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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  October 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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tonight... the carjacking suspect..... shot by a state trooper.... after a high speed chase has died! it all began yesterday morning...... when police say.... the suspect forced his way..... into a woman's car.... at a gas station.... near eastern and fremont. he then... took off. police chasing him to a car dealership.... near gibson and auto show drive. investigators say.... he also tried to carjack.... an elderly couple. when a trooper tried to take him..... into custody.... the suspect fought back. during the struggle.... the trooper sho once. a lot of schools around the valley have been incommunicado all day.. which has left a few parents a little uneasy.. at least the ones who even knew there was a problem. 13 action news anchor christopher king is live outside cashman middle school to explain what happened. chris. this is cashman middle school. it's one of the schools still without phone service. parents have been driving in and out of the school this afternoon. they're concerned the phone service is down.
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independent construction crew..doing work near saint rose parkway and spence cut a fiber line around 11 this morning. the spokesman says..the crew was not doing work for cox. we've spoken with several parents. each one says..the school did not notify them..there is no phone service here. kellee ford/mom i'm horrified! what if something were to happen and then they couldn't get a hold of me? they should have a backup plan. we asked clark county schools why didn't the district notify parents? a spokeswoman tells's schools. she tells us the distric did tweet ont twitter. we also asked why there is no backup. she tells us she'll check. cox communication tells us..the problem should be fixed bettween midnighta and 8 tomorrow morning. we will stay on top of this check out.... these pictures sent to us.....
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they tell us.... this person tried... but failed to break into.... their parent's cars. this is in north las vegas.... near washburn and commerce. according to the viewer... other cars.... in the neighborhood.... were broken into. commuters are bracing for some major changes on one of the valley's busiest thuroughfares. it's the result of project neon. 13 action news reporter parker collins explains why some are calling it a "car-nado." look beh this is the spaghetti bowl.. most importantly this is northbound 15 to northbound 95 it will be closed take a look at this video..... it can be hard to visualize all of the traffic will be rerouted to the mlk flyover mlk will be shut down to make way for a temporary ramp to connect the flyover directly with us 95 northbound this is just one of several ramp closures and reroutes almost everyone in the
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as we all get used to it take sot dale keller, ndot senior project manager 15:05:12-15:05:18 "this is a significant impact no doubt about it carnado is a significant impact and we're hoping to get the message out there." this starts october 26 less than a week through late february. there is some good news they'll be changing the length on traffic signals for some surface streets to help with that commute. bottom line though give yourself time more on our website ktnv .com parker collins 13 action news. the clark county commission is already moving new stadium deal. it's now accepting applications for the stadium authority board. the bill passed last week requires the commission to appoint 3 of the board's 9 members within 30 days. the deadline to apply is november 8th. for more information on how to apply.. just look for this story on our website.. motley crue frontman vince neil is facing the music for this incident on the strip.
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it stems from this confrontation involving a woman who claimed neil pulled her hair before he was restrained by his friend.. actor nicolas cage. neil wasn't in court today.. but we talked to his attorney after he entered a guilty plea on the singer's behalf. mr neil is pleased to put this behind him and focus on his tour and his business ventures and move forward neil will also have to pay a 1-thousand dollar fine and stay out of trouble for six months. in las vegas... this weekend... campaigning for hillary clinton and senate candidate.... catherine cortez masto... but today... he was in the battleground state of florida. the president.... slamming donald trump for saying.... he won't accept.... the results of the election. and... explained why... he thinks..... the republican is treading..... on dangerous ground. "because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in peoples' minds about the legitimacy of the elections, that undermines our democracy." the president says....
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knowing their vote matters. new hacked e-mails..... from "wikileaks" show... hillary clinton personally pushed..... for a clinton foundation summit..... in morocco... last year... that sparked public controversy... over the charity's reliance..... on large donations.... from foreign governments. the e-mail says quote... "if h-r-c was not part of it..... meeting was a non-starter." and then warned... "she created this mess.... and... she knows it." campaign trail inthe midwest. trump was in deleware, ohio.. where he talked about whether he would accept the results of the election.. but phrased it a little differently than he did during last night's debate. i will totally accept the results of the great and historic presidential election if i win. trump then said he would accept a clear election result.. but still reserved the right to contest..
