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tv   Today  NBC  October 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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record books. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. >> it is a troubling situation. i'm serious, it is. >> give them a shot good morning and welcome to sunday "today," i'm willie geist. donald trump and hillary clinton in final preparations for tonights second presidential debate and the spotlight on trump will be white hot after the release friday of a tape from 2005 in which trump makes repeated ugly aggressive comments about women. so far 150 republican leaders have withdrawn their support from trump over the course of
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since friday when the tape was released, we will hear from one man who abandoned trump after hearing the tape and another sticking by his side. later ryan at the timer and his band one republic have a long list of hits, but he is also called by stars when they need a hit of their own. >> why is it that taylor swift, adele, beyonc?, all of thinks acts that are the biggest in the world why do the that's specific to me is i have a certain emotional currency in the lyrics and mel december that i do. >> we will talk to ryan in a bit. let's begin with the fallout from those tapes of donald trump first reported on friday. despite a long list of republicans withdrawing his support trump says he is not going anywhere. hallie jackson is in st. louis this morning, site of tonight's
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looking ahead to the potential for more fallout in the gop. trump's team straken and strategizing, his campaign manager and head of the party pulling out of planned sunday show appearances. through it all, though, donald trump insists he is sticking around. a defiant donald trump with a fist pump delighting his supporters outside trump tower, but inside what one source close to the campaign describes as paralysis after reckoning within the gop, dozens of republican members of congress taking back support of their nominee including all female republican senators except iowa's joni ernst. >> i will tell you who i'm not supporting and that's hillary clinton. >> the fallout coming after this recording surfaced from access hollywood, a program owned by nbc universal. >> when you are a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ].
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trump said he wasn't a war hero now deciding trump's hot mic moment was just too many. vulnerable senators saying they will write in mike pence instead as trump's running mate sends a warning shot hinting at how much rides on trump's debate performance tonight, declining to appear at a wisconsin festival where house speaker paul ryan sent a signal of his own. >> let me just start off by saying there is a bit of an troubling situation, i'm serious, it is. >> trump is making clear he won't step down or back down from attacks against bill clinton. retweeting juan eat at that broderick twice yesterday, a woman who accused bill clinton of raping her. trump all but assuring america the former president's past will be present tonight. >> bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has
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discuss this more in the coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. >> reporter: that part of trump's 90 second video statement saying sorry to the public and to his wife apparently privately. melania trump saying she has accepted her husband's apology for comments she considered unacceptable and offensive even as more controversial audio has been revealed, like this older interview with howard stern. >> your daughter. >> she's beautiful. [ bleep ]. >> trump's base of support unswayed. >> i just think we all need to stick together as republicans and we can't let hillary in there. just can't. >> tonight's debate set to cap one of the most extraordinary weekends of 2016, a campaign and a party in crisis. and this morning we're getting an early snapshot of what americans think donald trump should do, an online poll from
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race, 39% think he should drop out. willie. >> and the clinton campaign has been relatively quiet since that first statement on friday, secretary clinton calling trump's comments horrific. last night "snl" imagined the campaign's reaction. >> it made me feel just horrible and very -- depressed. i'm sorry. it is a very, very minus one. >> so, hallie, as you said in your piece there the trump campaign obviously is going to go there on the past of president bill clinton. how does hillary clinton handle that debate tonight? >> reporter: one source tells nbc they teld a conference call with outside allies in which they previewed their strategy, it is to not talk about this
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not put more spin on the ball, if you will, letting trump languish in this media cycle. there was a little bit of a hint as to how clinton might respond, one official pointed out that in that video statement trump did not apologize to the women he was talking about or to women in general. that could be something we hear reflected from clinton tonight. >> hallie, thank you very much. debate taking place right behind hallie a little later this evening. a lot of eyeballs on it after all this. the revio by trump have led more than 20 national republican elected officials to say he should drop out race. others standing by. steve cortez a member of trump's advisory council and msnbc political analyst hugh hewitt who pulled his support and called for trump to get out of the race. >> hugh, i will read to you a portion of john mccain's statement yesterday. donald trump's behavior this week, said mccain, concluding with the disclosure of his
