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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 1, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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all new today on "right this minute" -- a terrible accident leads a mom to panic. >> because her 10-year-old is trapped. >> see how a crowd of heroes come together to save a life. reunion time when a plane lands carrying collie. >> that's his pet dog. >> the story of how the t separated during a ten-day ordeal. >> hello, princess. a carrier pi john is used by prison smugglers. >> it's pretty old school. >> what guards caught it trying to carry in. and a video to make you say -- >> what? >> what is in there you got to see to believe. >> what? >> no! >> pretty incredible the way these folks in moscow came together after this happened --
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>> no, no, no, no. >> are you kidding me? that was a police car, wasn't it? >> it was a security car. >> it slams right into them and knocks them down like bowling pins. then the mom runs up and hitting on the car and yelling at the guy because her 10-year-old is trapped not only does he hit her but drives over her. >> i'm angry right now. what could have possibly gone on that this security guard needed to be driving like that. >> look at all these people 30, people turn up to try to help watch how they come together to make this thing work. >> that poor little girl meanwhile is pinned down there. >> they start to push and push and looks like they kind of propped it up and they're going to get her out. the person in the security car is under investigation. she suffered a concussion and multiple bruises. we have a special delivery of a border collie retriever mix via sea plane. >> what?
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>> that man is waiting for collie. that's his pet dog who was lost during a wilderness canoe trip and they brought them back to reunit them ten days later they're finally being reunited. >> the dog is slow. dude, you left me behind for ten days. i don't know how happy i am to see you. we need some treats. >> it's 70 days in dog days, that's why. trip in rebecca falls and the dog fell into the water over some rough water. so for two days they looked for her, didn't find her and presumed that she had died. but some campers found her and then they turned her over to some canadian rangers and they kept her for a better portion of the week and then she was returned to prairie portage, minnesota. >> oh, yes.
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off and i'm happy to be home. i'm happy to see you, kisses, kisses, kisses begins in earnest. >> i still love you but you better not do it no more. >> oh, hello. oh, hi. >> i imagine that prison guards aren't surprised at the many ways that prisoners try to get contraband into the prisons and in this one i have to say, it's pretty whoever was trying to smuggle this package into this prison in columbia resorted to a carrier pigeon. >> it has a birdie backpack. >> it really does. so the guards here interpreted it and they're using clippers to break the package loose from this pigeon. you see that's what in this pigeon backpack is actually a cell phone and a usb.
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>> guarantee it's not uncommon. >> these guys know that the prisoners are always trying to solve all kinds of ways to get things into the jail whether it be cigarettes and other stuff, this season it was the cell phone. >> i'm happy to see they let the bird go. honestly, if the bird knows how to come and go from the prison, i would think that maybe they would have -- but i'm glad to see they didn't. >> if it does go and comes back to the same place every time, yeah, then it goes. >> they plan to keep an eyeball on this pigeon and maybe that will help them figure out where this came from. this is an on going investigation. >> did you get the phone? >> what's your name and address again. phone number? >> all it takes is the reveal of this and you know you're in for something awesome.
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then you get this amazing awesome shot of this young lady. fire in the background, fireworks. in fact and that's it. they're going to send them up to gigantic fireworks display in utah. it's one of those times where you totally connect youtube to your giant television, turn the lights off, turn up the volume and just enjoy. >> that's cool. they took the chance here, the random chance it's not going to get hit just by flying through the fireworks. >> this is the kind of thing that took months of planning set off by computers and they said, yeah, the drones were hit a fair few times but they kept on ticking. >> look at this little girl's face. she was like, yeah. >> come on. take this 1,000 drone and send it up there and see if you can break it. okay. >> i'm glad they did it. i think it's fascinating
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ground up. okay. thereon't you want to be put in an indestructible bubble. i would like that. >> there is a behind the scenes they didn't go in there whield without thinking about it. it's all been cleared as well and they made sure the drones were flying in a designated area. just in case one worked there and did go crashing down, don't just ahead in more of today's all new videos -- suspects stroll into a pet shop. >> and they tell the owner, this is a hold up. >> find out how many furry friends their smooth operation scored them. and, police have a bone to pick with a motorcyclist. >> if you can spot what's going on here. >> why this was a case of some wrong-way riding. >> you don't belong on two wheels. may make them drowsy, and doesn't even last the whole day? children's claritin provides non-drowsy,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky.
