went to oklahoma. joseph went to texas. they have a huge rivalry. maybe he did it on purpose? >> you sure like to think it was an accident. you watch the video and make up your own mind on that. on the roadways everyone seems to be this ramp is open for business. northbound to northbound no big problem. it is getting busy in the area right now. southbound on 15 not affecting overall travel times. just right there in the bowl going to slow you down a bit. one accident to the west. this is at charleston. watch out for that one. one thing i've been thinking about doing for a while, i want to go to cuba. as we send it to dana, now is
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>> dana: the worst is over but now the cleanup begins. >> kelly: it's going to be a mess to get things cleaned up. hurricane matthew strongest storm in nearly a decade here knocked down buildings and cut electricity to parts of cuba. the eastern tip of the island was hit the hardest. hurricane force winds pummel towns. no immediate reports of deaths or c we can't say the same about the death toll in haiti. very tragic situation. here is what we're looking at. it's been quiet for us the last few days. this is the virgin valley high school camera from yesterday. gorgeous sunshine throughout the day. temperatures warming up. low to mid 80's across much of
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current temperatures heading out the door mesquite 58. downtown 63. mountains edge 58. it's a little warmer today than it has been but you are going to want a sweater heading out the door. @s this afternoon expected to stay cooler. a system to our north is bringing in colder air . the winds out of the north today going to keep temperatures down a couple of degrees. many locations in the valley will let's look at east. that hurricane getting ready. pushing to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. max sustained winds at 125 miles per hour making it a category three hurricane hitting the bahamas, starting to see rain bands hitting florida as well. today's high in pahrump 79, boulder city 79 today. lows tonight overton 55.
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that's a high. this weekend upper 80's way chance of showers on monday. >> dana: pictures from florida where the winds have picked up. this is just north of the miami-fort lauderdale area and the worse hasn't arrived yet as matthew approaches. the strongest winds expected late tonight into early tomorrow. >> krystal: a new feature that can keep messages how you can use facebook secret conversations. >> krystal: not happy about some of the scenes that were cut from suicide squad. now he may have the last laugh.
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>> dana: fans took to social media upset after the film premiered saying even though the joker character was heavily featured in promos he was not in the movie
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>> dana: donald was here and pronounced nevada perfectly and then went up to reno and said this. >> nevada. you know what i said. i said nobody says it the other way. it has to be nevada right. if you don't say it correctly and it didn't happen to me but it happened to a friend of mine, he was killed. >> dana: might be talking about brian williams. he said it nevada and make a public apology on national television. now have you a way to send super secret text on facebook called secret conversations. featured on facebook's messenger app. after you have these conversations just like snap chat after a certain amount of time the conversation goes away. >> krystal: so nobody can see it. now we're talking about this at
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trouble for celebrating an interception.
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>> dana: good morning. welcome in. it is 6:00 on this thursday october 6. yesterday donald trump woke up in the building bearing his name off the las vegas strip. not so today. he's going to be in new hampshire. >> krystal: he had a rally here and headed up to reno. >> dana: we'll tell you how he pronounced our state.


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