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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  October 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: good afternoon. joined this afternoon by kyndell nunley. appreciate you being with us. imagine renting a house for the weekend, you are on vacation when you realize the person you rented from has been watching on hidden camera. >> kyndell: that's what one man is accused of doing right here in the valley. news 3's craig fiegener joins us live. the cameras were hidden in smoke discovered. it was a group of las vegas visitors. they booked a house to stay in while they were here in january. and they noticed while they were in the house that one of the smoke detectors appeared to have what looked like a camera lens in it. so they called metro. metro sent out detectives and detectives ultimately found eight pin hole type cameras hidden in smoke detectors and in one case a radio that sat on a desk that faced a bedroom bed.
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it was learned about yesterday. but it happened in january. the eight co-workers rented a house for the week when they were here for the consumer electronics show. they rented it from a man named chris rogers. the cameras were focused on bathrooms and other areas of that home where people would have been without clothing. rogers has been indicted on eight criminal accounts related to the ser ep tishs use of a camera used to record he has a website chris harris vegas and crv properties and people could contact him through the website or through air bnb then they could see the home and book it for vacation rentals. a statement to news 3 air bnb says he has been removed from their website and they said negative incidents like this are incredibly rare and they say the host, in this case that would be chris rogers, was banned from
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investigation. and the complaints from people who stayed in the home. i'm craig fiegener reporting from the regional justice center, news 3. >> krystal: thank you for that. a person riding a scooter has died after a crash this morning west of the las vegas strip. it really shut down that area for quite sometime. we're talking about flamingo and valley view. the incident occurring at 5:00 a.m. on that intersection. flamingo between wynn and hotel rio drive was cse morning for the police investigation. about three hours ago. no word on the identities of any of those involved in the crash. >> kyndell: an update to breaking news we brought you this morning out of north las vegas. we're happy to report that kylie boyd has been found and reunited her family. north las vegas police originally asked the public for help with finding the missing child who may have been in danger. four-year-old kylie was reported last seen in the area of owens
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before she was found this morning in las vegas. her family says she was with a close relative. 48-year-old vernon barns. >> krystal: a judge says taxpayers will not pay to have a murder defendant's tattoos covered up from head to toe around his face, i should say. that was a ruling from judge michelle leavitt. basil morgan is 21 accused in the shooting death of a 75-year-old woman during a home-invasion robbery of may of 2013. during the trial his attorney and teardrop tattoos covered with makeup dur fearing that this could bias the jury. the motion to conceal those tattoos with makeup was denied. if convicted as charged morgan could get the death penalty. the case likely to go to trial next year. federal officials are considering what to do with the nevada test and training range. the act of congress giving the range to the airforce is about to expire. so far the airforce has held
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military experts have been meeting with the public in open forums to better give them an understanding of how this works. they will use the ideas to come up with a draft. the current land use act expires in 2021. alternatives range from keeping the site the same to expanding the site. >> kyndell: turning to the world of politics. you may have already known this but donald trump and hillary clinton not each other's biggest fans apparently. the latest proof of that at a catholic fundraiser where presidential candidates traditionally trade lighthearted jabs at each other. >> krystal: suppose to be different from what we've seen with the turmoil throughout the political campaign process. well this year the lightheartedness was a little hard to find at times. they kind of had some cringe worthy moments during that dinner but there were jokes as well. andy rose has that story for us. >> reporter: the annual al smith memorial dinner is typically a chance for the presidential candidates to show their fun side in the campaign's
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but once again little is typical about this year's campaign. take a listen to donald trump. >> hillary accidentally bumped in to me and she very civilly said "pardon me." [ laughter ] >> reporter: that was one of the republican nominee's more gentle remarks toward democratic opponent hillary clinton at the charity dinner. >> here she is tonight in public catholics. >> reporter: clinton spoke after trump. she took some shots of her own. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four. [ laughter ] maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this come as day after the third and final presidential debate where trump raised eyebrows by refusing to commit to respect the outcome of
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remark thursday by saying sure he'll recognize the final results if they end up with him on top. back at the dinner, both candidates were able to do something they struggled to do during the debates... actually shake hands. i'm andy rose reporting. >> kyndell: bringing the road to the white house here at home. we do have details on president obama's upcoming visit here to the valley this weekend. the president will be at cheyenne high school in north las vegas this sunday to campaign for hillary clinton his message to urge voters to take advantage of in-person early voting. you must get a ticket in order to attend. you can get them at several democratic party offices across the valley. we have a link to all of them on our website. that's >> krystal: next big step in the road to election day that starts tomorrow. early voting begins at 9:00 a.m. running through november 4th. the friday before election day. election officials say there
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local malls, supermarkets and even on the strip. hours and days for each of those polling locations do vary. you can find the locations nearest bu by visiting our website. once again, >> krystal: we want to you keep it right here for decision 2016. we have complete coverage of the road to election day. all the way up until when the final results are in. we've had you covered this entire time. you can follow the coverage on or on our facebook let's talk food. nevada's second cracker barrel gearing up for ice grand opening -- its grand opening. it held a soft opening today for friends and family of the employees. as we saw just a few months ago at the first cracker barrel by the silverton we're anticipating pretty long fliernz the north las vegas location grand opening. that will be this upcoming monday, october 24th.
