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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> dana: good morning. welcome in. it is 6:00 on this thursday october 6. yesterday donald trump woke up in the building bearing his name off the las vegas strip. not so today. he's going to be in new hampshire. >> krystal: he had a rally here and headed up to reno. >> dana: we'll tell you how he pronounced our state.
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up. right now we want to check out traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. tom has travel times in the traffic center but we begin with kelly curran. >> kelly: quiet conditions around here. nothing like what is going on in florida. we have blue skies once the sun comes up this morning. temperatures 67 at 9:00 a.m. 75 by noon and at 4:00 today 80. that's our high. warmer weather on the way for the weekend plus showers. >> dana: we are in good shape on the roads. just busy on the 15. put up these green arrows to show you that closure that was supposed to go as late as 6:00. it opened a few hours early. elsewhere we'll check travel times which are good except for
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eight minutes. one accident to the west part of the valley so watch out for that. that's your one trouble spot right now as far as accidents go. >> krystal: happening today omar tally due in court. if you are not familiar with that name, you may be familiar with what happened a while back. metro police saying he killed two women in a fight that started at planet hollywood and ended in a shog police say that tally told investigators he was drunk and high on marijuana and didn't recall leaving the miracle mile parking garage with a gun after a fistfight way male victim. his case has been delayed while doctors make sure he has mentally competent to stand trial. he has been found mentally competent so he will be arraigned today. >> dana: donald trump woke up in
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had a rally in henderson. speaking one on one with our evening news anchor jim snider. >> international tour schism all important for las vegas these days. when you talk about getting tough with our trading partners, do you worry that a trade war would hurt tourism and your business here in las vegas. >> no. we're talking about fairness. not talking about tough like we're not going to doin >> if china did that and if we cut off relationships with china, they will go bust so fast. >> dana: you can watch the whole thing including donald trump's thoughts of alec baldwin's impression of him from saturday night live on you are going to hear how donald trump pronounced our state up in
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because of sunday night football we're not going to have the debate sunday night between donald and hillary. you can watch the debate on our sister station though. that's the cw las vegas beginning at 6:00 p.m. sunday night. turn over to channel 33 or cox cable 6. >> krystal: on the other side. there is [indiscernible] he's democratic party rally at 6:30 this evening. the rally being held at the united brotherhood of carpenters training center near the 215 and las vegas boulevard. >> dana: lot of people trying to register to vote just in time for the election which is coming up in about a month from now. craig joins us live from the post office here in town. craig it turns out that some people are saying some of the mailers they are getting are
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certain here. there is a question i want to pose. what should you do if a stranger asks you to vote? i'm going to have information on that. mailers making rounds and a lot of them have connection to a political group with agenda to get you to register. that is perfectly legal protected by the first amendment which one registered voter whose voted in every roosevelt did get a letter. the author claiming to be retired general charles jones. the voter was concerned because jones was claiming that she wasn't registered and the letter was political warning her of big government and corporate bailouts. >> i certainly approve of an organization that attempts to get you to register to vote
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attack corporations and get you involved in other issues. >> we did some digging. that person charles jones does exist. a man by that name is one of the 88 general who is supports donald trump. the letters aren't illegal. it's free speech. if you are asked to register to vote, remember you'll be sharing your personal information, your date of birth, address, information from your state last four of your social security number. when you give that form back to this person you don't know, who knows when they turn it in. if you fill out the form and give it to the election officials personally your personal information is better protected. >> krystal: helpful information to keep in mind. the special session to consider an increase to room tax to help pay for the new football stadium
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way monday. the plan recommended by the infrastructure committee relies on $750 million of public money raised through a hike on the hotel room tax to pay for this $1.9 billion stadium. the rest paid for in private funds. it's going to be a big meeting taking place on monday. >> dana: did you know we're going to have special coverage of that special session sunday night after nfl jeff is going to be in carson for that. meanwhile the recent swarm of earthquakes in southern california led to a big discovery. researchers discovered a new fault line. it runs parallel to the san andres fault. seismologies say the information will help them more accurately
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give them a better shot at predicting when the next big one would hit. a major one would be catastrophic to that area and would be felt here as well. >> krystal: it is a throwback thursday. hashtag news 3 tbt. some of our employees have been kind enough to send us we thank you for participating throughout the week. send the photos in. >> dana: we have live pictures coming out of west palm beach, florida. this is just to the north of miami. look how strong the winds are already. this from hurricane matthew. currently a cat three expected to increase in strength as ate
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so the winds are going to get stronger there with upwards of 10 inches of rain in some spots. coming up one family said they were charged to hold their brand new baby after it was born and now a nurse is defending the action. we'll have that story. plus -- >> i said nobody says it the other way. >> krystal: donald trump sparking an age old what else he had to say. what else he had to say. we have there's the nevada way. work hard. play by the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes.
