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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 3, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, january 3rd. we begin with overnight news from marin county. police in novato are still on the scene of a horrifying double shooting. it happened early this morning
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outside a safeway supermarket. ktvu's kraig debro joins us live with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning,er t ory. it's been about seven hours since the shooting happened. when you first get here, you can see the two bullet holes in the back right of that toyota corolla there. but if you look up the corner on the driver's side, there is a hole there, too. that would explain how the two were caught. police hope forensic evidence they are gathering right now will help -- with the help of a sophisticated camera will lead them to the shooters. we just shot this video, minutes ago, it shows a discarded police of clothing being pulled from the victim's car. it happened at 12:10 this morning. now, i've spoken to a safeway
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employee about what happened. the a white toyota corolla coming into the parking lot and parking and then another vehicle following that car in. the witness said he heard someone yell, get out of the car twice and then heard several shots. >> i was just going to get gas. novato is not like this. it's pretty alarming. >> i come to safeway a lot. >> reporter: you come here -- >> i come here for coffee every morning before work. >> reporter: on the videotape you can see flashes of light from behind the vehicle. but you can't hear the shots or if anyone said anything before the shots were fired. none of the officers on the scene say they know where the victims were taken. both survived the shooting. police say one of them is 26 years old latino and the other, 23 years old, and he's white.
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this is a rare event here in novato. here, the guy using the sophisticated forensic camera, he says he also writes parking tickets during the day, and the bags police are using to collect evidence are not specialized evidence bags but brown paper bags they inside the safeway store. a tow truck is on the scene and we're sewnly speculating about the tow -- only speculating about the tow truck but typically they will tow the vehicle to an evidence lot where they can keep it and sit on it. and they are hosing down the scene, in case there's blood and they want to clean that up. we've called police. they haven't called us back. they said they will. i'm gonna call them back and see if i can get any further
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information. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. the red cross is helping a family. their house caught on fire. a mother was up watching television, and she smelled smoke and called 911. >> i got my kids. one of my kids didn't have on shoes but i would rather have them be safe than anything goes. >> fire officials say there was a problem with the wiring in the attic and that's where the fire started. the home does have working smoke detectors but they did not go off because of the fire's location. fire officials say the home has about 7 $75,000 worth of -- about $75,000 worth of damage. in about four hours from n ow, jerry brown will be sworn in as governor. this will be his third time in
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the governor's office. claudine wong has more. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this is the memorial auditorium right behind me where there should be some security sweeps coming up very soon here. we don't expect the speech and wearing -- and swearing in this morning to take very long as jerry brown takes his office as governor. this is his third time. in about 90 minutes we're gonna do a security sweep for the crush of media that's already arrived here outside the auditorium to cover brown a inauguration -- brown's inauguration. when we talk about brown's inauguration, he's unique. we can talk about the other two. he started in '75, declaring an era of limits. four years later, he criticized people who wanted to spend more and have more governor spending. in '75, he talked about u nemployment being too high. we're in double digits now. he talked about cutting the
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governor's office budget. you have significant challenges now. the climate alone has been contentious in sacramento. term limits have created a resolving door here -- revolving door here. and now you have the budget deficit to 2012. >> we have the largest deficit by far of any state and we have very little options on how to solve the problem. at this point, california has not turned the corner yet. the economic crisis. i don't think there's any time needed here to be celebrating. >> reporter: so the question is what tone will brown's speech today take? certainly everyone agrees it will be a roll-up-your-sleeps and let's get to work speech. but some say this needs to be a big picture speech, we can do i
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t. let's give people some hope. let's look at the hard numbers. that may be saved for a week from today when we have to look at the budget for the first t ime. that's not the case for all other governors being sworn in, 26 of them. the tradition has been here not to have a big party. everyone seems to agree. no one in california is in the mood to party. they are in the mood to find some solutions. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. well, outgoing governor arnold schwarzenegger plans to be at brown's inauguration ceremony. when he leaves office, schwarzenegger said he will most likely hit the speech circuit and write an autobiography. arnold schwarzenegger became governor after the recall election and was reelected in 2006. if you want to autopsy the
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inauguration, we will -- want to watch the inauguration, we will streamline it live at holiday travel is still b eing affected by the weather this morning the we just checked at san francisco international airport and there are several departure and arrival delays. oakland and san jose are r eporting a couple of delays. if you are flying out of sfo you are advised to check your status before you go to the part. and part of interstate 5 in southern california is shut down because of the blustery storm. the chp closed the grapevine north of los angeles yesterday afternoon. officers say cars were sliding across lanes of traffic and that dozens of vehicles were disabled or unable to handle the conditions. some families did not seem to find the delay. >> never seen snow? >> no. since i was born. >> reporter: what do you think of this? >> it's like so awesome.
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it's my first time. >> reporter: he's wearing s horts. >> he did not expect the snow in l.a. >> the closure could be a advisory inconvenience for people trying to get back to work -- could be a huge inconvenience for people trying to get back to work today. we'll have a live update from the grapevine area coming up in the next half hour. i did hear there were wind gusts up to 90 miles an hour in some areas there. so very treacherous. >> and that guy was in shorts and flip-flops. >> yes. let's see what sal sees on the roads now. what are you seeing, sal? >> we're seeing that traffic is still pretty light compared to a normal day. this week, people are starting to get back to work. the toll plaza, it's stop and g o. it will start coming back after a few days, when vacations start wearing out.
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westbound 92 as you head out to the high rise, looks pretty good getting over to the 91. if you are driving in san jose, definitely more people out t here. not a lot of crashes to report right now. 7:09. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning for e veryone. for some it's clear. for others, it's foggy. the south bay could be really thick over the next couple of days. the pattern is change -- is changing. we're going to a dry pattern. the rain could hold off for a week unless there's some bugaboo is in the system and i don't see it. fog will be the big story. but by the coast, sunny and w arm. looks to be on the menu as he head toward the week and the middle of the week. sun and clouds. 30s but a lot of 40s. tomorrow, foggy and then mostly sunny. yes. that's what i said looks dry the rest of the week, but the
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fog -- this is a fog product. i really want you to keep your eye on flew the valley. and then it comes back in. we'll see an easterly breeze and then that means it comes through the delta, all the way over to marin county. not showing up completely is the fog around san jose. it's one of those patterns where concord and livermore did be about 49, 50 and over by the coast it can be near 60. here comes the fog over fairfield, vacaville and there it is starting to creep back in. 37 santa rosa/napa. 47, san francisco. mid-40s, san jose is in there, 21 up in tahoe. reno at 29. 37, las vegas and 40s and 50s down in southern california. our low on the weekend is not moving into southern nevada and also into arizona. and our other low is going on b
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y? as that scoots by sending that system well to the north. it's a dry morning. and once that footprint is t here, it's hard to budge. you need a lot of wind, rain and i just don't see that. thick fog, clouds. more sun as the low goes south, we have a dry pattern the so 3 0s, 40s to start off with. but then partly sunny. 40 to near 30. this afternoon, we'll see -- i think -- there its is -- goes, 50, to 55. 51 to 53 on some of these temperatures. 55 san jose and santa cruz. the five-day has a dry pattern. back to the desk. >> thank you, steve. a newly-surfaced video is causing problems for the navy. the man behind the video and what it shows that's so controversial. are you up yet? apparently the new year t riggered problems with the iphones, mainly the alarm not
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working. so what's apple reaction to this problem? and if you missed it before, find out where you can see the world series trophy up close this week.