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result.. and brought up al gore's challenge to the 2000 election outcome against george h.w. bush. a 10th woman is now coming forward.. accusing trump of inappropriately touching her. karena virginia says she's not considering a lawsuit right now. she did say he may not remember her.. but she remembers what he did to her like it was yesterday. virginia claims she was groped by trump in 1998 at the u-s open in new york. nevada democrats are calling in 'the big dog' for some help going after an important congressional seat that's currently held by a republican. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston is here to explain why. jon. so why would bill clinton rally the troops for congressional candidate ruben kihuen? two reasons: ----first: because kihuen needs it. a poll released this week by
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hardy. that means the race could go wither way in a district where the democrats have a double-digit registration edge. hardy has been called an accidental congressman because he won in =perhaps the biggest upset in nevada history last cycle. for him to be this close on the eve of early voting surely is making democrats worry. ----second: because this is a base election now. that is kihuen and others up and down the ballot, including someone in bill clinton's out in great numbers to win and erase losses of 2014. hillary clinton will win nevada is the base turns out as it usually does because democrats have a substantial registration advantage and better ground game. and if she wins by a sizable margin here, she could help pull others to victory, including kihuen and senate hopeful catherine cortez masto. that's why bill clinton stayed
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maybe especially his wife -- can turn out the base like he can. happening right now...presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton are face to face again after last night's testy debate. they are attending the alfred e smith charity dinner. the white tie event is an election year tradition and has been for decades. typically candidates deliver light hearted speeches and poke fun...but this year no one knows what to expect. at the dinner..trump and clinton are only separated by one seat. this milwaukee police officer is under arrest tonight..... on charges of sexual assault... and prostitution. one man says.... he met the officer..... on facebook..... then... they met at a bar. he told police.... he had trouble remembering.....
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and.... he woke up to find the officer... assaulting him. he's the same officer..... who fatally shot a black man.... in august.... sparking riots. now... for the latest.... in the trial..... of the oregon wildlife refuge standoff! ryan bundy has given his closing arguments... asking jurors.... to "stand for freedom" and find him not guilty. bundy is among -7- defendants.... on trial for conspiracy charges.... for taking over... a federal wildlife refuge. he explained... he joined the protest.... to support two ranchers he believed.... were wrongf a columbus, georgia family is demanding some answers tonight after they say a behavioral specialist body slammed their 13-year-old son in a class.. and it led to his leg being amputated. the family says his leg was broken so badly.. it severed arteries and muscles.. and.. he wasn't even allowed to call home after it happened. the school board says it's investigating. "we have four patients, three children, one child is unresponsive." 11:20 -- "code 3 we have a child stuck under the car."
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an s-u-v slams into -3- kids.... waiting for the bus... leaving two... in critical condition. one little girl was pinned.... under the s-u-v... and... good samaritans rushed over..... to get the car.... off of her. the driver of the s-u-v is facing charges of driving..... without insurance and registration. from contact -13-... hyundai is recalling.... nearly -63- thousand of its -2- thousand -15- and -2- thousand -16- sonatas... after getting several reports of the car's sun-roof...... detaching.... while people are driving. so accidents or people getting hurt.... because of the problem. the dealership will contact you..... if your vehicle is part of the recall. a new law is in effect to protect your child in a school zone.. but it goes way beyond speeding. find out why you can now be stopped by police for something you probably don't know about. plus... a consumer alert.... from contact -13-... there's a new way for scammers..... to steal your bank card.... right out of your hands! what
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bad news.... for wine lovers... why that glass of red... just got more expensive. dan? we hold to high pressure and sunny skies through saturday with high temperatures rising each day.
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caskets in storage.. with real skeletons inside.
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in a room full of fake skulls. the staff believes they are medical skeletons. a bold scheme..... to steal people's debit cards... right from their hands... and.... the thieves..... are targeting senior citizens! one victim in florida says.... a woman called him..... claiming to work at the bank. she said... his debit card.... needed to be replaced... and... a co-worker was coming.... to make the exchange. while he was on the phone... a man showed up.... at the door... he handed the card over. minutes later... his bank account was drained. "bank representatives don't normally do that. they're not going to show up to your house and try to get your card from you." if you get a call like that... it's a scam. don't hand over... your card... and... call police... immediately. police.. and the clark county school district have spent a lot of time and money to make your children safer when they're outside their school..