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and boasts about sexual assaults make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy. hugh, tell me about your thoughts and why you decided to pull your support and going so far as to say donald trump ought to get out of the race for the good of the country. >> i think it's in the best interest for the country, the campaign, the republican party all the way up and down the ticket and his own family and mr. trump to exit and do so in a way that will earn him some credit from not just the republican party but devastating political hit over the weekend since you will remember the sports injury, joe thighs man getting hit by lawrence taylor 31 years ago. trump might think he can play at this point, i think tonight is going to be cringe inducing if he brings up the inn if i had else of president clinton which are so far beyond his own in the past that he bragged about it the on the tape that that will be an explosive day and by tomorrow morning it will
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when there aren't many people willing to talk to you much less come out and support you. >> what was it about the comments on friday? why wasn't it the muslim ban of last december, why wasn't it the fat shamer of a former miss joofrs? why did this change your opinion now? >> there are a number of reasons behind that. first of all, the comments are objectively and unqualifiably disgusting. i cringe every time i hear them played because i know there are children in rooms across the united states asking what is -- is unlike the other issues. there has always been a margin of error for mr. trump, you can always attribute to hip when, for example, he can a came down the escalator although those remarks have been misrepresented a lot what he said was among those mexican immigrants coming into the country are some rapists. there are ways to have given him the benefit of the doubt and he did win the republican nomination, it cannot be taken from him. if this tape had surfaced before cleveland he would not be the
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family name, his business, his dignity and just get out. >> steve, you have stuck by donald trump through a lot of stories like this over the last 18 months or so. did you consider at any time in the last 36 hours pulling your support for donald trump? >> well, look, i think everyone has to at least consider it in a moment like this and i have enormous repeat for hugh, love his show, but i would disagree in this regard. i think that we at least owe donald trump as the republican nominee we owe h the american people, he needs to explain himself. i would say i'm a believer in forgiveness and redemption, contrary to hillary clinton we are not irredeemable and he gave a an unreserved policy and he needed to do which i'm glad because his remarks were reprehensible. i'm a father of three daughters and i also cringe when i hear those kind of comments that he made on tape and i frankly hope i never hear them again.
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have two flawed candidates right here, two largely incredibly disliked candidates, they have a starkly different vision for america and i believe that the american people given those two visions, status quo on hillary clinton's part and growth and prosperity and security on donald trump's part, i believe that they are going to opt for donald trump's vision for america, but he clearly onus is on him he has to make the case tonight. >> you mentioned your daughters and family. i will ask you what were the conversations like in your house over the weekend as maybe your you continue to support donald trump after their comments were made public. >> right. thankfully from my perspective they are all still enthusiastically supporting donald trump. i talked to my oldest daughter on the phone because i don't want dad embarrassing him on air and they said, look, we have a very different vision for america than hillary clinton. she is a fundamentally flawed
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growth and terror on the march. those are more important issues, this is from my teenage daughter, she is into politics, from my teenage daughter who said those are more important issues. i care more about the economy and isis than i do about donald trump talking krastly over a decade ago. >> steve cortez sticking at the side of donald trump, hugh hewitt stepping away. let's bring in nbc's political director moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. you said somethi nightly news that grabbed me you said it's a 50/50 shot that donald trump shows up tonight. what did you mean by that? >> i mean just that. i mean, i think that, look, i think it's clear this morning and people i've talked to he is determined to go tonight, but you could easily make the calculation that there is nothing that he can say tonight that won't turn it into a debacle. that he is not prepared for this debate, he has not done -- look, he was not prepared for this debate before these revelations.
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is he in a state of mind that won't send him to a point where he will do things even worse or say things even worse tonight that will cause even more problems. so it wouldn't surprise me if someone gives him the advice to say, do you know what, take the hit for not showing up, it might be better than watching what happens in this 90 minutes tonight because i will be honest with you, willie, we have never seen anything like this. >> yeah. >> and we've never had a moment like thisn up, chuck, he's going to do what he has threatened to do, even in his apology he started talking about it and it is to, quote, go nuclear against hillary clinton, that means bringing up bill clinton and his past. will that be the strategy? is that the way through this for donald trump? >> he is a wounded animal, that's what somebody described him today and i thought it was pretty good. he is a wounded animal.
