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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  October 24, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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right now. >> news 3 is your weather authority. let's get to meteorologist chloe beardsley. how is it rout there right now? >> still raining. especially on the east side of the valley. we'll show everyone has we take a look at the satellite. you can see the cold front spinning just off the pacific northwest. the large area of low pressure helping to drawn in moisture into our area. here's the impact we're seeing all the way here in southern nevada. you see a strong band of moisture moving nay northeastern direction. this showers coming out of the southwest right now. as we get in closer, we'll show the neighborhoods that are getting the most rainfall and how much has rained since this started. as we zoom in closer the east part of the valley is getting
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in your neighborhoods reaching out toson and boulder city as well. as i mentioned, off and on light to moderate rain showers, and even thunderstorms are developing. you can see one actually just to the east of the boulder city right now. showers will continue for the next few hours as this band of moisture continues to move northeast through our area. here's a look at the rain totals so far in our valley neighborhoods around a quarter of an inch for the downtown a totals across town at the moment you see almost two-tenths of an inch in summerland. quite a bit of precipitation for the mt. charleston area. we'll show you which areas have been receiving the most rain in a few minutes. but as we fast forward here, many people are wondering how long will it last? well, in a few more hours, the
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expecting cloudy skies. another chance of showers is expected within seven tais. that's coming up in the fought weather segment. >> thank you. well t. was an absolute mess on the roads this morning. >> the rain really brought the rush hour to a standstill. look at that. multiple accidents to report out on several highways. i-15 northbound shut town several hours buzz of a jackknife accident. nhp was finally able to open one lane of traffic. the full road reopened spaghetti bowl that turned deadly. officials believe that the 80-year-old victim may have suffered a medical emergency before the crash. now, we offer you real time traffic. take a look at how slow it is on the west side, 215. speeds down to five miles an hour. right there with the 215 and the
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top speed around the valley is 41 to 52. take it slow and be safe out there on the roads. want everybody to get where they're going and get home safely tonight. >> a life triangle turns deadly for a 28-year-old man. >> an exboyfriend tracked down his former girlfriend and decided to kill her new love. we see where the murder happened. antonio, we hear the murder victim was trying to begin a new chapter in his life. the murder victim had just left the south side of chicago to escape that city's violence. the family feared that he might be a statistic there. unfortunately, the 28-year-old died on this las vegas street near jones and vegas. here is a picture of 28-year-old raven sololoman. detectives say saturday he was
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lewis once dated his now-girlfriend. lewis shot and killed solomon a home. >> she's days everyone is volatile. more volatile than our early years. people are stressed out more. they'ea that -- i don't know they probably don't mean to react that way. >> reporter: steven lewis is now in the clark county detention center facing a murder charge. tonight at 6:00, we will heal from the murder victim's mother. reporting live, antonio castellone. >> now, the exploited center is
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17-year-old. she's been missing for a year and may be in the company of an adult male. she's 5' 8" and weighs 145 pounds. she's has a tattoo of a name on the back of her neck and a pierce ag boff her upper lip. anyone with information is asked to contact the national center for missing and exploited center. well, nevada highway patrol is looking for a vehicle invoferled in a deadly hit-and-run from saturday evening. we have scene and the victim's car. troopers say a camry driven by 46-year-old bobby pearce of henderson was side swiped on i-215. the collision caused thoim crash, and troopers are looking for a possibly tan or brown van with damage to its left side. it happened at 6:30 in the evening on saturday. if you saw something or have information about that van, you're urged to call nhp or
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>> we've got an update for you now to a story that shocked the valley. an unlv law professor brutally attacked earlier this month is improving at sunrise hospital. leslie griffith was on a walk to through her community on october 7 and attacked near a popular park. 23-year-old michael maddingly was arrested in connection with that attack. police still do not have a clear motive for why he is accused of doing it 15 days until election day. people in the valley are engaged in the election process like never before, and they came out in big numbers over the weekend. 80,000 people have turned out for the first three days of early voting. news 3 kelly curran is live inside the mall with pointers on polling etiquette. we got e-mails in the news room saying i saw people wearing campaign signs, et cetera. what is allowed out there?
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in trouble. i got to tell you, the rain is not keeping people away. this is at the mall. a steady stream of people, not so bad right now it was way worse earlier. but you get in pretty quickly. you're in and out in a matter of minutes. today we're talking early voting dos and don'ts. i got to he will you they're serious and straightforward. these early voters in line there areul >> this selfie obsessed world we live in, don't be at the . in tempted to take a snap inside the poling station. it could reveal how someone else voted in a sloppy selfie. and leave the political gear at home, buttons or t-shirts that show your support for a candidate are a no-no. >> it's like bumper stickers on your car and asked to be keyed.
