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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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only minor aftershocks tonight after an earthquake late this afternoon rattled nerves around the bay area. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it measured only 4.1 but was felt in much of the bay area. people 60 miles away in san francisco tell us they felt a shake then a jolt. bill martin has been looking at
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the fault lines and the shake zone. first we go to lloyd lacuesta. >> reporter: it wasn't the big one, but for many people it was big enough. >> the whole building shook. you could see the whole building move back and forth. >> reporter: the epicenter was 13 miles east of city hall. >> it felt like i got hit with a punch. we all stood up and said woe. i think the rolling was the scary part. and then we didn't know what would happen next. >> reporter: nothing happened, not one single 911 call. at the mi pueblo supermarket, nothing came off the shelves. >> it was like a quick shiver for me, it happened all fast
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but nothing happened, nothing broke everything was fine. >> reporter: as a precaution, san jose prepared it's emergency preparation center just in case. but there was no need to activate. officials say it appears the quake occurred on or near the calav era s fault. >> another reminder we do live in earthquake country. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the director of the earthquake science center told us today's quake orange nateed in the hayward fault. >> that's an area where perhaps one earthquake could trigger another. and so this one, this one is pretty small so i'm not so
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concerned about it. >> reporter: broker said according to the geological record, in the months proceeding a seven quake in 1968 on the hayward fault there was a quake that happened in the same juncture as the one today. we go to chief meteorologist bill martin. he's been researching that fault juncture and just how widespread this shaking was felt. >> it is a very active area where this took place. it intersects the hayward fall right around here. this is where the earthquake was. then you've got the san andres fault. the main fault that runs through here as well. it was a 4.1 today. who felt the most shaking. if you go into some of the inland bay valleys you're going to see out in the santa clara
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valleys, we see green. they felt it in marin county as severe as folks in the valley. although today's quake was a small one, it is unevitable we will face bigger quakes. experts say don't forget food and medicine for your pets. you'll find more information on preparing an earthquake kit on our website. mother nature is at work after a hill gave away. the evacuated residents will be able to grab belongings but
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they cannot stay in their homes. residents reporting hearing crack sounds last night cracking sounds last night. then noticed the slumped hillside this morning. southern california has experienced heavy rains in recent weeks. last night we told you about emergency repairs along the san joaquin rivers outside modesto. today work crews positioned heavy equipment to shore up the 500 feet of levy. over the next few days they plan to place 7-tons of rock along the damaged area to strengthen the levy for what is expected to be heavier than usual rain. new at 10:00, rita williams spoke to the young lady's family here in the bay area. >> reporter: inside the santa
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rosa house a family is dealing with unspeakable horror 3,600 miles away. >> this kind of stuff tkupt happen expect in horror story, in nightmares. >> reporter: but it did happen and now erniz just 25 is dead. >> she was just such a fun loving girl. she was just a delight. >> reporter: and she was in love. in november marrying jesus sanchez 28 asked the young nurse to marry him then that love led this week to their death. >> it's tragedy. it's just too much. >> reporter: this 45-year-old cousin of jesus sanchez arranged a dinner party at this house in puerto rico new year's day so katy donohue could meet the fiance's family. but the cousin set up torches
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under the table and set them. jesus died on tuesday, katie wednesday. >> how do you get an idea like this. >> we knew it was going to be the party of decade. >> now we have to plan a funeral instead. >> reporter: katie donohue and jesus sanchez will be together forever, the family will combine the two's ashes. authorities says the similar to a pair of devices found yesterday in maryland. the late package was discovered at a u.s. postal facility in the capital. it was addressed to janet
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napolitano. >> the package has been described as popping. >> reporter: notes complained about highway signs that urged drivers to report suspicious activity. the note says the signs fulfill a self-fulfilling prophesy. jim harbaugh announced he is leaving stanford and moving to the nfl. jim inglis joins us now. >> 49ers knew that jim harbaugh led stanford to their bowl game. this five year $25 million deal did get done rather quickly. now jim harbaugh becomes the 18th head coach in the 49ers history. >> this was a great day for me and you know because it's the
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competitive opportunity of a lifetime and one that i willingly accept. i move on with a very humble heart. but it's hard to hide my excitement and enthusiasm that's like coarsing through my vains right now. >> what are you going to do to find a quarterback? >> we're going have to go on that. it starts on our own team. talking to the quarterbacks that are on our football team. getting to know them. whether it's by the phone or in person. and you know there's also the draft, there's free agency, there's avenues but you know, first and formost i want to recruit the guys we have on our team first. >> you said he has the it factor, what is it? >> i don't know if you can explain it, you just have it. i think it's in the way he carries himself, the confidence
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he has and yet a will the of humidity. he has a lot of energy, a lot of passion. he loves the game, he respects the game which i think is extremely important. if you're going to be successful in this business the game has to mean a lot to you. >> the 49ers should be more exciting offensively under his helm. whether that transtraits to snatching their eight year play off rout is the next question -- whether that translates to snatching their eight year play off rout. >> stanford lost, the 49ers gained. did he say anything about whether he talked to andrew luck the quarterback at stanford? >> actually he did. he text luck and congratulated him. i think this deal was done wednesday even before andrew made his decision to go back. >> all right. >> thanks, fred.