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two american soldiers were killed in central iraq y esterday. details have not been released. the u.s. ended combat operations in september. however about 50,000 american troops remain in the country assisting and training iraqi security forces. there are new calls for permanent u.s. bases in
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afghanistan. lindsey graham says he's he believes such bases would ensure that afghanistan never falls back into the hands of t errorists. democratic congresswoman barbara lee of oakland released a statement saying she is appalled by the calls for permanent bases and that is -- and that it's time to bring u.s. troops back home. the u.s. navy says it will investigate the "clearly i nappropriate videos shown on the uss enterprise. the videos made back in 2006 and 2007 include gay slur, mend a nd -- men and women pretending to shower together and some lewd scenes. the videos were made by the man 0 who was second in command at the time, who is now the c aptain. a concord family is angry with outgoing governor schwarzenegger. in his final hours in office,
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he commuted the prison sentence of es devon nunez -- es devon n unez. he's the son of fabio nunez. fred santos said "we're totally outraged. this is dirty politics cutting back room deals. i guess if you are the son of somebody important you can kill someone and get all sorts of breaks." esty ven -- >> the governor reliesed e steban's -- reduced esteban's sentence because his codefendant confessed to stabbing santos. governor schwarzenegger also reduced the prison
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sentence of a whom who at the age of 16 killed her pimp. she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the governor called that e xcessive. he reduced the sentence to 25 years and the possibility of parole. 7:18. the-- the police department has fewer officers than it did ten years ago. yet, homicides in san jose have dropped to their lowest level since 2000. mayor chuck reed said he's not surprised. >> we're one of the safest cities in the country and it's because of the great work of our police department and
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community working together. >> here are crime statistics from the bay area's other c ities. oakland had 94, compared to 110 the year before. sanfrancisco was 50 in 2010 -- was 50 in 2010. yesterday, apple said it was aware of the problem with the alarms on the iphones. they should all of the alarms should be working by today. it wasn't a problem with the recurring alarms, just the single alarm function. iphone alarm systems also f ailed to work properly when daylight savings time took effect last year. now microsoft isn't saying what caused a problem reported by any hot mail users over the weekend. hundreds said they had old e- mails to the delete file and actually deleted without any
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prompts to do so. hot mail is the world's mostly largely used e-mail service. facebook has raise the $ 500 billion from goldman sachs and a russian investment firm. that puts facebook at $ 50 billion according to the new york times. the new money will give facebook the chance to pursue a cquisitions all without being a publicly traded account. ap after the least for now. that's because the s.e.c. is reportedly looking into the trading. 7:0. well, the new year is bringing new changes for recycling and garbage collection services in san mateo county. starting today, recycling and composting carts will be picked
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up on a weekly basis. and also starting today, residents can place food scraps in their carts along with the composting. >> we're encouraging people to give it a -- to give it a try. but now instead of the other cart, they are moving it over to the green cut. all right. the new year means new, expensive for some commuters. the group that's being charged extra to cross the bay. also, what's being done to solve a major trash problem and why the cleanup efforts are still facing some delays. good morning. if you are driving on the bay area commute, so far not so bad. there are more people but we'll find out why. it's still a pretty decent commute now.
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the trash has not been p icked up since christmas day for a lot of the new york residents because collection crews have been busy plowing all of the snow. only about 50% of the employees are back on garbage duty today. so it will take a while for those huge bags of trash to disappear. the other half of the garbage crews will remain on snow cleanup until the streets are color. if -- if you missed your chance to see the giants' t rophy, the trophy will be back on display at city hall today and tomorrow from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. the viewing is free you but it is on a first come, first served
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basis. sal, you saw it, right? you see everything but you saw the trophy, right? >> i saw the trophy, that's right. >> it's really impressive. they will be showing it around. it's the first one in san francisco. let's take a look at -- let's take a look at the commute on 237. this commute on 2011. still has not -- still has not gained its robusts in we had back in 2010. but i think a lot of people still having time off, some schools are still off so it will probably take a week or two to get back on full dis-- full display. the 880 commute that traffic looks very nice. when you go to the toll plaza, it's interesting. at first we had a little bit of a slowdown but now it's
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completely calmed down and they've even switched the m etering lights off. let's go to steve. well, a calmer pattern here after a -- we, rainy, cloudy, even snowy for some weekend. a couple inches fell in lake county. we have a lot of 30s, especially towards the north. some low 30s. just heard from joe. he's near oak mont. 34degrees -- 34 degrees. it's cold. one low moves out, the other goes right on by. 37 santa rosa/napa, 34 kenwood and i think near santa rosa i saw a 34 as well. oakland, 45. palo alto, 42 now. along with redwood city. concord/livermore, 40s. sanjose is in that same ballpark at 45 degrees. a lot of fog. livermore says fog. i noticed some areas of fog all over the place. that's gonna be the big weather story. 21 in tahoe, 29 in tahoe.
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there's cold air in place. that-- that low is sliding. it looks like we have a dry pattern the rest of the week. 50s for the temperatures. now,fuls you -- unless you are up farther north you might be in the upper 40s but a dry pattern and i was just d iscussing here with nelson, make the plans, tennis, w hatever. it-- it looks good about you -- if you don't mind a little fog. jean quan will be served in this morning. what she's doing now before her inauguration. >> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live along california street where you will no longer be able to catch a cable car.
