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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  October 28, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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"news 3 live at 12:30," another sign the economy is improving here in the valley. the grand opening of tivoli village phase two. after it was delayed. we're going tell bhour this coming up in a live report. >> krystal: news 3 is your weather authority taking a live look outside. looks like a little sun breaking through the crowds clouds, i should say,. may have a little more rain headed our way. kelly curran is tracking it all. >> michelle: forever home friday. the animal foundation here with a look at how you can take a pup home today. that's coming up. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: thank you for being with us. >> michelle: this is a story quickly developing with just 11 days to go until election day we've learned the fbi is reopening the investiti server. >> krystal: in a letter to the senate judiciary committee fbi director james comey writes the fbi is investigating additional emails that were discovered as part of a separate investigation. comey went on to say the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps to review potentially pertinent emails. the fbi director also saying he wasn't sure how long the additional review would take. clinton's campaign not responding. but we just showed you live
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so we will see what she has to say in response to this latest investigation by way of the fbi. >> michelle: all right let's come back here at home. if you drive in the area frequently, you have been watching phase two of tivoli village going up. well it is just about done. they're still working on stuff there but for the moels part they've opened it up and it is cool to see it finished. >> krystal: it's definitely been a work in brother gress. that's -- nunley. we do know construction was put on hold for this project earlier this year. >> kyndell: yeah that happened in august when one of the construction workers, a carpenter foreman by the name of riccardo bautista, he was 28 years old, he was killed after one of the scaffolds fell on top of him at the site. the project was halted and osha did begin an investigation but work did go on and as you can see it was completed.
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two at tivoli village. you can see an open area where people are going to be able to hang out. construction as our anchors pointed out does continue. the property is symbolic for the prosperity of our state and what we've seen following the 08 recession. the ceo moved to vegas from israel back in 2005 to begin the project here. three years later he found himself in the middle of the economic downturn and it's no secret pressure was felt hardest among nevadans here at home. li i state construction did come to a stop and it took investors in israel to get tivoli village built and open. then organizers began pushing towards phase two. an idea that our mayor carolyn goodman says she had no idea she would be celebrating so soon. that happening today. >> i was showing the model of the second phase back in 2011 and we were right in the depths
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>> kyndell: believe it or not development here is still not done along with the new shops parking options and additional interests. phase three is the works. construction has began. they don't have a timeline of when it will be done. we'll definitely stay on top of it and bring you the latest here at news 3. reporting live from phase two of tivoli village, back to look outside at the radar that we're seeing right now. the showers are starting to refire a little bit in some locations. this first slide i want to show you -- i want to warn you first off. this area, the sliver with all the yellows and reds in it right here going right into las vegas? this is a nom aly on the radar. that is not real. what is real is some of this rain shower around armagosa valley, spring mountains,
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showers and very small spotty shower activity toward mesquite. we're going look at the bigger picture. we're seeing showers redeveloping right around here. they're going be moving north and east. looks like we're going get another round within the next couple hours. hopefully you didn't put umbrellas and raincoats away yet. keep them handy. looking at cloudy skies throughout the day today then showers moving back in for the afternoon. now by 3:00 today about 78 degrees. that chance for get into the evening. i put together another day planner for trick-or-treating time. that's monday. still a couple of days away. temperatures are going to get cool. 74 the high on monday. then temperatures dropping down into the 60s. maybe a long sleeve t-shirt or sweat shirt under the costume is a good idea. especially for the kiddos. >> krystal: something else that's really cool is our next interviewee right here. this is susan.
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shop for we've looked at the magazines and you have seen the award shows and we've been like i would love to have that look. you are going to show us but getting it for significantly less. let's jump right into it. what are we look at here. >> queen bee, lemonade. this necklace is really, really popular. i toned it down a bit so it would be wearable for everyone. it is a really nice s it's $26 and comes with that choker thing too. >> krystal: it really does. it's reminiscent of that lemonade video. let's keep it moving. i love all of what you brought. but this is one of my personal favorite. >> look at the picture. >> krystal: that black and white so classic. >> that's liv tyler. reminds you of audrey hepburn. we have her bracelet. this is a set of five and it's $14.
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it's $24. >> krystal: i might have dibs on this one before she leaves here today. it's just so classic and it never goes out of style. you can dress it up or down. i guess more dressy. >> it's that choker style. so if you don't want to do the tight black band. >> krystal: move on to this one. >> this is alexandria ambrose yo. arrowhead necklaces are a big trend. we found one very similaro hers. this has a pink stone. it doesn't look so pink on the picture. but it is a very, very pale pink. it's $22. >> krystal: very reasonable. and significantly less than what you would pay for the real stone of course. let's talk about this classic pattern scarf. i like this. >> that's right kate hudson wearing white. we're wearing white after labor day. >> krystal: we do it now. >> scarf is $16.