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>> there is precedence for harbaugh's move. jim walsh made the same move back in 1949. 49er fans are hoping coach harbaugh will have the success with the team. >> i was worried he was going to go to miami or denver. i'm glad they got him. >> they haven't been able to figure it out the last few years. >> the nineers haven't been to the play off since 2000 that's also the last time they had a winning season -- 2002. students, staff and fans congratulated their now former coach. many expressed disaappointment about the move. >> not surprised about the announcement. good coaches go to good places.
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good for him. >> we just have to take that in stride and figure the next coach will be successful too. many say the fact that star quarterback andrew luck is staying for another season helps soften the blow. luck announced yesterday that he will be staying one more year instead of joining the nfl draft. and we have posted jim's interview with harbaugh. another cold night, so how will it impact your weekend plans? our chief meteorologist bill martin brings us the latest.
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the deal is all but done. ed lee has been chosen to receivable the final year. lee is out of the country on vacation. but when he returns, he is poised to become the city's first asian american mayor. ktvu's mike mibach is live from city hall where he witnessed the historic vote. >> reporter: inside city hall, yes there was a bit of debate.
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there were accusations of political power plays but in the ends it does appear politics were put aside. >> this is a decision beyond who we are as progressives, who we are as moderates. this is a decision about who we are as san franciscans. >> the vote for lee was 9-1. >> it's so important that we recognize that chinese community in san francisco has never had this opportunity before. >> the one decenting supervisor. >> i see a status quo. being maintained. >> reporter: convincing a man who was reluctant to be interim mayor to actually take a job then selling the idea to those
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inside city hall. >> how back room can you get, you know? on the phone convincing him to take it, what deal. there's no deal. >> this was a recruitment, and that's a pretty remarkable thing. no deals, no back room discussions that anyone should be ashamed of. >> reporter: on a day when major newsom's office was being packed up. supervisors call this a historic day for the chinese community and for all of san francisco. >> we have engaged in an orderly transition of leadership. >> that wasn't a possibility. >> reporter: the new board of supervisors will be sworn in tomorrow and is expected to ratify today's vote for ed lee on tuesday. live tonight in san francisco, mike mibach. the city of antioch is asking the public to help fund it's budget crisis and hopefully resore six officers that were laid off last week.
