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tv   Mad Money  NBC  January 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am CST

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job is to educate you and treat you. tweet me at jimcramer. only on, we know it, nasty wig. thank k avens it is over. fortunately, i guess, it ended with a pathetic whimpering sell off and not a bang of a selloff, and as i told you all week, do not expect anything good from this market, not now, no way. dow seeking today, 168 points, nasdaq climbed .98%. you want an impressing stat? dow's lost more than 1,000 points this week, the s&p more than $1 trillion worth of market cap has been wiped out. sobering and i need you to think
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we're dealing with right now. you think that this market would have been able to go higher with china being able to mount a pretty big -- bountiful job gains this month. but if you thoughts that, you would be wrong. first the chinese government propped up to the market last nighghwith all sorts of bubung, it wasn't real people. terrific that it didn't go down. we all know the drill, the communist party is making it up as you go along. the massive rally in 2014, when the shanghai was at 2100. in may of last year when it climbed to 5200. made no sense whatsoever, it was just people throwing money at it, and while the chinese market has managegeto come down from 4300 to 3200 the currently level. the sheer number of people who
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instituted circuit breakers earlier this week while devaluing its currency, it got rid of the circuit breakers because it has no idea what it's doing. i think the shanghai market would is have at least started the process of roundtriping back to where the bubble started. we should be facing another 30% drop. which is exactly what we used to do when the government encouraged opening accounts and people openefive accounts and borrowed money to put in the accounts. specifically, it's a phony market. we have lost all confidence in the chinese economy's ability to run either their stock exchanges or for that matter, their economy. d that loss of faith is translating into genuine fear of
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growth. there will be fed officials galore talking up the need for rate hikes later this year given the strong employment numbers. if they look for raw material inflation, the longer oil situation has kept them at bay. but any good news in the employment front is bad news for the consumer, who will have to get used to paying higher interest rates. it's no wonder that so people believe that autos are peaking, that's the sector that leads in rates. don't forget about theheousing stocks again, something g at is again directly related to the coming rise in mortgage rates, it all makes sense when you hear about the fed's hawkishness. these are governors, they come on tv, they love to talk. i wouldn't let any of them talk if i was that chairwoman yelling, the chinese stock market because it's propped up by the government t d the u.s.
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inflation is one the feds feel should be slowed by higher rates. are they against the working person making a little bit of money here? who in their right mind wants to buy stocks on those two meeses of news. but one things that's been totally lost in the shuffle is earnings. specifically the onenethat we got from constellation, and from walgreens boots aleans. the market simply wasn't focused on how individual companies were doing, just companies. that could change when earnings season begins, but china and the fed, and the endlessly dececning price approximate in oil, more on that later in the show, and control, all three are negatives that could trump anything i'm about to show you, first out of the gate, as always, it's alcoa, the company is splitting itself up into two entities, a pure
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and a company that modernizes the making of aluminum for a variety of industries like aerospace, gas turbines. in order to create a new commodity company that represents a basket breed energy in the sector. a close win in indiana yesterday, b b it's the other sisi of the business, the high-tech one that i'm interested in. this is only the real look at the company since the breakup proposal. and klein is going to have to trim expectations for limited use, because of a faltering china and weakness in the emeshlging markets. i think alcoa stock all the way down to 8 8 gotten a little lower versus s se of the parts here. and tuesday, we hear from csx. this is another company that can give us a read on everything from coal production, auto parts, agriculture, oil. the railroad stocks have been
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pacific, not a great stock. the rail b biness has been so dismal. one of my favorite names one monster beverage, the energies drink company, it's also a favorite of the coca-cola company, and also opened this business, distribution network. it's going to be pretty dada they had a nice story about european sales. not to mention now sales of convenience stores, worth your speculating on, one of the last bastions of domestic stocks that has held up well. but don't tell that to the people who own supervalue, which is a month ago, i mean about a year ago, ititas at 12, it's at 6 now. let's see what they have to say. but all a in all, if they say bad things, go by kroger or
