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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  October 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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its path of destruction. we've been bringing you live images. it's been interesting to see just how powerful the storm is. the seas are definitely angry. we have an idea how people have been affected. >> kyndell: reports coming in 800,000 people without power. we can only imagine all week long we've been hearing get out of the area if you live there. family members i'm sure you have been talking to them as well, a huge concern especially for the people >> krystal: loss of human life always a concern. we learned one person has lost his or her life as a result of the storm. the caribbean just really got slammed so hard. we're learning as many as 300 people have been killed in haiti and we're expecting that number to go up. as we're looking live at the east coast of florida, right now jacksonville is really getting pounded. what's interesting is kelly was saying, kyndell, this is a slow moving storm. which means the rain is going to continue to hit that area. we have a reporter there live.
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beach. also move forward, what they're dealing with right now and in the future. >> reporter: hurricane matthew, the eye of that storm, is northeast of us after a big gust of wind came through earlier this morning. now we're seeing quite a bit of a lull. it has brought a lot of damage to this area. and much of central florida. you can see this tree has been uprooted over here just behind some of these buildings here as it lays on its side. e these palm trees over here. as we go -- the roof to this building has been blown off. parts are still in the street. wind gusts have been coming now all morning long in waves. and we are expecting within the coming hours to get the back end of the storm bringing more rain and more wind. while we're in a bit of a break right now, this storm is far from over. sunrise but no slow down in
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only passed half our state. so this is not over. >> reporter: the eye expected to move dangerously close to shore as the storm marches northward along florida's east coast. bringing the heaviest rain and high tide and raising the risk and fears of catastrophic storm surge. >> we are very concerned about the storm surge. and the worst affects are likely to come. >> reporter: overnight hurricane matthew battered florida. the massive storm bringing damaging winds and rain. some what lessened with the eye remaining well offshore. still at times wind gusts were so strong first responders had to get themselves to safety. power lines ripped from their poles across the region. transformers exploding leaving hundreds of thousands without power. meantime many are riding out the storm in shelters. hundreds of pets housed with their owners still unsure when they'll be able to go home. hurricane matthew is forecasted to skirt the coast of georgia and south carolina into the
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doesn't mean any less dangerous. >> if you are in an area that has been told to evacuate and your authorities are telling you that you still have time to evacuate, i want to personally plead wu to get out right now. >> reporter: millions still at risk as hurricane matthew churns in the atlantic. while we're waiting for the storm to pass through this area, we are noticing that there are a little more -- there more traffic on the road here even though there's a curfew in place that went into affect at midnight and it runs through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. reporting live in daytona, sarah rosario, back to you. >> krystal: we appreciate that report. you can see it's an active situation behind sarah in daytona beach, florida. our kelly curran, we are your weather authority, has been all over the storm. kelly,s we, you know, kick it over to you, we've been talking about the path of this storm and what were you saying is really interesting.
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moving storm northwesterly just 12 miles per hour. this is a bigger view here. i'm showing you the whole storm first to get things started. you can see that eye but you are also seeing a lot of areas where sarah just was where you are not seeing any rainfall. you have a break. that's actually drier air being sucked in to the eye of the storm. that's actually going to help it weaken. in fact it has weakened since the morning. 115 miles per hour still plenty strong. still a category 3 storm. i want to zoom in closer so we can take a look at jacksonville in particular. who has been getting hit so hard with the rain from this storm. we're talking eight to 12 inches of rainfall on top of the storm surge which is seven to 11 feet of water making its way in. again, that eye slowly tracking its way northwards. we're going zoom in again. see just how hard jacksonville is getting hit. here is the forecast track of
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through georgia and then becomes a category 2 near south carolina, near charleston. it's going to get really close to land here. then starts to move away. weakening and then coming back towards the bahamas as a tropical depression next week. coming up we're going to look at our local forecast. then, of course, another update on hurricane matthew. >> kyndell: thank you so much. >> krystal: she's been doing a terrific job tracking that storm. let's politics shall we? hillary clinton's running mate timne he is drumming up support ahead of sunday's big debate. >> kyndell: news 3's craig fiegener is live from henderson from where the speech is just wrapping up. >> craig: this campaign stop by vp candidate tim kaine was all about shoring up the democratic base here in clark county. and to do that, the clinton campaign brought in the vp candidate. that would be senator tim kaine. i want to take you inside the room with this video. you can see him just as his remarks ended. he took questions from the
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of pictures, shook a loft hands. the topics were about contrast. about how the clinton campaign is very different than the trump campaign. different on social security. different on solving problems with the v.a. even different in the overall swagger and mood of the campaign. >> when donald trump decided to run for president, he wrote a book and chose the title too. and the title was his way of saying here's how ioo country. crippled america. now i want you to compare to the pictures. so one is kind of happy and upbeat and optimistic and one -- i didn't pick that picture of donald trump. that was the picture he chose for himself to put on this book. >> craig: it was interesting to see him use that prop. the prop of donald trump's book in comparing the contrast
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from here, the distance very close, where trump had his campaign rally drawing over 6,500 people on wednesday. this was a small group, an intimate group. 150 people. he took questions. you will know more about that part of the story. news 3's jeff gillan reports on the visit of the vp candidate kaine in our reports "news 3 live at five" and six. craig fiegener reporting live in henderson, news 3. >> krystal: we appri craig. time is quickly running out if you want to register to vote online or at the dmv. the deadline is tomorrow. from october 9th-18 you are going to have to go to the county elections office in person if you want to register. another date to remember? october 22nd. when you can cast a vote early. >> kyndell: we're only three days away from the second presidential debate in st. louis. because we have a football game here on that sunday night you can actually watch the next presidential debate on our
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starting at 6:00 p.m. that is channel 33 or cox cable channel six. after the debate join us online monday afternoon for a complete amall lis. watch that special town hall at 4:00 p.m. on monday on our website, webb. >> krystal: now to a story we brought you as breaking news on news 3 today. an early morning fire break out at meadows mall. las vegas fire and rescue saying it started in a storage shed near the j. c. mall around 4:00 a.m. and officials say it didn't cause any significant damage and really didn't delay the mall being able to open as scheduled. >> kyndell: and three people without a home today after a fire at a summerlin house. this happened this morning near town center and canyon run. firefighters say a teen was sleeping in one of the bedrooms when she was woken up by popping noises and smoke that was coming from a charging station for electronic devices.
