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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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inside and the roads you'll want to avoid over the next couple of days. >> kim: new images from last week's deadly police officer officer involved shooting here on a busy thorough fair. why police say they had no other choice but to >> dana: it is 6:00 on this terrific tuesday october 18. live pictures of the thomas and mack center. >> kim: rebels. rebels. >> dana: not tomorrow. >> kim: definitely not tomorrow night. they are calling it fight night. it's going to be in our own backyard live from the thomas and mack. hillary clinton and donald trump will meet for the final time before you go and vote. this morning we have a live
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>> dana: election day three weeks from today. today is the last day to register to vote if you are not already registered. jesse jackson will be live in studio with us coming up in a bit. >> kim: before we get to all of that. let's do team traffic and weather together. kelly has your forecast but we begin with a bird's eye view with tom and sky >> tom: people are getting the roadways ready. this is a project that's been going on for a while. the immediate impact is here , the rap from martin luther king boulevard closed. has been for several weeks this. will be through mid november. there are more of these coming on the way. so far we haven't seen anything in terms of accidents as we continue with jeff.
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95 southbound as you approach 93. travel times looking good. 15 southbound clear. 7 minutes from the bowl to tropicana. another update in 10 minutes. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door temperatures on the cool side, upper 50's, low 60's out there. this afternoon temperatures pretty comfortable. slightly above normal. 82 is our the sun goes down at 6:00 on the dot today. the days getting shorter and shorter. we'll have a look at your complete forecast in about 10 minutes. >> kim: we have a breaking news update. there was a suspect in a standoff with local police. and this morning we are able to report he surrendered to police after barricading himself in the home that he shared with his
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veneer flamingo and boulder highway. this person got into an argument with his dad. grabbed a gas can and doused himself and the home and turned on the gas inside the home. when officers arrived a neighbor helped them shut the gas off to that home. the suspect finally venderring to police shortly before midnight. the suspect's father was not hurt. neighbors and officers were not injured in this. we'll get more information coming upn >> dana: the anticipation building for the third and final presidential debate. it will be held at the thomas and mack center. that's where we find kendall joining us from the scene this morning. have we seen an influx in the national media yet? >> i think they might be still asleep. it is pretty quiet out here this morning. as members of the media continue to wake up with us from across
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quite different in a matter of hours. security is tight. you won't be able to drive in without a security pass. we have you covered when it comes to the look behind the scenes. you'll see as we turn the cameras around. this is where the majority of the news crews will be hosted. over towards the front of the building red, white and blue the main colors. after months of earliest mats from the university officials hit around $85 million in free advertisement because of all the media coverage. if you are going to be driving around this side of town over the next three days you might run into road closures specifically between 4:00 and 10:00 tomorrow on debate day.
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time if you are traveling on that day. >> few hours in advance of your scheduled departure. not knowing how your transit through town may treat you, add another 30-60 minutes to that. >> the list of closures are on if this debate proves to be anything like the first two, they saved the best >> kim: as you are telling the story about the debate, this is what we call storyteller where you hop on social media whether it's facebook, twitter or instagram, anything you want to share us or pictures, you # it news 3lv debate and it aseemables it on one page. we are your local political station when it comes to decision 2016.