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unless more money comes in, the department says they may have to be left off the force. to help, tom nodes has pledged donations of $5,000. to learn where you can help, go to ktvu news. governor brown created more cuts. he says he is reducing his own budget by 25% or $4.5 million. he also plans to eliminate the office of the first lady, brown's wife anne gus brown will serve as an unpaid advisor. he is also returning $650,000 for his transition. the total savings is more than $7 million. the new governor is getting some extra time to consider selling some state buildings to generate cash for california. it was former governor arnold schwarzenegger idea to sell 24
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state buildings for $2.3 billion. the state appeal's court today decided to let the new governor until late february to make up his mind. brown has not said publicly what he plans to do about the building. the labor department today said the u.s. jobless rate dropped to it's lowest level since may of 2009. the unemployment rate was 9.8% in december. the drop was due in large part to discouraged workers who have essentially given up looking for a job. the economy created 103,000 jobs last month far less than expected. president obama today said more than 1 million jobs were created last year but he also acknowledged the damage done by the worse recession in 80 years. >> we saved a whole lot of jobs. you still have a whole bunch of folks out there who are still looking, still struggling. we have a big hole we're
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digging ourselves out of. >> bern bernanke said the economy should grow a little faster this year but he expects the unemployment rate to be close to 8% a year from now. the president's assessment that the economy has a ways to go is dismal here in the bay area. while there might be some growth there is also plenty of people looking for work. tom vacar has our report. >> reporter: here at the concord edd officer where the desperate search for a job drags on and on, any glimmer of hope rises spirits. >> i think the economy is starting to rise, but at a very snail pace. >> i have to stay hopeful. >> reporter: come here to the edd in which you find out is there are way more people ask for application insurance than there are folks finding jobs. but landing that job is tough.
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k earthquake nna -- keena johnson thought the holiday season would help. normal employment levels are four to five years away. >> considerable time likely will be required before the unemployment rate returns to a more normal level. >> reporter: with budget cut, california's unemployment may still rise. >> and certainly looking at what may be happening up in sacramento and upcoming budget cycle. >> reporter: the pool of those needing jobs is sure to grow as more people come into and return to the work force. for now job seem seekers says the tough none. california's rate will be announced in two weeks. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. and the fog is back, it
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really never went away. it lasted most of the day in the santa cruz valley. the winds are pushing it out into the bay. the visibilities aren't bad. 3/4 of a mile. so the fog is the story, until some rain gets in here. and the rain is not going to get here until a week from now. some clearing in the afternoon, mainly coast side and very cool overnight lows and cool daytime highs. fog, especially out toward con cord is not burning off. so day hike h time highs are not reaching the? a mountain lion sighting prompted some tense moments. students were brought inside as
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police and fish and game were called in. you may remember last month a deer caucus was found on that team's athletic field. how witnesses described what happened and an update on a search. how the flu at a popular hotel turned out to be an invisible poison instead.
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police in south san francisco are reviewing surveillance video hoping it'll provide clues to a robbery suspect. rob roth spoke to witnesses early today who saw the s.w.a.t. team respond to that incident. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team units were poised at the
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front and back doors. police say they received a calm this morning that three to four people were inside the bank. list say they tried calling inside the bang but didn't make contact so they went inside and brought the employees and customers out. some seemed shaken #u but no winston cup was rt. the gunman got away. police would not say if he got any money. >> we looked out the window and we were in shock. we saw police going this direction, that direction. high power looking weapons, looked the door right away. >> police officers that told us to get out from the laundry mat because there's something going on in here. >> reporter: one woman we spoke with said she was at the very
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same bank several months ago when someone robbed it. >> i don't bring my grand kids with me, i don't bring my mom with me. more so for them. >> reporter: they've been interviewing customers and employees. in south san francisco, rob roás roth. ktvu news we have an update now on a tire we've been following for several years it involves two tow truck operators that faced a long list of crimes. today individual cardenales faced his sentence.
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paul greer, his son, was also sentenced to six years. and everything tech is going on right now. that big screen doesn't come cheap. hollywood producers are convinced it'll be been a short period of time before you have one in your home. >> look at the nba before you. , 3d, it's how we see. there are also 50 versions of computer tablets all hoping to compete with the popular i pad. is an iphone coming to the verizon note work. what we know tonight about the big announcement coming tuesday. and signs of what at&t might be doing at the time. that's coming up. a vigil tonight for a high school student who was shot and
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killed. why police say this was such an outrageous plan. >> new information about a carbon monoxide leak that injured several people. we're finding the pr-b may go several months back.
