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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this friday, october 14. welcome in. >> kim: and we have a lot of news again this morning. that is great since we are a news organization. a lot of locals playing into it too. bryce harper and his nationals not moving on in the playoffs. dodgers got there. there are hiccups in the votes. >> kim: first, we're the wagners, kim and dana here. we're going to bring kelly curran into the discussion. dana is taking me up to washington state this weekend for a game.
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they are definitely looking for brutal weather in weekend. we're going to feel some of the effects of that too. we've had quiet weather for the last couple of days but that storm is going to bring gusty winds to our area and quite a few clouds. today partly sunny skies, 85 by noon. 90 is our high today. we're going to talk more about the winds and red flag warning coming up. >> dana: the state stretched 17 hours still has not decided whether to support an nfl stadium in southern nevada. a late hiccup over transportation didn't help. jeff is there and filed this report. >> yes, it is morn approximating. a day that began at 8:00 a.m. thursday continued until just a few hours ago in the discussion whether public money should be
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12:15 friday morning testifying is the state's top transportation official called from home to bat down a report that said a proposed stadium would cost nevada 900 million additional dollars. not so. >> we're not asking for any additional revenue at the department to deliver any of these projects. >> projects were already in the pipeline. still it made stadium and a billionaire asking for 750 million in public funding. transportation may not add costs but a stadium could pose other projects. >> there are projects that are going to be delayed by a couple of years. >> thursday was full of testimony by supporters who say it provides jobs and other things that are important.
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addleson's baby, the raiders may call it home. the discussion picks back up in a couple of hours. >> dana: supposed to be in session at 9:00 this morning. another problem we're hearing is they only have 27 votes in the assembly right now and they need 28. if they can't get to 28 they may punt altogether and leave it up to the clark county commission to decide. they are talking about bringing up the education savings account if they do that it could force some of the democrats to vote in the affirmative to get it through. we have jeff in carson city for as long as this thing goes on so we have up to the minute coverage here on channel 3 and on >> kim: we have a breaking news update to share and it has to do with the man that was suspected in that carjacking in henderson from monday of this week. turns out he was the one who
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car chase that ended there on the 215 yesterday morning. as a result that section of road was closed down for most of the morning yesterday. let me take you back to where it started. metro first spotted the stolen car monday night near the stratosphere and that was last night. they had a chase that took them on to the northern beltway. officers say that driver did show a gun forcing them to fire. the man who was killed, we think we're looking atat is believed to be behind 14 robberies of businesses in henderson and las vegas. detectives say the man robbed two dairy queens and some restaurants. and that is just getting started. he was really on a tear according to local police. that woman who lives in the neighborhood where the carjacking happened, we heard from her this week. she said she's just glad he
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robberies on top of taking her car from her. bye. >> kim: that is what the neighbor is saying this morning. the man who was accused in the carjacking and who apparently lost his life on the beltway, his name has not been released. this is metro's seventh shooting this year. >> dana: there has been an uproar over police shootings. it's country. there is no way to track exactly how many there are. federal government is trying to change that. local law enforcement agencies are not required to report those numbers to the department of justice. justice department announced a program that will change that around. the hope being that statistics on how many shootings there and who the victims are will allow authorities to make changes. >> we need to know race, age,
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also to try and look at whether those issues are recurring on a repeated basis that would focus on training issues. >> dana: this program scheduled to begin early next year. >> kim: we focus on decision 2016. we are seeing raw emotion on the campaign trail. not only from donald trump who is in full defense mode over the allegations of sexual misconduct but also president obama and michelle obama, the first lad other day. >> enough is enough. this has got to stop right now. >> hillary clinton's most powerful voice in disbelief over donald trump's words about women. i can't stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core. it is cruel. it's frightening.
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airing later today. >> the speech that she gave i think put into words what so many people are feeling. and not just women and girls, men and boys. >> president obama blames republicans for acting too late. >> don't act like this started with donald trump. he did take it to a whole new level, i got to give him credit. but he didn't comeut >> trump fighting fire with fire denying accusations by five women unverified by nbc. >> i never met these people. i don't know who they are. they made up stories right before the election. >> this is a conspiracy against you the american people. >> new polls show trump down
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focused on to win. >> dana: we'll talk to tracy live in a couple of hours from now. meanwhile, a heckler created trouble while the vice president of the united states was speaking here in las vegas yesterday. >> bill clip stein rapist. bill clinton is a rapist. >> dana: that man disrupting biden'spe clinton. there is a website offering to pay people to yell that at her rallies if it gets on tv. >> kim: now we know the motivation, there is money on the line.
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is tearing it up in wine country. scott set a record and we'll tell you what it is. >> dana: getting up early can have advantages. this is amazing. where did this happen? what are we looking at here?
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two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto
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>> kim: still to come there is a woman who happens to be a doctor and she says she was discriminated against when she was trying to help out a fellow passenger during a flight. what the flight crew did that has her taking to facebook in response. also bob din by all accounts is wakin u
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>> they are spending tens of millions of federal tax dollars to move an entire indian tribe from a sinking island to a new community to keep the culture together. it's never been done before. we went to see how they are doing it and why. you said the money is coming from the federal government. there can't budgets for something like this. >> believe it or not as is often the case there were billions of dollars left over from super storm sandy that were not spent. they haven't even spent a quarter of the money. instead of giving the money back to the treasury or saving it for the next disaster like matthew. they held a competition for communities to spend it. this is one of the winning projects and they are getting some of that left over money.
