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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it is hump-day. >> kim: she's not waking up in vegas. hillary clinton is starting her day in colorado but she will be here by this evening at the smith center. big rally planned at 5:30 this evening. we're the wagners here on this wednesday morning. >> dana: let's get a check of our forecast. i know that on monday we started the week in the 90's, did we get there yesterday? >> kelly: we topped out 90 yesterday. temperatures cooling for the rest of the week and really going to get cooler next week with a windy system coming in. today mostly sunny skies, couple of high thin clouds about it today. 74 at 9:00 a.m. and 87 is our expected high for the day. we'll talk more about the rest of the week and weekend coming up. >> kim: we focus on decision 2016.
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mentioned will be in las vegas by this evening. this is coming off of that debate with donald trump that the entire nation and world still talking about. the third and final debate between the two is scheduled for our own backyard wednesday of next week. when she comes to vegas it will be her first visit to vegas since her husband was here. he filled in for her because she had pneumonia once we know when she's expected to take the stage, we'll pass it on to you. >> dana: donald trump has a new tv ad out calling attention to her recent bout with pneumonia
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is that's an ad you can see here in las vegas considering that nevada is a swing state and that's where they are going to spend the money on this stuff. >> kim: in this ad in particular we're seeing trump focusing on hillary clinton. he is saying th are off or maybe gloves when it comes to some fellow republicans. tracy potts reports. >> we have to investigate hillary clinton. >> this is donald trump shackles off. trump tells bill o'reilly he's unphased losing support from paul ryan. >> i don't care about his support. what i want to do is win for the people. >> to win trump needs needs
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few points. >> your vote really, really counts a lot. you can consider me as an exhibit a of that. >> clinton is out west today after campaigning in florida with al gore focusing on his signature issue climate change. >> we can't risk putting a climate denier in the white house at all. that is clinton campaign show an aid checked with the justice department over lawsuits over her emails. >> she is one disclosure away from having this race flip flop again. >> she's talking about trump's comments on women. >> i too believe in forgiveness and redemption but that doesn't mean i'm going to elect the
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>> dana: donald trump had a little bit of an oops moment yesterday in florida. >> go and register, make sure you get out and vote november 28. >> dana: election day is november 8. he just misspoke. i'm sure he's not happy they had do that in the first trump kin trending now. i walked over to the storyteller but it's unnecessary because you are seeing it on your screen now. this is just ahead of halloween. people decorating their pumpkins. it is # trump kin. if you've done yours # it and
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creation. >> dana: state senators in carson city passed the bill raising hotel room taxes in clark county to pay for a new stadium that would hopefully bring the raiders to las vegas. 16-5 passed the bill. now the assembly could be a bigger fight. while some lawmakers ask why addleson doesn't pay for it all, others say it will industry where most of its workers are unemployed. >> i wouldn't feel comfortable looking at a construction worker in the eye knowing i had a chance to get them back to work and said no. >> i stand in opposition of nearly $1 billion handouts to a multibillionaire. that sets a bad precedent. >> dana: ruin season now running
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the state legislature because he was elected to that position and still remains in there. whether leader board gets he gets elected tocongress we'lt four weeks from now. stay with us for continuing coverage of this week's special session. jeff will be in carson city and you can find the latest at >> kim: ruben is able to vote in the special session even though he's running for congress. you are not going to believe when you are seeing. henderson police are looking at this video. it shows a woman being carjacked outside of her home and she fights back. they say be a good witness, don't try and take the person on. -t it worked out in this case. he's armed and walks up to her
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she throws the keys down into the road. then she goes after the attacker when he goes to get the keys. there is a struggle. unbelievable stuff going on and people can't belief she was able to make this out alive or uninjured. right now they are searching for the person responsible. if you know anything, don't keep it to yourself. henderson police want to mare from you. >> dana: police inor with stabbing a realtor in the neck. this happened in a neighborhood near lake mead and webster. daniel morrow was taken into custody on friday. her husband ryan was stabbed in the neck by moor because the family wanted to stay in the property. it's something hard for her to
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. >> ryan vegas still in the hospital after being in an induced coma. he is expected to remove. >> kim: unprecedented flooding throughout this entire state. many rivers there flowing beyond it could get dramatically worse by the end of the week. we'll stay on top of it. it's embarrassing when it happens but that bridge was supposed to come down then. we'll let you know how long it took to tumble into the water.
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after hurricane matthew helped
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completelyly disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> dana: we're good at demolitions here in the las vegas valley. this is a recent one we saw here. people inan should have gave us a call. they tried to take down this bridge with this explosion. it just wouldn't come down. this is a broadway bridge located in little rock, arkansas. supposed to come down 10:00 yesterday morning. three, two, one, boom and no. five hours later the bridge finally came down.
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done. >> kim: still to come a big rig practically split in two by a train is caught on camera. it is incredible and you are going to see how somebody managed to get out alive. >> dana: people on social media having fun with sunday night's presidential debate.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicanans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck.
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not feeling great thinking you have a tough life. let's take you to haiti for a little perspective this morning. after hurricane matthew they are still suffering greatly. a lot of people don't have water or electricity despite efforts from authorities to repair those basic services. we know a lot of southern coastal villages are starting to receive deliveries of much needed aid. that has just started.
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prices of bottled water and other items jumping by more than 25%. the nationwide death toll sits at 473. >> dana: rescue from states away. a man caught in his attic in north carolina. we know the floodwaters have been terrible. craig williams said he found out his brother chris was stranded in that attic with his dog when s craig took to twitter looking for updates and came across drone footage you are looking at and sent it to his brother through facebook messenger not knowing it was his brother's home he was looking atlanta the time. craig reached out to the photographer who was able to flag down a fema rescue crew who went in and rescued his brother. >> kim: it was a lifesaver.
