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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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stood, now empty green plots of land. these new recommendations come almost four months after the gas pipeline exploded in the san bruno neighborhood here on september 9th, ultimately killing 8 people and destroying more than 3 dozen homes. today the ntsb issued two urgent recommendations. first calling the utility for a complete and diligent search of pipeline records. second, to determine the valid maximum operating pressure allowed for pipelines based on the weakest section of the pipe. the ntsb today also issued three urgent recommendations for the california public schools. first to develop a schedule to make sure they peorm a diligent is even for those documents. second, provide oversight for tests if pg & e's records are incomplete and finally, to inform california's intrastate national gas trans admission operators of details of what happened in the explosion. this afternoon, congress woman jackie sphere held a news conference and had
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criticism for pg & e and the cpus. especially after the development that pg & e provided drawings that injured the ruptured pipeline was seamless when it had seams. >> i think having inaccurate documentation is an astonishing gaff. and it -- it really draws into question the credibility of pg & e. and, the entire system. and i'm not willing to sit here while they consider what their options are, and put more californians at risk. >> reporter: the urgent recommendations are not enforceable. however historically, they're followed because they create a liability for pg & e and the cpuc. back here live, one big question raised today is what is that maximum allowable pressure that was running in the pipeline that ran under this neighborhood. the congress woman says the ntsb will be holding a rare
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hearing in washington, d.c. starting in march. not just one or two people but the entire board, and she hopes that will provide more information and prore transparency. reporting li from san bernadino, maureen naylor, ktvu. >> as maureen just reported, several of the urgent recommendations are aimed at pg & e. we have a statement from pg & e. in response. it says pg & e is giving these recommendations close and immediate attention. we have been undertaking an intensive review of our pipeline records, scrutinizing and verifying thousands of documents to confirm the quality of our data. we are managing this process across pg & e's system as part of our ongoing commitment to place the highest priority on public safety. now, if you would like to read the ntsb's letter to pg & e outlining safety recommendations, we have it for you on, when you're there click the san bruno fire tab. the fun part is almost over. and after tonight it will be time to get to work and try and solve california's huge budget
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problem. jerry brown was sworn in today as california's new governor, and it was a real no frills ceremony, complete with hot dogs on the capital lawn. ken pritchett is live in sacramento with more. ken. >> reporter: frank, the 39th governor of california is here in this building behind me. the california state railroad museum in old sacramento. he arrived a short time ago for his inaugural reception. it's a low key affair in line with today's other inaugural event. at a speech that he gave this morning was typical jerry brown. short, with humor, and with ominous remarks about the job ahead. >> i, jerry brown >> do solemnly swear. >> do solemnly swear. >> reporter: 60 seconds into his swearing in, perhaps the most memorable moment of the day. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservations. >> without any mental reservation. [ laughter ] really, no mental reservations. [ laughter ] . >> reporter: reservations would
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be understandable, with california facing at least a $25 billion deficit, and lawmakers seemingly unable to solve it. >> and remain in the respective comfort zones, rehearsing and rehashing old political positions. perhaps that's the reason why the public holds the state government in such low esteem. >> reporter: the governor's work together message is easier said than done, especially if the plan is to ask voters to approve new taxes. >> they have spoken loud and clear. quit trying to tax me more. i told you once, i've told you twice. are you really going to make me tell you that a third time? >> reporter: but democrats suggest a new tone might alter the typical budget log jam. >> we need somebody who has the depth and the experience to come on in and force not only the legislature, but californians, to face the difficult choices. >> reporter: immediately following the speech, brown and the first lady, sworn swarmed by the press walked from the auditorium, across the street
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to his up scale sacramento lost. later in the day he shared hot dogs with a crowd on the north lawn of the capital. [ applause ] . >> reporter: he called premature reports that his wife ann will become his chief of staff. they say no decision on that position has been made. brown will unveil what he calls a painful budget, one week from today. in old sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu. >> jerry brown scaled down inaugural festivities echoed the celebration of his first swearing in ceremony. back in 1975, brown had forced his small is beautiful mantra, holding what many considered a spartan inaugural, without the balls and parades held by previous governors. he also moved into a small apartment near the capital rather than the recently built governor's residence and drove to work in a plymouth sedan and not a chauffeured limousine. brown was knowns a a fiscal conservative and he noted in 1975 that california faced