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has a lot of you talking. more creepy clown stories. they're circulating in the headlines and on social media. and it's not just about what's happening on the national scene but also it's making rounds here in the valley. lemon middle school students were scared and parents really worried after someone on campus yelled "clown" and it sent the kids running, trampling each other. and you know this clown issue is just one of dozens that have erupted at schools across our va. they say they're getting tired of this. school leaders say they're getting flooded with calls from worried parents as one can imagine. but they found no credible sightings to substantiate these claims. and there has not been a single incident of clowns chasing or injuring kids in the county. though, unfortunately, the problems yesterday at the school proved that at least these threats of a clown crisis are
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the door opened and then ways thrown in the hallway. some people got their glasses broken. some people got their ipads stepped on. >> krystal: some clown accounts on social media have been reported. it's important to note, anyone found making threats in costume or not could end up behind bars. the bottom line here is, the authorities and ccsd police are saying this isn't a laughing matter. >> kyndell: especially if kids are getting hurt. talk to kids. they're middle schoolers having fun. but if people are getting knocked out not a good idea. those masks, they're not too pleasant. >> krystal: we don't want that. let's talk about hawaii. famous for its volcanic activity. and the pictures never fail to disappoint. >> kyndell: coming up we have a rare look at an eruption of hawaii's kilauea volcano on the big island.
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hurricane matthew no different. look at this video. we are taking you inside the hurricane via these hurricane hunters. pretty incredible. that's coming up. >> kyndell: then winners of america's got talent season seven the lucky dogs joining us to talk about their upcoming show this weekend and, of course, they're bringing those talented pups. that's coming up at 12:30. they're cute. i'll be out with the pups so you don't want to miss that and on throughout this newscast. it is dominating the headlines. that is hurricane matthew. so this is a look out of florida's east coast. it's really hitting jacksonville pretty hard right now. they expect it to continue to continue its path on to georgia and up the eastern seaboard. so they're saying storm surge, that water flooding is really a big issue. concern for life and property definitely on the top of people's minds.
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roperty taxes. ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, sticking taxpayers with the bill. the danny tarkanian way? the wrong way for nevada. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> kyndell: welcome back. we are keeping tabs on hurricane matthew as you can only imagine
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high tower beach in florida. you can see the water starting to rise there. even maybe calming down a bit. we know as kelly has been telling us all morning long that this hurricane is slow moving once it gets to a place it's going stick there awhile before it moves on. >> kelly: they're going to see a lot of rain and a lot of water. >> krystal: so flooding a big concern. >> kyndell: and winds. >> krystal: without a doubt. 130-mile-an-hour winds. we'll definitely continue hurricane matthew as it batters florida. we're goinge volcano in hawaii. it is a rare look at a purple summit eruption of the kilauea volcano. the u.s. geological survey released a video. that's incredible to see. it show the molten lava splashing up the cratear walls. a producer was able to capture the video from the edge of the massive summit crater. the summit eruption has been going on since 2008.
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deflation it's not always visible. the kilauea has a history of these eruptions but most of it is not quite as explosive as that. it's really cool to see. we with just wanted to bring you that. something else that's incredible to see. something we're about to show you right now. hurricane hunters who fly directly into the path of these volatile hurricanes. this is from inside one of those planes. they get vital information about these storms. clearly, as you can imagine, a dangerous job as u this is actually video from captain tim gallagher with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration captured today. so mother nature with the fury in full force as they're flying into the path of the hurricane. they say on the outer bands if i'm not mistaken and they drop what is equivalent to a weather balloon to kind of track what's going on there. but you can see the plane shaking violently.