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the debate is headed your way at 6:00 tomorrow night. >> dana: the president of the united states not expected in town for the debate tomorrow but he will be here this weekend in las vegas campaigning for clinton on sunday and katherine cortez who is running for u.s. senate seat. right now the white house has not told us exactly when and where the president will be speaking but once we get that we'll pass it along to our breaking news desk and krystal allen. >> krystal: we are still talking about the two candidates and right now if the election were held today according to a new nbc survey monkey poll, clinton would beat out trump 32-41% but the numbers are much tighter in battleground states like here in nevada. according to the latest cnn poll
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obviously you can see really tight in these battleground states. that's why nevada matters. remind tore voters out there today is the last day for you to register to vote f. you want your voice heard, you need to register by today. >> kim: a developing story of a completely different sort. many of you watched this play out on this very program live anded the to do with a man accused in a string of robberies, his life ending there. new this morning check it out. >> images from the scene on the 215 as this all played out. metro chasing the 50-year-old man from the stratosphere to the 215. this was wednesday of last week. they tell us when wilson pointed
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pointing at them, turned out to be a spray nozzle, something you'd put on a hose and use in your yard. officers saw that and fired off 36 rounds. they found a cash drawer stolen from one of the places they had a feeling he was connected to whenned the to do with a local robbery. they found a narcotics pipe and the word sorry on the dash that was written in >> dana: happening today the man accused of shooting at people here in the valley on the 15 expected in court for the first time. 29-year-old kenneth mcdonald facing murder charges. authorities say he shot a man and his wife in their car on saturday. family members identified the woman killed as tracy don hugh. she and her husband heading to
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shooting at them on the freeway. she was hit in the neck and later died. the couple shot at because they were in an old style police looking car. they think the suspect may have been firing on them because he thought they were police. the suspect is going to be in court this morning. we're going to find out the exact charges against him in a few hours from now. >> kim: he is a young assistant football coach here in town accused of bad behavior with a young student. this teacher has been arrested. he's only 21 years. according to the arrest report he's accused of sexual misconduct, lewdness with a child under the age of 16. from what we've heard from the police report and the reporting from the girl's family this coach met the young woman during the summer when she was helping out with the team. he was driving with her to go to the sister's house to pick up something related to the
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she claims it was done purposely. he claims they were joking around and if something like that happened it was accidental in nature. police continue to investigate this one. >> dana: firefighters continue to monitor a piled fire on mt. charleston. they are calling at this time october fire. it is flamed up not far from mary jane falls. this is a popular hike area. very hard to fight. 27 acres right now. 65 persian contained. no homes are being threatened. this one in utah about 1,000 acres have been scorched. this is about a two and a half hour drive northeast of las vegas. they are calling this the hicks creek fire. three homes have been evacuated. the fire is believed to have started after a controlled burn on sunday.
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we have a breaking news event going on. you see a ton of women dressed in black. this is a group of women led by survivors of sexual assault. they have formed human walls just outside of donald trump's campaign offices and they say they are going to do this from coast to coast in front of any building bearing donald trump's name. they are calling for women to reject the republican nominee and the republican party more broa a would like to see the g.o.p. members withdraw their endorsement of donald trump. as this continues to play out in new york city, if you are a local you know that donald trump has a building here in las vegas and we will be monitoring that building to see if this demonstration pops up here locally. right now you are seeing it play out in the heart of new york city in front of trump tower. also still to come this morning
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completelyly disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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>> kim: richard has been doing terrific reporting. iraqi forces have infringed heavy losses on isis. two years ago they took over this city in iraq. iraqi forces have been doing great work and this is a u.s. led coalition. the operation is expected to take weeks, possibly even months. the operation in biggest city is one they've been trying to get to for some time. i saw rooterring on this yesterday. they decided to go in now and they are having success. there is a pause as we said and we will take you live to the front lines once those pictures come back up on the satellite. >> dana: hundreds of people came out for the vigil for treenty
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and killed in kentucky over the weekend. her father thanking the crowd for their >> kim: this is just off the coast of virginia where an unmanned rocket blasted off. this happened last night. it's the first flight since that launch explosion two years ago and it damaged the launch pad. the rocket's capsule is loaded
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equipment, food and research material for the international space station. nasa officials saying the 14 story tall rocket launch was delayed five minutes to resolve a minor glitch with the rocket. the capsule is expected to reach the space station by sunday. >> dana: tom is part of team traffic up in sky 3. >> tom: out over henderson we are above lake mead the boulder highway. we came for a reported accident. and we found it just the one vehicle here looks like it ran into some sort of issue heading south on the 95 just as you make the turn off to the 93. traffic can eager continue toward boulder city or search light. that one is not a major factor.