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ray steiber: i was in charge of homicide. i know when something's not right. the attacks on question 1 are wrong. question 1 protects the right of law abiding nevadans to bear arms. carry. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show or go online and buy guns without background checks. that will save lives. yes on 1. case closed. >> krystal: police holding a
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asaluting as his body was carried. a procession of police vehicles following the vehicle carrying the 29 year veteran of the sheriff's department. he was shot while responding to a burglary call wednesday. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. he earned a metal of valor from the department in 2014 for his bravery. he was the first sheriff deputy to be shot and killed in the line of duty in mor decade. the suspect ran away but was ultimately taken into custody. >> dana: that's just about a three hour drive to las vegas so close to home. three people found dead following an apparent murder suicide in an apartment in oregon. this happened yesterday. a six-year-old boy, eight-year-old girl among the victims. they believe the shooter then committed suicide. a family relative discovered the three people dead in that apartment.
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>> krystal: a national security agency contractor being charged with illegally removing highly classified information. prosecutors say that martin stored the material in his maryland home and in his car. the f.b.i. arrested martin in august after agents say he admitted taking government secrets. his attorney says that martin, a former navy lieutenant never intended to betray his country. arrest. >> dana: donald trump woke up here yesterday and had a rally in henderson and after that rally took the plane up to reno where he said this. >> overdoses in nevada. nevada and you know what i said. i said nobody says it the other way. it has to be nevada. >> dana: he said it was
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nevada for some reason. >> tom: we have a long history of presidential candidates coming to our community and mispronouncing it and being corrected immediately. when we get a new reporter here. when they say in the morning meeting nevada the rest of the newsroom says nevada so they learn quickly. we have traffic up to the far northwest part of the valley continuing work on this new interchange e westbound, new ramp being built. right now you get a delay there where you have a signalized stop. that will be eliminated once that is done. overall travel times looking good. we do have the one accident over here at charleston. this also reported by a member of the waze team.
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head to the app store or google play to download. head to for details. we're talking weather times two with kelly and dane n. >> dana: we're talking act matthew. it is going through the bahamas. >> kelly: center of circulation is to the south of nassau but they are seeing the outer bands in florida. this is some of the destruction we've seen as matthew has made its way through the c cuba got hit hard too. this is going to be a big cleanup. look at all that water. rooms being ripped off buildings. it's going to take a while. this is what florida is gearing up for now as they are seeing the outer bands making their way on shore. we have showers coming down in parts of miami. look at these developing and moving their way westward across the state.
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it's continuing to track to the north at 12. maximum sustained winds at 125. that's a category three. it's expected to intensify this afternoon becoming a four as ate approaches the florida coastline. some models have it making land fall, some have it staying just offshore. even if it does make land fall it is expected to make its way northward skirting the rest of the state as it tracks up turning to the east around south carolina weakening and coming back around as a tropical storm. that is still a few days out so we're going to watch that. all eyes on southern florida as they are getting ready for a
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here is a look at our seven-day forecast looking ai ahigh today around 80. 84 on friday. increasing temperatures this weekend. back to upper 80's by sunday and a chance for showers, even isolated thunderstorm on columbus day. >> krystal: thank you for that. it is 6:18 on this thursday. parents acr after the father of a newborn posted a picture of their hospital bill. apparently he was charged for skin to skin contact after the birth. he was charged for holding his baby after the baby was born. he posted the photo of his bill saying we had to pay $39.35 to hold his baby after the baby was born. it says skin to skin after c
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the bill. he made a go fund me page to pay off the charge having fun with it. he made it clear the experience was a positive one. a lot of users found the post to be annoying and some of the problems with the health care system. a labor and delivery nurse did clear up the issue regarding that charge. >> dana: talking about sunday night football here on nbc. this week is the new york giants at the green bay packers this week. news 3 sports director has three wins so far. amber, oscar, john on this and audrey two wins so far. we want to hear your prediction. head to, pick who you think will win the game and if you are right, you could win a stay at the kass damon watch
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>> the traffic is going the same direction on both sides of the freeway. evacuation orders in place florida, georgia and south carolina as well. only one time i can remember seeing both sides going one direction was hit. they had freeways going the same direction leaving new orleans. >> krystal: an nfl player fined for having a little celebration after an interception. you are going to find out how much it's going to cost him. >> dana: we've seen that before. speaking of four. last night we had a playoff game
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two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking.
