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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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scary moments aboard governor mike pence's campaign plane as it skidded off the runway while hydroplaning coming in on a landing. does hillary clinton have her sights set on joe biden joining her administration? >> they have vowed to tak the government sticking it to our secret service agents? >> the charity that continues to build robin williams' legacy. >> and when rocket scientists focus their attention on pumpkin carvings, the results are out of this world. "early today" starts right now. >> oh my god. >> remain seated. >> laguardia national airport, aircraft down. >> good friday morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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emergency on the campaign trail. some very scary moments overnight from laguardia airport here in new york where the campaign plane carrying mike pence skidded off the runway. pence, his family, the press corps, and secret service were all on board. you can see there were no injuries reported. the plane's hard landing caused major damage to the tarmac, though, in a downpour of rain, soaked runway, and heavy winds were contributing factors. incident. and pence tweeted his thanks that no one was hurt and also thanked the first responders who rushed to the scene. before the flight, he shared this image of himself throwing a football around while waiting for weather conditions to clear before flying to new york. and donald trump spoke to pence following the rough landing and commented on the incident at the ohio rally. >> i just spoke to our future vice president, and he's okay.
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plane. the plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave, grave danger, but i just spoke to mike pence, and he's fine. [ applause ] >> he got out. everybody's fine. >> pence safely made it to his new york hotel following the incident. however, he was unable to attend his previously scheduled fundraiser. >> we've got more breaking news overnight. the 2016 race shifts dramatically 11 days ahead of politico with the headline, clinton eyes biden for secretary of state. now, the report confirmed by nbc news notes that the current vice president is at the top of clinton's short list for the job as the nation's top diplomat. if clinton were to win the white house, biden was the chair of the foreign relations committee before becoming the current environment and he's been campaigning for clinton all year
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the important of biden's cancer moonshot program. and while clinton looks at possible cabinet secretaries, donald trump is lambasting national polls that have him trailing her by several points. >> i'm winning in certain polls and other polls, the dirty polls, we call them, i was losing by, you know, numbers that were ridiculous. >> i have all the polls here. >> i think we're winning, but bill, you look at some of t it's ridiculous. the only one i like are the ones where i'm winning. >> you're honest. >> these polls -- something is going on. bill, something is going on with the polls. >> now, that came before trump wondered out loud why any elections even taking place. >> what a difference. you know, what a difference this is. just thinking to myself, we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump,
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why are we having an election. >> a business week report now says trump's aim isn't to persuade voters to come out and vote in 11 days. he's working to keep clinton voters away from the ballot box. they said, we have three major voter suppression operations under way. they're aimed at three groups women need to win. idealistic white liberals, young women, and african-americans. michelle claims on the trail with clinton for the first time. >> that's the strategy. to make this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want any part of it. so when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying this election is rigged, understand that they're trying to get you to stay home. they're trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter.
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controversy over newly hacked e-mails regarding the clinton foundation. they are hoping to steer the campaign against a scandal. andrea mitchell has more. >> their joint appearance competing for haynes with the latest e-mail stolen by wikileaks, not verified by nbc news, describing how billclipten personally profited, receiving millions in speaking fees from donors calling it bill clinton inc. we have dedicated ourselves to helping the president secure and engage in for-profit activities, including speeches, boobook, an advisory service engagements. he says he secured more than $50 million for the former president, but no indication hillary clinton ever did anything for those donors while she was secretary of state. still, re-enforcing suspicions long held about the clintons. >> i think they should have
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the clinton foundation the minute she became secretary of state. i don't think it's a smoking gun. >> clinton campaign's hope, it's not the hacked memo, but michelle obama's message that will drive people to the polls. >> more fallout for pence. penn state. a jury awarded a man who claimed the university defamed him after he helped testifying against jerry sandusky in his 2012 child molestation trial. his lawyers argued that his reputation was damaged for reporting him instead of going to the police. a penn state spokesman said the university would not comment on the case until all counts are fully resolved. >> now to the standoff in north dakota where armed soldiers and
