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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 3, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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recommendations calling for the utility to take immediate action, including looking ott hash pressure is flowing through its pipelines. the idea behind the new recommendations is to figure out what caused this september tragedy which killed eight people and make sure it doesn't happen again. the ntsb today issued two urgent recommendations for pg & e. calling the utility to do a diligent search of pipeline records, and determine how much pressure is appropriate and safe. >> what's very clear about what the ntsb is saying is, either prove you know what is under the ground, or do the kind of testing to make sure that these pipes are properly placed. >> reporter: congress woman jackie spear says that immediates hydrostatic testing which is underground and pg & e says is too costly. >> it's going to cost pg & e money, and the rate pairs money, but we must know what is under the ground and we must know at what pressure these pipes can be operated safely
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at. >> reporter: pg & e says it's giving the recommendations immediate attention. >> we've already started a thorough and exhaustive review of our pipeline records. we've already gone through thousands of documents. we are going to continue doing that throughout our service area as part of this overall comprehensive program to ensure safe, reliable service. >> reporter: the cpuc was also given some urgent recommendations, including to get more aggressive and diligent oversight to pg & e and its records. reporting live in san bruno, maureen naylor, ktvu. a subdued party is under way for the newly sworn in governor jerry brown. he took his oath of office this morning before a low key public reception. and there are now reports that someone very close to him will be his chief of staff. ktvu's ken pritchett joins us live from sacramento with more. >> reporter: gasia, we're at the california state railroad museum. this is the site of the governor's inaugural reception. the invite-only party is going on right now and should
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conclude at 7:00. this comes after a day of public events, the first day of the third brown term as governor. >> as he has been before, the now 39th governor of california remains unpredictable, choosing to walk from his swearing in at memorial auditorium to his vomit toe lost. -- sacramento lost. >> i, jerry brown. >> reporter: his swiring in took two minutes, his speech just 16. with former governor schwarz negativer and davis in the audience, brown laid out the tough road ahead. >> the budget i present next week will be painful but honest. >> reporter: california faces at least a $25 billion budget shortfall. the governor said both political parties must find a way to work together. >> this governor is going to work very hard to get everybody out of their comfort zones, ready to make those tough decisions. >> reporter: after the swearing in, the governor attended a hot dog and water lunch on the doorsteps of the capital. his advisors say this will be a busy week. planning for the unveiling of his budget and appointing his staff.
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the governor's wife, ann brown will reportedly serve as chief of staff reports his office says is not for sure. >> no announcement about that. he trusts her a great deal and she'll play a significant part in his administration, with title or without titles. >> reporter: in his speech this morning, brown said this inauguration was similar to 1975. he was sworn in during a time of war following a time of war, during an economic down turn. the same is true today. except that california's financial problems now are unprecedented. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu. today, jean quann took the oath of office to become oakland's 49th mayor. she is the first asian american woman to lead a major u.s. city. >> my story is just one of the stories in oakland. together, we're going to create an epic story of a great city. thank you very much. >> reporter: during her inaugural address, quann said
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fixing oakland schools is key to creating jobs and reducing crime. she asked residents to dream big but also do small things such as shopping in the city to bring in more tax revenue. before heading to the fox theater for her swearing in, quann led a group of supporters on a walk through downtown oakland. they stopped at places of significance during her journey from an activist to the mayor's office. former san francisco district attorney camela harris is now california's new attorney general. she was sworn in today. in her inaugural speech she vowed to change the state's prison system. >> when we spend twice as much on prisons as we invest in colleges and universities, and when we have organized violent criminal gangs continued to present an expanding threat across boarders and prison walls, it is time to recognize the need for some drastic repair. [ cheers and applause ] >> the inauguration ceremony took place at the california museum for history, women and
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the arts. it was held there because harris is the first woman to be elected as the state's attorney general. an a pointy to fill her former position as san francisco's d.a. has yet to be named by the mayor. the engines ran high at san francisco's city hall where supervisors met to discuss a replacement for mayor gavin newsom. it was a move by a more progressive supervisor that left others on the board shocked. david. >> reporter: gasia, even as mayor gavin newsom was watch the inaugural ceremonies in sacramento, san francisco supervisors were striking out at him for not taking the oath of office today. angry that mayor gavin newsom is delaying his inauguration as lieutenant governor to allow a new, more moderate board to pick his successor, progressive san francisco supervisors today moved to block several of his hand picked a pointies. >> we're asked to make these appointments, to approve these appointments and we're not allowed to make an interim merrill appointment. >> it was a shock. >> reporter: it was a move that
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surprised the board's moderate members and left some nominees shaken. >> i was aston issue inned. that's something i didn't expect. i don't think anyone expected it. >> reporter: supervisor david campos says newsom is being hip critical by asking for approval of his nominees. >> on the one hand he is question the legitimacy of his board acting on the interim mayor position. but at the same time he is asking that same board, whose legitimacy he is questioning to act on it. >> and i am a pauled to witness what is happening here. >> reporter: board members were taken to task by former supervisor amos brown. >> i think it's unfortunate that power games like this are being played. >> reporter: in the end, the rules committee agreed to approve three of newsom's nine mayoral appointments. >> only got one of two commission nominations today. so the new interim mayor will have a port commission seat which is right now with the america's cup. it's always been a significant seat but probably more so right now.
