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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning. >> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this tuesday and we are two weeks away from electing a new president of the united states. >> kim: just two more tuesdays. this seems like an election that's gone on for five years. as we welcome you in, we're the wagners, kim and dana here. i know we're here. morning, good morning. there we are. hi you games we have automation so sometimes things go haywire. >> dana: the world series begins tonight. it's been since 1948 that the cleveland indians have won a title, since 1908 that the cubs have won a title. >> kim: hopefully we can sneak in on live pictures in
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tonight and the world series. for what to wear, we check in with kelly curran. >> kelly: the rain showers have left but there is lingering moisture in the air. patchy fog is a possibility this morning. once the sun comes up, that is going to burn off. temperatures will be close to where they should be for this time of year. we have more rain i'll let you know when those are coming up. >> dana: four people have been killed in an accident at a popular theme park in australia. two men and women died while on a river rapids ride. the thunder river rabids ride whips people in circular rafts
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river. we have similar rides in this country. an officer said a malfunction caused two people to be ejected from their raft while two others were caught inside the ride. the park was working with police to try to determine what went wrong. the park was closed following the accident and will be closed until further notice. >> kim: we have a big update on the story you saw first here on news 3 and it concerns local police looking who may have rented a henderson home and whose every move may have been caught on cameras hidden inside that home. that man, chris rogers was renting out hiss property and he has been arrested after a person that rented it noticed a red light in a smoke detector. officers found cameras hidden throughout the home. the rental listing most of them
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some people say they are not surprised about what was going on inside that home. >> we were asking what is going on there. we were thinking it was just one of the houses that's rented out for the weekend. >> reviews dating back to the year 2014 show this was a successful air b & b say there is no place for this in the community. if you rented the home between october 2015 and january of this year then you are asked to call crime stoppers. there is also another local phone number on your screen. that is the southeast area command. we getting more information on this one in about a half an hour
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craig. >> dana: a local man expected to appear in a local courtroom this morning after police say he killed hiss former girlfriend's new boyfriend. solomon died early saturday morning. stephen lewis confronted solomon and a woman he was dining with inside a local restaurant. lewis followed the cup toll a home. a i did r -- the couple to home. lewis shot solomon several times after a fight ensued. >> my son is gone. his kids will never see him again. >> solomon's mother said he moved to las vegas to get away from the violence in chicago. he leaves behind two children. stephen lewis facing a murder charge.
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when america elects a new president. clinton is leading in most of the national polls and also in the state of nevada. donald trump is arguing that those polls are rigged. >> both candidates are in must win florida today where early voting as begun. rhetoric coming out of his mouth. >> you got to get out and vote. >> donald trump in florida continues to blame the media and pollsters for his downward slide. >> the media isn't just against me, they are against ollav. that's really what they are against. >> clinton up by five points averaging. she's diverting money and support to down ballot
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>> she's never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >> republicans trying to withstand the heat. >> they haven't stood up for the right people. >> on the trail with clinton her attack dog against trump, elizabeth warren. >> we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives >> dana: this is a story you'll only see on channel 3. this is a picture of donald trump taken here in las vegas, getting a lot of attention nationwide. it shows the candidate praying with a group of local pastors. this was taken at international church of las vegas on october 7. it has since appeared in several national publications including "usa today." it's also been discussed on
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for this picture. some question his sincerity and whether he's even a true believer. the pastors have also been criticized. >> one of the things donald trump did is he just bowed his head and closed his eyes and that's a sign of humility. >> they said i look like joseph value praying for donald trump. some others weren't so kind. >> that is several other times. he probably received the most criticism when he was asked to pray with senator harry reid. the group offered the clinton campaign to pray with her during one of her visits but so far they haven't heard back. >> kim: still to come, president obama and mean tweets.
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a jimmy kimmel staple and it's headed your way this morning. >> dana: a man had to be pulled
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women.
