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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  October 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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perfect as people are getting registered to vote. >> michelle: it's a fit friday. trainers from trufusion are here. they're going put us to work and show us what's in store for their new blue diamond location. i'll tell you this much. i see big kettle bells. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you for joining us everybody. after a marathon session, and boy was it ever, the e light for an nfl stadium. but this isn't over yet. because now the bill has to go back to the senate. >> krystal: that's right. with those amendments that the assembly made. our jeff gillan has been doing a terrific job following all this, keeping us posted on social media. thank you jeff from carson city. what do we know now? >> reporter: here's what we know now. here is the headline. it passed the state assembly this morning 28-13.
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that tax hike which is boosting the room tax to a raise 750 million for the stadium and 420 million for the expanded convention center. let's roll some video if we can. this was a back and forth battle here. supporters saying that this vote is absolutely crucial for the economic benefit of southern nevada. opponents saying, wait a minute. this was a rush nevada has far more important things to spend its public tax dollars on. but at the end of the day the supporters of the stadium won. you mentioned that it isn't over yet. what's happening right now is the state senate is about to go back into session. what they're going to do. they're going to look at the amendments that the assembly tacked on and from what i am hearing pretty much mot going to have a problem in the state senate. so as we stand here right now at
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this will actually pass the day. and this thing is a done deal. however, we're up here at the capitol. it's not over until it's over. so put a big asterisk on that. here is why timing is so important today. the nfl has a meeting on october 18th. and lawmakers up here wanted to get this thing out the door so that the nfl could say, look, here is what nevada has done. they have approved this tax hike. to get the mechanics going to potentially allow the las vegas raiders, the oakland raiders to potentially move to las vegas. that stadium real quickly and i apologize if i am all over the place. i didn't get out of here until three this morning. that stadium is backed by billionaire sheldon adelson. also the oakland raiders who say they would like to make las vegas and that stadium their new home.
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this allows the raiders to have in their back pocket some ammo going, look, nevada has stepped up to the plate. now we'd like to get the mechanism going here. we'd like to get the momentum going to allow that move to happen. to bring us from oakland here to las vegas. but i have to tell you folks, i mean, this was a momentous vote. this is the kind of vote that will follow people throughout the rest of their careers. it may propel careers. ita so that's why this was of such great importance today here at the capitol. we're going to walk down to the state assembly right now. we're going check in and see what they've got going on. again, we don't expect too much of a problem. but that's it. we're going run around and get more reaction. bruise feelings -- bruised feelings by some who felt this is the wrong way to go.
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there was a really heavy lobbying pushed by organized labor to make this happen. because in some trades unemployment's 80 percent. so democrats really felt, really a pull here between labor and also their progressive friends who said wait a minute we've got schools. we've got buildings that we need. what are you doing raising $750 million for a stadium? much more coming up on later editions. i'm going to send it back to you. jeff gillan in carson city. >> krystal: remember you c media when he is not on air. stay with news 3 for continued coverage of this week's special session. jeff will be there until everything wraps up. you heard him say he was up till three in the morning. >> michelle: not a lot of sleep. okay. i love these stories. i've actually covered a few of these and they always get me -- you just feel nostalgic. today is a special day for hundreds of men and women who became american citizens here in our valley. >> krystal: we have a big congratulations out to them
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couldn't be better. because now they'll be able to register and cast their vote for the first time. news 3's sergio avila is live from the federal courthouse. sergio, you actually met a man who said he has been waiting for this his whole life. >> reporter: his name is rudy zamora. his family brought him from mexico when he was just about one-and-a-half years old. and he's been waiting for this moment, like you said, his entire life. rudy was among dozens of people today in a crt that oath of citizenship. with that oath of course comes the right to cast a ballot. for zamora the timing couldn't be better. he was getting ready and wanted to register before that deadline to vote which is october 18th. next tuesday. he wants to cast his ballot for this presidential election that's coming up in november. of course all the new citizens were offered the same opportunity to register to vote immediately following the ceremony.