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thursday we hear from jpmorgan and i got the tell you, the banks have been roaring going into the new year, investors kpt the fed to continue raising the rates which boosts how much money they can make on your money. but many feds say they can't keep raising the rates because the economy can't bear it. jpmorgan has been -- so are these bank stocks going to tank as they did this past week? i woululsay yeah, all right?t? they glower. why didn't they get into too much negativity. after the close, we'll get the skinny from intel. i'll point that out because for so long it was a negative. for all the semiconductor properties that sell into the market. i bet they tell a good story about the -- the ship make they're will help intel diversify, hey, 3% kbreeld,
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wells fargo, citigroup, pnc or u.s. one. the charts are broken down, the sectors become hated as it was once loved when the fed was expected to be tigigening. like i iold you, the market s turned on to the financials. citigroup stock for example has broken down to levels not seen since early 2014. morgan stanley, they didn't talk about it. but its stock has given up all its gains since 2014. these people are at standing declines, and i don't think they're done. so to the bottom line is, with china's -- s song employment like we got this morning, we are fighting both the fed and world events, if we just sit there and buy stocks without waiting for further weakness. i was hoping for a worse bottom today, we didn't get it. until we see a real crescendo of capitulation, i say we have to be willing to o ke some pain now
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if you can't take the gain, and you got some profits, i don't mind you taking them at all. >> a shoultout to your colleagues, the brilliant market analyst lenore hawkins. despite the fed raising rates, but with a rising dividend rate up to 3.4%, should i defend lazar at 16% down? >> i do not like the financials. i have had to take that ststce because we'r'rnow in the position where the fed may not be able to raise rates and the economy may be softening, and that's not good for any bank, including an investment bank. how about nick in ohio? nick? >> my question is for pep boys and manny mo. they sent a tender offer for my
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withdrew it. >> i want you just to sell pep boys. it's a at $18, it was at 9 before that. here's what you do, sell, sell, sell. we ended one of the worst weeks in history with just a pathetic parody of what a market should look like, that last hour was awful, but remember, why is this? we're fighting world events and the fed. so wait for more weakness before you pull the trigger. that's the profit? the market might have lost more than 1,000 point this is week, but the dow has always been closely followed. so when an index kicks a stock to the can curb, is it time to sell? this statement might be a surprise, if you think the biggest problem with china is its stock market, you're dead wrong.
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and there's one guy who called the decline the oil the whole way, you're not going to want to miss that. so stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer. send jim an e-mail to madmoney
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they performed much better as they performed much better as long as they were no longer part of the index.
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last year, exiled was att. back in 2013, alcoa was tossed out. the year before that, the dow kicked out the old craft in order to make room for united health. in twooirn, citigroup was replaced basis coe, while general motors -- right when the financial crisis started to go crazy in 2008, the dow jones average decided to cult aig loose, replaced by kraft. and honey well got booted so the dow could bring in chevron. you might think that a stock would get crushed after forcibly being kicked out of the dow jones industrial average. let's go through the ten to be
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the dogs of the dow, more like the stray dogs of the dow. and see what has been released into the wild. it's pretty instructive. certainly not what i thought of when we started going this piece. att was up 3.5%, in the year leading up to its rule. while it's essentially flat in the ten months since being cut loose, when you consider that the dow's come down more than 9% over the same period, att's flat performance starts to look pretty good. alcoa fell nearly 11% the year before it got removed from the index, and it's down 2% since being kicked out in 2013. bank of america got kicked out statement and it's suddenly up 6%. when you look at the value of the components, it's up nearly 14% since being kicked to the curb. near the end of 2012, kraft got expelled.
