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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ceremony unique. that's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. well good morning to you. welcome. it's monday january 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson. what is the weather like? >> pamela, dave it's partly cloudy. we have an issue with fog. but for the trend the trend is to say goodbye to the rain for awhile and most of the week as temperatures will come into the low and mid 50s with a combination of sun and clouds. here is sal. steve right now traffic is moving well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze with no major issues. getting out to the bay bridge and this is a look at san francisco northbound 101 looks good approaching downtown.
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we begin with developing news in oakland. firefighters are still on the scene of a house fire. tara moriarty just talked to the family. one of the families that has been displaced. good morning tara. >> good morning. fire officials say it's lucky they got out alive. crews are starting to wrap up everything here. there are a lot of items out in front of the yard there. there were working smoke detectors in the house by they didn't go off. that's because the fire started in the attic and smoke detectors wouldn't have sounded. a mother lives here with her three children. she happened to be watching tv. she smelled smoke around 3:00 this morning and called 911. now fire crews immediatelier to out the ceiling to found the flames and had to remove half of the roof. chambers that lives here said
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she only had one thing on her mind when she smelled the smoke. >> getting them out of the house. before anything bad happened. >> reporter: now pg&e has secured the gas and electric after crews turned them off when they first arrived. fire chief told ktvu there is $75,000 worth of damage. her kids are devastated. it's after christmas so all of the toys, toys, and video games will most likely not be recovered. we did notice the neighbor only away and take the three kids away. chambers is trying to figure out what she is going to do
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long-term. police in nevada are looking for a gunman responsible for the overnight shooting. police say the gunman fired several times on two young men sitting inside a white car parked outside the supermarket. several police agencies responded but were unable to track down the gunman. ktvu kraig debro is at the scene. jerry brown will start his third term as governor of california. an 11:00 a.m. swearing in ceremony. during his first two terms back in the '70s and in the early '80s he was on the california's youngest governors. now at anal of 72 he will be california's oldest. claudine wong is in sacramento this morning. she will give us a preview of brown's inauguration. out going governor arnold
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schwarzenegger plans to be at the inauguration ceremony. when he leaves office he will most likely hit the speech circuit. governor swats neigher became governor after the 2003 reelection and was elected in 2006. if you would like to watch it live ktvu will stream it live on our website you can find a history of jerry's last inauguration. gene wong will become the -- seven other elected officials will also take the oath of office. ktvu smoke with mayor elect wong how -- quan how she will
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deal with the crime. >> young men are involved with murders. young men that don't have a lot of hope. >> now at 8:30 mayor elect quan will take part in a walk that will trace history. that's where the inauguration ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m.. . >> a search for a missing man will resume today. john bass disappeared. bass went out new years eve looking for mushrooms in the jackson state demonstration forest but never came back. and just hours ago, oakland police gave us new information about a shooting in east oakland. this happened last night on weld street. the unidentified victim was shot several times and critically injured. police now say his condition
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improved overnight and is expected to survive. the search for the gunman will continue. and arson is expected at a weekend fire that destroyed a motor home. this after investigators checked surveillance cameras saturday nights fire near interstate 680. the flames caused major damage to that motor home but until one was hurt. recycling and composting is about to get easier. starting today a new curb side program called cart smart launches in ten communities. recyclables can go in one cart. there is a second cart for yard trimmings and food scraps. later today chp will list the final numbers open on the weekend crack downfor drunk drewing. the chp made 78,000dui events.