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of that. and he tried to put into words what it means to him to not only be an american citizen but also to be finally able to cast a ballot. >> words for that? it's definitely something that sitting on the bench and taking the oath was definitely something that, that moved me. i'm not an emotional person. bit was definitely in tears. >> repr: this ceremony just one of many that's taking place today. all in all here at the federal courthouse about 200 people will be welcomed as american citizens. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. >> krystal: wonderful day for them. congratulations. >> michelle: a new art installation made by a renowned artist has been unveiled today. >> krystal: and that's where we find our kyndell nunley joining us live from the park by the monte carlo with a look.
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my dear. >> kyndell: good morning. typically when you think of legos you might think of kids. one west coast artist is showing that is quite the different case. this artist has millions of them on hand to make sculptures just like this one. of course we're at the park in between the monte carlo and new york, new york. and this installation is brought to you by the l.a. based artist. his name is nathan. it will be on display until mb fi are set on nine benches. giving the fact they are made out of legos i had to ask, what's the process like making life size human sculptors out of tiny little bricks? each takes up to two to three weeks. i use 20,000 bricks for each sculptor. i am gluing all the bricks
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>> kyndell: since i've been out here all morn and into the afternoon. something funny that is people will come up thinking this will move or there's a person inside of them. we know there are installations around the las vegas strip where people jump out. that is not the case. this is a sculptor that won't jump out at you. come down and have fun. reporting live at the park in las vegas, kyndell nunley. k >> krystal: we're having a little fun in studio. because we are getting in shape with the fit friday. trufusion back in the building. hey guys. fitness director leah traffic and also seth from trufusion. can i say i love your shirt. >> mucho squats. >> i guess we're doing a couple of those today. >> i figure we'd introduce to you the dead lift first.
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how heavy was your checked bag. >> krystal: that's a good point. >> michelle: she carry as suitcase every day. >> this is something that builds your strength. and this is a proper way to kick it up. the nice thing about kettle bell training is [ inaudible ]. it's developing cardio capacity and lean muscle mass. you want that to be like a you get that. >> krystal: kettle bells the key. >> you can do a lot of things. i'd love to set you up with a dead lift. >> krystal: let's do it. >> if you step in front of this. put your elbows on your side. >> krystal: like this? >> yeah. squeeze your butt and stand it up. beautiful. >> krystal: i can feel this all
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you have to keep your abs in right. >> core tight every time. >> krystal: because we're doing mucho squats. >> mucho dead lifts. >> krystal: i really feel this guys. >> we have at least one kettle bell class on the schedule every day if not more. people think of a kettle bell they think of swinging. >> but you can do so much with a kettle bell. >> krystal: now you are swinging. this is the upper body right. >> it's everything. that's the beauty of it's your arms, glutes, hamstrings. it's really a die nalic training method. >> krystal: is this something you do with professionals around or do this at home. >> all of our instructors are qualified to help you. they'll get you set up with the correct way, correct movements and tech fleeks. we're not going to throw you any
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we generally gear it so that the beginners can excel and go on to advanced style. >> michelle: where are your locations? >> our newest location is on blue diamond and decatur. we're anchoring the albertson's parking lot. then we have really exciting events all weekend. tonight and tomorrow morning. we have a down and dirty live with the dj which is a barefoot boot camp. we have soulful sunday. and all the proceeds are going to the american cancer so free classes with a suggested donation of $5. >> krystal: thank you trufusion. >> michelle: good job on your mucho squats. >> krystal: i do what i can. >> michelle: we have a lot more to come. we're talking about music legend bob dylan winning the nobel prize for literature. kind of surprising to a lot of folks. jeanne moos explains why some people were so upset with the announcement. >> michelle: today is forever home friday. the animal foundation is going
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that needs a home. that's our favorite segment. the week. we look forward to it all week long don't we kelly. >> kelly: we sure do. we can't wait to see what's coming in to visit us today. outside we are concerned about the winds increasing. heightened fire danger and blowing dust this weekend. heightened fire danger and blowing dust this weekend. we're going to break it down for how tall are you? heightened fire danger and bhow do we measure greatness in we're goingamerica? it down for the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own.