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after getting the boot. general motors aig are special situations since the former actually went bankrupt and the latter received the most bail in history. these two were terminated with cause. finally the last two dow jones expatriots, honeywell who were tossed out in 2008, they have rallied 99% and 74% respectively. you got to buy them when they get the boot. with the exception of aig the last companies gotten thrown out of the dow jones industrial average, have actually done quite well. the new additions to the dow have naturally outperformed the -- it's the losers who were kicked oututthat have tended to
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that's insane. you would expect the new additions to trounce the removals since the gate keepers in the dow are trying to bring the best to high cap companies they can find. on average, three years after being expelled, they're outptpforming those who replaced them. maybe you should buy them. how could a removal from the most watched index in the world could be a blessing more than a curse? once a stock gets kicked out of the dow jones industrials, it's no longer going to be a victim of dow futures, dow futures trader who is don't care about individual companies and just want to bet on the direction of the index. once you're free of the dow, you're no longer going to be affected by waves of index sun selling which can overwhelm an individual stock. the index fund factotois huge, while i would never recommend a
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remember, you want the broader diversification that comes from there the -- we did a lot of wok on this, how important is the index fund factor? roughly a year ago, indexed funds have managed more than $2.1 trillion. even if you just don't have enough money to go and buy a diversified portfolio of your own. when there's this much cash in indexed funds, that means the whole -- if a stock is o oboth the dow and the s&p 500, it's fate is very much in the hands of the futures traders. so being kicked out of the dow is kind of a liberating experience. investors can focus on the actual fundamentals. generally speaking if you wait a
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out of the dow, generally you would have made money if you buy that stock and hold on to it for the next 12 months. despite what you might think, getting expelled from the dow jones industrial average is no longer a market -- there are real benefits to no longer being part of the most visible index on earth. so the next time the dow's gate keepers decide to adjust this index, watch who gets kicked out to see i iyou might have a terrific buying opoprtunity. more "mad money" ahead, i'm taking stocks and markets out of the equation. we're looking at the actual slowing impact of a chinese economy to the rest of the world. where she stops nobody knows, i've got one of the only guys who called this whole decline
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we get a gang that couldn't shoot straight or trade straight when it comes to putting money to work. they aren't as clueless as our authorities were in 1929. before we realized that portfolio insurers could drive an entire market out. that was the actual cause of the '87 crash. at the same titi, to the chinese government is exhibitingngear and loathing in dealing with the bubble of their own creation. similar to the investment bank bomb, which sucked in as many investors per capita as china has. this is when we realized that the communist party doesn't know what they're doing, and they're just making it up as they go along.
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invincibility took a big hit this week. but that's only china's stock market we're talking about. it's the real economy in china that's taking it's toll globally and has more of a chance of hurting us here. i watched the baltic trading index. it eshows endlessly declining demandnd it's repeated rumbling that the government is doing some kind of stimulus. i should rent one of those ships and throw a wedding party or something on them. if the communist party is really stimulating, they're doing a terrible job of it. and that's the real rub. in a world of marginal growth, now they seem to have turned seller, dumping everything from aluminum to steel on the world markets, the problem here is that unlike the u.s., china has
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markets to sell goods, particularly natural resources. without that chinese demand,e have too much of everything involved in the basic building blocks of consumer construction, namely the metals and mining equipment that drives consumption. you lose china, that means you've lost global growth and emerging growth. that's the real impacts on the world's economy and the ripple effects are indeed being felt in the u.s., particularly u.s. companies that export goods overseas. is caterpillar really crushed by china? as my friend alex blanton points out to me. cat pillar -- china's lack of demand reverberates to it's mineral and mining business throughout the world. right now, not only are capital
3:24 am