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economic uncertainty. declaring, quote, we cannot spend more than we take in. if you would like to watch more video of governor brown speaking at his inauguration, go to and click the politicking tab out going governor arnold schwarzenegger attended jerry brown's inauguration ceremony. schwarzenegger said quote hopefully the democrats will listen to him more about spending than they did to me, end quote. now that he is out of a job, schwarzenegger says he will likely hit the speech circuit and possibly write an autobiography. he says he plans to remain active in politics. the new lieutenant governor, san francisco mayor gavin newsom said he was thrilled to see his old friend and political mentor sworn in. he said he will take the outside of office himself as lieutenant governor one week from today. that will give him time he said to complete a few tasks as mayor. >> i've got to pick a new d.a. for san francisco '. there will be a choice for the new board of supervisors. i think it's only the right thing and that can happen after
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saturday. >> the mayor also said he's known jerry brown his whole life. instead it will be the first time in more than three decades that the state will have a governor and lieutenant governor who, quote, get along with one another. california's new superintendent of public construction was sworn into office today on an east bay campus where he once worked as a teacher. >> upon which i am about to enter. >> congratulations! [ cheers and applause ] >> tom torlikson was a science teacher in concord before he entered politics. he thanked his supporters and promised he'd do his best to improve education here in california. >> and strengthen in unity, and use every ounce of power we have in ourselves and our own beliefs and our own home, combine that energy together to be a powerful team to improve education california, and bring us back to the top. >> torlikson told the group that everyone involved in california education can look forward to a lot of homework. at a time when many companies are scaling back, or even shutting their doors, bay area based facebook is growing
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too big for its current campus in palo alto. word is leaking out about a possible new home six miles away. the plans involve billions and billions of dollars. robert honda is live on the peninsula with the latest. robert. >> reporter: well, gasia, we're here at what should become the social networking center of the universe for hundreds of millions of people. this campus in menlo park is where some tech insiders say could become the new home for facebook, a move that if it happens would have a huge ripple effect in many ways. the current facebook headquarters in palo alto seems acquaint compared to other silicone valley facilities and some workers told us that's what they like about the stanford research park. but the mayor pat burke says facebook has informed the city the campus is too small for future plans. >> they're huge. facebook is going through the roof. they will need hundreds of thousands, and if in upcoming years, over a million square feet of additional space.
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and there aren't that many places in this local area that can accommodate that. >> reporter: analysts say one reason facebook is looking to expand into the old sun micro system's campus in men although park is the possibility of the company going public, according to published reports, goldman sachs will invest about $450 million into facebook, which will help push facebook's value to $50 billion. interestingly, many analysts say facebook is not necessarily a good financial investment on paper. because it generates very little money for its perceived value. but -- >> facebook has so much following, that i think people are going to be more emotionally tied into it, other than just trying to get the fast return on it. >> reporter: tech analysts agree. rob enderly says a facebook initial public offering would boost silicone valley. >> this could be the biggest of the year. for a tech market looking to stand out against other types of investments this could be very important. it would kind of set the treen
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and make tech look even hotter than it is. >> facebook is not publicly talking about any possible move to this menlo park campus, but mayor pat burke says his city is one of the few with a high enough business occupancy rate that if facebook left it could probably find other occupants. live in menlo park, robert honda, channel 2 news. a key index shows that u.s. manufacturers last month had the biggest rise in activity since may. the institute for supply management said today its index of manufacturing activity rose to 57 in december, up from 56.sixes the previous month. any reading over 50 indicates growth. the index showed auto makers, high tech companies and industrial machinery firms showed particular strength. investors apparently liked what they saw on the first trading day of 2011. [ bell ] >> manufacturing and construction physician helped
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fuel optimism and sent the dow jones industrial average soaring to a two year high. the doe closed up more than 93 points. the nasdaq was up almost 39 points closing at 26.91. work started today in san francisco on the california street cable car line. that line is expected to be out of service for the next six months while crews upgrade the electronic system underneath the cable car tracks and repave the street. the route is actually been out of service since last week when a cable broke. they started a bus shuttle at that time that is planned to run until the construction is finished. the numbers are in from stepped up dui patrols over this past new year's weekend. the california highway patrol is reporting 961 dui arrests statewide, down from just under 1400 last year. here in the bay area, officers arrested 140 drivers for being under the influence, down from 237 the year before. up to 80% of all available uniformed officers are out on the roads during a maximum enforcement period. the next one will be over the memorial day weekend.