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>> reporter: a mayoral spokesman tonight called the board's actions this afternoon a petty political game and said its representative of why the mayor doesn't want them to choose his interim replacement. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. navato police are looking for people involved with an early morning shooting. it left a white toyota corolla riddled with bullet holes just after midnight. two men were wounded. police tell us the shooting was gang related. they arrested 22-year-old alessandra coyle on attempted murder and gang charges. surveillance footage viewed by ktvu show oscar following the corolla into that marking lot. sheriff's investigatives are waiting to see autopsy results on a man and woman whose bodies were found yesterday inside a home in saratoga. deputies went to the home object wall brook drive after a relative had asked deputies to check on the two. the identities of the couple have yet to be released. a bay area family of a
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homicide victim says it's outraged that former governor arnold swaz negativer because of what he did in his final days in office. schwarzenegger reduced the sentence of esteban nunez from 16 years down to 7. the son of former assembly speaker fab ohio nunez pleaded guilty last may to voluntary mans for the stabbing death of luis santos. the victim's mother says the nunez family failed to get the courts to reduce the sentence, so she says they used politics instead. >> the courts have denied it. all three times. and now he had to go through the back door with his buddy arnold to cut a deal. i think it's absolutely you been ethical and i'm mother -- unethical and immoral and unjest. >> the san diego district attorney is also shocked and disappointed by the sentence reduction. schwarzenegger says the sentence was too harsh because the codefendant who authorities say delivered the fatal stab wound got the same amount of time. tomorrow, halfway county supervisors will -- marin county supervisors will debate what they call an urgency
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ordinance concerning smart meters. supervisors may call for a moratorium on the installation after some rest of west marin were arrested last week when they blocked trucks of crews trying to install the meters. county residents have raised kbs. they do not believe that radiation from the meters doesn't pose a health risk. a new micro chip could change the way people are screen for cancer by spreading a couple of teaspoons of blood on the chip docks at massachusetts general hospital say they have a much more efficient and quicker way of testing for tumor cells. today johnson & johnson announced it hopes to bring it to the market. a normal biopsy doesn't capture enough blood cells to determine what genes control tumor's growth. local on cots want to see -- objectcologists want to see the results of the trials before they call ate break through. >> the device could be useful with a individual patient to understand how the cancer changes during a person's lifespan. >> doctors will start test the chip this year.
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it could be a way to screen for cancer without using techniques such as mammograms or colonoscopies. the california supreme court today ruled that police can search text messages on the cell phones of people under arrest, without obtaining a warrant. the court says warrantless searches of text messages are permitted under precedent set by the u.s. supreme court. the ruling uphold a drug conviction in a ventura county case where sheriff's deputies seized a cell phone during an arrest. they looked at a text message without a warrant. that message referred to the sale of ecstasy. a pet owner is outraged after a deadly dog attack. >> it happened on this neighborhood trail in the east bay, and the dog accused of going on the attack was an off duty police k9. also, we'll hear from a bay area couple who spotted a mountain lion in the residential area. we'll tell you where. we're track the fog in the storm center. no rain but fog back in the forecast. it will have an impact on some
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people's commutes tomorrow.