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police are looking for suspects in a shooting outside a safeway store that happened shortly after midnight. investigators just left the scene minutes ago. police say at least one gunman fired several times on two
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young men sitting inside a white car parked outside that safeway. at this point, there's no word on the condition of those two victims. now, ktvu's kraig kraig debro has been out there all morning. he will give us an update coming up at 8:00. 7:30. an early-morning fire in an oakland home is under investigation. it started around 3:00 on 46th street between west and market. a mother and her three children lived there. the woman said she was watching television when she smelled smoke. she got her kids out of the house and called 911. >> i just thank god that we're alive. other than that, this is material. >> the home has working smoke detectors but investigators say they did not go off because t he -- because the fire started in the attic due to a problem with wiring there. fire officials say the home has about $75,000 worth of damage. also in oakland, a police
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chase came to a dramatic end when a driver that was being chased crashed into a building this morning. we have new video of the scene. the car slammed into a flower shop right next to the grand lake theater at around 4:30 this morning. police have released few details about who was in the car and why police were chasing it. there are reports that the driver was arrested nearby. 7:31. in san francisco, police are investigating the statal -- fatal stabbing of a man. police were called to market street. the victim, a 54-year-old man, was rushed to the hospital but he died from his injuries late last night. now, police arrested the v alley's -- the victim's roam mate in his -- an unidentified man in his 40s after he confessed to the stabbing. we're also finding out more about the hand an woman -- man and woman whose bodies were found on this saratoga's
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waldorf drive. the bodies were discovered around 1::00 yesterday afternoon. the neighbors say they were quiet and kept to them thefts. how the couple died is still -- to themselves. how the couple died is still under investigation. it is overdue for a major tuneup and starting today. the california street cable car line will be out of service until july. tara moriarty join us live from san francisco with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. starting today, you will no longer be able to catch a cable car up and down california street here. now, construction crews are standing by. you can see them in the parking lot. at 99:00, they will be b reaking -- at 9:00, they they will be replacing and dig up and start to rebuild and repave the concrete streets.
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it's part of the $24 million by the department of public works to upgrade the cable car system. the line that runs along california and the embarcadero system will be shut down in j uly. in order to ease congestion, a muni bus will run. >> it's okay. but much better. >> reporter: you think it's okay because you can take the bus instead? >> yeah, it's okay. for me, it's okay. >> reporter: we spoke to the driver who says that it's a lot warmer for passengers on the bus than on the cable cars. so that's a positive. the shuttles have been operating for the past week anyway because of a cable line that snapped. officials want to make sure that folks can still get to where they need to go. at least one traffic lane in each direction on california will stay open at all times
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during the construction. all of this construction is going to take place between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at night, monday through friday. we're here live in san f rancisco, tear law mori -- tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. at 11:00 this morning, jerry brown becomes governor. he's promised a low-key inauguration that's being held in sacramento's memorial auditorium. after the inauguration there will be a public party right on the grounds of the state capitol with free hot dogs, chips and water. it's being hosted by the orange county employees ago a ssociation. he will end the day with a private reception at the california railroad museum. now, claudine wong is there in sacramento. she will will bring us a live report in our next half hour. still no word when gavin newsom will be sworn in as
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lieutenant-governor but we do know it will happen sometime before january 10th. his office says that's when his inaugural celebration will take place and he's set to be formally sworn in on or before that date. gavin newsom was scheduled to take office today but his office says he still has a couple of projects to clinic -- to finish. that may give a chance to appoint his new successor and also picking a new district attorney. and kamala is harris's inauguration ceremony for attorney general will be at 1::00 this afternoon. she's the first woman would be elected as the state's attorney general. in a few hours, jean quan will be sworn in. seven other elected officials will also take the society of office at the fox oakland theater. many oakland residents want to
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know how mayor-elect quan will legal with the crime. >> we're really going to focus on job training, particularly for young people, for those coming back from prison. >> in about an hour, quan will take part in a walk, retracing oakland 'history as well as her own from china town to the fox oakland theater. doors will open at 10:00. the inauguration ceremony begins at 11:00. 7:37. later today a judge is expected to issue a major decision about the future of doyle drive. the building is at the center of a complex legal battle.
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some have gone to court over this issue and they are also demanding some of this work be given to local workers. and one-way fares went up for ferry cars, 10% over the weekend. it now costs $4.85 to take the sausalito ferry with a clipper card. >> the increases are part of the golden gate's district's plan to fill -- to bill the budget gap -- to fill the budget gap. all right. let's check in with sal. >> i think some people still have a few days off. some people are in the sierra. let's take a picture of that. this is highway 50 in the s ierra. we are looking at it here. near ski run boulevard. there it is.
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and traffic is light obviously. still need some chains in the trunk. although the freeways are -- may not be affected right now. highway 5 in -- over the grapevine in los angeles, still closed in that area. the grapevine because of snow and ice so you have to take 101 in and out of the southbound. we'll check on it again and let you know if they have to open i t. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. the traffic is light today. people seem to be back but we do have, you know, some people obviously still some some time off. we want to talk about a crash in contra costa county. southbound 680, there is an accident there, leaving walnut creek getting down to danville. you might see some slowing. southbound 680 at el saro boulevard into alamo and d anville. let's go to steve.
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thank you, sal. cold for some. a lot of fog. that's going to be the big story the i don't want you to choke on your coffee and tea or whatever, but it does look dry this week, which would be a twist. we haven't had dry weather. and there's projections of up to seven to ten days without rain. it's cold out there. lake county, still some snow left over from the weekend. kenwood, 34. i saw two other readings near there around 33, 34. pengrove at 37. core deal just, woodside, and lott -- core deal just, woodside and los gatos, 39. there's santa rosa, sonoma county airport is 5. is cold out there for some. the low responsible for our weekend rain, zipping on down
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to southern california, now it's moved off and is into the four corners. this low, if it came right over us, i would say that's rain but it's not. it's going to go down and as it does, we'll see an easterly breeze develop. that will be great for the coast but not so much the fog in the valley. that will be coming right back over towards us. this is a fog forecast model. watch how the fog in the valley just keeps coming back in through the delta, carquinez straight. now, this will be today. it recedes. it burns off but it doesn't leave the valley. but i think it will get the pea soup texture. watch tuesday morning. there it is. see how it comes back even towards the peninsula. not soing up there is san jose which has had some low clouds and fog. that's what we'll be looking at here. 20s up in the mountains.