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in the bay area officers have arrested 422 since friday which is a big drop of 160. however bay area traffic deaths are up. there have been four compared last year. time now 5:06. that leads us right to the 2011 version of sal castaneda. >> good morning, dave. happy new year. people are back. hopefully we'll have a decent day today. i think not everyone comes back the first day after the new year. but this week we will get back up to normal slow traffic. you might see some signs of it today on 80 westbound. we are not sure how many people have already spent all of their vacations. i know some schools are not quite back in yet. let's go to the toll plaza. westbound is hard to tell. so that's why we are here all morning. no major problems on northbound
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280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic looks good. and now for the first time in 2011 i get to toss it to steve. sal a very happy new year to you. >> thank you, steve. >> well, a very active pattern i did not see the sun. you did pat yourself on the back you're one of the few. it will misses and go down to southern california. as high pressure builds in and as the pattern changes. it doesn't always happen. usually that's what is taking place. so patchy fog sun and clouds. yes sun and clouds. foggy morning ed today and tomorrow for some. it looks dry. will definitely have to deal with some ofthat fog. there will be sun. in fact, this is one of the patterns we probably get a little warmer weather toward
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the coast. santa rosa and napa 39. palo alto 45. concord-livermore 44. 30s up in eureka. cold air all the way down to las vegas. there is yesterday's system as it goes down to nevada. the next one coming down. as it does high pressure will build in. big system out there but it's heading north. dry today. patchy morning fog. some of that will be thick. partly sunny. forecasted highs in the 50s today. we will go 51-55. we get a little sun earlier. the trend is for no rain. thick fog will be popping up north bay and east bay. that looks like that will be the forecast for the next couple of days. startling accusations directed at outgoing governor arnold schwarzenegger what he did before he left office. also a newly surfaced video
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causing a lot of embarrassment for the navy. the man behind that video and what it shows that is so controversial. if you are driving anywhere in the bay area right now so far it looks pretty good.
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welcome back to the morning news. there is new calls for permanent u.s. bases in afghanistan. lindsey graham says he believes such bases would insure that
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afghanistan never falls back into the hands of terrorists. barbara lee of oakland released a statement saying she is appalled by the calls of permanent bases and it's time to bring u.s. troops back home. the navy said it will investigate the "clearly inappropriate videos" shown on the uss enterprise. the videos made in 2006 and 2007 include gay slurs and women pretending to shower together. they were made by a man who was the second in command and is now the captain. when congress gets back to work on wednesday republicans who control the house of representatives say the first item on their agenda is repealing health care reform. they plan to hold a vote to repeal the health care legislation. democrats and the obama administration promise a fight. they say they will welcome the
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community to point out the many benefits that americans are already receiving from the form. time now 5:13. in the final hours of office governor schwarzenegger commuted a prison sentence. esteban nunez was sentenced to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty for his involvement in the 2008 stabbing death of lewis santos in san diego. the governor reduced that sentence to seven years yesterday. he says the sentence was excessive because his codefendant committed to stabbing nunez. the father of the victim told the los angeles times they only found out about the commutation
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from reporters. we are totally outrage. this is dirty politics making outdoor deals. governor schwarzenegger reduced the prison sentence of a woman when she was 16 years old killed her former pimp. sarah kruzan was given life without the possibility of parole. bay area state senator lee readvocated for kruzan saying she turned her life around for prison and could be a role model for abused children if released. there is still no word when gavin nu some will be sworn in as lieutenant governor. his office says that's when his inaugural celebration will take place and he's set to be formerly sworn in on or before
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that state. newsom still has a few products to complete. now san francisco's outgoing district attorney harris is leaving her office to become california's next attorney general. her inauguration ceremony will be at 1:00 this afternoon at the california museum of history and arts. harris is the first one to be elected as the states attorney general. marin county ss have a very week ahead. they are alreadying changes at core check out lines. they will consider adopting a plastic bag ordnance. if it's approved single use shocking bogs owl be approved. the supervisors will also consider adopting an urgency
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ordnance. some members of the community have demanded that pg&e stop installing the smart meters. they say it causes health problems. let's go back to sal to check in on the traffic. sal. >> all right we will remind you about this a few times today. the california street cable car is out of service for six months. you will see muni bus drivers doing their best. if you do take that like line it will be a -- and we will remind you of it often. hopefully they will get that work done sooner than they think they can, but we will keep you posted. six months is the scheduled time. this is look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 traffic looks pretty good. no problems on highway 101 over on the peninsula and if you are
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driving on 880 it also looks good. this is 880 in oakland. when you get to the bay bridge plaza is nice. we'll see what kind of day it weeks. >> leng, zillion. on this morning pattern it looks like the sun changes. our low from the weekend we actually had the front go by midnight friday night and cloudy cloudy and saturday. now into nevada there is another one hot on its heels or cold on its heels so then it's going down the coast and probably back off and head out into the pacific and sit there for awhile. patchy fog. sun and clouds. it's mostly cloudy right now. ay morning for tomorrow. this happens every winter.
