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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  October 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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breaking news. a bomb threat at legoland in florida forcing the entire park and hotel to be evacuated. police working to figure out if the threat is in fact legitimate. right now they're wanting to make sure everyone is safe. that's first and foremost. of course the priority. we're definitely following this developing story. as more comes out we'll bring it to you throughout the newscast. >> michelle: here at home. henderson police say they believe the man involved in an officer involved shooting that suspect in this car jacking that we've been telling you about. >> krystal: yeah. the brazen crime captured on surveillance video. our kyndell nunley is live near the 215, north 215,, i should say, and hualapai. making this connection, police say this man may also be tied to other robberies. >> kyndell: that is correct. police, metropolitan police department told us today they believe the man that was shot and killed out here today at 215
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entire valley. i did reach out to the henderson police department who have told us as this investigation is on going they believe the man shot and killed here today is this man. we'll show you his photo. he is linked to a car jacking story that we brought you earlier this week. as you might remember, the suspect was caught on the victim's home surveillance victim where she was seen throwing her keys and running after the suspect moments before he stole her car from her driveway. as standard protocol with officers metro will not release any additional information for an expected 72 hours. but they did tell us a car matching the description of the one involved in a number of robberies was spotted near las vegas boulevard and sahara late last night. that car, a nissan rogue, was the same make and model of the car car jacked from that henderson neighborhood. the pursuit began until officers used stop sticks to deflate the
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leading them here to the valley on to the 215. that man was shot and killed by officers after they say he confronted them with a handgun. again, this suspect was described as a white male in his 40s. and police do believe he is connected to over a dozen robberies throughout the entire valley. >> these are all connected to the robberies in henderson at least. >> at this point we're confident that he was involved in those 14 robberies. >> kyndell: the suspect was pronounced dead out here at the scene. police officers were not injured in neither the pursuit or the officer-involved shooting. this actually marks the seventh time that a police officer has killed a suspect in metro jurisdiction to mark in 2016. northwest las vegas, kyndell nunley, back to you two. >> krystal: authorities say a man killed this morning after being shot multiple times in the chest at a gas station.
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the incident started when an argument escalated in a fist fight near the gas pump outside of that terrible herbst. during the fight a third man walked up and shot the victim. both suspects fled in a gray four-door sedan. police are searching for suspects. police say the quick escalation of this violence and markings on the victim have led them to believe that this could be gang-related. >> michelle: a man who legally changed his name to pirate was today after he was e tra dieted from -- extradited from alaska to las vegas. he is facing charges in sexual assault in a case that dates back to 2004. they say a woman was beaten and raped in that case. pirate who was formerly known as daniel sul avich had -- sell avich had been facing similar charges in alaska but the charges were dropped because the victim in this case passed away. people who know pirate in alaska told news 3 over the phone
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pirate was brought to las vegas a few days ago. >> krystal: now to the special session. our jeff gillan has been there since the beginning. the state ablembly, we're learning, has given the green light to the clark county commission to put more police on the street. >> michelle: the so-called more cops bill, one of the major items under discussion at the special session happening in carson city. let's go to jeff gillan this afternoon. what's the latest from carson city? >> reporter: it's an michelle. good to see both of you. welcome everybody to the capitol. we are in day four of the special session. there are three major bills they are dealing with up here. this morning. action on one of them. this one would enable the clark county commission as you mentioned to boost the sales tax a tenth of a percent to hire about 300 more police officers. the measure had support and opposition in the state assembly. supporters said their constituents want more police
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opponents said the sales tax keeps creeping up and this whole issue, they said, should be talked about in the regular session starting in february. in the end, it passed 35-seven. as violent crime rises sheriff joe lombardo tells me this helps. >> you are seeing those similar increases across the nation. and how do we address that? i've always said more cops make a difference. and we address it with that officers. so you can respond in a timely matter. you can spend time conducting an investigation. >> reporter: and that is the sheriff this morning. the more cops bill heads to the state senate. which convenes by the way at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. the main event is going on right now, right behind me in the state assembly. it is taking up the bill the
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build that stadium and to expand the convention center. that's really the center piece of this entire special session. the assembly, the folks in the assembly are hoping to have a vote sometime tonight. live at the capitol, jeff gillan, news 3. back to you. >> michelle: thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage of this week's special session. jeff is going to stay in carson city until everything wraps up. you can find the latest on and also on our several, various social media platforms. >> krystal: we're not only the authority when it comes to all things politics but we also are your weather authority. that's where our kelly curran comes into the conversation. hey there kelly. >> kelly: hey guys! things have been very quiet this week and we're expecting more of the same today. started out tons of sunshine. south east career and technical academy camera. more clouds started to filter in. very similar conditions to the last several days. and temperatures still above