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women has been brought up in the past he immediately pivots to this. i can't imagine that he won't do that tonight because he's done it before and he's threatened it before and he did it in that radio. i think he's getting all the advice in the world to not do that, but what's the evidence that he won't? >> it will be an ugly night in st. louis. we will check back with you later in the show. we will be looking for you on "meet the press," your guests include trump adviser guiliani and republican utah senator mike lee who has called for trump to get out of the race. tonight we will be streaming the debate on and watch it live on msnbc, coverage begins at 9:00 eastern time. other big story this morning the damage from what was hurricane matthew, the storm turning toward the atlantic. miguel almaguer is in wilmington, north carolina, where cleanup for matthew is now under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the weather blustery but much
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plenty of misery. yesterday in this area there were nearly 600 water rescues, today unfortunately four people still remain missing, hundreds of rescuers remain in this area, they were scouring local neighborhoods, walking through flood water, making sure everyone is okay. more than 11 inches of rain fell in this area, the hurricane responsible for 11 deaths here in the u.s. as you mentioned that cleanup effort is under way, some estima between 4 to $6 billion. of course, this hurricane pummeled florida, the carolinas and georgia, all four of those states were in a state of emergency, the cleanup effort should take several days if not weeks in some neighborhoods, there are downed trees all across this area including littering local highways where officials are still trying to clean the area. the cleanup here is going to take quite some time. >> looking at staggering
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carolina, thanks. we will get dylan's forecast in a minute. police say an armed suspect shot and killed two police officers and wounded another. the officers were called to the suspect's home for a domestic disturbance when he opened fire. police caught him 12 hours later. one of the officers was a 27-year-old woman who had just given birth four months ago. the other a 35-year-old veteran of the force who was just months away from his scene when a recreational sailboat overturns spilling 30 people including several children into the grij id waters below. boaters were able to get them to safety before rescue workers arrived. two children were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. chicago cubs fans are cautiously dreaming of breaking the curse this year, but last night's playoff game against the san francisco giants had them
7:16 am
hit by a line drive, had to leafed the game, his replacement pitcher travis wood later hit a home run, the first by a reliever since 1924, the cubs lead the giants by two games to none in the first round of the playoffs. dylan is here with a check of the forecast. >> we're finally starting to see matthew wind down a bit, it's no longer a tropical system, it's post tropical at this point and we are still seeing heavy rain in maryland and still have flash flood warnings across parts of north carolina, even norfolk, virginia, picked up 7 1/2 inches of rain. so it's post tropical at this point but still has winds at 75 miles an hour, all that means is instead of gaining all its energy from the ocean it's more like a regular storm at this point and then it will now continue to move just to the east, we are not expecting that full on loop back down into the bahamas. we have a cold front in the northeast, that's what's drawing up the moisture from the tropical system that's producing the rain in new jersey, new york
7:17 am
massachusetts until we get into monday morning, then once it clears out we will see much better conditions the entire week looks dry up and . we have another warm day in store we should be in the mid-80s were going to be 90 today with the southeast wind this afternoon 5 to 10 miles an hour. a quiet sunday night mid-60s about all she wrote with columbus day probably the warmest day of the week at 91. staying at 90 on tuesday and then sinking into the mid-80 and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, pull up a chair. >> can we get the pregnant lady a chair? dylan is sticking around, we will have much more looking at tonight's debate.
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7:20 am's a canvas for painting... you can't do that on a mac. dylan in her chair. >> a comfy chair. >> our first high going to america's youngest ninja warrior 5-year-old lila mccall is a big fan of "american ninja warrior." so her dad gavin built an amazing backyard version for his amazing daughter. >> first up is the newly redesigned quintuple. very quickly up the cargo climb. getting a running start.