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usually we get two or three weeks of try weather. it does look dry. this is the pattern change. look how ha dog comes back in. this is one of the patios if it stays sucked in you can be 49 degrees. pac coo could be around the block. watch what happens again as tomorrow morning. here's the fog. and that will tick us into tomorrow right here. current temps upper 30s for only a few. 40s for everyone else. 48 in the city. 46 san jose. 38 down in las vegas. 54 degrees in san diego. 34 eureka. there goes one low. there goes the other one. fit took a turn i would say we
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have more on the way but it doesn't. big system out there. it's taking aim toward pacific northwest. patchy fog in some of the thick partly sunny. low -- and it does look like most of the week it will mostly sunny and warmer especially inland and along the coast. european markets are all trading higher this morning on the first day of the trading for the new year. over in asia manufacturing growths in china is still up. that is easing investigator worries that beijing will take more steps to cool inflation. narcotics in japan remine closed for the new years holiday. checking in on all street we are also get the --
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iphone users in asia says the alarm clock did not work this morning. the company says the recurring alarm does not seem to be effected by the glitch. iphone alarms failed to work last year also. 5:21 if you use hot mail for your e mail there is is a problem with it and microsoft is trying to fix it. they are not saying what caused the problem or how many hot mail users are effected. there was a complaint that old e-mail went to the delete file. it's the most widely used e- mails in the world with 160 million registered addresses. it's truly a winter wonder
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land in southern california. also the first responders of 9/11 will be getting billions of dollars in federal aid. one local work says it's too little, to late. this may be a different day on the roads than you have seen in the past two weeks.
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good morning. thick fog out there.
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ly cloud -- partly cloudy. skies temperatures low to mid 50s. we just checked for you. bad weather still has traffic stopped on interstate 5 the main road between northern and southern california. it's making a lot of drivers very unhappy. no traffic is allowed on interstate 5 to the los angeles turn county line. that road was closed yesterday afternoon when cars look at all the people out here. cars started sliding on the icy road. the chp said they will not reopen it until the snow starts blowing. now on the southern side of the grapevine, the snow there was welcome site. the kids and adults alike had a chance to make snow men without having to go past their own front yards. but it only lasted a couple hours then the sun came back out. still the palm trees and the
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snow made pretty pictures and videos for next years holiday cards. president obama has signed a bill into law tied to america's terrorist nightmare nearly ten years ago. it provides billions of dollars to financial aid to the first responders that became ill. they say their health has not been the same since. many of those rescue workers are from the bay area. menlo park fire chief wonders why it took seven years and two dozen congressional hearings to secure the funds. >> sit a lot of money? yeah it's a lot of money. this is people that gave it themselves gave it times. >> many first responders became seriously ill after breathing the toxic film. our time is now 5:26. the mayor of san jose is praising the homicide total for the year 2010. the police department has 100 fewer police officers than it
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did ten years ago and the city has grown by 10,000 people. yet the homicide rate in san jose dropped to its lowest level since the year 2000. chuck reid says he's pleased but not surprised. >> we're one of the safest cities in the country. and that is because of our police department. >> number of homicides in san francisco and oakland have also dropped in recent years. time now 5:27. a supermarket parking lot was the scene of a horrifying overnight shooting. we will take you live to marin county. police are still out there on the scene. and this morning jerry brown becomes governor of california for the third time. we'll have a live preview of his inauguration from sacramento. plus many oakland elementary school kids are leaving the school district before middle school.
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we will tell officials what they are doing to try to prevent that. traffic is moving along well in san jose right now. we'll tell you more about this morning commute coming up.
