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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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whatever your mountain, climb on. gogol! it's a hat trick! out come the hats onto the ice! if you get this...
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the nhl discover it card... the card for loyal hockey fans like you. put your team on it today at >> 38 lti-goal games and no threes in there. still maybe, he's a great defensive player and if the net is empty near the end of the game he might be out there. the bruins will try to make that not even happen by cashing in on one perhaps herend can one win the dra from him?
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further and up it comes to cattatar and pastrnak and he shuttled it along. jam backed further by dekeyser and able to escape and work further and sendt up back to the point and that one ricocheted off a fallen player and it is miller able to get by onon and one that reach art was able to go and kept alive and floated to the front and it would not go through to them and larkin back down to tatar and drifted back to richard and backhands one and a nice save and rebound and that one is knocked high by kevan miller and krug is up with this 4:10 to go in the third period. turning back is marchand and hands it back further now to the control of kevan miller.
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mrazek and again, plays stopped with 3:54 separating these two teams from the finale of the game or the extension of it. >> you talked about it, the backhand chance for brad richards and a nice passing play and the backhand for gustav son for the right pass save. he stood up beautifully, i think, with the skill of tatar and opened up tatar and the creative genius of brad richards. >> olympics in '06 in torino and the cup in '04, tampa bay and in chicago. >> pierre: he was all world in that stanley cup final. >> eddie: offside is called. speaking of all world, pavel datsyuk and let's watch the video montage of his play and the spinning play on krejci and
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against chara and this one, a masterpiece. >> eddie: so it istrotman who had one of the first three goals of a by afteteoon. that one careened across and it was fed up the wing and here is helm with it and helm around behind and helm circling with it now and back out by gustav son and brought right back ahead again by marchand. marchand wanting to get by and e twoo to the boards and cancel. five players in and marchand gave it up and the lay made by mrazek. >> that's an egregious turnover that's in the corner and not happyy with himself and an opportunity for the bruins right here and soft on the puck and couldn't get any wood on it and man, oh, man, lucky for detroit, they couldn't get a stick on
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player doesn't make a lot of unforced errors and right there you see it. pulkkinen. that, too. around in front and whittled away from pastrnak and seidenberg and that one ricocheted wide. looks like hayes. a nice anticipation there by the veteran leading a 3three on two rush and that was getting in the way of it with gustav son and i i was playay back along for hayeye hayes brought it ahead and off the gloved hands of dekeyser and hayes and dekeyser goes in and quincy and settling it down is seidenberg again and seidenberg with one already and saw that pass directed and it can be w wh
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on by pavel, and fed back and abdelkader and abdelkader and the shot was ripped wide. after this is marchand. smith played it up the board and 2:10 to go a a already at the hash mark and gustav son as they were going to pull h off. so now krug and here comes gustavsson to the bench with the extra man. the extra man is chara and sometimes he goes to the front of the net and this time he goes behind the net and plays stopped. >> a tremendous opportunity for the detroit red wings off the rush and he started with a good shot block against seidenberg and that's what gives it up to zetterberg. >> smith over to abdelkader rockets that high and wide.
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diminished. >> eddie: mrazek peering out. eriksson and krejci to take the draw, marchand, chara and krug. as it is around behind and meanwhile, the empty nest and helm couldn't get him t t a arove and marchand on the attack and they fan them out and play it across to krejci. a hundred seconds to go as of now expect mrazek able to knock it down and kicked on back by dekeyser and punchedurther and set onn by quincey. chocked on out to center and gliding back to take it now is ericsson. >> and that was out in the blue line.
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>> around it goes now and m radek and still the battle on to and they can be played back along and down and wide and so it becomes an icing with 1:07 to go and the face-off for the bruins. >> that's coming over and i just talk talked to francis. >> he's trying to get some attention and the referee doesn't want mihm to go to the bench. he's staying out and he's hurt. they have players on the ice right now. he's hurt. that's what he was telling the official. with the way that he's played this afternoon the bruins don't mind that straight off there.