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ukiah, 37. 28 up in redding. one low is out, the pattern is changing. fog, clouds, 30s and 40s to start off with. by noon, partly sunny, yes, yes, yes. there will be some areas getting sun. 50, 55, mostly sunny by the end of the day. now, the fog may make for a pattern where if you are stuck with it, you will be near 60 degrees. oakland public schools are losing many of their top s tudents before they even go to middle school. where those students are going and what the district is trying to do to change this trend. travelers wanting to book a flight online will find fewer options now that two of the nation's biggest airlines have
7:43 am
stripped their fares from their travel sites. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms
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in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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nice day to start the new year on wall street where the numbers are higher thanks to better than expected figures in europe. also good news coming out from the u.s. construction spending up to the third straight month and the manufacturing sector grows in december. right now, the dow is up 114. that's up almost 1%. nasdaq is up 46. that's almost 1.75%. s&p is up 150. 7:45. two of the biggest online travel companies are sticking
7:46 am
together. expedia says it has suspended the sale of american airlines tickets from its website. that's after the airline pulled its ticket sales from expedia arrival,, last week the at issue are fees that each of the online travel agents get for each airline ticket sold. american is straying to -- t rying to steer more to the site and keep a larger share of the tickets for themselves. delta has stripped their tickets from three travel sites. one travel, cheap0 or delta executives want to build brand loyalty. travel experts say this will make it harder to find the schedules that most suit them and cheapest flights. there could be a big announcement about a multi-
7:47 am
million dollar partnership to develop a new test for c ancer. researchers at massachusetts general hospital are teaming up with johnson & johnson. the money will be used to test a prototype. this is a silicon chip. by doing this, doctors can more easily check the source of the cancer and treat. president obama has signed a bill into law tied to the terrorist nightmare nearly ten years ago. it provides $-- it provides billions of dollars in aid after 911 and they say their health has not been the same since for those first responders. one of those -- some of those individuals are from the bay area. >> it's a lot of money. yeah, it is a lot of money. are there other people who have
7:48 am
needs? sure. but these are people who gave themselves and gave their time. >> many first responders became seriously ill after breathing the toxic fumes and rubble at ground zero. when congress gets back to work on wednesday, they say the first item on the agenda for republicans, repealing healthcare reform. they plan to hold a vote to repeal the new healthcare reform legislation before president obama 'state of the union address later this month. democrats promise a fight and welcome the opportunity to point out all of the benefits many americans are already receiving from the reform. well, in this new year, the oakland school district o fficials will try to figure out how to prevent families from pulling their kids out of the public schools. now, the san francisco reports, one out of every four oakland students left after finishing
7:49 am
the fifth grade before moving on to middle school. that includes 40% of the district's highest achievers. lincoln elementary had the highest rate with 77% -- [no audio ] 7:48. the cleveland browns just announced about 30 minutes ago they have fired their coach. eric mangini ended his final game with a 49-9 loss to the pittsburgh steelers. this was his second year as head coach and second 5-11 season. he was fired by the team president, a mare native and -- a bay area native and former 49er coach. the seattle seahawks will make nfl history when they face the gnaw lien saints this weekend. the 7-9 seahawks are going to the playoffs with a losing
7:50 am
record. that's the first time this is has happened in a full season. the 49ers even made it to the playoffs with their dismal record due to this very weak division. and oakland is the only team to sweep its division opponents and fail to go to the playoffs. the raiders wrapped up their best season since 2002 yesterday defeating the kansas city chiefs ending with a record of 8-8. the 9ers also their end of the season -- >> it's tough. here's to the raiders and tom cable and all of them. >> uh-huh. a very disturbing start to the new year in arkansas. two disturbing incidents, both involving wildlife that have people shaking their heads. and a famous park may soon become a landmark. but not everyone is happy about it.
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look at this in australia. the flooding is going from bad to worse. relief teams are rushing in to get food and medical supplies to those cut off. crews are racing to truck in supplies into the city while the roads are still above water. flood something blamed for at least nine deaths across q ueensland. wildlife officials are investigating the mysterious death ofs thousands of birds in arkansas. at least 4,000 birds fell over the town just before midnight on new year's eve. tests will be conducted and results could be back by the end of the week. officials say hail and lightning could be to blame. residents don't nope what to think. >> it kind of worries me. my kids are out here playing.
7:54 am
you don't know if it's safe. >> there is another wildlife mystery in the area. 100,000 drumfish washed up along the arkansas river. scientists believe disease is likely to blame for that situation. well, all of golden gate park could get landmark status if the san francisco historical commission gets its way. that could make it impossible to change anything about the park without the commission's approval arecording to a report in the "san francisco exam b eer." the commission wants to preserve the beauty of the park. however, critics say the way people use parks can change over time. golden gate park needs to be able to accommodate that. rockledgeened chuck berry is feeling better after a brief collapse during a new year's eve show in chicago. this is video from youtube, s howing the 84-year-old rocker when he returned to the stage to assure the audience that he
7:55 am
was okay. he looks good there. >> about a half hour before t hat, he slumped at the piano and had to be represented off the -- to be helped off the stage. his agent blames it on a moment of exhaustion. >> that was a scary thing because he kept changing songs and getting things wrong throughout the entire concert. >> yeah. >> and then fine lip he slumped over -- finally he slumped over so people didn't know what happened. >> yeah. >> we'll keep an eye on that. we're also keeping an eye on your commute. sal, how are things looking? >> okay but you never can tell. let's take a look at what we have a here. southbound 680 from the walnut creek interchange. it's okay but when you get down to danville thea is -- danville there is a problem. southbound, two lanes are blocked with an emergency crash if you are leaving walnut creek and heading down, in fact, i see one of our engineers focusing on our camera on
7:56 am
diablo there. the guys in the control room can bring up diablo. there it is. thank you very much. this is 680 southbound heading down to walnut creek. you can see the traffic is s tacking up because of this crash in danville. now, we're in walnut creek. that's what this camera is s howing. this is a big slowdown. and an unexpected one. we'll follow up on this. let's take a look at the rest of the commute. 880 looks pretty good. driving up to oakland. this morning's commute on westbound bay bridge, that traffic is light coming into san francisco. let's go to sleeve. sal, thank you. a lot of fog out there. temperatures starting off in the 30s for some a lot of 40s but it does look like a dry pattern here. but the fog is really going to be tough, nights and mornings and for a few, it will an cool pattern. but for others, especially by the coast, it will be mostly sunny and warmer. clearlake, cordelia, novato,
7:57 am
los gatos andwoodside, 32 to 39 degrees. the rain is going all the way down the coast and then out to see. it won't be a problem. if anything, high pressure b uilds in. that will be great for the coast but the fog is not going anywhere. 20s in the mountains. 20s, 30s, 40s elsewhere or 50s down to san diego. big system but it's heading north and not towards us. it's a dry pattern today. we do have some partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. it will give way to mostly sunny later 0. low 50s to a few mid-50s. the trend is to keep that fog increasing, especially the valley fog coming back in from the delta. upper 50s to near 60. dave and tori? >> thank you, steve. 7:57. right now in sacramento, final preparations are underway for jerry brown's inauguration as
7:58 am
governor of california. he will be sworn in at 11:00 in sacramento. we'll have a live report on the low-key event coming up in a few minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. what's been a very quiet commute on a major bay area highway is now anything but. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday, january 3rd. just about three hours from
8:01 am
now, jerry brown will be sworn in as governor of california. this will be brown's third time in the governor's office. ktvu's claudine wong is live in sacramento with a preview of brown's inauguration which will be a lean and frugal affair. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes. things are getting busy in d owntown sacramento. you have media crews lining the streets. we do expect the security sweep to happen within the next 30 minutes. the speech and ceremony itself is not expected to take very long here at the memorial auditorium in downtown sacramento. by all accounts, this is gonna be low key and low budget. this is the way jerry brown has worked in the past. we have seen the chp on the scene for at least the last few hours. they are gonna do a security sweep of the auditorium very soon. the media will be let in the building at about 8:30. jerry brown is unique, of c ourse, because when we talk about this inauguration, we can refer back to his other two in
8:02 am
' 75 and's 79 -- and '79. brown has said he's learned a lot in the 28 hours since he left the governor's office and he will need that knowledge because sometimes have changeed. >> when jerry brown got eat l ected in 1974, the questions being asked of him were not how you are gonna fix the economy. it's a very different period of time. so now all eyes are focused on the economy to the degree they can. >> reporter: today's speech inside the war memorial auditorium is expected to be short while the budget is front and center. and keep in mind, he has another speech to give in about a week specifically about the budget. today, the speech may be more symbolic. >> his father was deemed the master builder of california, the builder of public highways.
