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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> dana: early voting has just begun in the state of florida. >> kim: we're hoping to bring you live coverage out of miami this morning since i just heard nbc talking about that location moments ago on the east coast version of "the today we are kicking things off with weather talk. we have weather to talk about on this monday morning. >> kelly: wind and rain started to move in yesterday evening and we're still dealing with that. we're going to take a look at the radar and where it's coming
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er you might see lightning as you look toward the spring mountains this morning. temperature wise it's expected to be above normal today. 9 at noon, 82 at we are off with a bang, a record number of people casting ballots. 70,000 people voting in the first two days in town. more 37,000 people voted on the first day. it was a steady stream of people all day long on saturday. a lot of voters we talked with say there is too much at stake
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nevada will last until november 46789 a lot of states have laws in place against taking pictures at voting locations. that includes selfies even if you feel like you are a part of american history and you want to document it, make sure you know the rules before you snap away. nevada law prohibits people from taking pictures at polling places excepted for the members of the media. >> dana: both trump and clinton plan t states today. >> this is not like anybody wholes has ever run for president who has demonstrated that he is unqualified and unfit to be president and commander in
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america. >> president obama kept the same theme. he said donald trump does not have what it takes to do his job. >> donald trump is talking about how the game is rigged that. means he's losing. he doubled undecided voters to believe it and he can be the one to make
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>> kim: president obama was here campaigning for hillary clinton and katherine cortez taking on a tough race. this is a battle for the united states senate and president
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>> right out of the gate is when joe disavowed donald trump. he took a lot of heat from fellow republicans when he did that. he got booed at a rally right after disavowing donald trump. that's what the president was speaking to over the week end in town. we're going to have continued coverage throughout this program and beyond here on ns >> dana: happening today jurors continue deliberating the fate of ryan bundy and five others for the armed standoff at that oregon wildlife refuge. the bundies and their co-defendants charged with conspiracy to prevent federal workers from doing their jobs through intimidation or force. each faces up to six years in prison. they see the takeover as
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civil disobedience. >> kim: also happening today officials in palm strings, california will give us an update into the investigation into yesterday morning's bus crash that took the life of 13 people. people were gathering to honor those who lost their lives and pay respect to the people injured. it was about 5:00 in the morning when the front of bus smashed into a semi. the bus was taking people back to palm springs from a casino. that is southeast of los angeles. official resident say they have not seen anything like this before. >> in 35 years i've never been to a crash with 13 confirmed fatalities -t so it's tough for
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continues we have additional information. the bus was driven by one of the company owners who was among those killed. the drive of the big rig suffering nonlife threatening injuries. we'll have more on this developing story. >> dana: we have rain showers in southern nevada. we're going to hear from our meteorologist kelly curran so
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>> dana: the kicker for seattle couldn't convert a short field goal and with seconds carson palmer watching a hail mary. it is unanswered and the game ends in an unusual tie 6-6 between the seahawks and the cardinals. >> kim: still to come this morning a police officer chases down a driver when shots ring out. the reason that officer chased down the car to begin with we
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>> dana: cubs headed to the world series for the first time since 1945. haven't won a title since 1908 after they dispatched the they've been partying all weekend. >> did you think you would ever see them make it to a world series again? >> no. i'm on borrowed time. >> this is the year. we've been waiting a long time. >> dana: "the today show" has much more on the cubs excitement. cubs fans have been wanting and waiting for this for a long time. steve batterman is relieved
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with the ball. if he hadn't dawn people believe the cubs would have gone to the world series that year. >> kim: we are checking in with kelly and not just because we typically do at this time but because have you plenty to talk >> kelly: we have rain showers coming down across parts of the area. we have a few showers in the valley. here is a look at the current picture where we have a few light showers coming down. one of them moving in toward the 15 right now. the bulk of the heavier activity has been in the spring mountains and sheep mountains as well. seeing a little bit of lightning
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as far as what we're seeing here and pahrump getting a cell there and sandy valley a little heavier shower. this is this band of showers moving from pahrump throughout the overnight hours and that is where this sideline going to stay. a few showers coming off into the las vegas valley. as notice back down to the south and west, they are becoming more scattered. through the morning hours that's what we expect, those showers to this is yesterday evening around 6:00 where the showers started to make their way in. current temperatures summerlin 63, green valley 69 right now. sunrise 69 as well. in addition to the clouds, the winds will be breezy. winds gusting to 25. a high today of 82 which is still above normal. 62 tonight, askance for an