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we are learning tonight that the carbon monoxide level that sickened three flight attendants could have been deadly. and the gas may have been seeping for a month. debra villalon is live now with new developments. >> reporter: investigators say if they came out earlier, maybe took a nap they may not have
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woken up. the levels that made four women sick with flu like symptoms were three times more. >> it was coming up through the interior walls. >> reporter: it came from this upscale indian restaurant. whenever the restaurant was busy that water heater was leaking colorless, odorless gas to the inside of the hotel were were these levels, levels that could kill you. >> yes, they were 689 at $375 that's all we had. >> and the water heater hit 225 parts per mil. so the restaurant was shut down and the openers are installing
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a in new electric heater. >> our average revenue is two to $25,000. >> we had a reputation in the market and we don't want it to get soiled by something like this. >> the fire department has found several other instances of mariott guests sickened. next inspectors will take a look at whether that project caused a malfunction and this carbon monoxide scare. debra villalon, ktvu news. hotel workers picketed today in front of the hilton union square. they were joined by a group of law professors at the hilton. some professors offered to stay at other hotels as a sign of solidarity. the union has been without a con tart for a year.
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at issue are health care costs. >> prison officials said today they will soon be getting a supply of the drug they needed to resume lethal. oakland's attempt to -- but first another irk shoe has to be dealt with. the city of oakland wants to bar attorneys from representing some alleged law members because. the attorneys inization
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inquestion say there will be no question. that is just some of the celebratory gunshots recorded by the shot spotter system. today officers went to one neighbor where there was gunfire to deliver a message. >> we have an indication that there was celebratory gunfire from the hospital. and to communicate with that energy letting them know it's not acceptable. some residents told police they hear gunfire raeg lay already, other people say they leave the area during times they don't ups celebratory gunfire. >> about two dozen people attended a kapbd -ld light --
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candlelight vigil. police are still looking for the gunman. >> reporter: candlelight vigil will not bring christopher jones back to life but today they honored his life. lighting the night just as his family says honor had. >> it's not around anymore. and-- >> reporter: today on fresno street, friends and family stood with signs, many had placed balloons, flowers and other messages of blood in the driveway where christopher collapsed. he was shot and killed about 6:30 p.m. on new year's eve.witnesses say there were two gunmen on foot
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who opened fire from across police using what police are calling and witnesses. >> he never said anything else. >> reporter: chris >> reporter: christopher died a half hour hater at the hospital. >> our victim had no criminal record, he was going to school. christopher's mother says he was preparing to start with dalaney. there's a $25,000 reward for information to help catch the killer. a former sebasta pool couple has died after their small came crashed in. the it crashed near rogers
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field. the couple died at the scene. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of the crash. the gilmore's had lived in sonoma county for years. they are out of prison but with one condition. there's a will the of fog out there right now, it's going to the and just go to decades. the new evidence that many chinese new year parade may be getting too much of a good thing.
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two sisters serving life sentences are free tonight after serving 16 years in a prison in mississippi. senator barber agreed to drop their sentences if they would give her sister an organ
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donation. the sisters were accused of robbing two men when they were both in teens. the testimony is part of a preliminary hearing to decide if there is enough evidence for dr. conrad murray to stand trial. murray is accused of giving jackson a legal doze of propowe paul. in news of the world, across britain's security was intensified as officials raised the threat level from substantial to severe. the bbc is reporting that authorities have warned aviation officials that al- qaida is considering an attack against an airline or airport. one official said there had been increased chatter among suspects under surveillance. in mexico, at least five
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people were killed today in the latest drug violence across the country. gunman shot and killed one couple then set fire to the homes of their neighbors burning them alive inside. a former police officer was also gunned down right in front of his family. the mayor of a town near the texas border was found shot to dead. it is the first killing of a mayor this year. and in italy. the crisis threatened. today the department of health and human services recommended lower flouride
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levels. it is not only tpoubd ár found in the water supply but added to toothpaste, mouthwash. park presidio closed down less than an hoey ago. the ramp for doyle drive to p park presid irk o will be closed from 10:00 p.m. tomorrow until 10:00 a.m. on sunday. the closures will allow crews to shift traffic as part of the work. the driver couldn't see it through the fog. the acura hit the tree, rolled over and landed on the side of the road. the driver fortunately sustained only minor injures.
