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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  October 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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they're stuck living with it! now.. they're wondering how they can get some relief. when you ask.. we investigate. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is getting results. when they moved into this apartment, ishmael hassan and his family had no idea what was behind the kitchen walls. they said there was water coming out of the floor, so they called maintenance. 14.08.44 he came in and he looked around and pulled out stuff and he said, 'you got mildew and mold' it was really bad 50 so he just started instantly chopping it out 54 ih ishmael says that ago. they've been living like this, without a kitchen sink, for the last week. 14.20.06 it was crazy 07 cause ive never been in a place with this kind of problem 13 out of all the places i lived i never had this kind of problem 17 dk you can see mold still stuck to their lease 10 and everyone living here has recently been kid 19 and god forbid, i hope nothing dont happen to him 22 dk so we went to the office to see what they could do. they offered to put ishmael and
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kitchen. but after we talked with them, they had another option. the management told us they would move them into another unit on the property,, so they could go forward with spraying and getting rid of the mold. we'll keep an eye on it. soc. and... we want to thank ishmael.... for e-mailing us about his problem... if you have a story.... you'd like us to investigate... just send us an e-mail.... to and... be sure to include.... your phone number. this just in...henderson police bank robber. take a good look at these surveillance pictures. police say the woman you see there walked into a u-s bank located inside a smith's grocery store on south eastern avenue this afternoon and handed the teller a note demanding cash. she got the cash and ran out of the store escaping through the parking lot. if you have any info--please call henderson police. several c-c-s-d schools are without phone lines.... right now. we're told the outage was
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in henderson.... damaging a cox fiber line this morning. we're hearing around.... a hundred schools were affected... and... many parents say... they weren't even notified. coming up.... on 13 action news.... live at 6:30... we'll hear from some of those parents.... who are wondering.... if the school isn't telling them about this... what else..... are they not telling them about? police are investigating a crime that looks more like something out of an old las vegas movie. a thief used a crowbar to pry open a video pokr run-off with some cash. 13 action news reporter tom george is live at that gas station near durango and farm to explain how it all went down. tom. its pretty impressive when you think about it... that suspect able to walk in those doors... smash a machine with a crowbar and get away with cash...
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when you've worked in vegas long enough... you've seen every kind of heist... sot inside jobs... outside jobs... just desperate people... but this job... has even machine experts like joann stumped... sot unless he was just super duper strong and heavy duty i don't know... in this case... a heavy duty crow bar was all a slick thief able to break through and get away with cash without getting caught... police say its not the first time a crowbar has been used.. it's pretty hard to do... sot this is a metal door, its heavy... most machines have several layers of security features before you can even get anywhere near the cash... sot its gonna take time to get through this metal door and then this and then that... thats not enough to keep some people from trying... tom standup now i'm no career criminal, but this one is pretty challenging... not only would you have smash through the glass in this exact spot, you'd also have to get through this other layer and an alarm... and even when you get the cash
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there like that. but with such a risky m.o... police hoping the suspects luck will soon run out.. sot i dont feel like the person breaking into them is a gambler... i feel like they have other dark problems. now there were surveillance cameras here, but metro hasn't released the video yet... they say the suspect was driving a silver mercedes with no tags. reporting live near durango and farm, tom george, 13 action news. carjacking suspect who was shot by a state trooper after a high speed chase has died. it happened yesterday morning when police say the suspect forced his way into a woman's car at a gas station near eastern and fremont. officers chased him to a car dealership near gibson and auto show drive where they say he also tried to carjack an elderly couple. but as a state trooper tried to take him into custody.. the suspect fought back. during the struggle..