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bring you. something you want to take note of. the ramp from the 215 to the airport connector will be closed starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight until monday morning. and that's of course due to construction. during the closures, drivers heading to mccarran international airport from eastbound 215 will have to take a detour to wind mill and then to westbound 215 in order to access the airport. those closures originally scheduled for last week but high winds forced the project to bring kelly curran in the conversation, they died down quite a bit. it was really serious mid-week give or take. >> kelly: the day of the debate it got breezy during those morning hours especially. today the winds have not been an issue. this is a time-lapse look from the southeast career and technical akay mi camera. nothing but blue skies. temperatures comfortable too. it's technically above normal for this time of year.
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charlotte hill elementary school at bermuda and warm springs. primm valley resort in primm, 78 degrees. winds southeast at five miles an hour. as we head throughout the day today temperatures will continue to climb. we're looking at a high of 86. that's eight degrees above normal. normal for this date is 78. temperatures will be falling as we head throughout the evening. that should say 84 degrees at forecast. we do have a storm on the way. we want to let you know if it's going impact your plans. >> krystal: appreciate that kelly. >> kyndell: also coming up a chemical spill forces evacuation in kansas today. >> krystal: coming up what caused the spill and how much of a danger it poses to the people living in those communities. >> kyndell: plus a police chase caught on camera. what may have led to the suspect fleeing the chase in the first place. >> krystal: then this. her story just captured our
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pulling for little brazil ward who was hit three years ago this halloween. but look at her now. incredible. we have brazil, her mom and someone from umc talking about a very important event. that coming up at 12:30. putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely y be defund. and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood,
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he can try all he wants, but danny tarkanian just can't bury his past. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> kyndell: a mattress store went up in flames in detroit this morning. the two-alarm fire kept crews busy as they work to extinguish the flames. you can see just how widespread that was. heavy flames and smoke poured through the building. the cause of the blaze is under investigation.
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be evacuated as precaution. you can see just how large that fire was. >> krystal: okay in another incident that we have to tell you about, it was a pretty major chemical spill reported at a grain factory in atchison, kansas which is northwest of kansas city to give you perspective there. officials say two chemicals were inadvertently mixed together in the wrong holding tank which caused a reaction. one of the chemicals was airborne. that's chlorine powd to develop over parts of the city. no serious injuries to report. at least 18 people treated for what they call respiratory discomfort. that smog has mostly disappeared and city officials do not think there's a threat at this time. several schools and some businesses evacuated just to be safe during this ordeal. a suspect led police on a high-speed chase through several residential neighborhoods in san antonio today.
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news 3 today. the driver of the truck weaving in and out of traffic. he makes a u-turn there. ultimately police cornered him. there were a couple of few close calls but no one hurt. we saw least take him down and arrest him live on our morning show. so, again, they had quite a pursuit until they got him pinned. ultimately arrested him. officials say the suspect was driving a stolen truck. >> kyndell: a massive cyber attack left twitter, netflix, other popular websites at a standstill this morning. the outages are the result of a ddos or denial of service attack on large scale domain manager dyn. these kind attacks are attempts to overwhelm websites with so much traffic that it impairs normal service. a post on hacker news identified the attack mainly affecting the u.s. east coast. it was not immediately clear who was behind the attack or why. affected companies took to
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customers once the social network was back online. dyn says all sites should be back to normal now. a portion of nevada so the list of place is affected. >> krystal: people in japan still feeling the aftershocks from a magnitude 6.6 earthquake. there you see the camera shaking a little bit when this was happening. a concert hall damaged some roofs, the walls of buildings. there you really see it when it hit. it crumbled near the suspended and more than 6,000 households losing electricity. some areas without gas and tap water. and the epicenter was in the central part and its depth was about seven miles give or take. a seismologist warns a bigger earthquake may occur this week. looks like they're not out of the woods. >> kyndell: especially with that magnitude of earthquake something they're going be
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because you are from california. >> kyndell: i am. 6.6 nos joke i have to be honest. >> kelly: and it's scary because it wasn't that lock ago that japan had a massive earthquake followed by a major tsunami. so i'm sure everyone is still on edge after that. >> krystal: you know what, in our neck of the woods, it's pretty nice. >> kelly: it has been a great week. temperatures are above normal and they will be as we get into tomorrow too. this time of year above normal isn't so bad. time-lapse look. this is the mount charleston lodge camera from this morning. you see a little bit of a breeze as well. not too bad. really conditions are quite pleasant. especially if you are thinking about doing hiking this weekend. the fire, the october fire is out, under control. that's good news as far as all the trails being back open. 62 that's the current temperature on mount charleston. winds southwest at eight miles per hour. in the las vegas valley,
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henderson, 81 degrees at this hour. winds nice and light not an issue. but this big ridge in place. see the clouds going up and over along with showers. here at home, lots of sunshine. that's the way it's going to be today and into tomorrow. we do have a storm system on the way. it still start making its way in to the latter half of the weekend. today 86 degrees. sunny skies. warmer temperatures. winds shifting east at three to eightes afternoon. tonight clear skies. temperatures still above normal. normal lows this time of year in the upper 50s. looking at overnight lows in the low 60s. if you are planning on some activities outdoors this weekend, this is what we're looking at tomorrow. lake mead 92. is your boat still in the water? the water temperature at 72. so a little chilly to be jumping in and there is a breeze in are case you think you might want to be doing some sailing.