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it used to be simple. you just went and marked your ballot. and you can wear anything you wanted. >> whatever your personal opinion is, for whoever you're voting for, keep it to yourself. >> i don't even know what they're voting. >> early voting it easy. go to any poling place in clark county rather than your designated spot on election day. you should bring a picture i. d. but it's not required. there across clark county. have you no excuse. like i said, you can go to any of those poling spots not your designated one. we have a list of those spots on our website, under the find it section. reporting live in henderson, kelly curran, news 3. >> thank you. just an unbelieve line. >> crazy. we saw that saturday when i took my kids to show them how it
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over the announcement of at &t's deal to merge are time warner. >> the two giants say the deal will benefit customers, but there are a lot of hurdles this deal needs to go through before final approval. we have more. >> reporter: the merger would bring together one of hollywood's top content creators way wireless power house and the owner of direct tv at a time when consumer viewing habits are changing. >> the world of distribution and content is converging, and we need to move fast. >> reporter: the company's ceos touted their combined ability to offer consumers content in more ways. the targeted advertising that helps pay for it. >> what you went up with more of the bill being bourn by advertising companies. >> reporter: the deal faces regular tory scrunity over the next year and the republican presidential nominee donald
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elected. some expect eventual approval. >> the fact you're not taking a single industry competitor out of the market to me is what makes me optimistic. >> reporter: one of at & t's wireless rivals welcome news. >> they'll be more distracted and within five years i'll be a bigger wireless company than they are to begin with. >> reporter: the $85 billion merger could still face public opinion that bigger is not necessarily better. while there's no clear transaction, the reality is will there be a grass roots movement? hearings will be heard as early as next month by lawmakers. >> pop singer bobby v best known for rubber ball, take good care of my baby has died. >> oz all according to his soon. the family says he was surrounded by friends and familiar li. during his career he released more than 25,000
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he was in our valley quite a bit, and he was 73. we appreciate las vegas news bureau forgiving us those photos of his time. >> a casino trip turns deadly. >> we have the latest on the california bus crush. >> a u.s. airport had quite the scare over the weekend. find out what had them on alert. >> and we're tracking the movement of this storm and how
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i had lived in my home 20 years. i had always paid my mortgage on time. but when the market crashed, e payment. i applied five different times. i spoke to people in new york, with my lender. i pleaded and pleaded with the bank to let me refinance, but they would not work with me at all. i called catherine cortez masto's office and i said, "i need your help." she took on the big banks,
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catherine cortez masto not only saved my home for me, catherine gave me my dignity back. she gave me a life back. i will always be thankful for that. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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make-shift camp ahead of its dismantling. french authorities have begun a complex operation unprecedented in europe to shut down the camp. well, officials in riverside county have side identified 12 of the 13 people killed in a bus crash near palm springs. >> 31 others were hurt which shut down interstate 10 for 5:4urbgz-- 5:00 a.m. the bus hit a big rig from behind. california highway patrol confirmed today the bus did not have seattle seat belts for passengers. >> the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the big rig, the trailer, the trailer, itself, entered about 15 feet into the bus. >> the bus driver was killed in the accident. chp says fatigue may have played
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for sure. a very real scare at an airport in virginia for what turned out to be fake items. tsa officials discovered several items known to be used by terrorist at the richmond international airport saturday. as it turns out, the guns were plastic, and the other items are replicas. when police tracked down the traveler at the gate he told them the items were props intend ed for a live action role playing game. >> well, back to southern nevada. the marry jane charles trails is being opened up after being closed due to the october fire. the forest service says the fire was started by a campfire. officials are urging everybody to stay on the trail because hazards still exist. >> we saw rain in the valley, but if you went up into the mountains, you saw something else. >> that's right.
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welcome to southern nevada. gets pretty this time of year. had he to pretty high up to see the white stuff. lee peak had snow at 10,000 feet ai. sign that winter is knocking on our door. once you got lower than 10,000 feet that snow turned to rain which helped to recharge the canyon snow-making reservoir and probably had a lot of people breathing a sigh of relief due to fire danger. >> exactly. time for a check for the forecast. but i'm glad i'm down below. >> i think there's a lot of people that will agree with you. driving in it it be a nightmare and dangerous. we're slowly getting used to it. getting a little taste of winter. light snow on the very peaks of the mountains. and mostly rain across the value yi. active weather behind me in that satellite picture. here's how we woke up this morning.
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showers in the afternoon. mostly cloudy conditions and also some scatters showers across the las vegas valley. the koel sprit this large area of low pressure helping to push in moisture into our area. as we get this closer, here's the band of moisture that has been off and on bringing us shows showers starting early this morning. the most recent activity as we get in closer we're freeze framing the radar now.