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it's just that classic pattern that you can wear with a lot of colors too right. the khaki, white, black. >> it is a great ak sent piece. >> krystal: let's keep moving down the line here. >> this is angelina jolie. i had been looking for a match on this necklace. i got a good one. it's awesome. >> krystal: it's almost like just the exact replica. it comes in a silver and rose gold. it's $30. susan, you did not disappoint my >> krystal: i mean, 16-$24? that is unbelievable. >> and we have a promo code. 20 percent off the entire site including these items. it is love las vegas. >> krystal: don't we? and we love loving you. come back and see us. now you know how to get the look for less. with that over to michelle. do you have dibs on any of this. >> michelle: i'm liking that angelina jolie necklace. i might have to make something happen. coming up, it could be anyone's win at this point with the world series.
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chicago. it's historic. game three. we're going talk about that coming up. and today is forever home friday. this little come pie lacing of all the dogs on the show that have been adopted. we're hoping those of who adopted a dog will reach out to us because we'd like to have a reunion. us because we'd like to have a reunion. more on that cocomingng we've learned a lot about how joe heck works. follow the money. he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip" including some of the same banks who caused the crisis. and then there's money he's taken from payday lenders who charge 521% interest. heck co-sponsored legislation protecting their predatory practices. add it all up, and joe heck is working for corporate special interests. and that doesn't work for nevada. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. hillary clinton: this is not an ordinary time,
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i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed to the entire world. that america already is great, but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together. we have to start getting the economy to work for everyone... not just those at the top. making the best education system from preschool through college. making it affordable, because that's, i think, the best way hildren deserve. my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america that i know and love. if we set those goals and we go together, there's nothing that america can't do. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killedy clinton in the last few years.
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they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives. v.o.: yes on question one. we've got a choice to make. jacky rosen wants to build an economy
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expanding solar energy, and improving our schools. but with danny tarkanian, you can't escape the sleaze. tarkanian lost $17 million in a failed development scheme and stuck taxpayers with the bill. he even helped set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors. danny tarkanian's out for himself. dccc is responsible
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>> kelly: it is coming up on 12:42. want to show another rainbow picture. this one sent in by our viewer eric montville. look at this shot. this was an amazing rainbow from earlier today. clouds starting to build back in. i want to show you the time-lapse. this is from mount charleston lodge so far today. where we have seen rain showers that have moved through the area. clouds again across as well. maybe a little bit of snow up on the top at or above 11,000 feet. that's what we're here is a look at the current temperatures. pahrump at 73 degrees. mount charleston up at the lodge it's 52. boulder city you are coming in at 80 degrees. many locations where the rain has stopped and the clouds have broken up. temperatures are going above where we were forecasting them earlier. las vegas valley it's 76 in summerlin. green valley 79. sunrise you are coming in right now at 81 degrees. here's a look at the radar. this is a bigger picture here. we have a lot of heavy rain
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modesto. that's been fizzling out. everything for us is fizzling out. we've got a new band of showers starting to build. it's starting to move its way toward us around sandy valley. that's where we'll see it cross the line and head up into the spring mountains. primm is going to get a little bit as well as pahrump. most part of the showers becoming more and more spotty as we head towards mesquite. see them disappear. there is still light rain gou going down here. but we're having technical mesquite scattered, spotty, light showers at this hour. high temperatures today? pretty close to what we're expecting right now. pahrump 74 degrees. that is the forecast high. boulder city you are above the forecast high. it was 79. you are at 80. tonight we're going see clouds gradually start to clear out. indian springs down to 54 degrees. laughlin 68 degrees. that will be your low temperature. our 7-day forecast showing that chance for showers today. we'll see the winds gusting up
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at least for a little bit. 81 degrees. the next storm system arrives sunday. a slight chance for showers. breezy conditions and cooler temperatures. the high on halloween? just 74. >> michelle: time for trending today. game three of the world series between the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians is tonight back in chicago at wrigley field. and you know it's going be insane. >> krystal: it's 1-one so anybody could take the lead at this point. >> miche >> krystal: we're caught up in the excitement too. this will be the first world series game at wrigley field, i should say, since 1945. they won in 1908 but the last time that a game has been there world series wise. workers are preparing the field wednesday with a shake here and a sweep there and spray with the hose and the bases perfectly placed. workers love to push gear on to the field making things picture
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the merchandise store is stocked with more gear and vendors have stocked their shelves with hats and sweat shirts. it is tied 1-one. my kansas city royals are the defending world champions. just want to throw that in there. >> michelle: do you even know the last time before last year they had won? >> krystal: 1985. i was two years old. so this world series this year is really exciting for both sides. and we have a local school. >> michelle: another ride sharing option coming to las vegas. this one is called lyft line. is this the same as lyft? >> krystal: it is another service. the service provides a safe convenient ride to help tourists get around the city more affordably. this allows passengers to share a ride with others going the same way for a discounted price. the more passengers you have, the more affordable the ride will be. and they say less cars on the
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in las vegas starting november 10th. to celebrate las vegas riders will receive discounted rides for the first two weeks of using the app. >> michelle: this has to be lyft it's just another service they're offering. cool. all right. halloween only a few days away. and we really want to see all of your costumes. so we're calling this flashback friday. you have to make sure though that if you want to see the costumes that you do hashtag #news at that love bug. show us some of your best halloween pics from last year and maybe if you want to give us a sneak peek of what your interview -- what your costume is going to look like this year we'd love to see it. please share. >> michelle: in order to do this you need to obviously put it on our social media platform, facebook, twitter, instagram. and make sure you use that hashtag #. you can follow us here on our facebook pages. here is our twitter handles.