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windshield. and then all of a sudden you see the break in the storm when the fly goes into the eye of the storm. really neat. oh my goodness takes a lot of bravery. that just gives you perspective of what some people do or go through to bring us all this information. >> kyndell: right. at least -- >> kelly: my stomach turns watching it. that's the worst turbulence you have ever seen. >> kyndell: here locally, nothing even near it. >> kelly: nothing even week long we've been enjoying very fall-like weather. cool temperatures. we are going to get warmer over the weekend. i want to show you a time-lapse from so far this morning. this is the southeast career and technical academy camera. we have had high, thin clouds, filtered sunshine so far this morning. that temperature is bottoming out in the 50s and low 60s. here is where we are now. north las vegas 79. 78 at paradise.
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summerlin coming in around 77. temperatures will continue to rise a few more degrees this afternoon. we're expecting highs in the low to mid-80s. so a little warmer than what we saw around the area yesterday. we really don't have a whole lot going on right now. again, high, thin clouds. more clouds will work their way in over the weekend. as we get into early next week a weak disturbance is going to make its way into the area. i don't expect precipitation at this point in the valley but south of las vegas mount charleston maybe a couple of showers, isolated thunderstorms. that's something we'll keep an eye on as we get closer to the situation. i want to take another look at hurricane matthew. again continuing to track northwest very slowly here. the winds, maximum sustained winds about 115 miles an hour. so it's still a category 3 storm. we do have dry air in-take. hoping that actually weakens this hurricane a little bit.
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all the yellow and orange and red. that's indicating very heavy rainfall. there's a possibility of eight to 12 inches of rainfall along the coast here. then add on to that the storm surge. seven to 11 feet of water moving in from the ocean. so here's a look at what we're expecting today. again, totally different story. 84 degrees. plenty of sunshine. filtered sunshine with the high, thin clouds. winds not an issue. tonight we're looking at mostly clear 61 degrees for our low. our 7-day forecast. we are going to be warming up a little bit around the area. in fact we're looking at 86 tomorrow. 88 on sunday. mostly sunny skies. a few more clouds monday and tuesday. showers possible in the region. i think las vegas will stay dry. we're going to flirt with 90. those temperatures knocking back down as the winds shift. >> krystal: we're not going to complain about 80 degree weather. >> kyndell: of course not. and sticking with that weather theme, we know that many of you may have friends and family in
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>> krystal: now officials have another alert. this time it's for potential rip offs tied to the storm. i mean, they just take advantage of any opportunity they can. marie mortera has what you need to know. >> marie: the severe storm is capable of serious flooding, fallen trees, heavy winds and rain and major damage to homes which attracts con artists. officials say some swindles include price gouging, home repairs, charitys or even fema impersonators. >> we hope this hurricane will turn resources will go unneeded. but, unfortunately, some people take advantage of a ka tas toe fee or approaching storm to line their pockets. >> marie: cooper says be careful. it's important to contact insurance companies after the storm and take pictures to report any damages from the hurricane. he also says to ask for i.d. from any companies or fema officials who claim to be from the government.
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information to pass along and keep in mind. with this rip-off alert, i'm marie mortera. >> krystal: important to know in light of everything that's going on right now. >> kyndell: also moving forward, getting fit on this friday. are you ready to head out to the gym? or maybe you are watching us right now as you get your fitness on. >> krystal: that's right! we love the fact you are watching. but we want to see you show us your best fitness pose or how you get your fitness on on this friday. friday. you can do this from twitter, facebook, instagram. just use that hash tag and it comes into our nifty tag board and we can show -- we'll show everybody what you are working with. stay with us. we'll be back on the other side
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. >> kyndell: we're getting fit on this friday. if you are heading out to the gym or maybe you are watching us already there getting your >> krystal: we want to see your pictures. hashtag #news 3 fitness friday. here are some of the pictures people are sharing. let's go up a little bit. who is this? our producer. that's chris teen. she bikes to work every day.
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she said worked out every day this week minus sunday and tuesday. plan to do it tomorrow too. you go girl. >> kyndell: and zumba. >> krystal: i wish i was on your level. i'm slacking. >> kyndell: i am too. i don't have any gym photos which is why mine isn't on the board. we'll get inspire bid viewers. >> krystal: hashtag #news 3 fitness friday. >> krystal: hashtag #news 3 fitness friday. a lot more to come on horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardrdy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord.
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>> krystal: right now on news 335 at 12:30, hurricane matthew making its way up the florida coast. news 3 meteorologist kelly curran is tracking that storm in your weather authority forecast. and they're live. the dogs, winning the seventh
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you are going to love this. don't miss the interview. they're so cute. >> kyndell: and there is a forever home friday. the animal foundation here with an adorable dog you can adopt today. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: we welcome you in on this friday. thank you for joining us. or if you have been with us, thanks for staying with us on this friday. hurricane matthew, that's the story dominating the headlines. it's continuing its and some of the pictures, live images that we've been three bringing you really tell the story how massive the storm is. >> kyndell: of course. and crews start assessing the damage left behind millions are bracing for matthew's worst. news 3 is your weather authority. kelly has been tracking this storm. my goodness, a lot going on. >> kelly: a lot going on. and they're really getting hit hard especially around jacksonville. let's go straight to the radar. this is a wide picture.


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