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shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson. did i hear we will see some
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sun? >> yes, pam i did say that. that is correct. we do have mostly cloudy skies tonight. the pattern does look dry. let's get to the forecasted highs. 51-55 and partly sunny skies. here is my good friend sal. on the east shore freeway the traffic is moving along very well. until major problems -- no major problems. no problem coming up to the maze and the bay bridge. it looks like there may be a small delay at the toll plaza but once you get on the bridge it moves well. let's go back to dave and pam. thank you, sal. police in nevada are look for the gunman responsible for an overnight shooting outside a safeway store. it's still an active crime scene. kraig debro is there with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now we are not sure if there is not more than one
5:32 am
gunman. behind me we are basically on top of this crime scene. they are completing forensic mapping of the scene. two victims have not been identified but they were riding see that white toyota corolla. they were riding in that corolla just before being shot. we weren't allowed to copy a surveillance video tape of what happened but i did see that tape. it shows another vehicle following the white toyota corolla into the safeway parking lot around 12:10:00 a.m.. you can see several flashes of light from behind the car. i could not see what happened to the second victim. two men one described as a 27- year-old hispanic male. suffered at least one gunshot wound a piece. it was clear neither got out of the car and went into the store. we have spoken to police once
5:33 am
this month. what i'm going to do now is ask them about what happened to that second vehicle. reporting live in nevada kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:32. in san francisco a man has been arrested and accused in the stabbing death of his roommate. police were called to market street shortly before 3:00. the victim a 54-year-old man was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries. the unidentified suspect a man in his 40s is in custody after reportedly confessing to the stabbing. there is no word yet on what lead up to the incident. in santa cruise an expected game member. police identified him as 1-year- old ryan. he called the police sat after a man -- he called the police saturday after a man looking
5:34 am
like him. officers say they managed to wrestle the gun away and took him into custody. an investigation is under way into the death of a couple inside the house of terra toga. that's when they found the man and the woman dead inside the home. their names and how they have died have not been released. there is no threat to public safety. san francisco police say a vandalism incident at a mission district bar lead to a bold escape attempt. brian jenkins kicked out the window of a police car and ran away in handcuffs following his arrest. officers arrested him a few blocks away and took him back into custody. they say he used a raiser blade to cut up posters. just a couple hours from right now jerry brown becomes
5:35 am
governor of california for the third time. ktvu claudine wong is live in san francisco after what is being called a low-key inauguration. good morning claudine. >> good morning, dave. we are here at the war memorial auditorium where the inauguration will take place at 11:00. jerry brown has been down this road before. he has been governor twice before. he was in his back for the low- key inauguration. let's get to work 28 years later he finds himself back here again. today's inauguration will take place at 11:00 a.m.. nothing lavish. the reception will be at a state owned building. some say that's the state of the union. brown faces a $28 million deficit. this state is in crisis. but if this inauguration is a sign of the times or a sign of what jerry brown has always
5:36 am
done? >> i 42 it was previously and even when he was mayor of oakland for all of those years he kept a low profile. nothing fancy. nothing extravagant. that i think is a legacy of his previous carnation of governor. i don't anticipate him changing that at all. >> reporter: now brown has a lot of work in front of him but doesn't plan to take any big actions today after the inauguration. he will be going to his office to make a few appointments before going to the reception at 4:00. the political analyst we talked to said californians especially the ones going through tough times may not be paying as close attention to what is happening today as they will to a speech that will be taking place in the coming days and we'll talk more about that coming up in our next half hour. live in sacramento claudine
5:37 am
wong. >> all right claudine. out going governor carr mold schwarzenegger says he -- governor arnold schwartz nigglier be the inauguration. if you want to watch it live we will be streaming it live on you can watch jerry brown's last stint of governor under the right now. according to the san francisco chronicle one of every four oakland students left public schools after finishing fifth grade this past spring. that includes 40% of the districts highest achievers. lincoln elementary had the highest rate of 70% of children
5:38 am
choosing private, suburban, or charter schools. the district is looking at why families leave. they are working to improve the quality of teaching and the programs offered. the california street cable car will be out in six months. it's getting a major tuneup. it rises out of the financial district, climbs past china town. this is the biggest disruption in cable car service since the early 1980s. that's when all threelines were shut down for two years. your time now is 5:38. let's go to sal. he will get you to where you need to go. sal. >> i have a good question from one of my twitter follows regarding that cable car line. they asked if the shuttle bus will cost $5 or $2. i have a feeling since it's a bus -- >> they better charge bus rates. >> yeah. i put in a call to muni.
5:39 am
but if i were a betting man but i'm not. i will make a very small wager that it will be $2. let's go out -- not for money. southbound 101 as you head out toward i'm sorry this is highway 4 westbound as you head up to the willow pass grade. westbound 24 also looks good. you can already tell there are more people back today after the holidays than there were before. although schools some of them are not in. we will have more people going back to work. out to the 237 interchange with 880 that traffic is still light. at 5:39 let's go to steve. >> if you were wagering match sticks or something like that. >> exactly. >> good morning. one system that gave us the rain and the gray skies over the weekend goes in to nevada. it's going right by us. we can say bye bye. put on the breaks. it looks like retro grade back out. the pattern is changing.