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clearing skies. our seven-day forecast showing dry conditions for the middle of the week but another round of wet weather a possibility on friday with a high of 82. >> dana: a small plane crashed after takeoff killing all five people on board. the twin prop metro liner tipped toward the right and crashed into the ground soon after lifting off and burst into flames. this shot by a passenger on they had to close the airport down while they cleared all the debris. >> kim: police in oklahoma are looking for a person who they say shot and wounded two police officers in their community and killed two other people. police say that man took off last night after opening fire on two officers with an ak47. authorities say he first stole a patrol car, carjacked another
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police found two bodies while searching for him. they believe he's wound and they believe he's still armed with an assault rifle. the officers and carjacked driver were not seriously hurt. police have a second suspect in custody as the manhunt continues. >> dana: "the today show" begins a week long look at youth in competitive sports s. it's called winning at all cost. they look at a the brains of youth football players from 8-13 years of age. she spoke to dr. powers, a pediatric neurosurgeon who consulted on a study. >> the first of its kind study discovered that football players at this young age are hitting each other hard enough and often enough to cause changes in the structure of their brains, even without getting concussions. >> we see a change in the brain
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hit less. >> the results reveal the changes in the critical white matter of the players brains over just one season. >> those are the wires that connect different parts of the brain. >> they looked at 25 football players over the course of one single season. tune in to "the today show" for the rest of that story. >> kim: the suspect who police say shot at an officer and a long with them still on the loose this morning. there is dash cam footage showing the california police officer attempting to pull over a white mazda s.u.v. but that vehicle failed to stop and led the officer in hot pursuit. the front passenger then pointed a firearm at the window firing
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vehicle. >> kim: you hear the person crying in the passenger seat because that person was hit. police say the mazda was later found abandoned a few blocks away and the people responsible still at large. evidence found near the vehicle. the officer was not hurt but the civilian ride along in passenger seat received scratches from broken glass. that's what caused the pain you heard evident on your screen. homeland security investigating the massive hack on the internet on friday that shut down major websites including twitter and netflix. new world hackers claiming responsibility for the hack ago tack that had big impacts on users trying to access the
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europe as well. the hack should not keep you from using netflix or twitter. it should serve as a learning experience. >> i think what i tell people is these are great new technologies and you should use them. i think it's important that people understand that the internet is a system based on trust. it doesn't mean the the bad things that might happen when it comes to hacks or privacy or this attack being used. but gain an understanding of how the internetworks and what it means to plug in the device and turn it on. >> dana: "the today show" will have an inside look at the hack. and what you can do to protect
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what you can expected on today. here is more. >> new polls show clinton expanding her lead with just over two weeks until the election. how can she avoid overplaying her hand. what does donald trump have to do to get back in the race? we'll take a look. how you can protect yourself in the wake of that major hack attack over the weekend. and the stars are out in studio 1a. and we're cooking in the kitchen with anthony bourdain. >> kim: you are about to meet a woman who takes voting very seriously. >> dana: she was because she was born before women had the right to vote in this country. >> inside her henderson areason apartment, she is transported through distant memories.
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>> this is our old farmhouse. >> she was born in colorado in november of 1917 when women were still fighting for the right to vote. >> my mother it was mother of three daughters before she ever got to vote. >> for her entire life it would take an act of mother nature to keep her from voting. >> i've voted in every election since i was old enough to vote except one and that was because of a large snowstorm. >> this great grandmother has waited decades for the chance to vote for a woman president. >> i'm hoping to see our first lady in the white house. >> she's hoping to see the highest glass ceiling shattered. >> i think women are just as good in politics as men. >> her family taking her to the nearest polling site. a quick signature and she goes into the voting booth.
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ready to go. >> taking her place in history with a promise she'll keep voting as long as she can. >> that is a great day. at 4:53 on the topic of politics, how would snl spoof
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>> of course i do. i'm completely innocent. i said this before and i'll say it again. nobody has more respect for
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kite new in our 5:00 hour this morning a bus goes up in flames and it's what is inside that bus that has officials extremely concerned. >> dana: a little dose of inspiration. make a wish monday. you're going to meet this little guy and talk about the wish of a lifetime that he received. also weather morning out there. we have rain showers in southern nevada. kelly going to show us where the
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today. >> dana: early vote a. i good start to early voting here in southern nevada started on
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polling place. we'll tell you about that just ahead. >> kim: a massive manhunt under way as we speak after a man opened fire on two police officers this. saturday deferentially according to the authorities and there is something else they are talking about this morning. we'll share ate head. >> dana: welcome in on this monday. it is 5:00 and early voting began on saturday and we're about two weeks away from electing a new president of the united states. >> kim: if you are going to be out and about today, you may need an umbrella which is unusual in southern nevada. we're coming to you live from the news 3 studios on this monday morning. >> dana: we're going to talk to tom in a second. but it's wet out there in portions of southern nevada right now.


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