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however, we are expecting to see another douse of showers in the next few hours. here's a look at how things are now. with the biggest shower activity to the far east of boulder city. you can see the showers moving nay northeasterly direction. so out of our area for now, you can see this plume of moisture just to the southwest of us could bring additional showers to mostly the southern and eastern portion of the valley over the next couple of hours. we're not completely out of the woods yet. in another chance of seeing those showers within the next few hours develop. quickly moving out of the area by this evening will be drying up. it's going to look good for the next several days before another storm will shake it up for us. as we make our way to the middle of the work week we're looking dry. our rain totals so far for today a quarter of an inch for the downtown area. you can see variable conditions all across the area. did see isolated thunderstorms also pop up in some areas
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the one that sticks out to me the most and probably you as well is mt. charleston with over an inch there. here you can see is here at lundy elementary. take a look at that. quite a bit of rain this afternoon there as well as at the lodge. you can see temperatures at 54 at the moment. we're at 63 right now nor indian springs with rain totals just under half an inch so far for today. we're still expecting that splash of showers to continue. we're mostly in the winds are fairly light out of the southwest as that storm continues to progress. 68 for over ton. winds are fairly light outside the valley as well. the rest of the evening in las vegas will remain in the 60s for the most part. chances of showers will continue diminishing over the next few hours. we're looking at overnight temperatures dropping downs into the low 60s. winds will remain fairly light
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warmer. good news there. we'll see more sunshine. waking up to temperatures in the 60s. 77 by noon with the high in las vegas right around 82, slightly above normal for this time of year. and that weather will continue warming up the temperatures above normal through the middle of the work week. all the way into thursday. and anothersplash of showers possible by friday. cooling us down just temporarily. our weekend so far looks pretty good with another tomorrow on tap by next >> like a soup and cornbread type ever day. wish somebody would bring it to me. >> and the warm starbucks drinks. >> well, it is a world series for the ages. >> two teams who have not won a championship since the 1940s.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life.
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don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ray steiber: i was in charge of homicide. i know when something's not right. the attacks on question 1 are wrong. question 1 protects the right of law abiding nevadans to bear arms. carry. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. and no one goes to jail for swapping guns while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show
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yes on 1.
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>> here's what's buzzing today, las vegas. scary and dramatic at the same time as a police officer takes gunfire. [sounds of gunfire ] entire thing. this happened in madera, california. at least 13 shots fired at the police officer, one of the bullets hit the windshield, nobody seriously injured, but get this. there was a civilian on board observing that police officer. she did take some broken glass to the face and suffered some minor scrapes. nobody loves the current election more than the people at
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eight years. >> now, mr. trump, in the last week 11 women accuse of you sexual assaulting them. do you still deny each of those claims? >> chris, of course i do. i'm completely innocent. i've said this before and i'll say it again, nobody has more respect for women than i do. [laughter] >> all right. all right. settle down. >> there's the guest host, tom hanks, playing the debate moderator, chris wallace. speaking of tom hanks. is this tom hanks or the comedian bill murray? this is a picture posted to facebook from 2013, but it's gone viral recently. the caption says it's bull murray. but a lot of people aren't buying this, think it looks a
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vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. the chicago cubs haven't won a world series championship since 1908, and the cleveland indians last won in 1948. >> it makes sense that that ticket price for this year's historic matchup between the two are out of the park, so to speak. the average asking price for one ticket in cleveland is up $3, 900. that's a bargain compared to chicago. the average asking price for the games at >> to you think people are using their savings? knife they've had a long to save. >> there's new guidelines regarding how long an infaint should be sleeping in their parents' room. >> we have important information that you and i need to know about coming up. >> and a photo of a mother holding her child is going
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i had lived in my home 20 years. i had always paid my mortgage on time. but when the market crashed, i had trouble paying my mortgage payment. i applied five different times. i spoke to people in new york, with my lender. i pleaded and pleaded with the bank to let me refinance, but they would not work with me at all. i called catherine cortez masto's office and i said, "i need your help." she took on the big banks, and i was immediately treated with respect and fairly. catherine cortez masto not only saved my home for me, catherine gave me my dignity back. she gave me a life back. i will always be thankful for that.
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>> right now at 3:30. wet weather in las vegas. we've seen rain in the value yi. news 3 is your weather authority. >> there are great polls that have come out. i believe we're winning. >> trump's confidence. the republican candidate fully believes he's going to win the white house. who he spoke to today with just more than two weeks to go until election day. >> and the state of obamacare. the president's healthcare plan is under intense scrunity as open enrollment is set to begin


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