8:03 am
the higher education system and, you know, hopefully his son will be known as the person who h elped california get out of a difficult. >> reporter: as far as tone, political experts say they expect it to be somber with maybe a touch of optimism. but certainly it's a let -- let's get to work speech. this is not expected to take very long. we're told they would be surprised if it went until noon. so it should be quick and short and a incompetent -- and then there's hot dogs and chips on the lawn of the capitol. that's the food of the day and then he says he will go back to his office and get some work done. all of this is low budget. it's the way he's done it in the past. apparently jerry brown, when it comes to inaugurations has not. claudine wong, claudine wong,
8:04 am
ktvu channel 2 news. >> outgoing governor schwarzenegger plans to hit the speech circuit and possibly write an autobiography. schwarzenegger was elected after the recall election and then was reelected again in 2006. if you would like to see the speech, go to we'll stream it live. 8:04. this morning, police in novato are out there searching for gunmen involved in a shooting that happened outside the s afeway super market. kraig debro is out there now and is live with the latest that he found out -- with what he found out. >> reporter: apparently bloat of the victims are in -- both of the victims are in critical
8:05 am
condition. the fire truck did come in and hose down that area. typically, they hose off the glass and some of the blood from the scene. police have not released the names of the victims but they say moth of -- both of them have know -- novato addresses. police say the two men were s itting in the car when they were shot by at least one p erson. now, i have seen videotape of the shooting and spoken to a safeway employee. we weren't allowed to copy the videotape but it shows the toyota pulling into the parking lot of this safeway just off highway 101 and then parking. following closely behind is another vehicle which i couldn't identify. the safeway employee said he heard someone get out of the car and then say two times, get out of the car. get out of the car and then the shots were fired. the attempted homicide in such a public place is surprising many locals. >> you don't really see this around here. it's kind of a safe n
8:06 am
eighborhood. >> it shocked me that it was this shopping center. >> reporter: the motive for the shooting is unclear. police would only say the victims are a 27-year-old hispanic male and 23-year-old white male. novato police called in mutual aid. a chp helicopter also took part in the search. no suspects were found. one thing really missing from this is a motive. reporting live in novato, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, kraig. thank you. 8:06. well, the red cross is busy. they are trying to help an oakland family that was chased out of their home by a fire just hours ago. it began at about 3:00 this morning at a home between west and market. the mother and her three children live in that house. the mother said she was up w atching television when she smelled smoke and then called 911. fire officials say the fire began in the attic. there was a problem with
8:07 am
wiring. smoke detectors didn't go off because of the location of the fire. the home is about 75,000 in damage -- has about $75,000 in damage. holiday travel, still being affected by the weather this morning the we just checked the san francisco international airport and there are several departure and arrival delays already. oakland and san jose airports are a little better off r eporting a couple of delays. if you are flying, you are advised to check with the flight status before you go to the airport. in southern california, boy, what a mess. the latest check on road conditions shows part of interstate 5 remains closed north of los angeles because of snow. the chp shut the grapevine down. cars were sliding across icy lanes. officers say dozens of vehicles were unable to handle the condition. some families did not seem to mind the delay, though. >> never seen snow? >> no. since i was born.
8:08 am
>> reporter: what do you think of this? >> it's like so awesome. it's my first time. >> reporter: he's wearing s horts. >> yeah. expecting that -- he did not expect the snow in l.a. >> the closure could be a huge inconvenience for people today trying to get back home for the holidays. the chp is waiting for conditions to improve before they re-- before they reopen the highway. no word when that will happen. it's not often that sal uses "terrible" but he is this m orring. what happened? >> in danville, southbound, r eading from walnut creek to san ramon, look at this. the traffic is just terrible. this is a light commute. it's a light day out there, except for this crash. they've issued what they call a sig-alert for the crash thinking this will be out there for a while looking at the
8:09 am
progress. they are making sole progress moving some vehicles to the right-hand side but the traffic is terrible on 680. i would avoid it if i were you. you might want to use 24 to 88 south because the other freeways are light. not this one. 6-- 680 south it's terrible. what a contrast. that's been light they've turned the metering lights off. if you are driving in oakland that traffic looks good. if you want to get around the 608 problem fortunately you have some options. 8:09. let's go to move. most of the tweets coming inor e-mails it's cold and foggy but i have do -- but i do have good news. there will be a little bit of sun this morning. we do need a break. however, everything is in place for the fog in the valley. the tulle fog to come back in. our forecast mentions that it
8:10 am
looks like a foggy pattern. the sun, coast looks nice. temperatures get into the upper 50s and maybe low 60s. some of this will be extremely slow to burn off. so a dry pattern but you will have to deal with fog for s ome -- the sun is out. it's nice. 32 clearlake. kenwood, 34. pen grove, 37. cordelia, 39. losgatos and woodside. the only 39 i could find on the peninsula was los gatos. i think i saw los altos. 44 concord, 40 fairfield. napa, 39. santarosa, 35. there are some 30s but cold a lso, san jose, even though there are areas of sun. from mont, clouds, sun. 50. we'll go for a high of 50 under
8:11 am
mostly sunny skies. if you are on the l ivermore/pleasanton side, it can be cold and foggy. it it looks like that's what's going to take place the next few days. the fog will be coping -- c reeping back in. that's due to an easterly b reeze. carquinez street. it retreats, it burns off. watch how it starts to increase. i think it's going to get thick before it thickens up more. once you clear that fog you are heading to the mountain. 37 in ukiah one of other observers said 34. there goes our system. it's close. it's on its way to southern california and then back off. a dry monday with that fog in the valley, not going anywhere any time soon. but it is a drier pattern, t
8:12 am
oday's southern california, we start off with mostly cloudy skies. cold, fog, and then -- they are almost outer hoof by noon. sun and fog if you can get the fog to burn off. it will be creeping back in. and then 51 to 55 here from santa cruz, san jose. five-day. warmer as we head towards the coast. thank you, steve. it is 8:12. busted, the lewd video that has the u.s. navy now under fire. it's based right here in the bay area. the world's largest social network is about to get even bigger. and some iphone users may be getting more sleep than they should during these first days of 2011. we'll explain.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