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catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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>> tom: a lot of road work but right now not doing so bad. on the freeway it's 62. you have cones on the side of the road so you lose a lane. we're not in the meat of the rush hour so travel times still running in the green on the
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closure of that ramp to the 215 westbound from 7:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. it does not affect traffic going into the airport connector. let's check the weather kelly. >> kelly: we are taking a live look outside this morning. the sun not quite up yet. 6:40 is 2 sunrise now. the days are getting shorter. we are seeing a little bit of this morning. temperatures heading out warmer than yesterday. 63 in boulder city. 53 in pahrump. mesquite 55. going to want a sweater heading out the door. highs this afternoon, we're going 80 for the forecast in las vegas. many neighborhoods will struggle to reach that. upper 70's for high. another cool fall day in southern nevada. >> krystal: another nfl player
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this? he's firing the bow and arrow, the most expensive imaginary bow and arrow in history. costing him $10,000 fine. this happened in sunday's game against cleveland. the nfl doesn't like any violence in celebrations and you can't slash your throats or shoot a fake gun. they don't want sexually explicit gyrations of that they thought the bow and or row shoot was violent and as a result he's getting fined $10,000 for that. live pictures out of florida. this is just to the north of the miami area. it's hard to make out anything because there is no zo much rain. in the background you see some of the palm trees waiving in the background. winds in excess of 100 miles an hour expected late tore night and early tomorrow as hurricane
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>> krystal: come on. they are telling everybody to evacuate and he goes toward the storm. >> krystal: governor rick scott saying this storm will kill you. it's time to evacuate. >> dana: there have been 15 people killed in the cribbennian so everybody not heeding the wang up with a shoe print on his face.
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i know when something's not right. the attacks on question 1 are wrong. question 1 protects the right of law abiding nevadans to bear arms. carry. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. and no one goes to jail for swapping guns while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show or go online and buy guns without background checks. that will save lives. yes on 1. case closed. >> dana: hurricane matthew
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destruction in the caribbean. we'll tell you when it's expected to arrive in florida. good morning. sun will be up in about 10 minutes from now. it is thursday october 6. >> krystal: want to welcome you in on this thursday. >> dana: welcome the purple menu today as we do traffic and weather. >> tom: we are all doing the purple thing. kelly more towards the wine thing. we're all on the same team here. pretty good commute. here is what it looks like outside. we'll take you in towards the center of town moving into the bowl itself where things are in pretty good shape right now.
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13 minutes. outside view shows great traffic and this ramp that was closed in the overnight hours is reopen once more. let's check weather with kelly. >> kelly: a little more wine than purple. here is a look at what we're seeing outside and looking at beautiful sunny skies yet again. temperature this is were monthing warmer than what we've seen. this afternoon will be cooler. 75 by noon. 80 is our high today. some neighborhoods will struggle to hit this evening. winds will be picking up today and tomorrow along the colorado river valley. >> dana: creepy clowns have been seen here in the las vegas valley and we even had a scare yesterday at a local middle school. there were reports of shots fired there and after that some of the students at the school apparently received a threatening text message with a clown's picture in the sender
6:32 am
couldn't find out if there were any shots fired there. the own of a local costume company on valley view boulevard says a lot of people are getting the clown costumes in time for halloween. he says if you think that mask is going to protect you from being identified, think again. >> companies are known , the brands are known, the look is known. they leave traces of makeup. there is too much to track it >> we called metro to see if they had any recent incidents and said only one that sounds like a prank. they had a doorbell ditcher thing with people dressed as clowns. >> krystal: the man who police say shot and killed two women on the las vegas strip will stand before a judge. kendall out in front of the regional justice center on what we can expect as we know this
6:33 am
omar is expected to be arraigned today after that trial was delayed to give doctors enough time to see if he was mentally competent to stand trial. he is fit to move forward. metro police say he killed the two women in an encount they're started at planet hollywood and spilled out on to the street. police say tally told investigators he was high and drunk and doesn't remember leaving the miracle mile parking garage with a gun at least one of the victim family members have sloan frustration with the court develops saying that tally has been convicted in three other felonies in a separate case. his arraignment is expected to start anyway few hours. we will be in the courtroom and bring you the latest at noon. >> dana: thank you. on this throwback thursday,