5:40 am
we will have to deal with a lot of fog. usually this time of year there is some stretch in the winter we get two or three weeks of dry weather. i'm not saying this will happen. there will be fog for some and sunny and warm weather for others. so patchy fog sun and clouds. foggy morning tomorrow. mostly sunny and the rest of the week does look dry. we have to deal with the combination of fog. i'm reluctant to show this sometimes. is it right or wrong? i think the trend is right. that is the fog come into the valley. as it does it will go a little farther. stick around a little farther. heads right back in toward marin county. for some north bay, east bay and san jose there could be very thick fog over the next couple of days. 40s for many. a couple of upper 30s. the fog will be the bigger story. fremont our target forecast.
5:41 am
44 to start cloudy. 54 by noon. 53 for a high with mostly sun new york skies. 21 in tahoe. there you go. 21. 28 in reno. 30s for eureka, ukiah. 40s in the valley because of the fog. you can see the one system yesterday which gave us off and on rain. the next one there it goes. high pressure will build in and we'll see one system move out and the pattern takes everything else well to the north of us. for this morning fog and clouds. by noon partly sunny. yes partly sunny. 42-50. and mostly sunny. mostly a few clouds around. temperatures low to mid 50s today. and again some of that fog will make it difficult nights and mornings. by the coast i will not be surprised to see upper 50s to 60nd. 2011 got off to a bizarre start in arkansas.
5:42 am
the two mysterious incidents that involved wildlife. and plus four years after reducing prison over crowding the state has not completed any projects. what a local lawmaker says the new governor has to do. good morning 680 traffic looking pretty good. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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5:44 am
good morning. some fog out there and mostly cloudy skies. once that fog burns off we will get a little bit of sunshine. partly sunny skies. high to low to mid 50s. time now 5:44. here is a quick look at some of the top story yes, sir following for you -- top
5:45 am
stories we are following for you right now. jerry brown is swearing in as governor is scheduled for 11:00 a.m.. harris becomes attorney general today. gene quan will take over as the mayor of oakland. it was an early morning fire just hours ago at the oakland home. started about 3:00 a.m. on 46th street between west and market. luckily no one was hurt. a concord family is furious at outgoing governor arnold schwarzenegger as he commuted the prison sentence of a man convicted of manslaughter. esteban nunez prison sentence was reduced from 16 years to seven. nunez is the son of former assembly speaker fabian nunez. as governor schwarzenegger leaves office today critics are wondering if they -- approved
5:46 am
in 2007. san francisco senator mark leonard believes it should review aub900. planning or construction has begun but no projects have been completed. a spokesperson for the california department of corrections says some of the delays are caused by lawsuits. a big earthquake causing wide spread panic along the central host of chile. hundreds of people are fleeing in their cars. they are worried about a possible tsunami. yesterday's quake didn't cause any serious injuries or major damage but it shook up a lot of nerves as chile still tries to recover from last februaries major earthquake that killed almost 500 people. christians there are calling for the -- after the bombing of a church new years
5:47 am
eve. look at that. that explosion and blast killed 21 people. many others. 100 others were hurt. still not clear who was behind that attack. that incident sparked violent protests. christians claimed they long suffered discrimination among the muslim majority. the government maintains both groups are treated equally. in arkansas wildlife officials hope tests today will -- the birds fell from the sky over the town of bee bee just before midnight. lightning, high altitude hail, or fire works may be to blame. up to 5,000 birds were found within a one mile area creating shock for people that are ringing in 2011. >> i thought it was out of an
5:48 am
albert hitchcock film. he got me up at 4:00 in the morning. >> and there is another wildlife mystery. 100,000 drunk fish washed up along the arkansas river. tests are being done. your time now 5:47 actress jaja she suffered from a severe infection and the amputation is necessary to save her life. she is 93 now. she under went surgery for a broken hip back in july temperature since then she has been hospitalized several times for swellings and blood clots. police in oakley are out looking for a bank robber but the fashion police should be called into this case too. the woman that robbed the bank was wearing a black sweatshirt, blue pajama bottoms and high heeled shoes. she robbed the chase bank and
5:49 am
then ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash. later today the judge is expected to issue a major decision of doyle drive. the southern approach to the golden gate bridge is under going a $1 billion facelift. some union leaders have gone to court to stop the project. they object to the use of a german construction company. they are also demanding construction bids go to local workers. let's see what is happening on the roads now. sal you are watching 880 now. >> yeah. remember i asked about that muni thing. muni got back to me. the shuttle bus on california street will be $2. >> oh good. >> at the very least people that take that shuttle bus won't have to take the $5. they won't be on a cable car though. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving pretty well on 880 north and southbound. also this morning if you are driving to the bay bridge, we
5:50 am
are already seeing more people coming up but it's not crowded add all. we'll see what happens around 6:30. this morning on the prince la around 280 and highway 101. if you are driving on highway 101 in san jose it looks pretty good as well. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning to you all. i hope you had a good weekend. it was gray skies friday, saturday, and sunday. today we have a chance. there is fog out there. the one system gave us the rain you can see it rotating in southern california. the next system is coming. there are two things here. it will be the inland fog but the coast is looking much better here as we go forward. the week does look dry. patchy fog sun and clouds today. more clouds. we have to clear everything out of here. tomorrow a foggy morning.
5:51 am
mostly sunny. looks dry the rest of the week. we'll have night morning fog. some of that will be very thick with visibility near zero. for some of us it will be mostly sunny and warmer. 40s for many. couple upper 30s. fremont starting off overcast but then mostly sunny. 44. 50, 53 for a high. again a lot of clouds. some of that fog. 20s up in the mountains. 36 ukiah. 40s all the way down to southern california unless you are in san diego. and 38 in las vegas. a good look at the couple things. i like to show the satellite. there goes the one system from yesterday. see how it's rotating around. now if we put on the brakes and zig right it looks like we will go south. it does look like high pressure will kick in and deflect that next system to the north. we are looking good. fog after the fog. 30s to 40s in the morning.
5:52 am
partly sunny. 30s to 40s degrees. mostly sunny 50-55. that fog will be itching to come back. low 50s to mid 50s for many. thick fog will be the norm here. north bay and east bay. by the coast looks really good with upper 50s to near 60s. facebook has raised half a billion dollars from gouldman saxes and a russian investigatement firm. that brings it to $50 billion. th exchange commission is looking into the booming trade. once the company hits 500 private shareholders it must disclose certain financial information to the public even if it hasn't filed for an ipo. one major player will be missing apple does not do trade shows. nearly everyone else will be
5:53 am
there trying to mimic the companies success with the ipads. and five major tv manufactures have agreed to settle a complaint about their screen size. man sonic, lg will contribute $1.2 million to new computer. they must describe the viewable screen size by rounding to the nearest one tenth of an inch instead of the nearest whole number. >> i've got it. time now 5:53. what is next with the surprise visitor at a bay area school the biggest question is how did it end up in a playground and is it strong enough to survive? plus in the land down under desperation grows as more opportunities go under. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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welcome back to the morning news. an otter remains under close watch after being rescued from a school. it was spotted at john reid elementary school. it appears to be in good health but seems disoriented. there is no river close by so it's likely the otter wondered from a seasonal creek created by the recent rains. in australia relief teams
5:57 am
are rushing to get food and medical supplies to people cut off by rising flood waters. it has been particularly hard hit. crews are racing to truck supplies into the city today and tomorrow. flooding is blamed for at least nine deaths across queensland. flood waters are now said to cover an area the size of france. that is because of one of california's' new laws require what is supposed to with the 100-watt bulb you uses 72 watts or less. they are called energy saving hallowbulbs. they also will be phased in. the new bulbs cost about the same but use less energy. let's check back in with sal before the hour with a quick al quick look at the
5:58 am
roads. >> if you are driving on the sunol grade getting to the south bay it looks good. and also this morning it's a light commute so far at the bay bridge. let's go back to you. all right flames erupting in oakland a couple hours ago. where the firefighters rushed in to battle the flames. plus jerry brown again begins life as california's governor. we'll take you live to sacramento this morning for the swearing in details. good morning some low clouds, fog, but do we have a dry forecast? is there more rain on the way? . you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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