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body cams and how those are impacting victims. we'll see that on full measure hoar on channel three. >> speaking of hurricane matthew. right now we have live pictures on your screen. look at all of the flooding they are continuing to deal with. what is so sing about all of this devastation and we ain't seen nothing yet according to some of the experts. the rivers crest today. worst of it. and also tracking nicole which is slamming bermuda at this point. >> dana: we've got a big storm moving north of us. it's going to have impacts for our weather here too. kelly has details on that. >> kelly: we're watching that storm system closely. here at home we're starting to see the clouds and the winds are on the way for this afternoon.
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sunshine, just like it has the last several days the clouds started to roll in. only this time they hung around more during the overnight. we can see that in the temperatures. north las vegas 72,ing henderson 76. a warmer start as you head out to walk the dog or go for the morning run, you are going to notice the. this afternoon it's going to get even you can see that swirl. there are showers moving into seattle, portland, thunderstorms going on in northern california. heavier precipitation there as well. for us it's not going to be the rain, it's going to be clouds and wind. the winds going to get going around the noon hour. we're going to see gusts around 30. when you combine that with the dry air, that leads to heightened fire danger. all the areas colored in pink here that includes the las vegas
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today's high 90. going to be warm but breezy. overnight tonight 68, still dealing with breezy conditions. in fact we're going to be dealing with breezy conditions all weekend long. >> it is 4:48. a man shot and killed after an argument at a gas station on the valley east side. this happened yesterday morning two men fighting near the gas pump when a third guy came up and shot one of them. the other two men left in a dark colored car. this may be gang related. a woman nearby heard at least six shots. >> you can tell. when i looked out it was man down. >> we've seen a fight that goes right to a deadly shooting often
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quickly. >> dana: there is surveillance video that could help here. if you think you know anything call crime stoppers. >> kim: a new zika zone has been declared in south florida. the one mile square zone is located in a residential area of miami dade. you are seeing a map on your screen. officials making the declaration official after five people, three positive for the mosquito bourn virus. locals plan to step up straying in the area. despite zika abatement done two weeks ago, they are still waiting on federal money. it hasn't been sent to the state yet. >> dana: there was a woman out there, a doctor and somebody had a medical episode on a flight from houston. she steps in and tries to help.
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also a doctor on that flight. according to this young physician's facebook post she was discriminated against. she said oh sweety, put your hand down, we're looking for actual physicians or nurses here. they figured out she was a doctor. they apologized and offered her sky miles. she calls it blatant discrimination. whether this was race, age or right. that's the lady right there. she's a dr. delta said it condemns all types of discrimination. >> kim: you discriminated against me. i had one more sentence. you cut me off. a popular cheese steak shop in philly is removing a sign that's been there for years on end but recently it's caused controversy.
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is america, when ordering speak english. the sign put there years ago. the owner spoke passionately about the sign's purpose before he passed away in 2011. his son now has taken over the family business and decided to remove the sign. they released a statement reading it's not about the sign, it's about what you do and what your mark in l i wants to change that mark in life. >> there is a fight between them and another place. each of them say they are the best. check this out. early risers treated to this. looks like a cast 8 floating on a bed of clouds. whether conditions have to be perfect. have you to have enough moisture in the air. this is fog you are looking at. i think this is time lapse photography so you are seeing it move around.
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times a year. >> kim: we have an early heads up of what to expect on today. >> coming up on a friday here on today the obama's hit trump hard over the assault allegations he's facing as trump lashes out at his accusers. we'll have the latest and talk about all of it with governor mike pence. he'll be here live. ahead our team in search of the dirtiest places on your morning commute and they find some and we're ending the work week with a live concert on the plaza as we get started here on a friday morning on today. >> kim: kings of leon on "the today show." bob dillon performing at the cosmopolitan last night hours after the announcement he's going to be awarded the nobel prize for literature. >> dana: some call him a poet, his fans especially.
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doing here. >> we'd love to have bob dillon to win the noble prize in literature but we couldn't get hold of him. there was shock when the swedish academy made the announcement. a week earlier the new republic asked who will win the 2016 nobel prize in literature and their answer was not bob dillon. now he'll have another med toll hang with his the writer tweeting if bob dillon can win the noble prize for literature then i think stephen king should get elected to the rock and roll all of fame. round one, the fight boiled down to the question are lyrics literature. some critics said no riffing on dylan's own zonk. at times they are
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dillon the greatest poet of 20th century, undisputed genius. some worried naming a song writer would open the flood games 2034 noble for literature could go to you never know posting repetitive rihanna lyrics. the british paper the telegraph imagined a noble prize being awarded to donald trump for lyrical tweeting. for rolling stone tweeted they'll stone you when you've won the noble prize. this is the noble prize for literature, not sweden has got talent. >> do you think of yourself as a singer or song writer? >> a prize in literature goes to a man better known for words delivered on the stage than on
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the noble prize for cuteness, they could get it anyway. you are going to see what we're talking about after a jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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>> kim: breaking overnight. nevada lawmakers burning the midnight oil deciding whether a new stadium should be built in las vegas for an nfl team. we have a special correspondent up in carson city. you'll hear from jeff in
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this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> dana: powerful words from the first lady condemning donald trump. what does donald trump have to say in response? you'll hear it coming up. >> kim: doctor discrimination. you are looking at the doctor who took to facebook to say she didn't like how she was treated when she was offering up help to a fellow >> dana: good morning. happy friday. it is 5:00. pictures coming from the beautiful las vegas strip this morning. >> kim: maybe bob dillon is waking up and flicking on the television and seeing us talking about him winning the nobel prize for literature and then performing here in las vegas after the announcement. >> dana: they asked him what do you think about winning the nobel prize.


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