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>> this is the result of a messy car crash in oakland this morning. the driver crashed the carton sidewalk outside the flower shop next door on grande avenue about 4:30 a.m. the car hit a concrete planter and a newspaper rack. police haven't released any details about what caused the crash or what happened to the driver. >> there are questions swirling tonight about a deadly dog attack on an east bay trail involving an off-duty police dog. specifically, who was taking care of the dog when the attack happened. ali is live in present wood with details. ali. >> reporter: gasia, this neighborhood trail is where that brentwood man was walking his dog and happened to cross paths with another family walking their german shepherd on a leash. that german shepherd happened
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to be an off duty san leandro police dog. >> when we got next to him he started to growl. >> reporter: adam levell says in a matter of seconds that german shepherd grabbed his dog by the tail. >> i was yelling get your dog off my dog. get your dog off my dog. the person handling the off duty dog said i can't control him. i can't control him. >> reporter: the german shepherd has been a san leandro police dog for three years. levell says the police officer and his family live in his neighborhood but it was not his police handler walking him that day. >> a dog that is trained that way should always be controlled by someone that has been trained, as well. i mean the dog's lethal. those dogs are lethal. >> reporter: levell rushed chloe to an emergency vet. >> how many times was she bit? >> reporter: 12k3w4rá they guess 5 to 6. >> reporter: the police officer
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in charge of the dog paid for the vet bills but two days after the attack chloe died from her injuries. >> we'll be looking at all as pecks of this incident, again to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the lieutenant with the police department says the department has rules about who is allowed to handle duty police dogs but he said he couldn't discuss those rules while the investigation is under way. >> if we find that there is a break-down in whether it be training or something of that, we will look into it and make sure that it's corrected. >> reporter: the incident happened the day after christmas, and since then, levell still can't bring himself to put away chloe's bed in the living room. he says he wants changes in the k9 unit. >> i don't necessarily want the dog euthanized, but he should definitely be retired, after his actions. he shouldn't be part of that force. >> reporter: the lieutenant says ergo and his handleer are both still working and they'll continue to work while an
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investigation takes place. live in brentwood, ktvu. pgh a mountain lion seen behind some homes in san ramon is still on the loose tonight. residents along claremont crest court say they've seen the big cat on a hillside three times since friday. the most recent siting was this morning. the family called the fish and game department after seeing it sitting near a tree possibly looking for small prey. >> he sighs by over there, and he just looks around, and you know, i think he's stalking for some kind of small animal. and but it's just a -- it's incredible to see. >> fish and game officials told the family the mountain lion is a protected animal and says they live in the cat's area, they will have to learn to co has been at a time it with. the officials say they will not go after the cougar unless it threatens someone or is killing livestock. ac an oakland mother and her three children escaped a fire in their home today.
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the flames broke out at about 3 this morning between west and market streets in oakland. the mother was watching television when she smelled smoke and called 911. >> got my kids up, hurry up. one of my kids don't even have on shoes. anything. but i'd rather them be safe than anything else. >> fire officials say a problem with the home's wiring may have started that fire. the bay area assembly woman who crafted a bill to ban raids at state owned venues is softening her stance. fiona moss says she will not push the bill through the legislative process until she speaks with people in the entertainment industry, police and local politicians. the bill is in response to drug related overdoses and deaths at raves last year at the cow palace and l.a. coliseum. critics say the measure would hurt other types of events and say it doesn't address the problem of drug use at raves. san francisco's bio deal
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dee sell products might be running on fumes. in 2007 the mayor announced every diesel power vehicle was converted to use a fuel blend containing 20% bio diesel. a memo obtained by the san francisco examiner says that about half of the buss are currently using the mix. more buses could start using the fuel once an underground fuel tank is upgraded. onto the weather now as we go to chief meteorologist bill martin. i guess fog and cold are the two weather words today. >> i think so, frank. really the last month or two we have been talk rain, snow, wind, waves, the whole bit. a dry weather pattern but then you get the fog. here is something interesting, you can actually see this low center. it's actually doing a motion like this. it's moving south, and kind of off shore, and then it's going to swing in to southern california. it will miss us. doesn't happen that much. it wouldn't drop south and kind of goes off shore and misses us. that's how it goes. that puts fog back in the forecast because the high pressure will try to build in after that low senor the. when a low leaves it's like a