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degrees. winds calm not going to be an issue for us. alexander dawson school coming in at 80 currently. again, winds light, not much of a problem for us this afternoon. highs will top out in the upper 80s before starting to head downward as we get into the overnight hours. the big issue is the winds. those are coming tomorrow. we're going talk more about those coming up in a few minutes. >> krystal: thank you. appreciate it. two police officers recovering in the hospital today after the w shootout in boston. >> michelle: we have nbc's tammy leitner with more on that story. >> reporter: police responded to this boston neighborhood last night after two roommates got into an argument. one was wearing a ballistic vests and had an assault weapon. he opened fire on police. the big question today is why. this morning two police officers struggling to survive. one of them shot multiple time
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turned gunfight in a boston neighborhood late wednesday. >> we need all cars to respond. we have a 303. >> reporter: police say two roommates were having an argument when one of the men pulled out a gun. when police arrived, the armed man began shooting at them and they returned fire. two officers seriously wounded in the exchange. authorities locked down the neighborhood until s.w.a.t. officers shot and killed the suspect. >> they were able to neutralize the subject who was armed with some sort of assault rifle who also had on a ballistics vest. >> there was a lot of gun shots. a bunch of police coming. s.w.a.t. teams, the dogs. >> reporter: one of the officers has 28 years on the police force and the second
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one of those officers went into surgery early this morning. both are in extremely critical condition. tammy leitner, nbc news, boston. >> krystal: the world's longest reigning monarch has passed away. >> michelle: coming up what the palace is saying about the king of thailand's death. >> krystal: a man suing a school district for allegedly violating the american disabilities act. why the school says the >> michelle: and we're going fill you in on the golf classic to benefit henry's place foundation. that's next weekend. we're going tell what you it's all about.
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>> krystal: thailand's king who is the world's longest reigning monarch died in the hospital today. we brought you this as breaking news on news 3 today. the palace not giving a reason for his death but he was sick for quite sometime. he was 88 years old. he was going to be 89 in a couple months. we heard that he died peacefully at the hospital surrounded by his family. hison the 63-year-old prince is expected to become new king. vice president joe biden is coming to town today campaigning for hillary clinton and catherine cortez-masto. he is speaking at the culinary union headquarters right here in las vegas. make sure to tune in "news 3 live at 12:30" for an update on his visit. our sergio avila is traveling with him. >> michelle: at least four women have come forward claiming donald trump touched them or kissed them inappropriately.
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contestants from around the country have come forward saying that he walked in on them as they were dressing. one of the claims comes from a former miss utah who says in 1997 trump kissed her on the lips without consent. trump is denying all of these allegations. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and false. >> michelle: donald trump also says he might sue all of those people making allegations. >> krystal: first lady michelle obama responding to trump's comments and these allegations that he made in an access hollywood video from 2005 in which he referred to it during the debate, the last one, as locker room talk. here is what she had to say. >> this was not just a lewd conversation. this wasn't just "looker room banter."
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speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. >> krystal: and the first lady is in new hampshire today campaigning for hillary clinton. >> michelle: a blind mother is suing atlanta public schools after the school district refused to provide transportation for her children, according to the mother. the family lives within the elementary school's walk zone which is about 1.5 miles away from the school. provided transportation unless they have a disability that would hinder them from walking. in her suit the single mother accuses the school district of violating the americans with disabilities act. but the school district says the act does not extend to the children of people who have disabilities. the mother and her lawyers are asking for the judge to grant them immediate transportation. >> these are kids new to this
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>> michelle: according to the mother the students only attended the first week because their dad who does not live with them was able to take work off to get them to school. remember she is blind so that's why she is not able to walk them to school. after that happened and dad had to go back they stopped going to school. in all the three students have missed more than nine weeks of school. >> krystal: a story i'd like to follow. we'll keep you posted. we're going to switch gears and we are headed outside with our outside for lunch. >> michelle: it's officially the weather where it's sweater weather in the morning and by the afternoon you are sweating. >> kelly: layers are key right now. because it is. it's t-shirt weather in the afternoon. that's what we're dealing with outside right now. here's a live look outside. this is the o'callaghan middle school camera. we do have a few clouds. very similar to what we've seen last couple days. we started out with a ton of sunshine, clouds rolling in around the noon hour.
