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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 5, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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in some cases shooting a gun is not necessary. this comes after police shot a man in a wheelchair yesterday, a man who had a knife. the shooting was captured on cell phone video, video we have highlighted. police say a man in a wheelchair had already stabbed an officer in the shoulder. one officer uses a shotgun that uses bean bags. the man appears to toss his knife as two officers fire their handgun. the man was shot in the groin and is recovering. while the shooting is under investigation, police chief says it appears the shooting was justified. >> i think it's important also not to second guess the officers that were there at the time, given the conditions that they were faced with. >> reporter: he also says he plans to ask the police commission to allow the officers to have tasers. they voted down a request last year. >> a bean bag gun frankly is a
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very in effect i have weapon -- ineffective weapon. it more than likely would have ended this scenario probably at the earlier stages. but we don't have a taser. >> reporter: critics say victims of tasers have died of heart attacks. >> it basically disables them momentarily and gives the officers time to move in and take control of the individual. >> reporter: the police commission is expected to open new discussions on tasers next month. but even if the commission allows tasers it could be a year before police could use them, reporting live, rob roth. oak lands police are looking for one or more suspects who opened fire last night, striking 6 people, 5 of the victims were hit as they stood near the intersection of 89 avenue and d street.
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several stray bullets entered homes in the area. hitting a man that was in his living room. police say the shooting may have been a result of gang activity. hayward police are looking for a killer. fatally shot inside his home on vannedderville last night. police believe collins was targeted but they adopt know why. hayward police say if you have any information about this case, police contact them right away. police say they plan to file charges against a 16-year- old girl who led them on a chase. i want to show you a video where the chase finally came to an end. police say they first tried to stop the driver as she was speeding down corny street just before 1:00 p.m. even going the wrong way on a one way street.
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the girl was taken in for psychiatric evaluation. we are learning more tonight about a possible new crime wave targeting owners of a specific vehicle. it appears they are using a tool to unlock vehicles. one was caught on video. he's in oakland with the details, christian. >> reporter: burglars have found a new way to break into cars. they are using something to override the car's security system. a handful of victims have been hit in the hills. all of them own toyota high landers. look closely, the man in this video approaches a toyota highlander, opens the door and starts rummaging through it. it's not his highlander. it belongs to lisa from oakland. she says she discovered the
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burglary in november. >> i was like, oh, somebody broke into my car and we went back and looked at the tapes for that night and saw what had happened. >> reporter: then a few weeks later lisa's surveillance camera catches another burglar. each time the thieves only made off with a few knickknacks. police posting this video on the internet two more neighbors have reported burglars. >> they either have the actual key or have some sort of software that figures out what the code is. >> reporter: we called toyota today. he said the company isn't aware of anyone hacking into their cars. he said the signal changes each time the key is used. lisa says however the theives are doing it she hopes the thieves are stopped.
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>> it seems like a matter of time before they figure out how to start it and then it's your car. >> reporter: i talked with oakland police late this afternoon. they tell me they have no more details on this investigation and are not aware of any prime pattern surrounding this kind of crime. authorities today identified the motorcyclist who drove off the cliff on highway -- called 911 about 3:00 yesterday afternoon after he crashed. he also called his wife. he told dispatchers he could hear the ocean but he couldn't tell them his exact location. that touched off a massive search involving several law enforcement agencies. unfortunately he had died by the time crews found him around 9:15. two shipping companies agreed to pay $3.6 million to commercial fisherman in
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connection with the 2007 oil spill. the money is to be split among 120 fishermen. the -- ran into a tower of the bay bridge spilling 53,000- gallons of fuel oil. lawyers sued and the operator for damages. work continues tonight to keep fuel from leaking from a capsized crab boat. crews are off loading the fuel. tomorrow they will focus on how to remove the boat. 3 people were on board along with 2000-gallons of fuel. the captain and 2 crew members got off safely. to see more pictures of that capsized boat you can go to our website and click on the slide shows tab right on the home page. the race is heating up to success san francisco mayor for