but basicallied on to the nouncement last nighghfrom siriri logic, it's good the analyst made it for cell phones has peaked too. that could be from china, or it could be from people who sell goods into china, but you're now being crushed by the lack of chinese demand. forbes used reliance on -- can again be traced right back to the capital goods market in china. i'm not saying we have lost china. i am saying that the real worries about china don't have as purchase to do with the stocks market as you might think, which is not particularly tied to the commodity markets. it's heavily weighted towards financiaia, not cappal tall goods or consumer -- the weakness of the stock market is less about the real economy and more about a reflection of the government's lack of transparency. so here's the bottom line, the
3:25 am
growing, but it's no longer respspsible for the demand needed to gobble up the goods of other countries which have historically relied on china's endalless growth for years, and that, not the ridiculous, immature and embarrassing handling of the stock market is the real problem, in a world yes there's just not enough growth, china is a massive problememand it's one that seems to be getting worse not better, as the months drag on. let's speak to jeddah in illinois. jeddah. >> i love you and i agree with larry can kudlow that you are the smartest man on wall street. >> thank you. >> i'm calling to ask for clarity on ge stock trades. i was ththking of buying more because of the recent $1 billion turbine sale tsaudi arabia, their cash reserves and their liquidation of many of their capital reserve assets. however --
3:26 am
to buy anything. i don't really care for the market. i'i'constructively negatate, as i tell my staff. meaning that let the stocks come n we all feel the pain, we're all resigned to it. if i thought i could get you in and out of ge 28 to 26, or 28.5, but that's not what my viewers want, that's not what you want. i think you have to hold off until the stock goes lower. i think it probably stops at 2 2 25. but i don't want you to put risk capital at work. let stocks come this, it's okay, it's not a sin. ed in michigan? >> i have got 1,000 shares -- the shares were issued at $9 andnd fiat is down to 8 today, i was
3:27 am
hold or restock. >> i don't like the auto stocks, the ones that i do like, i do like fiat. i didn't w wn the ferrari deal, , i didn't want yone in that, i thought that was a really bad deal. all that said, i think it goes lower. will it go from 7 to 5? if it does, i would hold on to it. it might come back from there. it's down, it's cut this half, less risk than if it hadn't been. anyway, china is the stock marnlt, that isn't the real problem. to the real problem is their economy. it's not what it used to be. it's not sucking up all those goods from around the world and sadly, it's getting worse not better. much more "mad money" ahead. he's one of the only guys that got energy right and he's joining me tonight. you're not going to want to miss that interview. i'll see if he can can keep the games alive in an uncertain market. it's one of the few stocks that's rallying here. and a friday edition of the
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i'm talking about one ofofhe most respected authorities in the energy space, who's the
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markets consultant which i devour every morning, it serves as the best one stop shop for energy data and market analysis that there is. also author of domino effect, transforming markets, energies and economics. do you know how important the -- i think it's crucial to get a reality check on the oil patch. because according to rusty, this could be another tough week for the industry. check out the man who totally nailed it all the way. the only guy that i deal with. rusty, thank you so much for coming on. i'm going to ask you point blank, why did you know. every time i would e-mail you in the morning, this guy says it's at the bottom. you said you don't know that, jim, you don't know that. how did you know not toe call the bottom at 80, i called you at 60, 50, and now 40, and never once you said there wasn't a
3:32 am
>> it's oversupply, right? the only thing that can fix oversupply is demand, we look at demand, demand just couldn't react fast enough to happen. then we have to look at supply, there was only two supply things that could fix the market. number one, it would either be the u.s., because prices got so low, or it would be the saudis. we look at a the u.s. side and we look at the economics, and at 50 and 40 and to some extent even 40. there's parts of these plays that can can make money. there's parts of these plays where the economics of producing are still okay. it's the sweet spots, assuming that producers reduce their costs. that's one thing. >> now you also said, it's not in the saudi's interest to do what everybody thinks they want to do. >> absolutely. the saudis are not going to save u.s. producers from themselves. they're not going to do it. let's say that the saudis reduce production?
3:33 am
then the saudi producers a a going to jump ininnd produce more, and if they do, prices are going to go back down. now the saudis have got less market share and less price. it would just be nuts. >> could we see oil at 20 bucks? >> right now the market is trading emotionally. there is no natural floor in a short-term crude oil market. there's nothing that's going to stop it at $25 or $20. all that's going to happen is the market is going to react to whatever sort of stimuli comes in, like does china melt down, does iran crank up production, whatever it is, whatever happens to affect the market, you talklk about market psychology all the time in terms of stocks, it's the same with crude oil traders, maybe even a little more emotional. >> you have worked from everybody from chevron to -- is natural gas different from oil?