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oakland celebrates tonight after making history today, not just for the city but for the nation as well. and we are drying out as you can see today, but of course, there's wet ground and cool overnight lows. i am talking about valley fog and it will impact the commute tomorrow. i'll show you which cities should see the mosting fog. w t ileororr li irore
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>> history was made in oakland as jean quann was sworn in the new mayor. the city of oakland like many other cities is facing a host of issues that need to be dealt with. john is has more on the new mayor and what she says her first order of business will be. john. >> reporter: frank we're inside oakland city hall where you can see residents here in oakland enjoying tonight's open house. courtesy of the first ever asian american female mayor of a major city. mayor elect jean quann arrived
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at the fox theat they are morning with a huge entourage, just hours before taking the oath of office. >> well, we've had a great walk through history. >> reporter: quann walked to the ceremony from china town where her family settled after the 1906 earthquake. excited supporters welcomed her arrival. >> i think it's terrific. i think it's so wonderful for oakland, and the rest of the country, that a person like jean quann could become mayor. hard work, dedication, the best interests of the people at heart. >> reporter: the people filled the fox theater to see oakland nog rate its first female mayor and its first asian american mayor. >> to the best of your ability, perform the duties of office of mayor for the city of oakland. >> i do. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and with that jean quann became the city's 49th mayor. she then announced her plans to improve the lives of the city's children. >> the first thing i want to do is put the children at the heart of the politics and the business of oakland.
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>> reporter: because, she says, helping the children will help everyone. >> the graduation rates of this city will increase, the number of young people who get jobs will increase. and the rate of crime will go way down. >> reporter: while mayor quann greeted residents, oakland superintendent of schools told me why he looks forward to working with her. >> the strong partnership, the leadership, the commitment to the same outcomes for kids. >> reporter: a school board member said this day is history making for another reason, as well. >> the makeup of the council, seven women on the council. you know, women are just running this city now. >> reporter: quann hopes to recruit 2000 volunteer mentors to help the city's youth. she asked people who come here tonight to join in that effort. live in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. the holiday travel season wound down with only a few problems for bay area
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travelers. several delays at sfo this morning but things were running smoothly by midday. in the south bay, san jose reported a few delays for arriving and departing delays and no significant delays at oakland airport. a major storm left drivers stuck for almost 24 hours on a 30 mile stretch of i-5 between central and southern california. today they were finally allowed to resume their travels, slowly but surely. a mountain pass in the grapevine section of the freeway was shut down around noon yesterday, leaving hundreds stuck. in fact many were forced to spend the night in their cars. but this afternoon, with the weather improving, the c.h.p. started escorting vehicle officer that pass. the weather has been causing problems for drivers trying to get to l.a. have there las vegas. traffic on interstate 15 slowed to a crawl due to a rare snow fall. gamblers on the las vegas strip woke up to find flurries this morning which isn't very common amidst all the casinos. forecasters estimate two inches
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has accumulated in some spots, up to 10 inches at some of the higher elevations. not snow but fog in the bay area could be impacting your driving tomorrow. here is bill martin with that. >> getting back to a drier weather pattern. it's been an incredible month so far. november, october wet as well. lots of snow in the mountains. 200% of snow water content, we told you about that last week. a very wet period but with all that wet ground, and now overnight loss getting down into the 30s, fog forms. you get that dew point temperature at a point where the temperature reaches it and you'll get fog. that's what you will see tonight. we saw it last night. outside we go. a lot of cloud cover in the south bay right now as we come down towards san jose. that is the current temperature in san jose. it's 54 degrees, it's cloudy in san jose, out towards marin county. it's clear, mostly sunny in santa rosa, that 58 degree temperature reflect the increased sunshine. but you get the picture with the wet ground, fog is sort of the lead story here in the weather department, which is