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>> the drive and that was high and taken by abdelkader and lifted along with colin miller couldn't get there and out by zetterberg and it's abdelkader and trotman able to wedge it along. slams on the brakes and they lose abdelkadeder now with7 seconds to , and connolly sent it back across and gliding ahead with it now and hoisting it back in is spooner and goes into the, and kept alive by colin miller and rolled along and settled down by hayes and hayes able to play atloseuarters and sent on backk to the point and colin miller and the shot one and ricocheted around behind in the last 25. punched back ahead against spooner and he's got hayes' position there and got it on to the back and collen miller right and the that one is ahead right and crashing ininas abdelkader and front center and still time and they have to hurry and to the last nine seconds and colin
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and run by mrazek and mrazek and the red wings have won it! [ cheers and applause ] points number 66 and 67. the red wings are now three behind florida for first. and they move on to brooklyn to play the islanders. >> a multiple-point day, they salute the fans and on his 24th birthday petr mrazek had a different day than he probably visioned, but he emerges with the win anyway. thanks for watching the nhl on nbc. once again, our final score, red wings, 6, boston, 5 for eddie,
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coming up nextt except on the west coast it's your local news and at 7:00, 6:00 central it's "dateline" followed by snl and jimmy fall orn theonfallon, the valentine's dayyspecial.
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joe louis arena.on the broadcast tonight, the debate continues over a bill in the iowa house and senate that would require all insurance companies to cover medical treatment for autism. presdiential candidates remember the legacy of supreme court justice antonin scalia who died yesterday and it's valentine's day! see how siouxlanders are celebrating! news 4 at 5 begins now good evening, thnaks for joining us, i'm robert lowe the debate over insurance companies covering medical
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continues tonight. a bill in 20-10 gave iowa state employees insurance coverage for autism treatments but not for every family. now there's a push in the iowa house and senate for a new bill, that will provide coveragegeor more than 1 million iowa famamies affected bybyutism. ktiv's michelle schoening has the details. for the cobbs, they're living with the struggles of inadequate insurance coverage for their 15-year- old son noah, who suffers from autism. t's hard to know there is help but we just can't get it," said tina cobbs. when noah was five, he was able to receive applied behavior analysis treatment. but noah has since aged out of a treatment. "it's recommended by the surgeon general, the cdc, the american academy of pediatrics. what it that does is help he gain and reduce self- injurious parent of child with autism. a proposed bill in the iowa legislature would require all insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment plan for of 22.
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coverage through state insurance companies for autismsm treatment for 29-cents per member per month. a co-sponsor of the bill says it's all about providing equal coverage for iowa families. "expanding to allow everyone that type of coverage it would just be a matter of fairness," said rep. dave dawson. cobbs says they aren't asking for advanced coverage, just adequate coverage. "people e ll continue to ask, well why d dyou do this? they won't cover t tem unless we do. they won'tcover families like ours unless the state takes actio to make sure it happens," sai josh cobbs. in sioux city, michelle schoening ktiv news four. forty-three states in the u.s. have passed similar legislation. the bill has moved forward in the senate through the sub- committees. however, the house has until february 19th to move the bill forward. there's just four weeks left until the woodbury county democratic convention. and convention committees form to plan the final details. the ararngements and platforor committees met this weekend to put the final pieces together.
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what planks they want to push through to the district convention. the woodbury county democratic chair says even though it's an election year, this convention won't be any different. "it's just a parliamentary procedure that we need to go through in order to push the delegates on to the district and then on to state and then on to nationals," said penny rosfjord, woodbury county democrats chair. the convention will be held on march 12 at sioux city west high school. this morning on "meet the press" presidential candidates talklk about what they think should happen now that supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. republican donald trump said he wants the next person named to the nation's top court to be just like justice scalia, look, we need great intellect. we need, i say absolutely conservative. but the real, i think the real plan for it would be somebody just like justice scalia. campaigning in colorado last night, senator bernie sanders has a different vision for scalia's replacement. sanders
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republicans who don't believe president obama should make a nomination. "it appears that some of my republican colleagues in the senate have a very interesting view of the constitution of the united states. (:12) and apparently they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia. i strongly disagree with that. flags flew at half staff outside the supreme court building in honor of justice scalia. the white house flag is also flying at half-staff, also in honor of the supreme court justice. news of justice scalia's death broke just before the republican candidates for president faced off in a fiery debate last night. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more from greenville, south carolina.