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into the newsroom and we want to see yours. use any social media and # it news 3tbt. you can # a picture of you when you were a kid or children or pets. we'll show these all morning long. it's the # news 3tbt. >> krystal: we appreciate you for sending your photos in. so now we are taking a live look carolina. >> dana: interesting scene playing out there where both sides of the freeway are going in the same direction leagued out of charleston south carolina as people are heeding the warning to evacuate as hurricane matthew approaches. saw this one time before when hurricane caafrican na was approaching the gulf coast. both sides were leading out of
6:35 am
good laugh courtesy of blake griffin. what he did with his shoe that he didn't mean to do that had everyone laughing. >> it involves a former las vegas resident as well and unlikely hero winning the game last night in the playoff. we'll tell you what made this
6:38 am
>> dana: cory shoe to the face. the shoe goes into cory joseph's face. if that name sounds familiar, he played high school ball in
6:39 am
>> tom: here is the outside view. travel times looking couple of hours. that is assuming no accidents pop up. >> kelly: the sun coming up in about 30 seconds from now. that is sunrise this morning. here is a live look outside where we are starting to see the pretty dawn colors out there. it is 64.
6:40 am
on the way home, cooler than yesterday. a high around 80 but temperatures in the upper 80's on the way. chances for rain in the forecast. more details in 10 minutes. >> they are getting rain in fort myers florida this morning. not bad there now. we've seen other pictures from other parts of the state why we've seen strong wins and rain as the brunt hasn't arrived yet expected to hit the coast late tonight and tomorrow morning. >> krystal: we are three days from the next presidential debate. clinton and trump getting prepped. what are they saying about their
6:44 am
>> dana: a special session to consider an increase of the hotel tax if clark county to help pay for a football stadium will get under way on monday as announced by governor sandoval yesterday. infrastructure committee and relies on $750 million of public money raised mainly through tourist in a hotel room tax. the owner of the raiders says if they build this stadium, the raiders will be coming to las vegas. we got you covered on this special session.
6:45 am
football. jeff will be live from carson city. >> vince: voter registration you see standing outside of stores. are they crossing the line? >> good the rush is on. perhaps you've seen people at a grocery store parking lot or mailers asking you if you are registered to vote. all this is legal. if you do register to vote with a third party or through a campaign related activity like the one you might get in the mail like the one here, you are
6:46 am
as a matter of protecting your personal information it is best to register at an elections office and give that information to an elections official yourself. >> dana: donald trump and clinton in debate prep. national debate on sunday night talking about how their running mates did earlier this week. >> didn't mike penceo job? >> he's our guy. what a great guy he is. >> when your own running mate won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know. >> dana: tracy potts talking about how they are preparing for
6:47 am
things could get heated again. >> will trump back off a bit as mike pence did, will clinton become the interruptor on sunday? they are preparing for this differently. clinton tends to prefer to get into the policy details with her team behind closed doors. that's what she's doing today, yesterday, maybe for the next couple of days until this debate gets under the issues even though the format is different where you have to engage with people. on the other side you have trump who doesn't like to do the whole close up and study the book thing at all and he talked about that. he likes informal debate prep. he's added something interesting to his schedule. he's got a town hall meeting happening in new hampshire. wasn't originally on his
6:48 am
>> dana: this is a wild card for this debate coming sunday. >> these are undecided voters. a chunk of people in the audience will be undecided voters. they don't know who they want to support but have important questions to ask these candidates. it is a wild ca if you don't like the question or frustrated by the question or think it's off base not to reflect that on to the voter keeping in mind that millions of people are watching. >> dennis: it's one thing to attack a moderator, another to attack a member of the voting public. >> dana: the debate is coming up on sunday night and we invite to you join us monday for a full breakdown of the debate with
6:49 am
that's monday at 4:00 in the afternoon. coming up how donald trump pronounced the name of our state. you're going to hear that in about five minutes. >> krystal: we're looking ahead to sunday night's debate. mike pence is sitting down to talk about how he thinks things went. >> your running meat donald trump who seems -- meat donald um and he wants to take credit in that because he had great judgment selecting you. >> that i believe donald trump did win the debate. it was donald trump's vision that i was describing. it was donald trump's message make america great again. >> krystal: you can catch that
6:50 am
>> dana: the first glimpse of the statute of liberty museum. officials with the national park service will unveil plans and break ground for a new museum on liberty island. it expects to spend $70 million on that site. more than 4 million people visit liberty island every year. that's the exact location where we had millions of immigrants pass through about 100 years >> krystal: this is the devastation that math that you left behind in haiti. they are calling it a humanitarian disaster. 14 died in one town. when water cut off the western part of haiti as the bridges wash add way. the largest city in cuba sustaining damage.