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sort of nice for a change. we have been hitting you with rain, showing you the computer model, talking about snow and wind. it has been really incredible month, actually, in the last couple months. patchy valley fog tonight. in the inland bay valleys, if you had it this morning you'll have it again tomorrow. it's going to grow each night going into the week. fog and sun tomorrow. there will be more sunshine, temperatures will easily get into the upper 50s. we might see some low 60s by tend of this week. in the warm spots. the spots will be out towards the bay, redwood city, fremont, towards pacifica. the long range forecast, right now we're going with a dry weather pattish as we move into the first week of january. 32 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 31 in napa, 33 in vallejo. it will be a cold fog at that, especially in the north bay, out towards fairfield, anti yoke, davis, sacramento, woodland. when i come back i'll show you the computer model that shows you where the fog will go, the five-day forecast and when the
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next opportunity for rain will be. and snow. see you back here. >> thank you, bill. arkansas wildlife officials think they may have solved one of two mysterious animal die office. today a state veterinarian says it appears heavy hail killed 4 to 5000 red wing black birds that fell from the sky new year's eve. preliminary autopsy reports found the birds died of multiple blunt trauma. game officials are also investigating the deaths of 100,000 drum fish that washed up on the arkansas river. they don't believe they're related to the birds. fever spreading across the bay area tonight. also starting today, out with the old and in with the green. why people on the peninsula are being asked to get over the ick factor for the sake of e environment. >> another bay area county is going after plastic backs.
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>> a police chase in oak land today ended outside the landmark grand lake theater. this is what it looked like after a driver fleeing from police drove up on the sidewalk and hit several concrete planters filled with dirt. it happened about 4:30 this morning. police have released few details about who was in the car or why they were chasing it but there are reports that the driver was arrested nearby. in san mateo county today, the new year brought new changes in the way that trash and recycling are collected. [ cheers and applause ] >> with that snip of the
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scissors, a new fleet of trucks is off and running at the environmental center in san carlos early today. this is the first day of cart smart service. a single stream collection system. crews will be picking up recycling and compositing carts weekly instead of every other week. also food scraps and yard trimmings can go into the composite carts. >> we ren couraginging people to give it a try. we know the ick factor concerns them but once you start doing it, it's no different than what they are currently placing in the garbage carts. they're just moving it to the green cart. >> another big change for the new year, san mateo is taking over collection service from allied waste. tomorrow morning marin county will take up the issue of a proposed ban on plastic grocery bags. the ordinance would prohibit single use disposable plastic bags at about 40 stores in unincorporated marin. backers of the plan say plastic bags litter the environment, block storm drains and hurt marine life. the original proposal has been eased somewhat, to minimize its
5:25 pm
impact on small businesses. tomorrow, lottery officials say the multi state mega millions jackpot will hit 290 million. at that level, a single winner would get an estimated $11 million each year for the next 26 years, or a single lump sum payment of $182 million before taxes. by the way, the odds of win the big price 1 in 176 million. it's not quite that big, but california lottery officials say someone bought a lottery ticket last month in fremont that's worth 228,000 and still haven't claimed their winnings. the mega mals ticket was sold on december 3 at the shell gas station at 5515 auto mall parkway. it matched five of the six numbers, 18, 56, 6, 12 and 11, but missed the mega number of 12. winners have 180 days from the date the of the drawing to claim their prizes. the state's new attorney
5:26 pm
general lays down the law. we'll have a wide report coming up. residents of one san francisco neighborhood say they're seeing more car campers. why is it so hard to move them out?