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downtown 85 degrees. el dorado at 83. spring valley, you are coming in at 85. same in henderson. 85 degrees right now. winds nice and light. not an issue for us all across the las vegas valley. this will change though by this time tomorrow. here's why. big system moving its way in. the pacific northwest seeing all that rain in parts of washington, oregon, into northern california as well. even northern parts of our state. we're starting to see some of the clouds right now. we are going to see tomorrow. and some very strong winds. along with dry air. that creates heightened fire danger. we do have a fire weather watch for all the areas shaded in tan. that includes las vegas, most of clark county and parts of lincoln county. this starts tomorrow morning at about 11:00 a.m. and goes through 11:00 p.m. again, dealing with heightened fire danger because of dry conditions and strong winds. that also of course means your garbage can wants to take a walk
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to fly away. that is something we'll continue to monitor heading into tomorrow. today really a nice day. it is still above average. layering is key this time of year. mostly sunny skies. we're going to see a high today around 87. winds staying pretty light. under ten miles an hour. tonight we'll start to see a few more clouds building in. winds will pick up a little bit. about five to 15 miles per hour. the low going down to 65 degrees. you are still going to want a sweater in the morning. tomorrow's high actually 89 degrees. those winds out of the south. very breezy conditions. the winds are not going to go away. we've got a couple of systems coming. temperatures will cool down a little bit starting next week getting into the low 80s. but really still above normal. normal for this time of year is 82. >> michelle: thank you. one electronics giant headquarters based out of
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the company, i should say, you neek way of making the workplace feel more like home. i think you would really like this. here is spencer burke with the story. >> do you love going to crutchfield? >> reporter: a ruff day at the office takes on a whole new meaning. >> do you like people? >> you love people. >> reporter: when your furry companion is right your side. bringing your dog to work is headquarters. and a wonderful place for the dogs to run around in the newly built pet park out back. >> we love our employees and we do everything we can to make this a wonderful place to work. >> reporter: believe it or not, not all employees were fond at first of the company's dog friendly policy. >> just the concept was sort of non-business like to me, right.
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>> this is fantastic. she's got a little space there. she used to sit on the couch. but the couch is for people. her bed is for her. >> reporter: no need to ask some of the dogs names. their crutchfield i.d. bangs will tell you that. the pets even attend meetings. having them at work helps to boost morale. >> just seeing dogs makes you happy. >> yes. good boy. >> krystal: they have employee id's. it's proven fact that animals, you know, make people calm. kind of help with anxiety. that's why they have service animals that you can go and pet. they bring them to places devastated. it is a great idea. >> krystal: they're very therapeutic. >> michelle: speaking of pets, we know you love your pets so much that we're going back to this one. news 3. this is our hashtag for the day. we just couldn't get enough of
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>> michelle: prize in literature. according to a citation by the swedish academy dylan won for having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. the 75-year-old is the first american to win the prize since novelist tony morrison won in 1993. he is scheduled to receive his award in sweden on december 10th. >> krystal: we know you love
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say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> michelle: on "news 3 live at 12:30," visit to the valley. vice president joe biden in town today campaigning for hillary clinton and catherine cortez-masto. we're live from the culinary union headquarters where this is taking place. >> krystal: saying goodbye. a north las vegas firefighter
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after responding to a bad fire at a local strip mall. we're live from his memorial in moments. honoring a hero. >> michelle: henry's place foundation hosting its tenth annual charity golf classic next weekend to remember a las vegas metro sergeant who risked his own life to help a victim in need. we're going to have more on need. we're going to have more on that. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company thank you for joining us. a north las vegas firefighter being laid to rest today. >> krystal: he died after responding to a really bad fire at a local strip mall. craig fiegener is live at craig ranch regional park where they're honoring this firefighter. craig, have things gotten underway? >> craig: they have. this service for yaphet miller, that's the firefighter's name, it started at 11:45 a.m. and it continues right now. the people who are designated to


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