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for nevada families, it's personal. catherine cortez masto will expand clean energy solar jobs. catherine cortez masto will fight for nevada families. edf action and lcv victory fund are responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve thisis message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes
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d, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck. wrong for nevada. >> kelly: it is 12:45. thanks for staying with us. this is mount charleston lodge. trees swaying. we've had gusts reported up to 40 miles per hour up on mount charleston so far today. we're going to continue to see these gusty winds over the next several hours. throughout most of the weekend. here's a look at the temperatures outside. which are actually above normal. pahrump and sandy valley coming in at 88. mesquite at 90. laughlin coming in at 93. it's warm in the las vegas valley. winds out of the south. pushing in warmer air.
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rise a whole lot more for the rest of this afternoon. i think we'll get more clouds in. we're also dealing with wind gusts. right now centennial reporting gusts to about 28 miles an hour. paradise 31 miles per hour gusts reported. we can see gusts today up to 35 miles per hour. why? we've got not one but two storm systems moving into the pacific northwest. here's the first one. very windy conditions. heavy rain in the seattle area. seeing rain around portland as well. down rainfall especially in the local mountains. closer to home? most of the rain is staying to our north. we're going see clouds from them we're going to be dealing with windy conditions. because of that we have a red-flag warning. or a fire weather warning. humidity is very low. dry conditions combined with gusty winds creates a higher fire hazard. that's for clark county and parts of lincoln county. everybody shaded in this pink. that includes the las vegas
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fire danger we're dealing with blowing dust. that's for saturday and sunday. air quality advisory has been issued by clark county for higher levels of dust. now highs today. indian springs 85 degrees. laughlin at 94. gonna be a warm one. boulder city down to 67 tonight. today's high in las vegas 90. but breezy conditions through the weekend into monday. cooler temperatures on monday though. a high of 83. >> krystal: it is time now for trending. and quite a few eyebrows raised when bob dylan won the nobel prize for literature. we're showing the cosmopolitan because this is where he was last night. >> michelle: and didn't say a word about winning this humongous prize. jeanne moos reports on why some people are throwing the book at this idea. here is more. >> reporter: we'd love to ask bob dylan
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to win the nobel prize in literature but we couldn't get hold of them. there was shock when the sweden academy made the announcement. >> bob dylan. >> reporter: a week earlier the new republic asked: who will win the 2016 nobel prize in literature? and the answer was: not bob dylan. now he'll have another medal to hang with his medal of freedom. the news left writer jason winter tweeting... if bob dylan can win the nobri elected to the rock 'n roll hall of fame. round one. the fight boiled down to the question: are lyrics literature? some critics said no. ? the times they are changing ? the times they are a ending wrote one journalist. to which someone replied... delete your account, dylan the
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writer would open the flood gates. so 2034 nobel for literature could go to, never know, posting repetitive rihanna lyrics ? work work work work ? the british paper the telegraph imagined a nobel prize being awarded to donald trump for lyrical tweeting. in defense of dylan, a writer for rolling stone tweeted... they'll stone you when you've won the nobel prize. but the is the nobel prize for literature not sweden's got talent. >> do you think of yourself as a singer or poet. >> i think of myself as a song and dance man. >> reporter: the prize in literature goes to a man better known for words delivered on the stage than on the page. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> krystal: we would love for
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we have twitter handles. we're also on instagram. and, boy, are we excited about our next little guest. >> michelle: taco! that's his name. and he's the cutest little chihuahua i have ever seen. we're going get a close shot. he knows how to work the camera. so we have the animal foundation here today. brenda you are back. happy to have you back. what do you know about this taco boy. >> taco was found as a stray he is about three years old. he is a tiny little dog. he is just about four pounds. a lap dog, purse dog. he is adorable. super mellow and calm. hasn't said a whole peep in the hour i've been with him. just waiting for a forever home. >> michelle: he is not a yappy dog? >> not that we've seen. pretty sure once he gets comfortable he will start defending his territory. >> michelle: can we just point out his coloring. i love his coloring.