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why don't you come over here holly as we get into the tease here. we want to show you this adorable doggy. >> krystal: oh my goodness. look at this. >> michelle: so sweet. we have a little something to get to before we get to it. >> krystal: he can hang out with us. it's forever home friday. so cute. oh my goodness. >> michelle: trumpkin the giant pumpkin in just in time for fall. >> reporter: until you notice who is sitting on it. donald trumpkin, hillary clinton-kin and who is the third one? >> the wild card was put-kin. >> reporter: with a smirk and a wink, vladimir is the biggest at 341 pounds. but it is the donald and hillary who get most of the attention.
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worldwide, jeanette paris is famous for her portraits. though she is not really an artist. >> i started pumpkinizing giant celebrity pumpkins in 1988. >> reporter: she's done everything from miley cyrus with her long tongue to kim jong un. kanye west was a hit with his glass. seems she pumpkinizes whoever big in the news. the donald and hillary were no-brainers. she trumpkin last year. the trickiest feature to get right on trumpkin, what else, the hair? it's made up of six very large wigs. carved trumpkins are popping up all over social media right down to the minimalist wig and hole. when it comes to halloween, the did donald is winning. [ laughter ] his mask is overwhelming out selling hillary's nationwide. usually the candidate whose mask
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election. but the trump mask has an advantage. >> the left likes to buy it because they want to lampoon him. and the right likes it because he is their candidate. >> reporter: over 95 percent of people who buy the masks are men. as for the donald's pumpkin? uncarved it will last until new year's. what happens when it's time to get rid of trumpkin, clint-kin and put-kin? before dumping them in the trash, jeanette says she chops them shower scene. that's hair raising! jeanne moos, kr cnn, new york. >> michelle: let's move on to something adorable. this is cayden. holly you brought the most adorable dog today. one of our forever home friday pets. i think krystal is falling in love. >> krystal: he keeps looking at me. >> i think he is falling in love right back. >> krystal: so sweet. >> michelle: what do we know about this little guy.
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he is just a total love. he has been falling in love with everybody here at the station. >> michelle: ears look like a little gizmo. >> probably be a good halloween name. >> krystal: what do we know about him? he is a little skittish at first. but, you know, obviously calms down really well. just sure. >> krystal: i love it. he is looking at me. oh my god my heart. let's talk some of the specials you have going on right now. >> right now we have bark toner fest going on through end of the month. it's 50 percent off all fees for dogs six months and old. we also have meow-a wean and
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months and older. >> krystal: look at that. he is such a love. if you want to take caden home before i do then you want to make sure you get to the animal foundation quickly. he's going to go fast. thank you holly. >> michelle: stay with us. we'll be back on the other side of the break. >> tom: thanks to everyone who took part in tom's trivia challenge. the answer to the question what's the official fossil of the state of nevada? one person randomly chosen from
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hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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"she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..." donald trump calls women "bimbos", "dogs", and "fat pigs." but congressman crescent hardy said he'd support donald trump 100%. nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. ruben kihuen for nevada.
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>> kayla: am i the only one that thinks that finding a dead body that's been removed from our morgue should be a top priority? oh. oh. oh, you think? [scoffs] yeah. oh--oh, you don't want me being sarcastic? well, i don't really appreciate the challenge of keeping track of dead bodies that are leaving our morgue. thank you. our head of security thinks at or he had the gall to say to me that maybe it was ju a zombie and it walked out on its own. >> steve: oh, well, that sounds reasonable. >> kayla: [groans] that body better turn up before seth burns finds out about this. i-i'm just gonna-- i'm just gonna hope that it's a bureaucratic mix-up. >> steve: well, maybe not. gotta remember it is halloween. >> kayla: you're saying you think maybe it's a prank? >> steve: well, when we were kids, we used to egg cars and tp houses, but that might be too tame


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