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jeff. >> jerry: we're looking at the traffic ahead forecast. currently 7 minutes so it's running slow. around 8:00 you are looking at a five minute commute. join the waze team. download it from the app store or google play. you can give us updates with your commute, just don't do it while you are driving. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out looking at cool temperatures out there. this is a time lapse from yesterday. lake mead parkway, watch how much this camera shakes to get things started. everything really quieting down as we got into the afternoon and evening. highs yesterday in the low 80's, similar conditions expected today. er you are going to want a jacket to start things out. north las vegas 60, green valley
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jog this morning but you don't have to contend with the winds today. calm in many lockes. we have showers and clouds across parts of washington and oregon. here at home sunny skies is what we expect today. will is wind on the way for tomorrow. fire weather watch issued along the colorado river valley. that's the area shaded in tan. we will see some breezes but not nearly what we saw over the weekend. sunny skies, n tonight the winds increase 5-15 miles per hour. low around 61. our seven-day forecast is showing warming trend as we head toward the weekend. 88 by saturday with a chance of showers monday. >> kim: billy bush will no long area peer on "the today show." nbc news made this official overnight he has been let go because of what you are seeing on your screen. he was caught on camera with donald trump and they had a
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he's laughing at donald trump at some point and donald trump talking about doing whatever he pleases to women. billy bush is 44 years old and is embarrassed and ashamed and thanks his family and colleagues for support. in a statement he reserved released i'm grateful for the conversations i've had with my daughters and for all the support from family, friends and colleagues. i look forward to what lies ahead. he spent 15 years at today show only two months ago. matt lauer addresses this this morning on today. you are about to see a close call for a police officer. it's all caught on camera. this officer is going to be ok. what led up to this event we have headed your way after the break. >> dana: he was with martin luther king , jr. when he was shot to death. he ran for president of the
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thousands of nevadans go to work every day producing clean solar energy. but when congressman joe heck goes to work, he puts their jobs at risk. voting against nevada solar. and for billions in oil company tax breaks. while oil billionaires spend millions to elect heck. he's representing the interests of big oil. joe heck is not working for nevada, he's not working for our families, and he's not working for me.
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>> tom: we have a report of an accident. we are on the way there right now. still a little ways off. just a moment. let's check weather kelly. >> kelly: temperatures on the cool side. at least the winds aren't howling. pahrump 54, mesquite 59. as we get into the afternoon temperatures in the low 80's. upper 80's this weekend. i'll have more in 10 minutes. >> kim: this person has a guardian angel this. officer and she sees it coming.
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patrol car wiped out. >> dana: she wasn't hurt. that's the good news. that's the dash cam video. she's ok. the guy in the truck that hit her cruiser suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >> kim: this is "the voice" that played out in prime time last night. if you want to see battle rounds check this out. >> dana: miley cyrus had to pick one of the singers
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and congressman hardy said he suppororted trump 10. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. and ruben kihuen will protect our right to make our own health decisions. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. right now, get the centurylink prism tv essential package for just 75 dollars a month. you'll get over 150 channels, with tons of pro and college sports... local and national news... reality and drama shows... hit hollywood movies... and tons of hd channels. plus interactive features, like a huge on-demand library, whole-home dvr, a wireless set-top box, and prism on the go, for watching tv on your time. you'll also get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet
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>> dana: breaking news update. an hours long standoff is over in the valley. we had a man dousing himself with gasoline in our valley. we're going to talk live with craig and find out what is happening from the scene as we speak. >> kim: preparations under way. we're taking you live to the thomas and mack this morning where they are getting everything ready for the big
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talk about what to expect. >> dana: deadline approaching. jesse jackson was with martin luther king the day he died. he ran for president of the united states and he's going to talk about something you got to do today or you are going to be out of luck. welcome in. we start with breaking >> kim: president obama is welcoming the italian prime minister for the final time before he leaves the white house. and they have a big steak dinner tonight. that's the last time that will happen with the obama family at the white house. gwen stefani is going to be part of the entertainment.
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>> dana: the italian flag waiving in the background behind the president of the united states. traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we start with tom up in sky 3. >> tom: we've been chasing down reported accidents and if we get there and the location has no accident, even though it was reported, we like that. that means it's good news for you. the latest one reported at tropicana and decatur. for this and i don't see anything blocking travel lanes at this time. anything that was here has moved on. good news as we continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we are get reports of an accident near charleston and martin luther king boulevard. we are seeing slowing on 15 southbound but that is typical around this time. 215 northbound to 95 southbound are in the green.
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>> kelly: there is a little bit of a chill in the air stepping out this morning. but this afternoon temperatures expected to be above average again. 78 by noon today, 82 at 3:00 is our expected high. winds light today. might be dealing with breezes again tomorrow. we're going to talk more about that in 10 minutes. >> kim: we have a breaking news update. if you were up late last night you saw this playing out live on our 11:00 news. we are talking about a standoff that went through the night. this one could have turned deadly in a hurry but it did not. >> reporter: it could have. i can tell you this morning everybody who was told to get out of their homes last night are back in their homes and safe. that was not the case last night. this is near the area of flamingo road, boulder highway. people were told to get out after metro responded to a
6:33 am
a man was inside of a home and would not come out. the suspect a man in his 30's had been in an argument with his father. that was followed by a standoff that lasted three hours. the man's father got out safely. there were concerns that the suspect would set the house on fire. >> went back inside the residence, poured it inside the residence, on turned on the gas inside the house. >> reporter: the suspect went outside of the home during the standoff, grabbed the gasoline can and went back inside and soaked the house with gasoline and poured it on himself. they eventually talked this person out of the house. he is in police custody and everybody is safe this morning.