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a year. the city's outgoing board of supervisors has scheduled a special meeting friday to hold a time vote for interim mayor. they have narrowed the field down to ed lee and long time sheriff. >> i'm happy in this position and i would be happy to accept the other one. >> reporter: the new more moderate board of supervisors will be sworn in on saturday. he delayed his swearing in until monday. that way the new board will probably get to pick his replacement. new governor jerry brown that appointed john laird as secretary of the state resources resources. brown named long time labor activist marty -- ronald yank a retired labor attorney was named director of the
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department of personal. diane feinstein is reportedly doing well tonight as she recovers from knee surgery. the joint replacement should last about 15 years. but a team is working to revolution eyes this procedure. they are working on biological replacement joints that the patient's own cells will fill in. they caution, though, it's at least a decade away. mayor gavin new newsome is celebrating the 34th america's cup coming to the city in 2013. newsome and -- congratulated each other. they won the cup in spain last february. due to -- former san
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francisco mayor willie brown says getting the world's cup is like getting not one, but 3 super bowls. live at the golden gate yacht club, the holder of the america's cup. for years to come the water front will provide a windfall to existing businesses and a golden opportunity foreign tray pree neuros. >> if an army travels on its stomach. >> reporter: michael jennings runs small potatoes, a midsize san francisco catering firm. one specialty, long time catering, such as manufacturey crews. >> we're -- movie crews. >> we're certainly looking to -- we have our operatives scouring as we speak. >> reporter: its businesses are looking at more than 1 billion-
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dollar opportunity. >> i think certain people are definitely going to notice it. certainly down here along the water front we are going to notice it. >> what's going to change is the number of hours our employees are going to work. we're going to need boat crew. >> reporter: set ups, tune ups, preliminaries, practice races and the cup itself will go on for more than two years. >> we're going to have tons of privately boats. >> reporter: and all that to serve an influx of boaters from around the globe. >> i think this will actually excite people to come here and see the cup here. >> besides these times of businesses and sail bowl specific firms, many needed businesses such as on demand
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water taxis and who knows what else have yet to be even seriously proposed, all of which spells golden opportunity by the golden gate. reporting live, consumer editor. should someone born in the u.s., but from undocumented parents automatically become a u.s. citizen. the constitution says yes, but some lawmakers say it shouldn't be that way. tomorrow the fog is back. i'll show you which cities could see the most fog.
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god bless you. on capital hill it was a day marked by sigh i willty in a house that has seen it fair
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share of instability. john boehner took over as speaker of the house. he takes over the post from nancy pelosi. the new speaker told the house america voted to end business as usual and he intends to carry out those instructions. one issue the house will address is the challenge to the constitution's 14th amendment that makes anyone born in the u.s. automatically a u.s. citizen. robert honda is live now in san jose with the details and reaction from a family caught in the middle. robert. >> reporter: well, julia, hundreds of people come here every day to the immigration services office to deal with immigration related problems. today some lawmakers say even children born in america could face a fight to stay here. caesar corps tees is a college
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student who hopes to become a dentist. they credit their parents for any opportunities, so their future children would be american citizens. >> i know they are trying to give me the best life that i can possibly have and like they are my biggest support. >> reporter: but today a group of legislators said they plan to challenge the 14th amendment that says all persons born in the u.s. are u.s. citizens. the federation for u.s. reform wasn't meant to protect what they call anchor babies. >> birth rate citizenship means millions of babies born here and all the costs associated with it. >> reporter: the immigration rights group siren disagrees. >> once we start repealing things that were passed specifically to protect our rights then we're all put in jeopardy. >> he points out his family has
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never been on assistance. >> i'm paying my taxes, helping out the community, so it would be unfair for me if i get my rights taken away because what's the point of all that work i have done. >> reporter: some legislators plan to introduce new. new census data says the number of foreign born is 2 1/2 times higher than the national average. immigrants make up 26.8% of california's population, a 10% increase. some counties have an immigrant population of more than 30%, including san francisco. a bolt from the blue is what one economist said today on job growth. according to adt the private sector created 297,000 jobs in