7:21 am
>> dad dropping in the play by play. >> that's awesome. >> dropping in the crowd noise. you've got to watch the whole thing. >> how soon before all her friends start coming over and it's one big challenge. >> she's good. 5 years old. >> she beat them all. norwegian prime minister ernest solberg. she was playing pokemon go. she's out here throwing pokey balls at pokemen. she doesn't hide her habit. during a recent trip to slovakia, she walked the streets openly searching for the elusive pokemen. >> i like that she owns it. >> the meetings get boring. next goes to the st. louis police department for at long last bringing 102-year-old edie
7:22 am
back of the cruiser. she literally asked for it. she wanted to get arrested off her bucket list. the fine men and women at the st. louis pd were helped. as they placed her in the vehicle she asked, do you think you could put those handcuffs on me? >> did you enjoy your ride this morning? >> oh, yes. handcuffs and all. >> how great is edie simms. >> i feel like she brought them cookies. >> right off the b when you lose your lacrosse game to an intense game of rock, paper and scissors. they were tied when their game was called off because of lightning so how to determine a winner? how about a best of three series of rock, paper, scissors for all the marbles? >> rock, paper, scissors, shoot! >> oh. >> oh. >> so close. >> rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
7:23 am
and so western michigan wins the game. that dayton player who was in the game afterwards, quote, overall a pretty tough loss for u.d. that is a way to go. >> now i want to play it, do we have time? >> yes. >> 1, 2, 3. >> 1, 2, 3. >> maybe we don't have time. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think this could take a while. >> we'll continue to take a break. coming up next, we'll go back to st. louis for the site of tonight's presidential debate. the trump campaign w contending with the tapes right out of the game. ryan tedder, we'll drop in on him to see why beyonce, adele and u2 all have him on speed dial. head over to facebook for a facebook live chat in just 2 minutes. we'll be right back. >> 1, 2, 3. >> best of three.
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. . i'm kyndell nunley metro police investigating a homicide clark county center police telling incident between inmates was reported last night. digital there are still slim. but will continue to follow
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nd everyone. our skies are clear across the southern nevada clouds moved off into arizona were talk about sunshine today. 90 degrees up to three degrees from yesterday open up. overnight tonight mid-60s a very quiet evening southwest
7:30 am
tomorrow is columbus day and woke her assailant to that will lower 90s. 90-ish on tuesday i would like to take this time to formally apologize. >> what? what are you saying? >> i deeply apologize. >> are you trying to say apologize? >> no, i would never do to all the people who are offended by my statements, but more importantly to the people who were turned on by them. i hear it's really 50-50. >> apologize. joining strategery. they are not laughing at trump tower. they called on him to get out of the race. trump says that's not going to happen.
7:31 am
demeaning comments about women during that hot mike moment in 2005 play at the second presidential debate. let's go back to nbc's hallie jackson in st. louis, site of tonight's debate. hallie, we talked a little bit in our last conversation about secretary clinton's strategy. what about donald trump's strategy? what is he going to do? is he going to go there, go nuclear on the past of bill clinton? >> reporter: you have to wonder, willie, every signal is yes, he will. you saw it in that video statement that came out the apology video that turned into a hit on bill clinton. you saw it when he retweeted those messages from juanita broadderick overnight. every indication so far is it will be a factor in tonight's debate. hillary clinton's campaign is prepared for that. that's not what they're wanting to see. a lot of people are waiving him off the strategy or sending signals they will try to. as you see more and more
7:32 am
been a never trump guy, we're talking about mitt romney, listen. >> i want to express on behalf of myself and my party, how much we love all people in this country, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion. i was offended and dismayed by -- by what was said and done by mr. trump. i think it's degrading granddaughters, to future generations. >> reporter: mitt romney speaking in nevada there, willey. >> hallie jackson in st. louis. we're a long way from 2012 when romney sought donald trump's endorsement. dylan now back with a check of the weather. taking a look at the week ahead where we are going to see matthew move eastward. we have rain through the
7:33 am
middle of the week, threat of thunderstorms as a threat moves eastward. isolated severe storms. we have the system making its way into the pacific northwest. mountain snow. very cold in the rockies. we have a lot of rain expected from the western part of washington, oregon, down into northwestern california as well. temperature wise, unseasonably . we mid-80s were going to be 90 today with the southeast wind this afternoon 5 to 10 miles an hour. a quiet sunday night mid-60s about all she wrote with mainly clear skies. columbus day probably the warmest day of the week at 91. staying at 90 on tuesday and
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7:38 am
hear on the radio. i dropped by where he was putting the finishing touches on a song for stevie wonder and arianna grande. >> cheers. thanks for having me over. >> ryan tedder, always is trying to get just the right flavor. >> cooking is probably my favorite thing to do other than music because you'reng as lead singer of his band one republic. ?? ?? >> and as the in demand producer behind some of the biggest hits of the last decade. ? rumor has it i'm the one you're leaving home ? >> he won a grammy with adele and another with taylor swift. ?? ??