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that switch to progressive by --u that drivers save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. something dastardly went down in brazil. the suspect's vehicle, that car right there, two men get out and they go inside this pet shop right there. there are the two men. there's the onner in the striped shirt. they tell the owner, this is a hold up. you could see -- >> >> that man has a weapon in his hand and there you can see there are puppies and dogs in this pet shop. but it's not those two that do the taking. it's this guy, a third man, walks in and starts taking the puppies. a total of nine puppies worth about $7,700. >> now you got an armload of puppies. do they just g down the street and immediately try to unload them? >> i'm hoping they're being well taken care of because people do
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obviously pedigreed but they don't have their papers since they are stolen. now police are looking for these three guys. this next video happened way north in long beach, california. that is a plrks umeria plant. the stranger walks up, sees it and takes it. >> why would you steal a plant? >> the irony, the homeowner said she had four, five more in the back and she was trying to if he knocked on the door, that's a nice plant, how did you get it to grow, take one, take two. this guy went to the wrong house to steal. >> you are going to come risk your life over a plant. my sister's response was call right this minute.
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>> there you go. >> to the rescue. two resident motorcyclists, behold, the greatest motorbike video you've ever seen. >> big words there. >> yeah, guaranteed. >> somebody out calling furs at his own game they have this bike to a crane. they have everything connected. and this guy is a genius. >> now, is this working because of the power of the motorcycle that's launching it? >> yeah. as he's scooting across the ground, he is giving it a little bit of juice. that looks awesome. somebody set up a circus in their front yard. >> this next one also involves a motorbike.
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>> see if you can spot what's going on here. >> he has their helmets on backwards. >> thank you very much. the guy pulls over. what? why am i being pulled over. giggles from the cops inside. you see the plastic visor on the back of his head. >> any chance he was doing that because it was raining and maybe the visor was getting foggy? or maybe he did this intentionally. >> you know what, vera, i think you might be right there. >> that's why it' having resident motorcycle bicyclists.
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phones are so expensive these days. kind of blowing my mind why he would do this to me. >> this note 7 is cold resistant. i'm going to freeze coke. let's try this. >> so the note 7 a samsung phone apparently is coke resistant, so he is going to no joke submerge it in coke. >> for those times where your phone needs to be submerged in >> uh-huh. >> yeah. and then broken. >> right? >> well, this could actually work well for you to help break that snap chat. freeze your phone and go -- >> watch this. it still works. even though it's bubbling around the phone, he takes his stylus and starts using the phone. still works. all right. cool. he then puts it in the freezer and it's kind of cool because through the liquid you can see the imagines of the phone. >> it's kind of neat it can with stand that.
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phone and he turns it on and it works. >> hey. try this. >> there you go, guys. >> he rescues cats. >> georgia here with his 100th rescue. >> of the same cat. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, this little cutie is shedding some tears because -- >> for adorable reason for not wanting to commit. >> fast forward to 36 and you're like, you know what i'm going to get a dog, a motorcycle and directv. plus, two guys decide to spend the night in a store, so they found the perfect hiding spot and hunkered down for a couple hours. see if they get away with their sneaky sleepover. and pharmaciss for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night
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[ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema relief is specially formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. like us on this minute. now back to the show. >> this video shows a sentiment that changes so much throughout your life time. at 6 you feel one way go the exact opposite way. at 26, you go right back to where you started. >> right about now, you know, they're stinky. they pick their boogers. how old are you? >> nothing really changes. you just get used to it. >> i don't want to. >> why? >> because.