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controversial pipeline. miguel almaguer reports. >> this is the tense faceoff between an army of police, native american protestes blocking high way 1806, trying to shut down construction of a controversial oil pipeline on private land. officers in armored vehicles wearing riot gear are pouring in with support. battle lines drawn, now making arrests. after setting fires and the bridge in the path of the pipeline, months of tension have escicated. some promise a fight to the end. >> there's no fear here. we know we have the moral high ground and we're doing what's right. >> reporter: the nearly complete dakota access pipeline will cross four states, connecting north dakota and illinois with some 1200 miles of pipe. a $3.8 billion project, capable
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august, the protest has become a movement, said to be the largest gathering of native americans in modern history. no comment from the oil company. celebrities and activists arrive in north dakota, vowing to fight on while facing arrests and a growing army of police. miguel almaguer, nbc news. a tribe has released a statement following the recent fight, as people of this earth, we all need water. this is about our water, our rights, and our dignity as human beings. >> just ahead, the story of the suspect who was stopped by the drive-through of an in and out burger while being chased by police. >> and rain is headed to parts of california over the weekend. bill karins brings us the details. before halloween, bill? >> a shot of rain this morning and another one on sunday. and we're going to try to get
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trick-or-treating. heavy rain near the bakersfield area. everyone is getting a little rain out of this one. not so much in los angeles, but a little bit as we het to santa monica. this is the much needed rainfall. the heart of the hardest hit drought areas. a chance of minor flooding, but that's about it, and this weekend, the next one comes in as we go throughoutt on and off, especially heavy this morning. we'll give you the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> bless you. >> excuse me, guys. >> just ahead, we may have a story that tops the one headline from a 1983 new york post that
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charges. when you go to in-and-out, that's what you get. >> especially if you get the animal style fries.
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taking care of our sitting president while also protecting the large number of candidates running in this year's presidential election, but many are working those long hours and not getting paid for them. and with the secret service hiring freeze in effect, it's placing a lot of strain on agents. justice correspondent pete williams has the details. >> it's not a 9:00 to 5:00 job, safeguarding presidential candidates on the road and keeping alert for trouble in boisterous crowds, not to mention the core mission of protecting the sitting president. secret service agents do get overtime, but a third of them maxed out months ago because of salary caps, they have been putting in brutal hours with no extra pay. >> no reward to the family. no income coming in out of it. all the things that are broken in the house aren't getting
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>> the numbers are staggering. agents are now protecting 26 people, the current president, the families, four former presidents and top u.s. officials. and they have provided security at more than 7,000 events here and overseas this year, screening more than 8 million people. this year's been especially taxing. the political conventions, the u.n. general assembly, and a year of unusually harsh rhetoric with threatening images displayed openly, some of them seeming to advocate violence, and a hiring freeze limiting the they'll take a bullet for the president. if they'll take a bullet for the president, we ought to properly compensate them. >> some in congress are working on a fix so sket service agents won't have to work overtime for nothing. pete williams. >> leading the newark a selfie gone wrong. a 19-year-old student slams into a police car. why did she lose control? she was taking a topless selfie, police say. the officer on the scene wrote
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fast forwarding today. president obama is expected to hit the trail for hillary clinton in the all-important state of florida, holding a rally in orlando. >> the world series returns to wrigley field for the first time in 71 years. as game three between the chicago cubs and cleveland indians gets under way tonight. both teams are tied at one game apiece. >> and coming up on "today," on her final installment of pink we education teacher and breast cancer patient the surprise of her life. you won't want to miss that. >> and we've got a $70 million jaerl award to tell you about, and why november 9th may be a major day for bargain shoppers. landon dowdy brings those details. good morning. >> good friday morning to you. the markets could start the day in the red, extending thursday's modest losses. investors focusing on a mixed celt of earnings.
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alphabet. the key item today, the first read on third quarter gdp rebounded this summer provided more fuel for the fed to raise interest rates in december. you should wait to cross shopping items off your list until after the election. the election will impact spending plans and they're being more cautious, but they would splurge if they're tempting by sales or promotions that are good to pass up. and a jury in st. louis has awarded a california woman more than $70 million in her lawsuit claiming her ovarian cancer was caused by using johnson & johnson's baby powder for years. the suit accused j & j of negligent conduct in making and marketing the product. two separate lawsuits have also resulted in huge damage awards. >> thank you for that, landon. >> just ahead, the late great robin williams had a passion for cycling.