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the other night. the power of social media was on full display right now. kelly curran helps us out all the time behind the scenes. she doesn't just do the weather around here. >> dana: doing the weather has changed a lot in the last 30 years. >> kelly: we have a lot more access to a -t lot more information and that is helpful. especially when it comes from you when you send us we started out with a few clouds and pretty colors yesterday. then got more sunny as the day went on. the sun goes down, high topping out at 91. today mid and upper 80's for highs. temperature this is morning cooler. yesterday we started out in the 70's at this time.
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little cooler. going to want a sweater heading out the door. a few high thin clouds expected today north of us. i think we'll see a few here and there. it's going to be more sunshine than anything. 87 is our expected high. normal 82. five degrees above normal today with winds out of the southeast at three to eight. tonight going back down into the low highs topping out around 86. breezy conditions developing friday. a couple of systems will work in. few more clouds friday and saturday. temperatures holding steady. this is going to have more sunshine but notice the temperatures down in the low 80's by early next week. >> dana: take a look at this out of california.
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make a turn gets stuck on the tracks when the train went into the semi. you can see the california highway patrol officer who is backing away because he knows exactly what is going to happen. there was a driver inside the truck. he was able to get out in time but just barely. no injuries here but a very scary situation. >> kim: i don't know if i believe that in a hollywood film yet that is reality. delaware. she says that her kid's homework from middle school is biased against the police. here is the story. they are going off current events. there was a work sheet they sent out. it was adapted from a piece from the "new york times" talking about well known recent cases involving police officers and african-americans and their shooting deaths. within the article the mom says
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questioned why do they have to comply with officer if they are not doing anything wrong. the wife is a police officer and says the article is lopsided. she complained to the school and as a result they pulled this homework from the classroom. i wonder if we'll see more current events that get sent home and whether you are a police officers wife or any sort of parent how they respond. >> dana: we have video out of syria. that has been the location of the fiercest fighting of late between the rebels and the government. this was an air strike and in the aftermath rescue workers run in and they find a small boy. he's rescued from the site. you can hear them say god is great in the background. we believe the boy is alive although he is unconscious.
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rescue we don't know exactly. they were excited enough they were saying god is great when they pulled him from the rubble. >> kim: we talked about a teenager out of utah accused of drugging a police officer. it was over the summer. he was a subway employee accused of tampering with the officer's drive through odor. he was caught on camera lacing the officers drink with thc. just yrd test results that showed the officer's drink came back negative. good news for that young man who said he has spent months getting threats. he was not happy with how the investigation was handled overall and police never apologized after he was cleared. >> dana: what is wrong with ronald mcdonald? he's taking a temporary leave of
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craze. sightings of creepy clowns have been on the rise prompting police response, several arrests. the rash of sightings started in august in the carolinas and now spread to over a dozen states. mcdonalds has not provided details about how often the mascot makes appearances but ronald mcdonald taking a leave of absence. >> good morning. donald trump steps up attacks on members of his own party. can that be a winning strategy come election day? we'll talk about it. why some colleges are handling reported assaults on campus. it's creating new problems. we'll explain. we'll have two of hollywood's biggest stars in studio. kevin hart and jonham and one
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you on a wednesday morning on today. >> kim: that's why it's the most popular morning program in the world. bad lip reading, we never know what is going to come out. >> dana: it looks like the candidates are singing this stuff. jeanie most takes a look. >> the candidates were hard on each other but not this nor were they this nice. two debates, two parodies. stand by me. >> congratulations, great job. >> was actual lay a sarcastic
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this wasn't even made in america. >> a dutch video artist did it. >> i notice the way the candidates were strolling around the stage and i felt this needed song lyrics. >> with a magical fantasy of a different sort bad lip reading is back with a new video. >> i >> they were actually saying this -- wrong. >> it's been around for five years now. hillary did waive at sarah palin at the debate. this makes more sense than the
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feet. >> the video producer who does these bad lip readings wants to remain anonymous. >> favorite way to eat chicken? >> raw. >> actually with a knife and fork. the public eats up these parodies. the debates are dirty politics and could use a little >> kim: still to come a company known for beautiful women changing things up a bit.
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>> dana: his first cover boy. that is james charles. it is yesterday. cover girl describes charles as a makeup artist and boundary breaker and pledges he's going to be the first boundary breaking representative. charles said his role with cover girl includes appearing in a tv commercial. this teenager is a popular beauty blogger with a half million followers >> kim: still to come this morning it is a video vault morning on the program. tom holly taking us back in time to the 90's when the strip was starting to look more and more like disneyland. >> dana: new at 6:00 this morning kim kardashian west is suing a website for stories it posted about the paris robbery.
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says they are lying about. that jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress.
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>> police looking for someone they say robbed a bank with a gun. what he left behind that caused an added scare. plus. >> it's caught on camera. you are going to see the moment a child is pulled from the rubble flea markets ahelp poe and you'll -- in aleppo and you'll hear what they were south as it >> dana: welcome in. it is 5:00 on this wednesday and hillary clinton will be there this evening. >> kim: that's the smith center. the doors open at 5:30 this evening and we are going to have live team coverage all day long here on news 3. as we welcome you in on this wednesday morning, we're the wagners. kim and dana here. you're going to see donald trump


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