driving from walnut creek to san ramon, there is an accident in the way. 680 at el saro. it's been there in the left two lanes for more than 45 minutes now. traffic is backed up all the way up to walnut creek and by now, it shouldn't be -- it should be backed up into pleasant hill. try to find an alternate route. two american soldiers are the first war casualties in iraq in 2011. they were killed yesterday in central iraq. we have no details yet. now, the u.s. ended combat operations in iraq in
8:16 am
september. however, about 50,000 american troops are still there. they are assisting and training iraqi military forces. there are new calls for permanent u.s. bases in afghanistan. lindsey graham says he believes such bases would make sure that afghanistan never falls back into the hands of terrorists. democratic congresswoman barbara lee of oakland released a statement saying she is appalled about the calls for the permanent bases and says it's time to bring american troops back home. the u.s. navy says it will investigate the "clearly i nappropriate videos shown on the closed circuit tvsystem of the uss enterprise." the videos made in 2006 and 2007, include gay slur, men and women pretending to shower together along with other lewd scenes and obscene -- obscene language. 8:16. a family in concord is angry
8:17 am
with governor schwarzenegger this morning. in his final hours in office. the governor commuted the prison sense of esteban nunez. nunez is theson of former assembly speaker fabian nunez. the victim's told "the l.a. times" they found out about this from reporters. fred santos says "we're totally outraged. this is dirty politics cutting back roam deals. i guess if you are the son of somebody important you can kill someone and get all kinds of breaks." now, esteban's son was sentenced to 16 years in prison after the stabbing death of luis santos. prosecutors say nunez and his friends were looking for a fight after they couldn't get into a fraternity party. the governor reduced that prison sentence to seven years yesterday. he says the sentence was e
8:18 am
xcessive because nunez'co defendant con fenced to stabbing santos. 8:17. governor schwarzenegger also reduced the prison sentence of a woman killed her former pimp. the woman is now 32 was s entenced to life without possibility of parole. the governor called the sentence excessive and reduced it to 25 years to life with the possibility of parole. bay area state senator leland yee advocated for the woman s aying she turned her life around in in prison and could be a role model for children if released. the mayor of san jose is expressing his pride with the city's homicide total for 2010. sanjose police's d epartment's -- san jose's police department has 100 fewer overs that -- fewer officers than a year ago
8:19 am
and the population grew. here are the statistics from other cities -- apple is not commenting on reports that the built-in alarm on many iphones are still not working. yesterday, the cupertino-based company said they were aware of the problem and all alarms should be working by today. there was not a problem with the recurring alarm, just the single alarm function. iphone alarm systems also f ailed to work. microsoft is not saying what caused a problem reported by many hot male users during the weekend. hundreds say they had old e-
8:20 am
mail sent to the delete file or actually coo deleted without any prompts to do so. hot mail has 360 million registered addresses making it the world's most widely used e- mail service. 8:19. well, facebook has raised $ 500,000 from goldman sachs and a russian investment company. that would put the value of the world's largest social n etworking site at $50 become. that's according to the new york times. the new money according to this report will give facebook more power to steal away valuable pleas. -- employees. up next -- serious allegations against a limousine driver in monterey county. what he's ached of doing -- accused of doing after a passenger could not pay the b ill. and a major league baseball pitcher is in trouble with the law, the very serious charges he's facing in the dominican
8:21 am
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8:23 am
monterey county sheriff deputies arrested a limo driver accused of raping his passenger in salinas. the victim told investigators
8:24 am
that 51-year-old ed, junior attacked her after she was not able to pay. investigators say reed admitted to having intercourse but claims it was consensual. she's been booked in jail on suspicion of rape. baltimore orioles reliever, alfredo simon surrendered to police and is accused of killing a 25-year-old man and wounding another man on new year's eve. police say he turned in his gun and told detectives, he fired twice in the air. we just found out the chp will not release the final numbers for the released c rackdown on drunk driving. the latest statewide numbers show the chp made 873 dui a rrests. that's down a -- that's down a bit from the same period last
8:25 am
year. here in the bay area, police arrested 124 drivers for dui since friday. that's a big drop from last y ear's total of 160. however, bay area traffic deaths are up. there have been four compared to none at all last year. 8:24. we want to check in again with sal castanedo, speaking of problems on the road. still a big problem there in d anville, 680, right? >> that's right. they've just cleared up that accident out of the lanes on 680. it was near el sara. look at this picture. if you are drying -- trying to get to danville or alamo. i would just use some of the side roads. it is horrible heading doubt into -- into danville. and the rest of the bay area looks good but this is -- this is just going to take a while to unwind. >> you can use your favorite adjective there, by the way.
8:26 am
horrible, terrible. terrible. northbound 880 traffic is moving well gets up to downtown o akland. sanmateo bridge is traffic -- san mateo traffic is looking very nice. the side streets around danville are booked solid. >> i'm sure they are. fog is going to be the big story this week, although over by the coast, i know we have some fog but there could be some areas, upper 50s to low 60s. there are some areas where the sky is clear. i cannot see the sun one time this weekend i don't know about you. left behind some cold air, clearlake, 32. some of the snow is still on the ground. brett our observer in middleton is look at a winter wonderland. 39 now napa, airport. i saw 37 in the oak noel
8:27 am
district -- oak knoll district. fairfield might not get above upper 40s. there's so much moisture in there. it's ready. 23 in tahoe. reno, 29. 30 in redding. 33 eureka. it's cold up there. there goes one system down the coast. that's where it's going down the coast. dry today, yes, dry, it looks like a dry weather week as well. patchy thick fog. low 50s to mid-50s for a f ew, it will be a cold and foggy week. dave? >> all right, steve. right now, oakland m ayor- elect jean quan is on a walk to retrace history as she gets ready to make history herself. the path she's taking to the theater just hours before her inauguration ceremony. also, starting today, many of san francisco's world-famous
8:28 am
cable cars will be out of service until july. and it was a high-speed chase with a high impact and -- with a high impact ending.