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december. if true that is one hundred thousand jobs more than what was anticipated and would be the biggest monthly increase since early 2006. the bureau of labor statistics is scheduled to issue its employment report this friday. taking a look now, wall street stocks climbed today. the dow gained almost 32 points. the nays deck up -- nays county supervisors brought up the discussion after a child was mauled to beth death by his grandfather's pit bull. some pit bull owners say they feel they are being singled out. others say how will they enforce the mandate. >> i don't think it should be breed specific. i think they should all be mandatory spay or neuter because of the overpopulation. i own a lab pit and he is
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nonaggressive. >> reporter: next week the santa clara animal advisory commission is expected to meet. an environmental group says climate changes are increasing the risk to already endangered wildlife. the center for biological -- released a receipt oracle -- such as salmon, hawks and -- are at risk and researchers say dozens of sierra animals are moving due to climate changes. bay area air quality officials have issued a winter spare the air for tomorrow. you are asked to avoid using your fireplace or burning wood. they also say car pooling and
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taking public transit are good ways to reduce emissions. we're doing a report on who may succeed mayor. i mentioned ed lee and he is actually a city administrator. now on to the weather. another beautiful day but i imagine it's going to get a little cold tonight. >> reporter: yeah, the overnight lows are getting cold. but the fog is out there. the jet stream looks like this. it's going well to the north. that keeps rain out of our area right here. so we're dry for a while, but the fog of course as you know, we've been talking about it sets up this type of pattern. a good dose of valley fog this morning. many of you out in the san ramon area, you have that fog. it burned off rapidly. dry forecasts, overnight lows, sam a rose a, out at the airport, you might get down to
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32. nothing crazy here, this time of year where overnight lows are down there. this weak system doesn't get in here until next week. so this is out of the picture until monday or tuesday and even then i don't think we're getting rain from this. i think it's going to be enough to create a southwest wind. and give the folks in bakers field and sacramento and stockton a chance to warm up because it has been foggy down in that central valley all day. tomorrow morning when you wake up you see the fog working its way out of the valley. so the fringe areas of the east part of the east bay is going to have that fog and it's cold, and it doesn't burn off all day, your daytime high is down into the 40s. 58 in nap a tomorrow. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. i think tomorrow is just like today. i think the next day, thursday or friday is just like today.
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and then a few clouds creep in and monday things tart to change. a really aggressive weather pattern. the warmest places right now are out to the coast. go out to point race, it doesn't get any better, so take advantage of it if you can. but wait around for the rain because it will be back, you know it will. but the fog is nasty right now in the central valley. thanks, bill. it seems that 800-pound bronze grizzly bear that stands outside the governor's office has at least one taker. governor schwarzenegger bought the statue with his own money. he offered to let the beast keep its post but if the new governor doesn't want it staff members at sacramento's spca say they would love to adopt it. sports is coming up next with the search for a new 49ers head
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coach. plus she is back home, we will check in on the bay area's famous swan who is back home with some new friends.
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well, we checked in with blanch today, she's the 13-year- old swan that was removed for her own protection after her only remaining companion was killed by someone back in november. after medical tests and a brief stay at the zoo, she was taken back where she found two companions and they were all placed back in the lagoon on sun. some new things developments coming out regarding the 49ers. >> well, you know, until it's a done deal it's absolutely the hot plate item right now. jim harbaugh is the hottest coach in the lands and will he land with the san frisk 49ers. that's the question. reportedly both side met at an undisclosed location. several reports seem to indicate harbaugh will leave stand ford and the 49ers would be his first choice, assuming
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both sides could find common ground. both sides i'm sure would love to lay speculation to rest. if it is a done deal, it could work very quickly and an announcement could be made possibly by the end of this week. they say good things come for those who wait and -- the right handers who has spent most of his sometime with the minnesota twins has become a hall of famer famer. today it's done. you need 75% of the vote, he received 79. great right hand ir. that's roberto al a mar. wonderful second baseman. spent most of his career as -- he received 90% of the vote in just his second year of eligible
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elegy elegyability. it would be nice if that 49er deal wrapped up. mark, thank you very much. san francisco is celebrating a sweet victory tonight. all the major players were in attendance at city hall late today to lay plans for the america's cup, in 30 minutes. thanks for joining us tonight, good night. good night.
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