6:34 am
big presidential debate. the third and final one of this season. we'll have the national spotlight on las vegas. that translates into some pretty serious traffic issues tomorrow. you can see the stage already set at the thomas and mack on the campus of unlv. one of the big benefits for us is the money. earliest mats are $85 million headed toth university's way in free we'll have 90 million people watching tomorrow night. these are the traffic implications. we have it up and ready for you to go at so you can make sure as you are getting around the area you don't run buy problem. between 4:00 and 10:00 at night the roads are going to be intense as far as shutdowns in that area. tom is all over this developing story. we'll have continued coverage here on news 3.
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morning. congratulations you turned 75 years of age. he's been coming to our fine city for 54 years, more than half a century. >> young democratic national convention i was in college. >> you were 21 years of age at the time. >> dana: you are in town this time talking about voter registration. if people are not registered to vo registered by today to vote in the election. i have talked to a lot of young people who think their vote doesn't matter. >> if they are 17 they can register and vote for this election.
6:36 am
to vote. you could not vote on campus. all of that changed for the better. these elections come down to 537 so every vote does count. >> dana: if people don't know your background, april 4, 192-3468 memphis when your deer friend martin luther king was shot to death. you ran for president in 1988 from the district of columbia and you've been talking about race relations your entire life. there is an african-american president of our country. that would be a positive sign for race relations. >> those embrace that and those react to that. it's like from britain to france, there is a current and undercurrent.
6:37 am
sunday or saturday and see black and white playing together, that's a step in the right direction. we must learn to live together. we must fight on issues that matter. the reason young people must vote, water a big deal here. should we have a wall to separate our neighbor mexic you have politics. >> dana: thank you for your time. have you to register to vote by today if you want to vote in this up coming election three weeks from today. >> kim: and in person. still to come donald trump going
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>> tom: we have a report of an accident. before we go to weather i'd like to bring the camera to the east and clouds. >> kelly: thanks tom. very pretty picture out there. we're going to take a closer look at what you can expect for the rest of your day coming up in a few minutes. >> dana: the president of the national organization of police chiefs is apologizing. >> the first sneap this process
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
6:45 am
>> krystal: 6:45 on this tuesday. die is recalling 45,000 cars in the u.s. in particular the genesis coup. if you think have you this car , the car company saying that wiring problems can cause the front passenger air bag to malfunction. no reports of injuries. the recall is expected to start
6:46 am
information. >> kim: let's take you live now to the thomas and mack center on the campus of unlv. kendall standing by. i wouldn't be surprised if hall bejackson walks behind you on this live report. a lot of reporters already in place ahead of the big debate tomorrow night. >> we are seeing a little bit more of members of the media when it comes to the showers at home, security is tight. you will not be able to trust just drive up here and see the sights for yourself. we have your look behind the scenes. we can tell you this debate floor is ready bringing a lot of attention not only to our city but more specifically the campus
6:47 am
which. it will bring a lot of people and cars to the area. has a full list of closure. >> kim: our local down the road warrior. the final faceoff from the campus of unlv tomorrow night. coverage here on this nbc station news 3 starts at 6:00. >> dana: and the new nbc survey monkey poll released this morning shows clinton is ahead of trump in national polls. if the election were held today she would beat him 51% to 43%.
6:48 am
trump was talking about more emails released and he says they prove corruption. >> exactly. one thing we should get to clinton will be in las vegas today. we expect her to arrive later on today. you can look for that. donald trump now saying that emails released from the state department show a collusion with the f.b.i. and when one email chain the secretary patrick kennedy pressured the f.b.i. in this email chain to reclassify one of clinton's emails to be unclassified. it was an email sent off of her private email serve erewhile she was secretary of state. they would like in return to put agents in countries right now
6:49 am
that is corruption. the f.b.i. and state department said they did nothing wrong and the email did remain classified after all of this. donald trump pointing to this saying this is where the corruption is coming from. >> dana: melania is coming out in support of her husband. she said it was boy talk between her husband and billy >> kim: time travel with television there. the president of police chiefs apologizing for the role of policing. society's mistreatment of communities of color. >> for our part the first step in this process is for the law enforcement profession ting knowledge and apologize for the
6:50 am
flayed society's mistreatment of communities of color. at the same time, those who denounce the police must also acknowledge today's officers are not to blame for the injustices of the past. >> kim: acknowledging the darker periods of law enforcement in the past. stressing today's officers should not be held accountable. gap between law enforcement and seg whichs of the community trying to send a hopeful message. this is because of breast cancer awareness month.