3:34 am
oil. natural gas production has stayed up there, and even with prices as low as it is. natural gas demand is going to kick in over the next few years. >> we read a great piece the other day, we were this genuine increase in natural gas in this country. >> absolutely. >> and it uses up. >> it uses up and surprisingly so. demand is good for producers, so that is going to be a good thing for producers, demand is going to be up. my guess is natural gas is going to be up a little bit. but crude oil, mass oil producer es are going to jump in there with both feet, start producing more natural gas, so ultimately this is gogo for consumers, cheap energy is going to be good for consumers, right? >> why were the financial markets so kind in allowing these guys to get the credit. even though you and i know this
3:35 am
>> remember all those analysts say that we were going to hit a bottom, there was going to be a w or a v or a u. >> we immediate to stop using those terms. >> stop using those terms because it's not going to happen that way. everybody else bought into that. >> exporting, i thought it might mean something, you told me, jim, huh-uh. >> if it had happened two years ago, that would have been great. we had too much in crude. prices were way down here because of that and that was two years ago. what did we do? we spent a lot of money on refinery modifications, we built splitters, and the debt of commerce allowed exports of processed con den sates. so now prices in the uninid states, prices i ithe rest of the world are about the same, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to take it from here to there, if the price is the same. although there's sill some
3:36 am
sense to export. if i'm in corpus and my alternative is going on an expensive vessel to somewhere else in the united states. yeah, i could probably go to europe or go somewhere else and make it better. prices are going to be low, production is going to come down. because production is going to come can down, there's a reasonable chance that prices could creep back up again. i do not believe that the $70 is going to happen. but, you know, i think where we are is we're trading in a range, and you know what that looks like in the stock market. we're trading in a range. i lived through this in 1986. prices of crude oil dropped down from $50 down to 10 bucks, they
3:37 am
15. then they traded at 22 for the next 14 years. there's an exception. desert storm, prices swrumped way up. but the rest of the time, prices were within that $7 range for the entire 14-year period. i'm not saying that that's going to happen this time around, but i'm saying we are in a range, your vocabulary, it's not going to happen. >> thank you to our bn president. a great book. i a read this guy every morning. he's kept me from calling a bottom. thank you so much. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like that... ... you have to rinse it first. what's that, alfredo? no, that can go in. no it can't! what are you, nuts? thth's baked-on alfredo.o. baked-on? ? 's never gonna work. dish issues? trust your dishwasher with cascade platinum. it powers...
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it is time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready skee-daddy? it's time for lightning round after a real tough week on cramer's "mad money." why don't we start with lee in new york. lee? >> how you doing, cramer, boo-yah. >> everybody else is getting tired and i'm can kickckg it into high gear, how about you? >> doing well. tesla buy or sell? >> it's a very, very tough market. there's speculation that people want to be in it, i don't want to with be in it. let's go to dan. >> hi, first-time caller, long time listener, my question is s agrim.
3:40 am
i think you can't wait to get out of agrim. let's go to california, charles. >> thanks for taking my call, jim. i've got some r.r. donnelly. >> i believe the 8% yield is good. the breakup is happening and i think tom quinlan is doing a good job. stick with it. scott in california, scott. >> boo-yah, cramer, from the capital valley of the united states. a symbol aos. 36%. >> at another point before i saw housing peak, which is what it did in the fourth quarter, i would say buy this, but we have to pull back with the fed raising rates, it's another sector that's not that exciting. >> and the conclusion of the lightning round.