7:39 am
? baby, i can feel your hand ? >> why is it that taylor swift, adele, beyonce, all these acts that are the biggest in the world, why do they call you? what is the ryan tedder thing? >> because i smell so good. can you smell me? >> yes. >> i have a certain emotional currency in the lyrics and melodies that i do, so what i'm constantly chasing physical goose bumps at all times. >> still finishing the album. >> for tedder it can strike in small spaces. >> i think recording in the least suspecting spaces is way more inspiring. your bedroom, an apartment, a hotel, you know, an airplane bathroom. i have all of these voices in my phone where you can hear the -- >> the road to becoming an
7:40 am
play music in a pentacostal home. >> was there always music in the house? >> there was. he was a gospel music songwriter. i started lessons when i was three on the piano. the music that was around when i was a kid was mostly gospel music or christian music. growing up i was surrounded by cowboys and pickup trucks and football, friday night lights and i was the guy that was like quietly gabriel and import cds that i was getting from my uncle who lived in london. ?? ?? >> it was the back cover of one of those discs that gave tedder his first break. >> it's the back of every cd you buy or dvd there would be a number. i called the complain hotline. somebody would pick up eventually after 100 calls. how can i help you? i would say -- i'd say, oh, i'm
7:41 am
they misconnected me. >> crafty. >> i would literally work my way up. >> connecting you. >> they would keep -- oh, i'm sorry. they'd feel so bad. >> right. >> then they would connect me up to the -- eventually i'm talking with the head of hr of paramount pictures from a dorm room in tulsa. i got a call from green works one day, their nashville office. they had opened a record label and a publishing company. they're like, we want you to work for the publishing company of dream w nashville. >> that's unbelievable. >> while writing for other artists and for tv and movies, tedder never stopped thinking about his own music. ?? ?? >> in 2002 he reunited with an old high school buddy to form a band. in 2007 one republic had its first big hit. ?? ??
7:42 am
>> it helped. remixed it. at the same time "apologize" was coming out under one republic, "leading love" was coming out and i had a single on j. lo and natasha. it all happened at the same time. >> the band's third album "native" went platinum spinning off hits like "counting stars." >> and this week the latest, "oh, my my." >> how are you describing this new album? >> we have features from peter gabriel, pharrell, songs that anybody that loves "apologize," "good life," the older stuff we've done will love it. then we shift gears. we're going to throw some people for sure. i'm constantly seeking out new sounds, new artists, new technology.
7:43 am
same year tedder celebrates his tenth anniversary with wife genevieve. >> what are you doing? >> the parents of two young boys who met during their college years. >> back in college could you have imagined? did you see any of this coming? >> there were plenty of times where i think boldt of us were like, what are we doing? what is going to happen, you know? is this worth it? it was interesting to see everything and this unknown and a dream, i guess. and then to fruition for me, pretty incredible. ?? ?? >> a climb together to the top of the music business that just may have been meant to be. >> it feels to me there was never a chance you were not going to be a musician in some form. >> i think so. for me it kind of became the self-evident path that i was supposed to be on. ??
7:44 am
>> tedder has produced songs for just about every big name you can think of but there is still one man he's dying to work with. paul mccartney. tedder told me he'd do anything mccartney wanted to do, cover of a mariah carey christmas song? or they could grab a cup of coffee and ryan could say he had collaborated with sir paul mccartney. to hear how ryan tedder puts together all of these hits check out our web extras at the new album "oh, my my" is out now. next week, lindsey vaughan, the new life off the slopes hasn't always been comfortable for her. we'll talk with lindsey after she recovers from another injury. next on "sunday today" ryan
7:45 am
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half a million people got together on a dairy farm in woodstock. the who played a 25 song set that began at 5:00 in the morning. tonight, nearly half a century later, the who plays another festival along with another group of big-named bands with music nostalgia in a california desert. joe fryar takes us there. >> reporter: you'll find a show for the ages in the desert this weekend. especially the older age >> we're the young ones. ? start me up ? >> reporter: the rolling stones are one of the legendary acts performing at the desert trip music festival. it features bob dillon. paul mccartney. the who. and neil young. in fact, the average age of the headlining performers is 72.
7:49 am
>> reporter: which is why they've given this a new name, old chella. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity because anything can happen tomorrow to one of them. >> or to us. >> or to us. you never know. >> meter lisa gonzalez and kelly echollz. >> i have an 8 track and 4 track, that's how old i am? >> they had 4 tracks? >> yeah. >> they like to think this weekend be is their woodstock. >> i was >> we missed woodstock. we don't want to miss the second one. >> woodstock is, of course, where it all started in 1969. three days of peace, love, rock and roll on a muddy dairy farm. in the years that followed it seemed like there was a festival for everyone. from farm aide to bands aide.