6:51 am
this will be there until the end of the month. after that it will be restored back to its original finish. >> dana: time to do traffic and weather. tom is flying above the valley in sky 3 this morning. >> tom: we were just in the far north part of the valley. now we're heading toward the south part of the valley with a reported accident. we're still a couple of minutes out on that one. i will tell you what we north. it was just a minor fender bender. they have two lanes open. we're in pretty good shape right now but let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: an accident at tropicana not causing any delays
6:52 am
if you are coming in on 95 northbound four minutes. traffic and weather every so minutes. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door this morning a jacket, a sweater a good idea. this is a live look on the lake mead marina camera. beautiful morning this morning. stepping out the still on the cool side. paradise 62, spring valley 58. wind calm, not an issue and not going to be today. still active weather across parts of california but here at home lots of sunshine. the winds will kick up tomorrow, especially around the colorado river valley but not the extent
6:53 am
overton 85 today. woulder city your high is 81. today we're looking for the high to top out around 82. little bit of a breeze tomorrow. a high of 81. 88 by saturday and a chance for showers on monday. >> kim: we take you live to chicago where this morning in front of trump buildings that bear his name all across our great nation, women whoav forming a human wall. you are seeing them dressed in black. this is in chicago. donald trump has a building here and we're going to monitor throughout the day to see if a protest of this nature happens in our own backyard this. one taking place right now live out of chicago. >> dana: time for the water cooler on this tuesday morning. the battle round continued on "the voice" just hours ago on
6:54 am
both singers from her team after they sang, she had to make a decision on which one to keep. ? >> dana: they both can sing. in the end miley chose aaron but then blake stole her and then alicia stole her from blake. the latest star on the hollywood
6:55 am
she's currently featured in several new movies including the girl on the train. big time actress, can't believe she didn't have a star but she does now on the hollywood walk of fame. this man may be a police officer by day but some are saying he could be a beyonce backup dancer by night. he's dancing in that video. little tough to see it behind the words at the screen. he is out of virginia becoming an internet sensation after dancing flawlessly to beyonce's formation. apparently his fiance teaches at the high school. after learning that the students weren't excited about the pep rally, he decided to surprise them with his dance moves.
6:56 am
>> kim: that is where fight night will be wednesday night here in las vegas. that is how the national media is portraying it. kendall has been reporting from that location. don't be surprised if halle jackson walks behind president barak obama is welcoming the italian prime minister. we take you live to chicago where we see protest under way. a lot of people forming what they call a human wall. we take you back there on your screen. don't be surprised if you see a similar scene here in las vegas. women who survived sexual
6:57 am
encourage people not to vote for the republican nominee or vote republican at all. it is a breaking news event that will be covered on this channel on today. >> dana: election day is three weeks from today. we're going to say so long for now. but more local news coming up on the cw. >> krystal: good morning. we have a lot more to come. >> jeff: an hours long standoff ends with a suspect in custody. why y his family left the before swat aeried. >> krystal: a man just won a national competition for his art work but he's not your typical artist. how he's overcoming obstacles and inspiring others in the process.
6:58 am
putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. and ruben kihuen will protect our right
6:59 am
joe heck's and donald trump's views on women are disturbing. heck voted to defund planned parenthood 10 times. he was even willing to shut down the government over it. and they both outlaw abortion. "do you believe in punishment for abortion?" "the answer is that, there has to be some form of punishment." while heck co-sponsored legislation to criminalize abortion, even in cases of rape.
7:00 am
good morning. fight to the finish. >> people that have died ten years ago still voting. donald trump defiantly sticks to his claims of voter fraud even as high-profile members of his own party say melania trump addressing for the first time those accusations and trump's lewd comments on a hot mike. >> sometimes i say i have two young boys at home. i have my son and my young husband. while hillary clinton's e-mail scandal comes back to bite her. did a state department official try to strike a quid pro quo deal with the fbi to have an e-mail sent to her marked unclassified. direct hit.


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