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it has been an at&t exclusive. now verizon may be announcing their own home. plus the change meteorologist is dropping after that, your full forecast coming up.
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an iphone on verizo after months of speculation all signs now point to a verizo version of the widely popular smart phone being announced next tuesday. today at&t slashed the price of its phones to as little as $50. >> reporter: the new pricing on these iphones is a logical move for at&t which tech bloggers say could lose their exclusive
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deal with apple as soon as january 31st. >> $50. that's the best deal out right now. >> reporter: the iphone is just one smart phone on its network. an analysts say at & t representing 80% of users. but with no con confirmation, it's all just shatter. but based on tkpwaogless android operating system. >> i think it's very interesting. it's going to be interesting to see who wins out.
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>> don cov irk ngfon has been looking at spobgs and over this month. in las vegas at&t focused on new products over than the iphone. 20 new devices in 2011. verizon's big press event is tuesday. the real question cuperino based apple says 1 million apps were loaded for the first 24 hours the mac store was online.
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apple users will pay for you tube's account. the dow industrial fell 22 points but has posted gapes each of the past six weeks. the nasdaq was off fearly sevenpoints. word spread today that a landmark gourmet store is closing up shop at 16 years. the constantino brothers say they plan to retire. and now all the employees will be out of work. another high ends zone is expected to move into that location. >> a remember vase speed kre leaptly juan pawned outside this store. streak colors stocked up on yarn just minutes before the run disappeared on the street and pike poles. she has struck before.
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but teus played his forest works near berkeley. after weeks and weeks after rain and snow we're just talking about fog. this entire week has been dry. the fog is what forms when you get a stable atmosphere. that's where we are. it's the fog working it's way out of the valley. we have a lot of fog up in the north bay, . you get the picture. fog right through the bay area weekend. things will turn around as we head into tuesday of next week. in the meantime, you know where it is. we're it was this morning is where it'll be tomorrow morning. we go out in the pacific. there's a lot of stuff going on. this system will kind of load up and get here the middle of
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next week. i was thinking back in years god boon. this fog can really get nasty in the central valley. we're going to get it pulled out hep ploy but they are. blows up the inversions, lifts the atmosphere. all the fog goes up and mixes out in the air above. the warm i aeroabove in this case. so the forecast as you go through todd áfpl there's a lot of fog and then the afternoons to on. up at sears point, watch what happens nine. this pattern just keeps repeting itself right through the bay area. i did mention no rain in the forecast, we haven't had many five days this week we have but not this entire wenter. wednesday might be enough to get that inversion out of there. you want to get rid of this
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fog. because it goes dry five to six weeks that fog gets thicker ander. >> it can be scary, really scary. if costliest blue fin tuna is now being served. a su she trick was sold at auction. at cost customers will have to pay 112 today. and more on the in thers new storm north
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mark is off tonight. fred is here. how about those 49ers. >> this you know we hear so many rumors of so many things. this sounded like a deal that was set up a couple of days ago. 49ers wanted a head coach, they targeted jim harbaugh. they introduced harbaugh as the man with the plan to end their postseason draft. the entire organization breathes a sigh of relief when the five year $25 million deal was done. harbaugh took over stanford's program two years ago and this year led the cardinals to their
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first ever 12 game season. harbaugh had a chance to learn so much was the saying that i thought is work ethic as integrity and doing it with class and doing it as a team. brood shoulders, everybody talks for who takes the potential -blgt. or that's something you it felt. >> harbaugh was a quarterback for michigan. he was the afc player of the year in 195 with the colts.
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harbaugh accepted his first head coaching job at the university of san diego. sanford finished 111 in 2006. then jim stepped in and finished 21 in four years. 13-0 season with the orange bowl big treu. >> the buyers can get for plumbing. the warriors are healthy. maybe healthier than they've been all season and thes. bebrown james is gone. david lid the two points. them. he's mad vlad. 13 points. emergencies monte and the warriors live.
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that is sports as we see it. it is aofb but jim harbaugh is new, now stanford needs to find a coach. >> thanks, fret. >> be sure to join the meeting tomorrow at 6:00, we'll have have the meeting live. good night.
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