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with a less crowded stage... the ninth republican debate agreement. nat sot/marco rubio should several candidates wanting to block president obama's nomination nominee to the supreme court. nat sot/donald trump delay." but then...things got ugly. nat sot/donald trump "jeb is so wrong..." frontrunner donald trump nat sot/donald trump "the world trade center came down during your brother's reign, remember that." (booing) nat sot/jeb bush a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe." marco rubio...hoping to rebound from his last debate... came to bush's defense...slamming trump. nat sot/marco rubio "i thank god all the time that it was george w. bush in the white house on 9/11 and not al gore." but the florida senator clashed with ted cruz over immigration. at one point...cruz took issue with something rubio had said in a spanish-language interview. nat sot/marco rubio first of all, i don't know how
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what i said on univision because he doesn't speak spanish and second of all, the other point that i would make. [overtalk] nat sot/ted cruz si quieres, dice la hora - ahora mismo dice la hora en espaol, si quieres." cruz also pounced on trump...for what he called the billionaire's past liberal positions on abortion...and social issues. nat sot/donald trump you are the single biggest liar. probably are worse than jeb liar. nat sot/donald trump nat sot/ ted cruz "donald has this weird pattern. when you point to his own liar.' " striking a different tone...john kasich... nats sot/john kasich "i gotta tell you. this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts. okay. oh, man." 2nd place finish in new hampshire. nat sot/john kasich "i think we're fixing to lose this election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this." and while most on the stage fought each other... doctor ben carson...fought for attention. nat sot/ben carson so many people have said to me, you need to scream and jump and down, jump up and down like everybody else. is that really what you want, what we just saw?
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we are closing out our president's day weemend on a bit of a quieter note. with the system that brought snow to some parts of siouxland departing, just clouds and warmer temperatures will be left behind. clouds will stay thick for the rest of our valentine's day so it's a great day to go out to dinner and cuddle up with your loved ones. temperatures will be warmer than last night with most towns dropping towards that 20 degree mark. the sunshine will return for president's day with temperatures climbing into the upper 30s. more on your seven day forecast coming up in few minutes. authorities say an apartment fire that
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evacuate yesterday, was caused by a child playing with matches. e fire came from ananpartment on the fourth floor of castle on the hill apaprtments according to sioux city fire rescue that's in the 600-block of 13th street in sioux city. an infant was sent to the hospital as a precautionary measure but is said to be doing fine. the fire forced residents out into the frigid temperatures juju around 10:30 yesterday. "the fire alarms went off and usually we don't pay attention to it bebeuse it's usually a lot of false alarms. but this morning the alarms went outside my apartment to check and see and there was smoke everywhere and there wawater coming from the ceiling i knew there must have been a fire upstairs," said sherri duet, castle apartment resident. all residents have been allowed back into the building. officials said the case is being ruled an accident and that no criminal charges will be filed. two hostages and a suspected gunman were found dead in a northwest omaha, nebraska home following a 12-hour standoff on friday. police believe the incident started as a domestic dispute that turned violent and eventually
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police were called to the scene at about 10:30 friday morning. negotiators spent most of the day trying to get 35- year-old kenneth clark to surrender. clark refused and police had to use tear gas in order to end the stand off. that's when officer's say they hehed gunshots. investigators suspect clark k killed himself after killing two other men. it was an outcome the douglas county sheriff's office said they did not want. "everybody's life is important to us, our hope all along is to resolve it peacefully." "in the end it came down to this individual surrendering peacefully, he choice not to" the names of the deceased have not been released. coming up on news 4 at 5 we'll check out how some siouxlanders are spending valentine's day and what they
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the system that brought snow to some parts of siouxland departing, just clouds and warmer temperatures will be left behind. clouds will stay thick for the rest of our valentine's day so it's a great day to go out to dinner and cuddle up with your loved ones.
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will be warmer than last night
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that 20 degree mark. the sunshine will return for president's day with temperatures climbing into the upper 30s. we then set our sights on the next system that could bring some snow and/or a aintry mix to the e area. the colder temperatures that we haveeen feeling all weekend will begin to evade, letting warmer air move in. this is why we have that shot of seeing some of the precipitation start as some sleet and freezing rain. some minor accumulations will be possible as this storm moves into siouxland. that area of low pressure moves out early tuesday leaving behind partly cloudy conditions along with warmer temperatures. we then begin a warming trend through the rest of the work week, with the viewing areas first shot at 50 degrees in quite some time, arriving on friday. >> still to come for us on this
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a love story that's more than half- a century in the making.
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and cards to your valentine. and there were plenty of peoeoe out getting those last minute arrangments. both men and women were at the gordon dr. hy-vee picking out gifts for their valentine. some searching for the perfect flower, while others were just simply trying to make their loved one feel special. "i came to get flowers for my mother-in-law. she is shut-in so she doesn't get to get out much


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