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starting this school year... police began enforcing..... two new school zone laws.... that went into effect... last year. 13 action news reporter.... gina lazara found out... many still don't know about the laws... and learned.... how many.... have been ticketed. watch right here this blue car is making a a school zone! but that's against the law. rob, didn't know of laws "i did not know anything about that. i haven't even heard anything about it at all" we pointed out a sign to rob showing him the new rule -- but he says the to see. rob, didn't know of laws "it's a little obscure when you're driving" no u-turns one of two new school zone laws that went into effect in 20-15.... but police didn't start new law, they added these barriers to some of the school zones to help deter people from doing u-turns larry hadfield, metro "we have had a number of citations issued this year. i can't say if drivers knew or not but they were cited" police say about a dozen citations have been handed out in
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they say -- there hasn't been more..... because people become extremely cautious when they see a cop car. larry hadfield, metro "it's funny how a police motorcycle or a patrol unit will change the habits of drivers" rob says he's learned his lesson rob, didn't know of laws "anything that can help our children stay safe is great with me" standup tag: metro says their biggest issue is still the speeders. they've ticketed more than 200 people this school year for speeding in school zones. reporting near torrey pines and sahara, gina lazara, 13 action news. makes it illegal to pass a car... in a school zone.... even if they're going well below... the speed limit. motley crre frontman vince neil is headed into counseling for impulse control. that's the order from the judge after neil and his defense team entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor battery. it stems from an incident last april when a woman claimed neil pulled her by the hair before he was restrained by his friend.. actor nicolas cage. 21:01:30:02 mr neil is pleased to put this behind him and focus on his tour and his
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neil will also have to pay a one thousand dollar fine and stay out of trouble for six months. president barack obama is coming.... to our valley. the president will be in las vegas... this sunday..... campaigning for hillary clinton and catherine cortez-masto..... during a rally.... at cheyenne high school. we have the information.. on how you can attend... just head to our website.... k-t-n-v dot com. some jobs are now available that will have the huge responsibility of making decision about the new nfl stadium in las v apply.. next. and.. you won't see a 'car-nado'.... in the weather forecast.. but... it could be in your future very soon.... on a busy valley highway. how you can avoid.... being part of the mess. we hold to high pressure and sunny skies through saturday with high temperatures rising each day. by saturday, high temperatures will be at their peak for the seven day forecast; right below 90 degrees. and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first.
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they announced today...... they are now accepting applications..... for the new stadium authority board. the bill passed last week..... commission..... to appoint -3- of the board's.... -9- members.... with-in -30- days. the deadline to apply.... is november -8-th. brace yourself for some traffic backups on some of the valley's busiest roadways as part of project neon. this animation might help you understand what's coming. starting october 26th.. the northbound 15 to northbound 95 in the spaghetti bowl will be closed. all of the traffic will be rerouted to the mlk flyover.
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connect the flyover to u-s 95 northbound. but it's only one of several ramp closures and reroutes. dale keller, ndot senior project manager 15:05:12-15:05:18 "this is a significant impact no doubt about it carnado is a significant impact and we're hoping to get the message out there." the changes will remain in effect through late february. to help maintain traffic flow on surface streets.. the timing on traffic lights will be adjusted. for a complete list of closures.. just go to after the controversy foundation... a new report is revealing.... the trump foundation.... isn't so clean. how some illegal grants could bring some hefty tax penalties.... against the foundation. and.. a life or death situation seizure gets a chance to say thank you.
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when he got a call that a 3-year old boy wasn't breathing.. and having a seizure. his dash cam was rolling as he got right to work giving the toddler cpr. the officer explains the sense of relief whe breathing again. "i was very thankful very relieved that he started breathing. he started coughing, he started crying." butt sound to just doing my job. i truly believe that any other officer i work with would have done the exact same thing." the boy had a chance to thank the officer who saved his life. he's expected to make a full recovery. there may be more issues.... for the donald -j- trump foundation... scripps senior..... national investigative
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how it donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants that experts say... are breaking.... i-r-s rules... and... that could bring.... harsh tax penalties. take package trump- "!see i understand the tax code better than anybody that's ever run for president. donald trump brags about his knowledge of tax rules but we repeatedly violated the tax code for charitable giving mark: so he broke the irs rules? nelson: broke the irs rules- clearly. i think that's cle nelson's a tax expert and former partner at ernst and young. the problem? according to its irs filings, "!trump's private foundation contributed not just to public charities but to other "!private"! foundations something the irs strictly forbids unless trump's foundation provides the irs with proof that the money was used for charity. david nelson tax expert runs = :40 - :45 it could keep on going to any number of private foundations and never help charity out at all. graphic we reviewed 10 years of
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and our investigation, uncovered nearly half a-million dollars in contributions to other private foundations. the returns did not include the required proof of how the money was used. there's a $100-thousand grant to the rubin museum of art... a $107-thousand gift to the gucci foundation and a $158-thousand contribution to the martin greenberg foundation. and we found 8 separate donations to the new york jets private foundation - since ....totallying $75,000 marc owens: my conclusion is that those were taxable expenditures. marc owens attorney who previously led the irs division on exempt organizations. he says a violation could cost the donald j trump foundation big. potentially leading to a 20 percent penalty for each contribution. marc owens former head, irs division - exempt organizations runs = 1:37 - 1:45 those returns show an absence of attention to detail, an ignorance of the law, disregard of the law, and a pattern over the course of years. statement: when asked for an explanation about potential
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trump's campaign said the foundation "!...has no full time staff, no overhead and no paid board members"! adding its "!focus"! has been on distributing grants to groups it considers "!worthy"!. tag: mark greenblatt senior national investigative correspondent runs = 2:04 - 2:16 the trump campaign and the donald j trump foundation did not directly address other questions, including whether trump's foundation ever filed any updates with the irs, or if we're getting a first look at some of the damage in the philippines after a super typhoon madl more than 60 thousand people took cover from the storm.. which forced thousands into evacuation centers. this was the second major storm to hit the philippines in a week. the typhoon is losing strength as it tracks toward mainland china. we hold to high pressure and sunny skies through saturday with high temperatures rising each day. by saturday, high temperatures will be at their peak for the seven day forecast; right below
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. by sunday, the disturbance we have been monitoring for the past five days will begin to interact with the valley. partly cloudy skies will be common along with winds between 10 and 15 mph. temperatures begin to fall but only slightly on sunday to the mid 80s. sunday night into monday morning, rain chances will hit the valley.
