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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 27, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's an all-new show today, "right this minute." a man stops to help a small child when a woman runs over. >> and they begin tussling over this child. >> the mystery of who this baby belongs to is one strange story unraveling. >> how messed up! >> a guy flies crocodile. why it isn't until it is. >> oh! it's an epic challenge when mountain biking -- >> just not enough. >> see the attempt to land one insane idea. and a husband who found out first -- >> we are indeed pregnant. >> find out why his wife is going to be really, really surprised. >> oh, my goodness! oops! people will go to extreme
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displayed in this video. you see right here, you see a little baby walking. this man over here stands him up, and then this woman runs in. and they begin tussling over this child. >> what -- >> that woman refuses to let go. and look, she is holding on to that baby's legs. >> okay, come on. you're going to hurt the child. >> the heck is -- who are these people? >> here's the thing. this happened in a supermarket. this woman right there, she's 63 years according to police, she thought that was her grandchild. and so when she saw that baby with a man who was unfamiliar to her, she immediately goes over and intercides, they'll to get that baby from that man. they said recently in that area there have been child trafficking reports. so that may have been on that woman's mind. they say ten minutes later, she
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says is very similar to her grandson, thinks it's him, so she immediately jumps in. as you can see, that man has to beat that woman away to get her to let go, because she is pulling on that baby's leg. >> if some crazy woman pulled on high child's leg, i would have done exactly the same thing. >> a lot of people feel the way you do. police are not pressing charges, they say it's just an honest mistake. >>. awese, try to kill you. but this guy in australia, he's going to be safe, because he's using his drone. >> not doing much -- >> kind of a boring crocodile. that's when the action happens! >> look at this. woo! >> oh! >> yeah. >> we have seen birds of prey do that. but never a crocodile. >> that was awesome. i think he goes for the shadow more than he goes for the drone. you see he goes up in the water, jaws open. you do get an incredible video.
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his facebook page. >> at that moment, sean scott said, so! totally paid for itself. ?? >> we have discussed how difficult it must be for a man to drop to one knee and propose to the love of his life in 2016, because everything is so big! so this man in china is pulling out all of the stops. there you see his lady, flowers in her arms, he's standing there with the makeup on and a red envelope. >> wow. look at that. that's quite the offer, as well. >> yeah. >> not only the ring, but it's also -- >> wow! he's serious. >> yes! >> if proposing isn't good enough -- >> he's hoping then she'll do the deed. >> here you see she goes, wait, excuse me? and he's like, we can put our names on it together. and here's where things get interesting.
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like -- it's not like i can't afford it myself. >> hmmm? >> and she says she's not going to marry him just for his house. >> yes. >> she flows the flowers back at him and storms off. and he goes chasing after her. >> well, you see, the thing is, especially in china, women do have the pick of the men. there's a big sort of gender inequality. so, yeah, she doesn't need to be bribed. she can find her own man! >> well, she had the man. >> maybe she didn't want that man. ?? >> poor guy. he was so big, laid it all on the line and -- well -- >> a house delivered. >> no chance this is set up? >> i was wondering the same thing. you saw the reactions of the people in the crowd, people holding the sign, as well. seemed like it was quite the surprise. >> oh. >> does reference folks looking on. they say they were pretty shocked. i feel sorry for the dude if it is real. >> get your own house, girl.
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>> some people just need a challenge. they need a huge challenge. biking just isn't enough. biking. just not enough. mountain climbing, not enough. our friend, 26 years old. he's got his bike strapped up like a backpack. hiking with him way up high. climbing with his bike to a spot that we have seen on this show before. a lot of people call it the twin peaks, the goat. goat horns at the top. well, eric is going to climb with his bicycle. get the bike to the top. >> okay. i'm sorry. really scared here. i'm starting to sweat. >> a trial cyclist, you know, the guys that use their bikes kind of hop from one spot to another. >> remind us how high is it again? >> about a thousand-foot drop straight down.
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on his bike, balancing on the right side there, you see he does have a safety harness on, and this is somebody else up there with him. ready, steady, go. >> fantastic. >> oh, my god. >> oh! wow! his -- yes! >> he made it look easy. but he did sit up there for about an hour. contemplating, trying to work up the nerve to make that jump so long that his s there in the harness hanging, his legs and pelvis already go numb just sitting in the harness. he's like, dude, now or never. it's time. and he did it. >> oh! >> i don't think i need to tell you, this was incredibly dangerous. it could have gotten seriously injured. however, he did not -- he pulls off an incredible video. nrk -- as easy as riding a bike.