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>> it is time to recognize the need for some drastic repair. >> carmella harris was sworn in today as the state's new attorney general and she is promising change. and she says much of that change needs to be made to california's prison system. but that isn't the only thing the new attorney general is concerned with. she made clear today that she has other priorities, as well. ktvu's jim vargas is live in
5:29 pm
sacramento with more. jim. >> reporter: brian, the state's new top cop says she will not only be tough but smart on crime, and pamela harris will have to be really smart, because our new governor who is just vacating the a.g.'s position says he plans on cutting the attorney general's budget by 25%. >> i -- >> state your name. >> camela harris. >> reporter: attorney general camela harris is promising to go after mortgage and internet fraud and pollutors. most of her speech was devoted to crime fighting, vowing to change a prison system she says just doesn't work. >> when we spend twice as much on prisons as we invest in colleges and universities, and when we have organized, violent criminal gangs continued to present an expanding threat across borders and prison walls. it is time to recognize the need for some drastic repair. [ cheers and applause ]
5:30 pm
>> she called prisons today crime colleges, where non- violent offenders join gangs and later commit violent crimes, and added that 70% of economy victims released from -- convicts released from prison are back in within three years. >> we have allowed politicians to sound tough, without insisting on policies that are truly tough and sound. >> reporter: with studies showing that truant students are among the most likely young people to get into trouble, harris pointed to the san francisco program, which cut truancy one-third by threatening to prosecute parents. los angeles county sheriff lee baca says he is signing on with the harris ideas. >> we're going to try and make up for the differences between the lack of education and the ability to survive in the streets in a way that doesn't involve crime. >> reporter: the new attorney general may end up using the pulpit of the office, but given the financial realities today, she isn't going to have the money to spread around for programs locally, even if they
5:31 pm
do work. live in sacramento, jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. camela has been a prosecutor for nearly 20 years. raised in the east bay, she attended howard university and then the university of california hastings college of law. after graduating, she took a position in the alameda county district tosh's office where she served as a deputy district attorney. in 1998, she was named managing attorney of the career criminal unit in the san francisco district attorney's office. in december of 2003, harris was elected as the first woman district attorney in san francisco's history. she was overwhelmingly reelected to a second term in november of 2007. harris isn't the only new face in san francisco's leadership. coming up at 6:00, a look at the other changes in the city's political structure. despite a bad economy and fewer officers on patrol, police in san jose reporting a significant drop in homicides last year. there were 20 homicides in 2010, down from 28 the year before. the last time it was that low was back in 2000.
5:32 pm
and during that time the number of police on the street went down by 100. the numbers also buck the trend of rising violent crime in a worsening economy. some criminologists point to san jose's pro active and aggressive policing by experienced officers and advances in law enforcement technology investigators in santa clara county aren't saying much about a couple found dead inside a home. autopsies were performed today, but detectives aren't saying yet who the deceased man and woman are or how they died. they will say, however, that the case isn't a threat to public safety. the bodies were found during a welfare check just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors say the residents in the home were quiet and kept to themselves. in san francisco, some people who live near the great highway, so they are fed up, enough is enough. they are talking about all the people who camp in their vehicles at night. even though that is illegal, seems there isn't much the police can do about it. rob roth live in the city tonight with our report.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: frank, we're linking just off the great highway. when the sun goes down, residents say they begin to notice more recreational vehicles, including these, parked in their neighborhood with people sleeping inside them. and that, they say, is causing problems. neighbors complained about the filth that comes with car camping. >> overnighting isn't the problem, but the problems that come with it. littering, dumping, drug use and sales, aggressive panhandling, aggressive dogs, using the green strip down there as a latrine. >> reporter: and there are other concerns. >> it feels like your safety is in question, because of the d, left behind. it is a -- it is a question of safety. >> reporter: watch group members say a few nights ago more than 20 rvs stretched out along la playa across from the great highway. it's against san francisco law to sleep in a vehicle, but if police knock on an rv and no one answers, there isn't much
5:34 pm