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holding between 15% and 20% the past few days so having the umbrella outside the closet to grab out the door would not be a bad idea for that monday morning commute. temperatures will drop as this system pushes through with highs possibly into the 70s by
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service announcement is raising eyebrows.. and making some shocking statements about gun violence. find out what they're saying about shooting deaths at the hands of toddlers.. and if the stats seem to back up the claims. and.. it's not even halloween yet.. at a couple of the nation's and.. don't forget..... to download the all new.... 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand.... and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store... and...
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. and ruben kihuen will protect our right to make our own health decisions.
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their personal privacy. that's according to a recent survey... by "the craig newmark foundation". -96- percent of americans say... they don't trust..... social media networks... to protect their privacy. and.... the survey found... many americans think privacy
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millennials and baby boomers. some stores are announcing... their holiday shopping plans. "sam's club" is hosting... a series of pre-holiday sales events... starting november -12-th. the store will be closed.... thanksgiving day... but will open at -7- a-m.... at -5- p-m.... on thanksgiving. but.... open or closed... most stores will be offering.... on- line deals... by thanksgiving. and.... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. an anti-gun violence organization is launching a controversial new public service announcement with the satirical message "guns don't kill people.. toddler's do." todd walker takes a closer look at the psa.. and what the group is hoping to accomplish. just about everyone will agree
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been the issues.. like solving gun violence.. one group has created a p-s-a hoping to bring the attention back.. and it's raising eyebrows.. --nat-- :31 we need to lock them up.. not the guns.. that's unamerican.. the toddlers :39 --cont vo-- the brady campaign to prevent gun violence has put out this satirical p-s-a which says someone is shot by a toddler at least once a week.. and new numbers seem to back that up.. an associated press - usa today surv the federal government uses to track accidental gun deaths by minors is way less than what available.. 74 minors died from accidental shootings.. the a-p and usa today found it was actually 113 for that year.. i spoke with the head of the brady campaign. he tells me he hopes this tongue in cheek p-s-a get's people talking about keeping guns locked up when in their homes and kids are around.. but the group's main push is for more laws regarding
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shouldn't have a gun. --sot-- 1:28 dan gross - this hopefully furthers in a satiracle and hopefully entertaining way furthers an important dialogue in this country what we can do and what we all agree on will make us all safer :39 --todd looklive on cam= of course there is not agreement on these types of laws.. we reached out to the n-r-a for a phone outage today..... at around a hundred c-c-s-d schools..... left parents and school administrators.... with no way to get ahold of each next... on 13 action news.... live at 6:30.. why some parents say... it's a sign of an even bigger problem.... within the district. and another woman comes forward claiming she was groped by donald trump more than 15-years ago. find out why she says she's just now choosing to tell her story.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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within the clark county school district... about -1 -hundred clark county
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their landline phone service was knocked out when a construction crew severed some fiber-optic lines this morning. 13 action news anchor christopher king talked with some parents who say they're concerned. they're worried because..they one told them the phones are donw here..not the district..not the school. parents pick up their kids from cashman middle school. many of them had no idead..the phone are not working. the district one of about 100 schools without phone a spokesperson for cox communications tells independent construction crew..doing work near saint rose parkway and spencer street cut a fiber line around 11 this morning. the spokesman says..the crew was not doing work for cox. we've spoken with several parents. each one says..the school did not notify them..there is no phone service here. they worry..what if there was an emergency? :58:33/latochia bell/mom "that would be kind of bad-if something would've happened i would've been really upset." 6 seconds " we asked


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