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?? >> those ducks might want to keep their eggs away from -- >> ricky tricky toffee. >> next time i go on an easter egg hunt, i'm bringing one of these things. a driver is sure he can drift. >> so he does! >> why mom's bmw almost doesn't make it.
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?? closed captioning provided by: . so now i'm not being perky, save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. . this beautiful was caught on in south africa. we have seen video from there, but i don't think we have seen a video quite like this one.
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the fish isn't done yet. >> this is like the scene out of "finding nemo" where they have themselves in the neck and this is exactly what happens. >> exactly like "finding nemo." >> got a little zantac? >> yes, acid reflux. or as they would say, a bitter fish to swallow. this one wants to fight back. i think it's pretty neat this bird, like humans, got a pill stuck there and take aip water and it goes down easily. >> the fish! >> this fish is trying to survive. >> the egrit, look at the neck, some kind of complicated yoga pose. >> overextended adam's apple. >> that must feel so bizarre. of. >> the second video also comes from the estate. behold, ricky tricky tovi, the mongoose here is like hey, i think i'll have some eggs for breakfast. this one came back four times.
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egg hunt, i'm bringing one of these things. right? >> yeah! >> the interesting thing about the estate, it's a golf community but they have all these marshes where animals, insects, all kinds of wonderful creatures come where people can just photograph him. >> that man goes is going to go off the golf ball. >> yeah. >> the bmw, a powerful piece german engineering. this guy sitting behind the wheel. >> oh! >> oh! my [ bleep ]. >> wow! >> he made it without crashing! >> it was this close. slow motion as it goes around. it was this close!
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mom's bmw m3. not going to be driving that one for a while when this video gets out. we head back to the future in this next video where this young guy is absolutely mind-blown. it is none other than the star. >> ah! >> yeah. >> i love that she is into it. >> yeah, she's so cute. >> she is huge, apparently huge "back to the future" fan and you can see it's just coming off her face and she is there she is going to open the door and that's when the door needs to pop open. >> daddy, close it. >> ooh. >> oh! >> why did he just do that? >> that is immediately in there. and young caitlyn is like, no, no, no, no! steal it, dad, steal it! >> yeah! >> wait, wait. what? so mom asks, how did he do that? >> dad, get out of that, right
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>> wait for it. because there is one of the most beautiful reveals ever in this video when the penny finally drops. >> how does he have the keys for it? >> what? >> oh, cool! [ screaming ] >> it was a secret they got on this trip and they actually bought this secretly without her knowing, and now is the moment when she realizes they own this little delorean. >> if i was to do this, it would be -- what are you doing? but if you're an christie ellen, that is an opportunity for some amazing art. >> oh! >> check that out! >> it is incredible. her instagram is full of the videos and pictures that show her painting over her hand. she puts her hand over her face. it all comes together in a super awesome creation. it looks like she starts most of them painting her hand first and then she brings it up to her
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gnarly. >> she does underneath the hand too? >> hmmm hmmm. >> come on, man. that's like a transformative halloween costume. well, hello. >> hello again! >> yeah. just adds a whole another dimension to what she is doing. maybe she just got tired of painting her face and wanted another canvas. >> every single one is amazing. this one with the green hair, she is painting these luscious lips. >> like lady gaga should hire her. something she should s some event. >> unbelievably talented. she has all these different looks. it just goes to show how much talent she has. >> and there is a picture of what she looks like with just regular makeup. so to see her transformation is mind-blowing. i love this one. >> look at that! >> every single one of them is just -- show-stopping. ?? it's what you get when you combine beautiful weather, a horse, and a board.
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tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! ahh! this is probably more of a breakroom activity. ya think? ? ?? promotional considerations provided by: fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra? is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra? gelcaps... not just fast. allegra? fast. of all the tricks parents use to fight cavities act kids anticavity rinse tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. act kids. like us on . now back to the show. how many times have we seen devin's super transcript videos and say man, he's really just horsing around. in this video, he really takes
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because these guys are literally employing the assistance of forces for this video. and guys, it is amazing. they're creating a sport, a hybrid, between skim boarding and horseback riding. they're attaching a rope to a horse, then galloping down the beach with a very talented skim boarder grabs on and goes for a ride. >> i can't help but think the horse is thinking, you they've got boats for this! [ laughter ] >> here's my favorite part of the video. there's austin on the shore, he starts running super fast, jumps on the water, slides, and catches the wake. >> oh! >> man! boom! [ stammering ] >> yes, exactly. >> i didn't think that was possible. >> this one is just as freakin' bonkers cool.