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like a brown then he has -- look at him. so cute. seriously he is so sweet. he goes up to everybody and gives you licks and kisses. we were just talking about the dogs that have been adopted through this -- through our forever home segment which we're so proud of because we've been able to help so many dogs that need home as new family. they go fast. if somebody is interested -- i have a feeling there is going to be more than one person. >> they need to hurry back to the animal foundation. don't even bother calling. sometimes if they're really cute they're waiting for me by the time i get back. the dogs we feature here don't last past the weekend. >> michelle: all right. taco good luck to you. i hope you find somebody with the perfect purse for you. okay. thanks brenda. we'll be back. >> tom: thanks to everyone who took part in tom's trivia
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players was the highest draft pick out of unlv is... who was the 31st pick in the second round. he played three years for the cincinnati bengals and became famous for his icky shuffle end zone dance. two people chosen from each winning entry win a pair of tickets to the barrett-jackson car auction. thanks forr watatch jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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>> kelly: we're looking at partly sunny skies. winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. heightened fire danger. please keep that in mind especially if you are camping. we've got breezy conditions throughout the weekend. air quality advisories in place for saturday and sunday in clark county because of probably a better weekend to just have some indoor time. go see a movie or better yet cuddle time. it is cuddle time with this adorable puppy. >> krystal: with taco. >> michelle: he is so cute. i love him. >> krystal: you need to take him home. >> michelle: look at him. look at that. you are going to go fast taco.
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>> kelly: he is only four pounds. he is half a dog. >> krystal: you can deal with that. [ laughter ] >> michelle: adorable. >> krystal: you keep cuddle k and i'll read. here is what we're working on. changes coming to the way passport photos are take. what you won't be joe heck's and donald trump's views on women are disturbing. heck voted to defund planned parenthood 10 times. he was even willing to shut down the government over it. and they both outlaw abortion. e some form of punishment." while heck co-sponsored legislation to criminalize abortion, even in cases of rape. donald trump and joe heck are not for you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no.
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i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. jim childs: one of the ways criminals avoid background checks is by going online and connecting with strangers to buy guns. as someone in law enforcememen, i think that's dangerous. millions of guns are sold through websites like this,
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why don't we require them online? a few clicks of the mouse, now a bad guy is armed - and potentially dangerous. and that's a threat to all of us. narrator vo: yes on question 1 he's divisive and dangerous. "uh, i don't know what i said. uh... i don't remember." but congressman hardy supports trump 100% and said he'll do whatever trump wants him to do. and that seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government. donald trump and congressman hardy -- divisive and dangerous.
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>> steve: kayla! kayla! >> kayla: oh, my god. >> steve: kayla. >> kayla: my god, you're all right. are you okay? i'm okay. >> steve: i'm fine. how are you? >> kayla: i'm okay, i'm okay. i'm good. how many explosions have there been out there? >> steve: i have no idea. >> kayla: [exhales sharply] oh, my god, i've got my mom hunkered down in her bedroom up there. >> steveod >> kayla: she took off. she went to look for john. they're gonna go where they're needed. i'm--i'm--i'm just about to go to the hospital. >> steve: okay. >> kayla: you know, so--nothing happened with orpheus? >> steve: well, john and i showed up. he obviously never intended to. >> kayla: yeah, because he had already placed bombs all over town. >> steve: that son of a bitch. >> kayla: where's joey? >> steve: joe's at the hospital. he promised he would stay there with the kids and keep 'em safe. >> kayla: yeah, safe. i hope so. >> steve: come on. we gotta go, honey. >> kayla: i hope so. >> joey: god, this sucks.


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