officers can do, except post warnings on vehicles requesting they move within 72 hours. >> the police come out here, and the rvs go down the street. next week or a week later or two days later they'll be back again. >> reporter: we spoke with an rv owner who says he drove here from arizona a few weeks ago. >> i think it was better to sleep out here or in the bushes over there? take your pick. and the ones that do sleep in the bushes, they are the ones that are going to leave the trash in the bushes. >> a lot of these guys are just decent people trying to keep a roof over their heads in tough economic times. on the other hand, some are really irresponsible. >> one thing people have talked about is whether we could potentially explore a permit for oversized vehicles. and so, that definitely is something that we would be exploring with the mta and the dpt. >> reporter: supervisor chu says it could take months to enact any new regulations and she says other san francisco neighborhoods also seem to be attracting car campers. reporting live in san
5:35 pm
francisco, rob roth, ktvu. all of golden gate park could get landmark status if the san francisco historical commission gets its way. that would mean the commission would have to give its approval before any changes can be made to the park. commissioners say they want to preserve the park's beauty and historical significance. opponents say the ways people use parks can change over time and golden gate park needs to accommodate that. the state of california has a plan to limit certain cancer- causing chemical -- certain cancer-causing chemical in your water. which one and what is plan is in a moment also a controversial video is rocking a navy aircraft carrier. what the video shows and who could be in big trouble as a result. call it a bright idea. why the state is banning a certain type of bulb in favor of a new replacement with a traditional look. take the right leg up, holding ner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert
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>> naval officials are investigating what they say are inappropriate videos filmed on an aircraft carrier. the videos were published online this weekend by a virginia newspaper but were shot several years ago on the u.s.a. enterprise when it was deployed in the middle east. crew members object the ship made gay slurs, make graphic sexual jokes and take showers together. the man who starred in the videos was the executive officer of the ship and is now the commanding officer. the state of california is proposing a lower limit of chromium 6 in descriptioning
5:39 pm
water. the official environmental health assessment has put fourth a draft public health cole of 2 parts per billion of that chemical. the previous draft asked for a limit of 6 parts per billion but state watch dogs say new studies show children are more susceptible to the chemical than first thought. there is no word on how long it may take tone act the standard. the state of california started to phase out traditional light bulbs under a new law that took effect january 1. the old style 100 watt light bulbs won't be able to use more than 72 watts to produce the same amount of light. the new bulbs aren't necessarily fluorescent. they are called energy saving hal general lights and have the same familiar bulb shape. restrictions for other bulbs will go into effect in the coming years as part of a plan to reduce electricity needs. a similar rule will go into effect across the country next year. swedish medical researchers warn women that eating red meat may increase the risk of stroke. a study found that women who ate more than 3 and a half
5:40 pm
ounces of red meat daily were 42% more likely to suffer a stroke caused by blocked blood flow in the brain. the study found no link between red meat consumption and other types of strokes. the research was done in stockholm. obesity may be linked to a family history of alcoholism. researchers at washington university in st. louis found alcohol and junk food stimulate the same part of the brown which means people predisposed to alcoholism may replace lick were junk food. the link seems to be stronger for women than men. this report is available in general sigh kei tree this month. a hollywood actress who rose to cult status in the film forbidden planet has died. ann francis appeared in dozens of movies but is best known for her role in forbidden planet. she died yesterday at the age of 80 at a nursing home in santa barbara. her daughters say she died from complications of pancreatic cancer after a battle with lung
5:41 pm
cancer. >> that would be fantastic if i could find out about something like that. some call ate break through. a step towards cancer detection and better treatment. and we're track the fog. have some throughout right now and i'll let you know how widespread it will be tomorrow morning when you head to work.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> a group of farm wok advocate and environmentalists announced it's suing to block the state's approval of an agricultural pesticide. the pesticide is on the state's
5:44 pm
official list of cancer-causing chemicals. the biggest target market for the pesticide is california's strawberry, nut and flower growers. the lawsuit claims the state improperly cut off public comment on the use of the pesticide and failed to evaluate the health risks. some cancer experts call ate real break through. a simple blood test that can spot cancer before it starts and tell immediately if the treatment is working. medical giant johnson & johnson today announced it will soon begin clinical trials. john is here now to explain. >> reporter: an early test, it spotted prostates, co although rectal, breast and lung cancers, and researchers say it should work on any tumor, poemly revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment. like cancer itself, treatment is often a matter of chance. a new non-invasive test could take guess work out of the cancer equation. >> the more we know about cancer, and finding ways to
5:45 pm