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personal watercraft -- the personal watercraft changes direction, which sends austin flying across the water, only to catch, again, the wake on the back of the boat. >> he does transition. really cool. that's the perfect way to capture what he's doing from the air. really get a true appreciation of his balance and his skill to connect that. >> this is perhaps one of my favorite videos. i love what they were able to pull off. there is a behind the scenes video, if you wan out, head over to, click on tv show or see it on our mobile app. underwear thief.
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>> thank you, al gore, who invented the internet. [ laughter ] >> oh! >> come on. how are they not eating that. >> what's better than one, what's better than two? three. three pomeranians with their heads in pieces of toast. >> they're not eating it, because they have it so far back, all they can do is lick. >> taste the air. taste the toast in the air. >> there is nothing to this, but just masve cuteness. look at the one on the end. >> he's like -- >> they are cute. also cute, always, kittens. more cute than kittens? sleepy kittens. >> oh, so cute. just want to kiss their bellies. >> sorry. belly not available for kissing, because lilo is using it as a pillow. lilo is a sleepy kitty, and is being held solely on his bottom. >> one tired kitty cat.
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and sleep. >> these kittens are available for adoption. the kitten dorm is currently fastering these kittens in l.a. >> i want to be there. these got some big news to tell his wife. >> we are indeed pregnant. >> wait, what? >> how he pulled off the big
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you've got to love those good italian traditions, pacd on through generations. you could do a lot more with a zucchini. you could blow it! first step, take your zucchini stock, chop it off near the bottom. once you've got that, cut the leaf off near the top. >> i play it safe. >> shave it down just a little bit. what you're trying to create is a reed. i want to splice it just in half just a little bit and if you get
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will sound like this -- [ horn honking ] >> oh, you could make an instrument out of it! he wasn't kidding about blowing the zucchini. >> zucchini horn. if you want to make the sound different, just shorten up your zucchini. [ honking ] >> a very unique sound. >> i have nothing to say. >> so clever and cute. >> and it works! [ honking ] bulldogs singing the blues. ?? ?? >> you notice something a little different was happening with his
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>> she was tired a lot. a little bit more hungry than normal, even. felt a little bit nauseous. we joked about it, but we knew she couldn't be pregnant. about eight months ago, i had a vasectomy. >> wait, he had a vasectomy? >> yeah. >> okay. well, um, that also raises other questions. when you have a vasectomy, there is also a checkup, where they let you know whether or not it worked. >> it dawned on us that we never got the test rules results from my >> meaning he was still fully loaded. >> so he did what any good husband would do, he disabled the toilet? >> what? >> i disabled our toilet, making it so it would not flush. my wife woke up, went to the bathroom, which left a good sample for me to check with a pregnancy test lying around. >> not this again. we've heard the old i tested her pee in the toilet, and we learned that doesn't work.
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but this one worked. you see here, he's got a surprise for her. ?? >> shut up. >> so he lets her in on what he did. >> the toilet isn't working. >> are you serious? >> yep. >> and there you have the sniffy fingers, she starts crying. >> rick, i see where your mind is. the last time we ran a story like this, i it was a big fake. is there any channels these guys are trying to create a viral video to bring attention to their youtube? >> we have to ask. >> if you are skeptical, you should know that she is pregnant. >> they already have three sons. >> hence the vasectomy. >> makes so much more sense now. >> right now? >> the kid is looking at her like i thought dad had a vasectomy. [ laughter ]
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last reveal. >> another boy. >> it's another boy! >> you know what, they should just go for one more. >> wow. >> four boys. that's it. you're all caught up on the best internet videos of the day. if you want to see more, go to right this or check us out on the next episode of
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jeff: today on ocean mysteries, we're trekking through the primal rainforests of costa rica to connect with one of the most iconic animals of central america, the sloth. we'll explore the sloth's leafy and arboreal world and learn more about their important place in this dynamic and complex ecosystem. it's almost as close to working with an alien you a spaceship. and we'll meet the dedicated folks fighting to save these ancient and remarkable creatures.


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