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big hole in the atmosphere. like a vacuum. when it fills in the air starts to sink and then you get the valley fog like this morning. like we'll see tomorrow morning and again on wednesday and thursday and friday morning. overnight low as frank mentioned, it's cool out there. 32 in santa rosa, 34 in san rafael. these are cool temperatures. the fog will be patchy and you know where you'll find it, don't you? it's going to be in the usual spots. there goes this system running south. you see more action in southern california. listen, some places in southern california, three, 400% of rainfall, average. if it doesn't rain at all in a lot of places they're done for a long -- plenty of rain. we got thick fog and sun. the system is headed south. we will have fog in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. fog at livermore when you wake up, fog in concord and fairfield and sacramento. the fog is worse you know this, between midnight and 8 a.m. if you have travel concerns in if the central valley especially, if you just wait a little bit, eight, 9, 10:00,
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the fog is still there but lifts just enough. visibility is usually at the poorest in that 3, 4, 5, 6 a.m. in the morning time. just think about that. this whole week, not just tomorrow morning, but this whole week as you travel about, especially in the central valley. 58 is pretty much everywhere, right? 59 in san jose. here is the deal. you mentioned this earlier. but pleasanton 55 tomorrow. 58, has to do with the ocean temperatures off the shore in the mid 50s, the water temperature keeps the coast and bay cities warmer. your inland cities this time of year the opposite of summer are actually going to run a little bit -- your inland cities will run cooler, because of course, the valley temperatures are in the mid 30s tonight. so no way, first time we've seen a five-day forecast in month where there's no rain. >> that looks great. thanks, bill. we have some developing news to share. it's coming to us from the south bay. we're getting reports of an overturned garbage truck on
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southbound highway 101 in san jose. two to three southbound lanes are shut down right now to through traffic. at this point no word of injuries. major changes look like they are in store for facebook. the social networking site reportedly just got a massive injection of cash. here with putting up the money and what it will do to mark zuckerberg's personal fortune. investigators began the new year with a big lift. positive economic news on manufacturing and construction spending released led the dow to climb 93 points, the nasdaq up 38 and a half. more right after this. >> closed captions brought to you by mancini sleep world.
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>> facebook has reportedly received a huge new robed of funding which has increased the company's value. according to the new york times, the social networking site as raised half a billion dollars from goldman sachs and an investment firm in russia. this has sparked renewed hope that a facebook i.p.o. could happen by the end of the year. the deal reportedly set's facebook's valuation at $50 billion and could double founder mark zuckerberg's personal firefighter to $15
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billion. we were just saying it's kind of like the last day of school for the raiders and niners. >> clean out your lockers, pack it up for the rest of the off season, and the news is always about coaches, it seems. and espn, rememb this time last year they were saying tom cable isn't going to keep his job. espn is at it again at raiders headquarters today. the players did pack it up. seven straight years of double digit losses, ending this year with an 8-8 season. they were a perfect 6-0 against their afc west rivals. you know, the players really and it's clear they've got his back despite the fact they didn't make the playoffs, and espn's latest report. >> i know we've done. everybody else that knows football knows what we've done. whoever says it or writes it probably doesn't know what the [ bleep ] they're doing. you can put that. >> excuse my french i'm not going to [ bleep ] you. he is a straight shooter and that's how he is. i've enjoyed playing for him. hopefully he is here for a
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while. i can't go through another head coach, man. i just can't. i have been through too many of them. >> yeah. why change? they seem to be on the way up. tom cable doing a fine job, and speaking of fine jobs, how about the 49ers yesterday? looking pretty good despite their overall performance. we'll take it, a 38-7 win over the cardinals. jim tomsula, head coach, and if you saw that game, you know they just played free and easy, actual smiles on the side lines. and that was reflected today in some of the comments from the players. >> we went out and had fun. we had a lot of fun. not to knock coach singletary. he was a great coach. you have to understand him. if you don't understand the guy, then you're not going to be able to relate to him. and i think that was what the problem was. you know with most guys. they were scared, worried about dropping passes, and missing tackle instead of going out and being themselves. but you know, he left, guys
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start to be a little easy. >> pretty candid comments from vernon davis. yeah. they looked tight most of the year. big changes in store for the 49ers. there is that little orange bowl going on 7-2 stanford is leading virginia tech. full highlights and interviews at 10. gasia, frank >> thanks, martin. a mother is making a desperate plea tonight. coming up, her teenage son hospitalized after a hit and run on new year's eve. it happened so close to home she was actually among the first to show up on the scene. that story at 7. see you.
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