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>> we all know, fast forward to 36, you know what, i'm going to get a dog, a motorcycle and directv. >> you don't need to have one. >> i'm so curious to fwhee traumatized her. >> it was the little boy on the playground pulling ponytails. >> it's true. >> nah. >> i want to stay with you guys. >> you want to be with us? >> i'm sure this girl will be 45 and still holding >> yes. >> and they're also so difficult to understand -- >> say cookie. >> dad saying, hey, you ate cookies. he said yeah because i need the sugar for all the energy i need to play. >> that's my excuse next time i walk by the snack shelf, i need
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>> this whole video is just precious. >> he found his happy place. ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah ? these two guys, this is their very first video. they decided to spend a little time in a large furniture store. they looked around. they found a perfect hiding spot in a couple of closets and hunkered down for a couple hours. the music in the store turned
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and around quarter after midnight, they stuck their head down. >> i'm not going to lie, since i was very little, i always wanted to live in a big department store. >> as cool as this sounds, i work in marketing for a big retailer and i know the repercussions of this making my life hard even more, especially if you trip that alarm. >> yeah. >> let's see what these guys experience. this. they do get to enjoy the bed and covers and don't have to sit there and try to build it for 45 minutes. >> read the reviews on some of these things. >> 8 out of 10. >> yes. >> maybe this is a good marketing idea. they can set it up, give a review, put it on youtube. >> you can all eat the swedish meat balls. >> that's true. >> it's funny you mentioned the swedish meat balls, that's the
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>> this is cool. >> well, it was more of an entering and oversaying your welcome. >> oh. >> so they never set off an alarm. >> nope, they never set off an alarm. >> how are they then going to do they have to go back into the cup board? >> yes, they do. around 5:45 in the morning. they hunker back down. >> out the front door they go. mission accomplished. ?? opening wide as the web wondering -- >> is this the world's longest
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nasty. some people say i want to see it again. >> see the lengthy tongue tricks
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this is showing people my moves. ?? >> that's what he does the entire video. he just walks up to people and shows off his moves. >> hey, yo. hey, hey, watch this move. ready? ?? okay. okay. >> i'm going to extend myself here and call andrew hills a genius. >> there are people at yale and harvard teaching his videos for psychology 101, the way that human beings will react in a public situation. >> nobody ever gets frustrated with him. they just go, what? >> i would have walked past him and thought, what do the kids do these days? >> you can dance with him right
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?? >> wax on, wax off. >> yeah, that's the mr. m.i.a. gi. >> got a different name. >> pugs versus mirror pugs. can you guys lick your nose? >> i'll try it. >> you need a mirror? >> it sounds ridiculous but it's not. meet this 20-year-old. >> oh my lord. >> as you can see -- >> what? >> no. she can lick her chin. >> she can lick her chin.
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lick her elbows. okay. no problem. this is all posted is this the world's longest tongue? honestly, half of this footage is just -- what? >> my friends always want to take a picture with me sticking my tongue out. >> tongue is 11.4 centimeters long. that's 65 feet. >> it's long. >> where does she put it when it's not hanging out her mouth. she posted a picture to instagram and people were calling around going, that's not real. >> it's true. i made a video so they can see it was true. >> but it was when she posted a video, got over 1 million views on youtube, got thousands of hits on instagram and that is when she became a star. she wants to get the guinness
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recognized the world over as the person with the longest tongue. she has to be 10.1 centimeters. >> that is the longest tongue i've ever seen and most flexible as well. ?? hope you enjoyed our offering of the day's top viral videos. go to for
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>> it's an all new show today with great viral videos "right this minute" -- >> do you have any line of credit in your bank? >> no, i have nothing. my husband took all our money. >> a woman plays along with a phone scammer. >> but she never could have guessed what happened next. >> the wild twist leading to a weird telephone-thon. >> the police aren't going to come here? >> no, no, no. nobody is going to come. it's video proof >> dash cams catch some strange things. >> especially when you see what's going to fly out of that trailer. it's hard to make out what's stuck in that mine shaft. >> the rescue of a kangaroo who is all out of jumps. plus -- >> you ever taken a bigger order? >> what it takes to deliver $3,300 worth of pizza. and normally he is as happy as a clam, but today --


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