7:50 am
joz offers a softer touch. for the more eclectic touch there's bonnaru. >> reporter: after five decades they're going strong. a three-day pass to woodstock costs $18. for desert trip a weekend pass starts at $399. extra accommodations include glamorous lake side tepees and pricey four course meals. >> we put the kids through college, we've paid for weddings, we've done those >> reporter: truth be told oldchella is for boomers and babies. all generations are here. >> the first time she saw the stones live she was pregnant for me and the first time i saw them i was pregnant for this one. >> reporter: if it teaches us anything, it's that good music is ageless. >> looks like fun. joe fryar reporting from the desert. this week we highlight another
7:51 am
? that all your kids will disappear from view ? >> that is the voice of phyllis creore known as canteen girl. from 1942 until the end of the war in 1945 phyllis told stories and sang songs during a weekly 15-minute show that was broadcast to military bases in the united states and over short wave radio to troops serving in europe t she came up with the idea as a 26-year-old actress living in new york, pitched it to nbc and quickly began recording right here at "30 rock" fell ler plaza. for soldiers, canteen girl was a reminder of home. phyllis took song requests by mail and became something of a celebrity during the war. she kept every letter she
7:52 am
new york, she was 100 years old. >> be sure to drop in at the canteen next friday at the same time, won't you? just set your dial right where you are now and wait for your announcer to say. >> here's your canteen girl, >> here's your canteen girl, phyllisyou owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement?, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you?.
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let's head back down to washington where chuck todd is getting ready for "meet the press." chuck, i know you're getting ready to talk with senator mike lee from utah. he's been never trump. yesterday he called for trump to
7:56 am
these senators starting with john mccain going down the list to congressmen, congress women in the republican party saying why not vote for him but he should get out of the race. does that matter? is his campaign so antiestablishment that he can brush that aside? >> well, he can hope to brush it aside. it does matter because, you know, they -- the reason they're saying this, they need to find their way to 50% to win re-election. that's why it matters. this is no longer a this is every republican for themselves and this is about their own survival. so the problem though, the line they're walking here is they still need trump supporters to show up because they need his votes to get to 50% but they also need the voters that are -- want to vote republican but are totally turned off by trump and i think that's their struggle here. that's why you've seen these odd denouncements, right? it's taken them forever to get
7:57 am
new hampshire trump has a strong base and so you don't want to alienate them but it's not enough to win. that's why this has been, i think, so tortuous for so many republicans. >> given the utter disaster that's been 48 hours for donald trump's campaign, is there anything he can do or say tonight to make things better? >> withdraw from the race. i think the best -- if he put -- if he said i'm putting the party above myself, i know it seems like a radical proposal and way to actually replace him on the ballot, but if he did that, that actually would be the most uniting moment for the party, a unifying moment. that's not donald trump. that's not who we've been covering for the last 15 years let alone the last 15 months. so i highly doubt it, but i think it's the only move he could make that would actually unify the party and perhaps save the party at least on the congressional level. >> that's been the suggestion that he step aside and let mike
7:58 am
ticket. as you say, donald trump has never done anything like that in his life. i don't see him doing it tonight. chuck, we'll be watching for you in a few minutes on "meet the press." a lot of material there. two of the guests include utah senator mike lee calling for him to drop out and rudy giuliani. you can watch the debate by streaming it live or tune in to msnbc. coverage begins at 9:00 eastern. the eyes of this country will be on st. louis for the debate we'll see you right back here
7:59 am
there's the nevada way. work hard. play by the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, sticking taxpayers with the bill. the danny tarkanian way? the wrong way for nevada.
8:00 am
this sunday morning, the trump tape. >> if you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the -- >> republicans are abandoning trump, calling on him to step down. can he survive this? and what does survival evenok dwindling number of supporters rudy giuliani and house democratic leader nancy pelosi. plus trump says he'll never get out of the race and goes on offense. >> bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims. >> but the question so many are asking, can the republicans avoid catastrophe. >> well, with all due respect, sir, you, sir, are the


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