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to make our own health decisions. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> kim: the president was on jimmy kimmel and participated in mean tweets. >> bro, do you even lift? well i lifted the ban on cuban cigars. that is worth something. >> barack obama is the sharknado
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>> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the united states, # at real donald trump. at least i will go down as a president. >> kim: was that a drop the mic moment. that's what it looked like. he sat down for a proper interview where he talked about donald t the campaign trail and the debates. >> when you watch the debate and watch donald trump, do you ever actually laugh? most of the time. we joke about donald trump but i do think that part of the reason you've seen michelle passionate in this election, part of the reason we get involved as much
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we think hillary is going to be a great president, bits also because there is something qualitatively different about the way trump has operated in the political sphere. >> kim: he went on to say if he were even able to run for a third term, the first lady would probably divorce him. >> dana: some of our american soldiers are they were given money by the federal government and now the feds want it back. we're going to tell you the reason they want it back coming up. >> kim: a man in a tree suit is crossing the road and we have seen similar things like this here in town. but we have the rational behind
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>> kim: fire officials received a call just after 4:00 yesterday. the guy shirtless in the [video i owe and walks away unharmed. he was swept local rain we experienced. he was not even treated. he just walked away uninjured. >> dana: people hit the slopes in new england because they received five inches of fresh snow over the weekend. with all that snow and some of the man made stuff they are doing, people are going to be
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vermont. >> chris: we're going local with >> kim: we're going local with this one. >> dana: we had some snow around here. >> kelly: a little dusting above 10,000 feet. i want to start out with this time lapse. this is southeast career and technical academy you can see wave after wave of the showers making their way through and then it breaks up in the evening. beautiful sunset last night as well. temperatures as you are stepping out the door right now north las vegas 59, same in downtown. summerlin 60. henderson areason you are at 59. relative humidity near 100%. at 100% in several lockes. you will notice it as you step
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patchy morning fog a possibility. i noticed a little bit as i was leaving the house. not so much as i came into work. patchy fog a possibility for us this morning. the rain has left southern nevada and moved into arizona. for us it will be dry today. patchy morning fog a possibility. it will burn off once the sun comes up and the temperatures start to rise. 78 is our expected high today. tonight mostly 62 for our low temperature and our seven-day forecast, temperatures will be warming up here wednesday and thursday. mid 80's by thursday. another storm system is coming. halloween looks dry, mostly sunny and 75. >> dana: four people injured and 20 displaced in this massive condo fire. this happened last night in beliveau just to the east of
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alarm condo fire this. started around 7:30 yesterday evening. the four people injured, two went into cardiac arrest. two suffered from smoke inhalation and burns. no word on what may have started this. >> kim: an urgent manhunt continues in oklahoma for that man who shot and injured two officers and who killed two of that suspect taunting police on social media. check it out. >> you want to know what is up next, stay tuned to your local news. >> he is injured and still on the run. his wanted poster warns he has a medical condition. he may try to spread. they don't go in depth so we don't know what type of disease
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his crime spree started on sunday when he shot at two officers. he then stole a police car before carjacking another woman injuring her. and also taking the lives of two of his family members. he killed his aunt and uncle. he is armed and dangerous. the pentagon wants its money back. this is a big story people are talking about this morning. a lot of people saying are you kidding me. the pentagon demanding that bonuses a decade after they signed up to serve in iraq and afghanistan. they offered bonus money of $15,000 for more people to enlist. after an audit the pentagon found a lot of bonuses were given to soldiers that didn't qualify for them.
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follow the law and collect the money. >> dana: the ex-wife of jarred fogle is now suing the company that immediate that guy famous -- made that guy famous. he's now serving 15 years in prison on child sex and porn charges. huswife suing subway saying they knew about his interest in children and failed to act. and father of your children is a child predator and his job is visiting schools on a regular basis is devastating. subway did not follow up on one complaint while utilizing jarred as a spokesperson is beyond comprehension.
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comment. >> kim: she's had that position since the year 2013 and now she is moving into a different position that is associated with the university, mainly fundraising. she had a lot of accomplishments in her rain at athletic director at the new coach for the runnin rebels will join us live to talk about this season. >> dana: today the world series begins. first pitch will be thrown at this stadium in cleveland ohio. the first pitch around 5:00. one of the major droughts in sports is going to end at the
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the longest is the cubs. they haven't won a title since 1908. but cleveland is in there as well. the longest drought in the american league belongs to the indians. they haven't won a title since 1948. game one tonight in cleveland. first pitch 5:00. >> kim: fans are already out and excited. you're going to see that on "the today show." >> coming up on a tuesday, just two weeks from election day and this morning why donald polls are showing. are you being prescribed the wrong at-bat.'s happening at ang rate. we bring you all the excitement surrounding the start of the world series. we have that and much more ahead on today. >> dana: why did the tree walk across the road?
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we're not sure why. this is portland, maine. a guy dressed as a tree walking back and forth across the street. police officers show up and they arrested him. he refused to comply with orders so police took him to jail on a miss demeanor charge. his motivation was to see how people would react to his performance impact their natural choreography. he was covered in dozens of branches. i got to see the guy's booking photo. this is funny enough. >> kim: an odd twist because here locally police will dress up if the we have a holiday coming up to make a point to pay
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if you are behind the wheel.
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>> kim: that is justin beer have
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fans >> dana: we are talking to the brand new coach of the runnin rebels. only three returning players from last year. we're going to talk to him about
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>> kim: imagine renting a home
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being spied on. >> dana: hear from the local pastor seen praying with donald trump in a photo that has gone viral this morning. why is that pastor taking >> dana: welcome in. it is 5:00 on this tuesday. we will elect a new president in two weeks. >> kim: i'm thinking rebels, rebels, we have the election that just won't go away. two more tuesdays left. but as we look at the thomas and


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