8:29 am
8:30 am
an oakland woman is very happy to be alive this morning after a fire destroyed her home on 36th between west and market. a mother and her three children live in the housekeeper here. she said she was up watching tv when she smelled some smoke. she got her kids out of house
8:31 am
and quickly called 911. >> i just thank god that we're alive. i just thank god that we're alive. other than that, this is material. >> the home has working smoke detectors but investigators say they didn't go off because the fire went off in the attic. the home has about $75,000 worth of damage. also in oakland, a police chase came to a very dramatic and wild end. the driver crashed into a b uilding this morning. that car slammed into a flower shop right next to the grand lake theater. this all happened around 4:30 this morning. police have given us few details about who was in the car or why police were chasing it. but there are reports the driver was arrested nearby. in san francisco, police rah investigate -- are investigating the fatal stabbing of a man on market street. they were called to market
8:32 am
street yesterday afternoon. the victim, an unidentified 5 had-year-old man, was rushed -- 54-year-old man was rushed to hospital but he passed a way from his injuries last night. police arrested his roommate, an unidentified man in his 40s. he reportedly confessed to the stabbing. no word on what triggered the incident. we're also getting new details about the man and woman whose bodies were found inside this house on saratoga's w allbrook drive. the bodies were found during a welfare check just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the names of the victims have not been release. but neighbors say they were quiet and they kept to themselves. how the couple died. that's still being investigated. santa clara county authorities say there's no threat to public safety. it's 8:32. in just about half an hour, phase ii of a major renovation project will begin around the cable car line in san francisco. crews will begin upgrading the aging system under the cable
8:33 am
car tracks. they will also repave concrete on the streets. the work will take six months to complete. the california lined cable cars will be released -- replaced by bus shuttles during this time. one passenger said she welcomes the change because the buss are warmer. >> it's okay. much better i think so. >> reporter: you think it's okay because you can take the bus instead? >> yeah, it's okay. for me, it's okay. >> reporter: the powell lines will be shut down for four days in march, april, and sometime in june. and reminers to those who use clipper cards for golden gate ferry riders. it now costs $4.85 to take the sausalito fare to take the clipper car and $5.80 to ride the larkspur. the krien es also part of the golden gate district's plan to
8:34 am
film an $89 million budget gap over the next five years. the heavily traveled interstate 5, the grapevine, just north of los angeles, c losed for a second day today because of snow and ice out there. our reporter bob decastro is joining us live with the very latest. you made it there. how was it getting around to get to where you wanted to be? >> reporter: it really is tough going getting around anywhere here. not a very happy new year, a good start to the new year for hundreds of people here in castaic. this is about 40 miles north of los angeles. all of the folks here stranded, many folks stranded since 1::00 yesterday afternoon when the grapevine was closed. it was closed from parker all wait up to essentially the kern county lane. this is blinding snow in some areas -- areas. we had a foot of snow in other areas. there was a lot of ice and just treacherous conditions for
8:35 am
drivers. so the chp decided they were gonna shut things down. really a remarkable site in northern los angeles county, we had snow down to 1300 feet, the area that had not had snow since 2008. bunt personally, folks are stranded in traffic. what's your last name? >> martinez. >> reporter: you are trying to go from where to where? >> from san diego to b akersfield. >> reporter: and you -- you had a big party, right, over the t wo-week vacation and you were just trying to get back home and you didn't expect that this was gonna happen? >> yes. we never thought it was gonna snow and get stranded. >> how long have you been w aiting? >> since 2:00 a.m. hundreds more stories just like that. i spoke with the chp and caltrans guys. they tell me they are gonna assess the situation, still t rying to de-ice the grapevine and then they are gonna try to
8:36 am
run escorts up the grapevine but they are estimating they won't be able to open the grapevine until at least two hours from now. so a little bit for those -- a little bit longer for these folks to wait. bakersfield, not that far so u nfortunately for these folks, not very far to go the they have a lot longer to wait. bob decastro, that's incredible. >> our time is 8:5. later today, a judge is expected to issue a major decision about the future of doyle drive. the southern approach to the golden gate bridge is undergoing a $1 billion face- lift. also at the middle of a complex legal battle. some union leaders have gone to court to try too stop the process. they are angry about the use of a german company. they are also demanding that project goes out to local workers. 8:36 is the time. sal-- i'm laughing. i shouldn't be laughing.
8:37 am
it's a terrible situation at the grapevine. but also another terrible situation at the 680 and sal has listed a bunch of adjectives. >> well, people are upset. i've gotten a few emails and tweets from people talking about the 680. let's go to it. it's terrible, it's awful, it's wrested -- it's wretched. it's heinous. now, just in the last few m inutes, it's been opened up. chp will issue a special travel alert. they call it a sig-alert because they expect the traffic to be this way for a while. all of the side roads as steve mentioned. all of the side roads are j am- packed getting from walnut creek to san ramon. one more adjective. exyesable. my goodness.
8:38 am
also this morning, northbound and southbound 880, that traffic has been nice between oakland, hayward and fremont. >> let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. we have a foggy pattern. it does look like -- into the always. not always. i have a rule of thumb here. occasionally, you know, it kind of bleeds over one month from the next. now all signs point to the next seven to ten days not having a lot of rain but a lot of fog. if you can get the sun, it's not bad. the system flying down the coast is right down the coast. it's not coming over us. cold out there, 0s to upper 0s. a lot of snow up in lake county. some of it is still on the ground. kenwood, 34. pen grove, 37. losgatos, woodside, a lot of 40s hovering. north of town. i saw from yountville, north
8:39 am
napa up to 37, 38. santarosa, 5. 40s. sanjose, 46 with some sun of cold and fog. now, the system -- the system that gave us the rain and the snow in northern california is working its way out of the s tate. the next system goes right on b y. fremont, clouds and sun. 44, 50 and 53 for a high under mostly sunny skies. but this could be one of those classic patterns where if you are on pleasanton, livermore, it will be -- it can be cold. foggy, you drop down. you come into freemont. it will be -- fremont, this is our forecast model of the fog in the valley, back to the east b ay, over and it doesn't leave the valley. it comes back in at night. it just dries in back from the
8:40 am
delta, carquinez straight. much of the north bay. parts of the east bay. there's also some of that fog making it to south san francisco and the peninsula. if you don't have any of the f og, sunshine and warmer temperatures. 30s, 40s, into southern california except san diego. one low north to south right on by. it's dry monday. weatherwise, the homicide is going to build in. it's a classic setup for the valley. tulle fog to come back in and really not budge the without it, you are sunny and cold. with it, it's cold and foggy. 30s and 40s to start off. we'll have mostly sunny skies once the fog burns off. north bay there's a lot of clear skies already. 45 to 55, clear, some of that fog starting to come back in. 51, 5 for some in the north bay. a little bit warner in san jose, santa cruz. not much. we'll sea err start to see a difference take shape tomorrow with upper 40s and a -- and i think a couple -- a couple
8:41 am