3:41 am
sponsored by t.g. ameritrade. >> it is time, after the lightning round. what is that? why don't we start with michael in missouri. michael? boom boom, michael. okay. no michael right now. >> you have to have a photographic memory to with be able to relate events to what's going on. >> it is an oddity that both as a curse if you live with me and a blessing if you're watching me. go ahead, i'm sorry. >> uh-oh. >> happy new year, do. >> happy new year, what did you do? >> dried out, ten days. >> on to the new year? >> what can i etell you, i'm on one of these rotten cleanses with my wife. it's driving me crazy, i feel
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in this extremely difficult environment that we saw today, you want to circle the wagons around the stocks of high quality companies that have strong positive catalyst and don't have tough economic exposure in a weakeneng economy. the contract research organization that provides universities and biofarmer businesses with everything they need to discover new drugs, i always tell you to think of charles river as an arms dealer to the pharma and biotech industries. regardless of the fed or china, you know those are my two biggest worries, those companies will still be spending money to discover break through drugs. yesterday morning, the company announced that it's competitor will research for $585 million in cash, it's a deal that was immediaty applauded by the analyst community with the news actually sending the stock
3:45 am
gravitational pull of the average yesterday. this is the booster scale and allows the company to diversify in a niche and high-so can charles river, one of our stalwarts which was up about 25% last year continue to climb? the chairman and ceo of charles rivers laboratories to hear more about this deal and where this company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> nice to be here, jim. >> james, one of the things that i thought was really interesting is that there were analysts who i thought were kind of lukewarm about your company and they just changed their mind immediately when this happened. i'm going to quote from wells fargo, they felt the major factor keeping them on the sidelines was they felt that you were an animal model production company, i don't think that' really true, but that's what they said. how different does will make your company and people that haven't liked your stock change their minds?
3:46 am
dramatically. it's a company that we have admired and are respected for years, as a scientific peer of ours, it gives us geographic reach, it gives us new business activity, principally contract production of drugs, which will be a nice expansion to our portfolio. it also gives us expanded exposure in the agri chemical testing and industrial chemical testing which isisomething that we do in a smaller way. so larger capability, some new activities and expanded bee graphic rates and great science. >> it's funny you mention the agriculture, because i read it and i said to myself, you know, they're tough on gmos over there, they're tough on anything having to do with where you change the molecules.. are you able to capture what europe is so fearful of, which is that we're doing things that are wrong in medicine and food and ag?
3:47 am
sensitive to new chemical entities and their impact on the environment, impacts on food, impact on leaching into the streams and rivers, for instance, and so, yeah, we have had a meaningfully sized business in that and now have a much larger one. we also have greater geographic capability and a couple of countries on the continue innocent in europe to service strong large pharma companies in europe, who i think will have great longevity, have great pnls, expanding -- classic safe eity side but also in the environmental testing as well. >> there's a great quote where you said, it's actually quite astonishing, it said many of the drugs that have been approved by
3:48 am
are the product of large -- we're very proud of the fact that charles rivers worked on 55% of the drugs that were approved in 2014. 55%? >> yeah, we're obviously extraordinarily proud of that statistic, jim. i don't think there's another company in the world that could say that, makes us very proud to get up there every day and make a contribution like that and, yeah, we're working with all the major pharma companies and biocompanies throughout the world and helping them accelerate the development of the drugs and getting them to market. so it's a lofty goal that we have had and one that we have been able to achieve. >> in the last few months, t ty have shut out the biotech market, the ipo market for biotechs, is that something we need to be concerned about. does charles river have to worry that there's just not been a lot of liquidity of late?
3:49 am
owe tech market in '15 than any other yeye before that. we think that there's is several years of money they have available to invest in current pipelines, new pipelines, more importantly, most of the innovation, or much of the innovation is coming directly from biotech to pharma. >> right. >> we showed yesterday that about 42% of allllhe drugs that pharma has coming from biotech companies, so biotech companies have become the discovery engine for big pharma and even if the capital markets were to slow down a little bit in terms of their availability to biotech companies, big pharma will continue to fund the biotech companies because they have to because they really need to and pharma companies have become less interested in who actually discovers the drug, as long as they can get access to a drug that meets their strategic needs, they're happy to get it from biotech companies, so we're actually not concerned about
3:50 am
>> thehearket actually reacted correctly. that's jim forester, chairman and ceo of charles river labs. >> we like this stock, it doesn't have a lot of mpetition, makes it easier for biotech and pharma to develop new drugs, noneconomically sensitive. that's the kind of thing you got to be looking for. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. [coughing] [coughing] [coughing]
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