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mount charleston? 65 degrees. sunny skies. i think that's great temperature really for some hiking. you don't want it to be hot. you don't want it to be too cold. red rock, if you are referring conditions a little warmer for tomorrow, 83 degrees. so here's a look at our 7-day forecast. the las vegas valley tomorrow expecting a high around 88. it's going to get warm there. the clouds start moving in on sunday. the winds will slowly start to pick up as well. we're going to see chances for showers sunday into monday. monday cloudy, breezy and even at 79 degrees. >> kyndell: we'll take it definitely right. at least our version of fall. there are more than 40,000 charities listed as serving vets and active duty military in the united states. unfortunately, they are not all legitimate. >> krystal: that's unfortunate considering these are the men and women who have so bravely and honorably served us. marie mortera shows us how to
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>> marie: the story comes after one man tried donate what he considered was a worthy cause. hear him explain how a scammer quickly moved in. >> we had a change of address request. it wasn't originated by us. while we were out of state. >> marie: ed campbell and his wife were surprised when they received the notice. so they decided to get an alaskan p.o. box but damage had already been done in a few days. >> by that time he had already gotten some of our documents. from that was able to fill out change of address requests on some of those accounts. >> marie: the trouble started when the campbells decided to donate to what they thought was a charity for veterans with disabilities. it was a scam made believable because of a charity letter. that's how inspectors say james bartlett gained access to people's personal information. >> the suspect would send out solicitations for veterans disability. people would respond using a
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address information. and he was able to obtain that. >> marie: postal inspectors learn that was just the first step. >> using the change of address system in the postal system to fraudulently change people's addresses and have mail sent to him. >> marie: when he got the credit card information he would use it to open fraudulent accounts. the campbells were one of un100 victims. losses over $100,000. >> if you are older, and you are living on security, and you lose what savings you have, it's disastrous. i think he deserves everything he got. >> make sure you are getting credit reports yearly if not biannually. it's important to shred any documents that may contain your personal information. >> marie: with this rip-off alert, i'm marie mortera >> kyndell: coming up people told to stay away from a sea defying warning from officials
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seas trying to catch the waves. coming up where this is happening. we have that for you as well. stay with us. >> tom: it's time to take a moment for tom's trivia challenge where each friday you have the chance to win a prize from what you know about the area you live in. this week you are playing for a a room at casablanca resort for one night and one spa or golf. the question is which of these casino moguls sxeer headed to win go to website and click on station then contest. or go to our twitter page to make your selection. to find out if you are the winner go to the twitter page where the answer will be provided at the end of the show. one person will be randomly
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>> krystal: hong kong officials asking people to stay away from the scene with the approach of the typhoon but looks like some people aren't heeding the warning. >> kyndell: dozens of thrill seekers ran on to the beach to take advantage of the unusually large wave. one surfer admitted the
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beginners. wind speeds up to 40 miles an hour or more expected and look at them they're getting in there. they're not even heeding the warnings. >> krystal: the big waves are probably not the smartest thing to do. but stay with us because we have a lot more coming up on news 3 live at 12:30. comedians taking aim at the presidential debate right here in las vegas. did you expect anything
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>> kyndell: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," deadly offensive. a u.s. military member has been killed in the push to retake mosul from isis. >> krystal: boy do we have a treat for you today. the ward family. we're so excited to have them!
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brandon, they are here to tell us about a special event and how they're giving back to the community. her story touched us all and we're so excited to have them in studio. stay with us. >> kyndell: it is forever home friday. the animal foundation is here with an adorable pet that you can adopt today. do not miss this. "news 3 live at 12:30" starts right now. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. a u.s. military member iraqi forces in their push to retake mosul from isis has been killed. >> krystal: they said this would take weeks, maybe even months. nbc's richard epgle reports -- richard engel reports near mosul. >> reporter: isis hit back with a sneak attack on a government complex in the city of kir kuk where they exchanged fire. isis may be trying to slow down the assault on mosul.


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