upper 50s by the time we get to wednesdayance thursday. back to you, dave, thank you. starting today, recycling and composting carts will be picked up on a weekly basis instead of every other week. also starting today, residents can put food scraps along with yard scripting -- yard trimmings in their compost carts. >> we're encouraging people to give it a way. once you start doing this, it's no different than what they are currently placing in their garbage carts. now they -- now they are just moving it over to the green carts. >> you will also see new trucks. nineteen minutes before 9:0 0. it's a busy week ahead for marin county supervisors as they consider two controversial i ssues. on tuesday, they will discuss adopting a plastic bag o rdinance. if approved, single use
8:42 am
shopping bags will be used in u nincorporated areas. 40 stores will be affect. some community members have demanded pg&e's -- that pg&e stop installing the wireless devices. they say smart meters say more studies are needed. you follow the stock market pretty closely, a lot of people believe the market will continue the steady climb beginning last year. tom vacar joins us with a look ahead for the u.s. economy. >> reporter: oakland's first woman and first asian-american mayor gets ready to take her first steps, literally and figuratively. we'll find out what her first items on the agenda are -- coming up on "mornings on 2." shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up,
8:43 am
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8:45 am
police in nova toy this morning are looking for s uspecting in -- novato this morning are looking for suspects in a shooting at a
8:46 am
safeway s upermarket. a white toyota corolla was fired at and one of the victims is in critical condition. the governor plans to hit the speech circuit and maybe write an autobiography. he also says he will continue to be involved in politics. and at 11:00 this morning, jerry brown will take over as theny governor. -- will take over as the new governor. in a couple of hours, oakland mayor-elect, jean quan, will become that city's first female and asian-american mayor. right now she's on an inaugural walk retracing her own history as well as the city's. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: well, the mood here in chinatown is jubilant
8:47 am
as jean quan takes office o fficially later today. if we take a look over on the corner, the trucks are blocking the view right now. but a group of seem is on the corner. we're here -- of people is on the corner. we're here on franklin, where jean quan is taking a march. she will be retracing her history and oakland's history in this march, which got underway just moment ago -- just moments ago. >> reporter: the drums were r olling and the chinese drag, and fire crackers were all out. ther was rank-choice voting which was key to her winning in this election. one of her moves, sit down with officers and talk about public safety. what's gonna be the first thing you do as mayor of oakland? >> tonight we're gonna try to
8:48 am
recruit the schools for oakland kids. >> reporter: quan is starting in china town and will wind her way to fox theater, where the official inaeration will take place at 11 o'clock -- inauguration will take place at 11:00. we're here live in oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. another inauguration today in the bay area, outgoing bay area assemblyman will be sworn in as state superintendent of public construction. that will be at 9:00 at mount diablo high school in concord. that's the school where he last taught science, math and world history. he's a democrat from antioch who served on the antioch city council, the contra costa board of supervisors and in a state senate and assembly before being forced out by term limb is. a lot the of people believe the market will continue the
8:49 am
steady pace. tom vacar has a look at the economy from the eyes of those on the stock market. >> what about the -- will the next year and decade brick? one of the reasons the markets did so well last year is the companies were able to make a lot of money with a lot fewer people. the spokesman for the san francisco trading floor says that's been a good thing. >> now you see companies with large cash positions that will allow them to invest in the future and when they do that, they can hire more people. >> reporter: and while markets and companies generally dislike intervention, in november, the federal reserve added another $ 600 billion sim list package -- stimulus package. >> hopefully it will grow to
8:50 am
$15 to $16 million in 2011 which i fully expect it to. >> reporter: but a long-time trader says we'll have wean ourselves off public growth. >> there's some encouraging signs going into the next d ecade. some signs of job growth is b eing seen and that bodes well for the economic environment going forward. >> we'll probably have another 10% correction. >> reporter: and you know the big drags on the economy, the nagging unemployment problem and re-- and repleased housing values will take a long time to heal, much longer than this y ear. taking a live look at the big board on wall street, we can see that stocks are already
8:51 am
up to two-year highs right now on wall street, thanks to some manufacturing news in europe. that has helped investors, also construction and manufacturing in the u.s. up more than a nalysts had expected. right now, the dow is up 123 over 1%. the nasdaq is up 48. that's up almost 2% and the s&p is up 17.1 3. an anonymous beatle fan spending thousands of dollars to buy a suit and worn by john lennon for $45,000. also told was the chrysler station wagon owned by john lennon and yoko ono sold for $ 5500. many students are leaving the district before they are g etting to middle school. where they are going.
8:52 am
and also, the white house has something in common with this building as we look at it live but it's not anything anyone is happy about. and find out why this freeway is so terrible that we're looking at and what made it that way. ororr li irore
8:53 am
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according to still, three years ago, at the height of the --, three years ago, at the height of the boom, the white house would be worth $350 million. but now it would sell for $ 323 million. in this new year, oakland school district officials will try to figure out how it prevent families from putting their kids out of the public schools. according to the weeks c hronicle, one out of every four students left public schools after finishing fifth grade before moving op to middle school. that includes 40% of the district's highest achievers. lincoln elementary had the highest rate with 77% of s tudents choosing, private, suburban or charter schools instead. district officials say they are working to improve the quality of teaching and the programs o ffered in the district's middle schools. 8:55. well, all of golden gate park could get landmark status if
8:56 am
the san francisco historical commission gets its way. that could make it impossible to change anything about the park without the commission's approval, according to the "san francisco examiner" commissioners say they want to preserve the beauty and the historical significance of golden gate park. but critics say the way people use parks can change over time. golden gate park needs to be able to accommodate them. well, can you cross 100 watt light bulbs off your shopping list. a new california law requires what used to be the 100-watt bulb, that they should now use 72 watt or less. the replacenments are called energy saving bulbs that give the same amount of lights as the old 100 watts and the can
8:57 am
destin ones. the same movies are at t he -- are at the same spot as they were the year before. total weekend revenues were down 28% as compared to the sale time last year. all right. let's go to sal. we're watching you, watching us, as you watch walnut creek. [ laughter ] >> it's a mess out there, sal. >> yeah, it is a mess. i don't mean to make light of it because i think a lot of people were late this morning. let's go to walnut creek. as many of my followers said it's a conundrum getting down to danville and san ramon. i would way do you go? all of the alternative routes are jam-packed. you have to give yourself extra time. the accident near danville is clear. westbound bay bridge, looks pretty good coming into san francisco. if you are drive on the sunol
8:58 am
grade, 680 southbound, that traffic moves along very nicely and all the way to the south b ay. the traffic shots you just sawtelle the story, it's either fog or sunshine. the rain is gone for now. it looks like a dry pattern. five, seven days beyond that. but the fog in the valley is going to def lit play into the forecast. by the coast, sunny and warmer, maybe near 60 before friday. for some, cold and foggy. >> well, it's that time of year. >> it is. >> early january. all right. that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> bye now.
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