stop it, that's fabulous. >> reporter: long before any of us get a cancer tumor, cancer cells circulate in our blood. scientists say a new test can scan billions of blood cells and find a single cancer cell. johnson & johnson today announced a collaboration to bring this lab on a chip to market. the american cancer society called it, quote, a break through, that has far-reaching but still unconfirmed implications. oncologist tom lee says the test's usefulness must still be proven in clinical trials. >> one doesn't know whether the cell's are relevant to the person's life expectancy or not. again, even though you may have circulating cancer cells, they may not be bad cancer cells. >> reporter: johnson & johnson researchers say the test may be most useful after treatment. 58-year-old breast cancer survivor patricia huskins says after four cancer-free years there is now a spot on her liver. >> so it might have reoccurred.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: researchers say the test could find any cancer cells that break out of tumors and get into the blood extreme. an immediate signal for more aggressive treatment, possibly preventing recurrence. >> that would be fantastic if i could find out about something like that. i wouldn't have to be stressed about it. >> reporter: clinical trials on this drug may begin as few as two years. john fowler, ktvu. the average child will get more than seven radiation scans by the time they are 18. that is the estimate according to the first large study to examine the use of medical radiation in children. while most of the scans involve x-rays, there is growing concern about ct scans, which entail far more radiation and can raise the risk for cancer, particularly in children. 8% of the children studied got at least 1 ct scan while more than 3% got two or more. ac an oakland mother smelled smoke in her home and managed to get her three children safely away from the
5:47 pm
fire just in time. it started around 3 a.m. at a home on 46th street between west and market street. the mother said she was watching television when she smelled smoke and called 911. >> got my kids up, hurry up. one of my kids don't even have on shoes. anything, but i'd rather them be safe than anything else. >> fire officials say the problem with the home's wiring may have started the fire. we have much more news next on channel 2 news at 6, including continuing coverage on the national transportation safety board today, issuing several urgent recommendations following that san bruno pipeline explosion. what the agency is calling on pg & e and the california public utilities commission to do. a heated discussion today in the board of supervisors meeting in san francisco. who they were striking out at, and what they agreed to in the end. plus an off duty police dog attacks and kills a much smaller dog in the east bay and it's who was walk the police
5:48 pm
dog that's raising so many questions. those stories and more coming up next at 6. >> if you missed your chance before to get an up close look at the giants world series trophy, you will have another opportunity this week. the trophy will be back on display at san francisco's city hall today and tomorrow from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. the viewing is free but it's on a first come first serve basis. the show kicks off a national trophy tour. a notable stop along the way is new york city where the giants played before moving to the west. tomorrow is a big unofficial back to work day for just about everyone and bill martin is here to help us through tomorrow morning's commute. bill. >> we'll have a dry period which is nice, because it has been really, really wet as you know. lots of snow in the mountains. right now outside, live storm tracker 2. we have high clouds, clouds around san jose. clouds around -- yeah, towards the avenue, light cloud cover. most of this is not a big deal, but the clouds at the surface, especially in the north and east bay inland valleys are really going to pick up. here is what we're talking
5:49 pm
about. tonight the fog starts to form after about 8 or 9:00. it starts out partly cloudy tonight for most of us, and then somewhere around 8:00, the fog starts to show up in the alexander valley of the north bay and by 10:00 or so you'll find valley fog in liver mother, towards clayton, in napa, and it's just -- if you had it this morning you have it again tomorrow morning and more so. there goes the system. i'll back it out a little bit. you see it go right south of here. basically retrograded and went backwards down the coast. now the high pressure will build in over the top of us and we have a few days to dry out. the mountains have a chance to begin to dry out, as well. last week was a real wet one. this week's major weather feature will be the dominant high pressure, creates dry conditions, but it also creates that inversion. that cap on the atmosphere that allows valley fog to become a player. it's going to be kind of dicey around here in the morning. it won't be horrible but there will be patches of it and it will make some people's travel difficult. if you are in the central
5:50 pm
valley i think it will be horrible. if you are trying to get from marysville to bakersfield, if you are driving towards fresno, if you have ambulance that way, do it after 9, 10 in the morning when the fog has a chance to come up and the visibility begins to increase. tomorrow morning you'll find temperatures in the 40s, noontime temperatures in the mid 50s. and as we get into the late afternoon, the daytime high, perhaps down towards morgan hill san jose could easily reach into the low 60s. valley fog is the main feature tonight. we have fog showing up in most inland bay valley. quarter mile visibility or less. no fog advisory yet. but it wouldn't be hard to get one. we'll watch that. you don't need to have a fog advisory to have the visibility be poor. 55 in napa. 55 in concord. your forecast highs for tuesday. warmer than they have been. it's going to be warmest up against the coast in san francisco. pacifica, half moon bay because the fog will have a big influence on this, pleasanton and liver more temperature.