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in three times what was expected. they put the 87 bike collection at about $200,000, but over $600,000 was raised and donated to charity by his family. williams was very passionate about cycling and he often worked with the challenged athletes foundation. bidders from over 25 countries participated. the proceeds will go to the christopher and dana reeve foundation. >> their annual pumpkin carving contest. they took it to astronomical levels. look at these images they've created. >> that's my favorite. >> even flying pumpkins. and i think i saw a donald trump. there it is. donald trump/hillary clinton, presidential candidates weighing in on the politics. i like the clever one. have you done your pumpkin for this year or not yet? >> no, but i think it's going to
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although the rotisserie one was off the hook. it was awesome. maybe some inspiration. >> here's some '90s sitcom inspiration for you as far as when it comes to going back to the small screen to something we loved back then. nbc is in talks to reboot "will and grace" after the show's election themed reunion went viral in september. now sources are saying the show may return in the form of a ten-episode limited series. also something to look forward announced their 2017 live production. that classic, bye bye birdie, they're going to bring it back live starring jennifer lopez and it will follow hairspray live which is scheduled for this december. >> a lot of excitement for "will and grace" if that does come back and a lot of excitement -- >> excitement for me. i'm stepping off my platform. >> just ahead, your weekend weather. plus, stay with us. "early today." more "stay" per roll.
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all right, time for your weekend forecast. after the rainy morning today, we get one decent day in many areas of the west, on saturday. maybe a little rain in seattle. it looks like on sunday morning is when the next storm will move in, kind of on the same path this is taking. san francisco, expect a mountain west. we need the rain. >> thank you for that. a surprise stop on the campaign trail has some trump fans shouting praise. donald trump jr. was on his way to an event thursday in phoenix, arizona, when he spots a woman in a broken-down car. stops and then you see him with two other men pushing the car to the side. they gave the woman their own water bottles so they could keep her hydrated and help her on her way. the video has been now retweeted
4:27 am
that was a nice gesture by donald trump jr. >> i'm curious if he pulled up, hay, who are you voting for in the election? you never know. >> this story now, the acquittal of all seven leaders involved in an armed standoff of a federal wildlife refuge has surprised many. >> a very powerful thing to have individuals with nothing come and fight the federal government in this building rely on nothing more than the truth and prevail. >> the group w thursday on charges of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs. that stand-off began in january and lasted nearly six weeks. more than 30 guns were seized from the property. the case brought national attention to the lawn long running disspute. >> pushing for button for the elevator door to close might not work. some buttons exist just for our mental well being, giving us the illusion of control. what made the list?
4:28 am
since 1990, elevator doors were legally required to stay open for those with a disability to stay on. also on the list, crosswalk buttons don't often work since many signals are controls, and they admitted to installing dummy thermostats in many office buildings. >> in many of the studios here. that's the case here. >> today, not just because it's friday, treat yourself with some chocolate because it is national so you can celebrate your sweet tooth with a bite of your favorite candy bar, and discounts from different chocolate stores. don't worry about biting off more than you can chew. there's a report that found that americans eat about 9.5 pounds of chocolate a year per person. if you're going to indulge, today is the day to do it. use the whole weekend. >> i feel like i eat nine pounds on a normal weekend. >> now we can officially celebrate it. >> thank you for watching,
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>> i'm francis rivera. we'll see you back here on >> kim: weather authority, that is us right here at news 3. the radar on your screen. kelly curran all over this developing storm. will it have impacts for the morning commute? stay tuned. >> dana: car nado part d. we are traffic authority as spaghetti bowl in about 30 minutes. we'll detail them for you coming up. >> kim: plane scare. mike pence's staff getting jostled after their plane takes a hard landing and kids off the runway. the governor is ok and so is their staff but they are a bit rattled and you're going to hear
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4:29 on this october 28. >> kim: i'm glad you have a snip your step. it's been a very busy news week and i'm a little bit tired. >> dana: bounce you up today. >> kim: that will help get everyone at home energized on this friday. thanks for being was this morning. i'm not joking when isatines been a busy >> dana: let's check in with kelly. going to get a little bit of rain out there today. >> kelly: we are looking at a little bit of wet weather right now, especially on the western side of the spring mountains but nothing in the las vegas valley yet. here is a look at the radar where we are tracking showers moving in from the west. showers starting to make their way through the western parts of the spring mountains. we could be seeing that activity


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