6:51 am
the hurricane expected to hit the united states. people preparing for this one to make land fall. >> dana: judge judy sitting down on "the today show" talking about the 10 year anniversary of the honor mentorship program. >> on the time you've been on the air a lot of other judge shows have come and gone. why do you think they've stayed in the game a one. >> i think that the people appreciate the message and the messenger. >> dana: you can watch that full interview coming up after news 3 today. a special honor for our former mayor of las vegas. he was there to accept the honor
6:52 am
he served as mayor for 12 years beforehanding it over to his wife and current mayor. >> dana: a police officer in indiana getting a lot of love online for showing love to a little boy who was having a bad day. sergeant precious jones works for the state capitol police patrolling downtown and likes to a high five rally put on by her pastor when a small boy caught her you eye. a local tv station shared it and the photo went viral.
6:53 am
him. we have an accident at nellis that is just south of charleston. into the bowl we go where things are looking good. travel times ok right now. everything is clear on the major freeways. a little bit of slowing on 15 but no big deal. l >> it is beautiful outside. we're looking at beautiful blue skies. here is another look outside from boulder city camera. blue skies and high then clouds. that's about it. temperatures warmer than yesterday but cool enough you
6:54 am
radar picture in our area which is not much. we have a lot more sunshine today and tomorrow. more clouds could work in this weekend. here is hurricane matthew, that is the latest update. it is centered to the west of nassau moving at 12 miles per hour. they are seeing the o fall or getting close to land fall as we get into this evening. that's something we'll watch closely. at home it's quiet weather. we have fall temperatures out there. pahrump 9. mesquite 81 your expected high. tonight temperatures dropping down into the upper 50's. starts warming up as we get into the weekend.
6:55 am
weather on monday with a high of 88. >> dana: donald trump woke up in our fine city yesterday morning and had a rally. when he was here he said the name of our state perfectly and went up to a rally in reno where he said this. i said nobody says it the other way. it has to be brian williams, the former anchor said nevada one time and had to go on national tv the next night to apologize. i have a feeling donald trump may hear from a few people later today. secret conversations featured on facebook. the texts are encrypted on the
6:56 am
chat the conversation is deleted after a time that you determine. facebook says not even the people that work at facebook are going to have access to your text. more importantly the government is not going to have access either. a one game playoff between the mets and san francisco giants. no score top of the ninth and connor tends game with mets have a chance to tie but could not score. he was originally drafted by the giants in 2008 but spent time with other teams before signing with the giants again this spring. a sweet moment for connor and the new york giants. that is good news for the giants fans out there. now after winning that one game playoff last night they are
6:57 am
roosevelt, early 1900's. cubs are favored to win the world series this year. they are that good. coming up next on this program, more news on the cw. >> krystal: had a lot of fun today. >> jeff: i like the pink shirt. real men wear pink. what ahappens information when you register outside of a grocery store? >> krystal: a man walks into a
6:58 am
there's the nevada way. work hard. play by the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, sticking taxpayers with the bill. the danny tarkanian way?
6:59 am
as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada.
7:00 am
: vote vets is responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning. breaking news. hurricane matthew powering up, now expected to slam florida tonight as a powerful category 4. >> folks, this is no joke. all the models show this thing on track to hit a big part of results could be catastrophic. if y are in the strike zone and your officials tell you to get out -- get out! >> this morning, full live coverage as matthew bears down on the bahamas and makes its way toward the u.s. candid kaine. hillary clinton's running mate acknowledging he may have been too aggressive at this week's vice presidential debate. >> i got dinged a little bit, even by my wife, for interrupting too much. >> as donald trump pats himself on the back for his running


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