5:51 pm
so the five-day forecast is a dry one. i don't think -- boy, i really should check this, frank and gasia. i can't remember we t. last time we had five in a row. and i'm going all the way back to october. >> that sure was interesting, seeing that livermore will be colder than pacifica. >> that fog will hang out there and cool things off. sea surface temperatures are in the upper 50s. so the coastal sections will be warmer. >> thank you, bill. two of the biggest online travel companies are backing each other in a dispute with american airlines. expedia says it has spended the sale of american airlines tickets from its website. that after the airline pulled its ticket sales from expedia's rival last week. at issue are fees that each of the online travel agent get for each airline ticket sold. american is trying to steer more ticket sales to its own website and keep a larger share of the ticket prices for itself. delta airlines has also stripped its tickets from three
5:52 pm
other travel websites. tickets on the world's largest airline will no longer be available on or delta executives say it wants to build brand loyalty and maintain a more direct connection width' passengers. travel experts say the move will make it harder for travelers to find the schedules that best suit them and the cheapest prices. some surprising news tonight about the white house and its value on the real estate market. plus we'll look at the bitter battles that are expected to break out when the new congress goes into session.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> a real estate information company released surprising information about the white house today. it has dropped in value. the website estimates that 1600 pennsylvania san worth about $252 million, down from more than 331 million at the top of the housing market. a hit of 25%. zillo says the mansion on 18 acres right in the heart of the nation's capital has lost $4 million of value in the past month alone. and president obama returns to washington tomorrow to face the new year and a new house of representatives, dominated by republicans. already, g.o.p. freshmen are squaring off with democrats over just what the voters want from this congress.
5:56 pm
>> they also want economic growth. they want job creation. and so, my fogs over the next year will be on the economy. >> to me it's simple math. you can't spend more than you make. >> the 112th congress kicks off wednesday with republicans taking a 241 to 194 majority in the house. the democrats still narrowly control the senate and have the power of the president behind them. >> republicans were able to get a majority in the house of representatives. there's still president obama to deal with. and he looms large over every policy discussion and the democrats in the senate as well. >> a battle also is shaping up over whether to raise the nation's debt sealing with republicans set out to fight. item number one on the g.o.p. agenda is a repeal of the new healthcare law. leaders say they will call for a vote on the healthcare law before the president's state of the union in three weeks. channel 2 news at 6 is next. angry city leaders take action against mayor began
5:57 pm
newsom for delaying his inauguration as lieutenant governor. what they did, coming up.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> the ntsb releases a new report with what it calling urgent recommendations for pg & e in the wake of that deadly pipeline explosion. and jerry brown is once again california's governor. and there are reports tonight someone very close to him could be his chief of staff. this is channel 2 news at 6. >> i'm frank sommerville. julie haener is off tonight. the national transportation safety board today issued several recommendations in the wake of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion, and 6 of the 7 suggestions they're making are classified as urgent. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san bruno with more on all this. maureen. >> reporter: fracture, investigators -- frank, investigators say the type of gas line transition installed in this neighborhood didn't match pg & e's own records. today


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