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lazara went to find out. gina look live intro: starting this school year -- if these lights are flashing -- that means more than just slow down. vo: now -- you cannot make a u-turn in a school zone... and you cannot pass a vehicle next to you in a school zone... even if they are going well below the speed limit. police started enforcing the two new laws this school year and so far they've caught and ticketed about a dozen people violating these new laws.... but they're sure it's happening mo our cameras actually caught someone doing a u-turn in a school zone this afternoon. he told me he was unfamiliar with the law and did not see the sign. sot: "there is on here that i did notice but it's covered by a bunch of branches so if i can't see a sign and it doesn't tell me what is right and what is wrong -- then how am i supposed to know" gina look live tag: metro says their biggest issue is still the speeders..... they've ticketed more than 200 people violating the school zone speed limits. reporting near sahara and torrey pines gina lazara 13
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live at 6.. we'll tell you why police say they haven't written even more citations for violating the new laws. from contact 13... more problems..... for wells fargo tonight. california's attorney general... is investigating the bank... for identity theft. it's connected to employees.... using customer records... to create those..... -2- million unauthorized accounts... to reach their sales goals. wells fargo says.... it's cooperating.... with the investigation. damage across the philippines where a super-typhoon made landfall overnight. the government says the powerful storm caused damage crops and infrastructure. tonight.. thousands of people are staying in evacuation centers after being forced from their homes. the typhoon.. which is now losing stregnth as it tracks toward china.. is the second major storm to hit the philippines in a week. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and '13 first alert weather.' we hold to high pressure and
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with high temperatures rising each day. by saturday, high temperatures will be at their peak for the seven day forecast; right below 90 degrees. by sunday, the disturbance we have been monitoring for the past five days will begin to interact with the valley. partly cloudy skies will be common along with winds between 10 and 15 mph. temperatures begin to fall but only slightly on sunday to the mid 80s. sunday night into monday morning, rain chances will hit the valley. have been holding between 15% and 20% the past few days so having the umbrella outside the closet to grab out the door would not be a bad idea for that monday morning commute. temperatures will drop as this system pushes through with highs possibly into the 70s by
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if you've already donated a coat, thank you. as we've been telling you, our coats for kids campaign is underway. if you've already donated a coat, thank you. underway. if you've already donated a coat, thank you. if you haven't yet made your donation, please drop off a new or gently used child's coat at any tropical smoothie location or tomorrow bring them to the tropical smoothie near 215 and jones, just off sunset. action news will be there live between 9am and 7pm, trying to make sure no child in the valley goes without a coat this winter. a special thank you to the is a proud sponsor of coats for
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you could soon pay more to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. find out what's driving wine production down.. and prices up.. next. a new p-s-a is calling itself... satire... but... it's revealing some very real numbers.... about gun deaths involving toddlers... what the group behind the message... is trying to accomplish. global wine production is expected to be down 5% this year..
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. to make our own health decisions.
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production is among the lowest.... in -20- years. the group is blaming floods and drought..... across europe and south america. but says.... the bad weather isn't hurting the quality of the wine. we hold to high pressure and sunny skies through saturday with high temperatures rising each day. by saturday, high temperatures will be at their peak for the seven day forecast; right below 90 degrees. by sunday, the disturbance we common along with winds between 10 and 15 mph. temperatures begin to fall but here's a look.... at what's coming up.... in tonight's primetime
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at -8-... it's "grey's anatomy"... followed by "notorious"... -10-... it's "how to get away with murder"... and... we'll see you tonight... for action news... live at -11-.... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news... up next. we're always on at and on our free ktnv mobile app.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans. but as federal employees like air traffic controllers worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay. joe heck says he deserves it.
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tonight, breaking news. the fallout after donald trump and the bombshell dropped at the debate. he says he's not sure if he'll accept the results of the election. moments ago, michelle obama taking aim. also, the president on what he saw last night. and hillary clinton tonight, what she revealed in the moments right after. also breaking, an american killed in iraq, in the massive effort to take out isis. tonight, the images right here. the missile sent straight into cars driven by isis and their suicide bombers. the school bus horror. the car swerving, hitting children waiting for the bus. bystanders trying to lift the 6,000-pound car. your money tonight. the major bank, and who they're accused of targeting. reportedly minorities who speak little english, college students and seniors. what they're accused of doing behind your back.


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