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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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you can park here for two hours. parking officials are considering whether to change that. tony toti spends his day repairing meters in san francisco. between 80 and 90% of broken meters are vandalized for people looking for free parking. >> that's what you'll find. >> that's due for people trying to get over and try to park in a spot all day long. >> reporter: cities such as los angeles have banned parking at broken meters at a way to stop vandalism. the more people parking in an area, the higher the price at the meter. the transportation agency says it doesn't know whether higher meters prices will lead to more vandalism but board members are preparing to vote february 1st on whether to ban parking at broken meters. >> it was recommended at our s
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ubcommittee for our board, to allow parking for several hours at a broken meter. >> the meter is broke, that's on them they need to get it fixed and they should -- because parking is not that many parking spaces. >> reporter: the transportation agency tells me that meter sands vandalism is an ongoing problem. one that costs the city $1.5 million a year. christien kafton, channel 2 news. and california public utilities commission has set a march 15 deadline, it's asking pg & e to make sure it's pipeline records are current and accurate. in the past board members have said if pg & e can't figure out safe pressure levels from their records it should perform high pressure water tests. we have a special section on the pipeline explosion and fire. go to and then click
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on the san bruno fire tab. once there, you will find a link. there is more good news tonight regarding representative giffords recovery from a gunshot wound to her head. doctors say that giffords is opening her eyes more frequently and responding to commands. investigators today released more details about the shooting time line, saying the suspected shooter loughner posed for photos in a gun and posed on with a g string and had the photos developed a day from the shooting. and there's a vigil happening right now. organizers say they want people to come together in compassion and respect for other people's differences. security was tight in
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tucson today at the funeral for u.s. district judge john rowe one of the six people killed in last saturday's shooting rampage. law enforcement checked the i.d. of each mourner including thousands of judges. a 20-year-old veteran, judge rowe received death threats a year ago. the 53-year-old's funeral was held at the same catholic church as 9-year-old christina greene yesterday. ktvu's ken pritchett is in oakland -- ken. >> reporter: until reseptember years the open carry movement did not even exist. open carry is the legal right
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of californians to have an unloaded gun at public places. last year they would meet once every few months at a restaurant or coffee shop and legally openly carry unloaded handguns. but the movement has grown. such events are now weekly affairs some where in california. >> i think more and more common law citizens are getting involved in open carry. >> reporter: the right to openly carry a handgun has been law since 1968. but now a law proposed would ban open carry. >> guns in the public are always a concern for officers. >> we feel it's a good chance that it'll pass again. >> reporter: james says the little known open carry law was ignored for decades until recently when open carry advocates began exercising that
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right in public places. chang says the ban legislates a problem that does not exist. >> basically in the entire history of california never has an open carrier committed an -- committed a violent crime. >> reporter: if the bill ultimately passes and is signed by the governor we could expect a legal challenge to follow. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused an early morning fire that may have killed an elderly man. vacaville officials say firefighters were called to the home around 12:30 this morning. they quickly put out a fire but later found the body of a man in his 70s inside. investigators spent the day at the victim's home gathering everyday. so far the victim's name hasn't been released and an official cause of death has not been announced. a man suspected in two armed robberies in palo alto won't be facing life in prison
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under california's three strikes law. 21-year-old belifono was in court today and postponed entering a plea. he was arrested with two robberies late last year in downtown palo alto. fono was convicted of other felonies while a minor. but his juvenile record cannot be used under the three strikes rule. seven students who were hospitalized in san francisco after tasting rat poison are doing well tonight. officials at martin luther king jr. academic say none of the children have shown any signs of poisoning. the students were taken to the hospital as a precaution yesterday. fire officials say the students mistook the cubes of rat poison as candy. officials are still investigating how the poison ended up in a classroom. a teacher's exchange of sorts is under way in san francisco. officials say they have to replace nearly half the teachers at some schools in order to get more money.
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ktvu's paul chambers reports now from san francisco. >> i >> reporter: to turn that around, the district applied for and was granted million -rs s of dollars for the improvement plan. >> for the schools to have 1.4 to $1.5 million to really fund their reform process is hugely significant for those communities. >> reporter: to get the money the district had to agree to one of four changes. the district says it's not looking to fire teachers just move them to different schools.
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that's why the district is allowing teachers to voluntarily leave their current positions in exchange for a job at a different school. >> it is frustrating when you constantly work really hard and are told while your test scores aren't up so you're not working hard enough. >> reporter: now the teachers will have a few more weeks to volunteer if there are not enough teachers who come forward, then it's up to the district to decide. i'm back out here live, as for willie brown school, it'll close in the spring. this coming spring it'll be leveled down and they'll build a state of the art building in its place. they will use money provided but the funding to do just that. the university of california has received a record number of applications for the 2011 fall semester. the number of applications increased from last year. actually there were 142,000
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people who applied. that's up 6%. other interesting figures, applications from out of state are up 10.7%. international applications jumped 22.5% and there was an 18% increase in applications from latino students. on average about 70% of applicants are accepted to at least one university of california campus. a san francisco judge has struck down a class action lawsuit over furloughs imposed on state correctional officers. the california correctional peace officers association argued that self-directed furloughs violated the federal labor laws. the association claimed employees aren't paid in full for hours worked with a given pay cycle. however the judge ruled that the association didn't make a case and that it misinterpreted the policy as forcing employees to work for free. a san jose man accused of kidnapping a man he thought was having a relationship with his girlfriend is being held without bail tonight. 25-year-old kevin tram faces a slew of charges including
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kidnapping and robbery. police say he kidnapped a 22- year-old man last weekend and asked for several thousand dollars in ransom and fired a gun as a threat. officers arrested tran on monday outside a bank in san jose. the victim who's name has not been released was found safe. crowd control, a key ruling on protest on the golden gate bridge in an effort to put an end to some of the demonstrations there. bay area weekend is upon us, the rain is basically done. we have fog to contend with in the next couple of days and some warmer temperatures.
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we have learned the name of a 29-year-old san francisco man that was chased into a coffee shop and shot to death this
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morning. terry turner was shot and killed in the tenderloin neighborhood shortly after 4:00 this morning: investigators do not know yet the relationship between turner and the suspect and so poor far no -- so far no one has been arrested. paramedics found 49-year- old aaron compton jr. suffering from stab wounds inside the home on mary anne lane. investigators say there were other people inside the home when compton was killed but they are not releasing any further details about the killing. a daily city man could face life in prison for stealing copper wire. they found 2,500 pounds of copper wire inside the man's garage. prosecutors say if he is convicted this would be a third strike for moreno which could carry a life sentence. the public today got a chance to look at a controversial plan to keep dogs on leashes at some bay area
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parks. a 90 day public comment period started today on the golden gate recreational areas proposal. the new report says park officials should keep dogs out of certain parts of san francisco's christie fields. coast guard crews spent two days off loading fuel and other hazardous materials. yesterday a crew was able to remove the boat. a trucking company is waiting if -r the proper permits now to -- waiting for the proper peits to haul the boat away. a federal judge has rejected restrictions on small demonstrations on the golden
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gate bridge. it also wanted to ban bull horns, signs and protests at certain times. the judge found there is no evidence those protests would disrupt traffic. union pacific railroad has bought 150 acres next to the tesla motors. the railroad bought two land parcels on december 29th. the company says it plans to use the site for transportation activities. one of the parcels is directly north of the tesla factory and the other is directly south. nummi built vehicles for 25 years before closing last april. now to our weather now, and boy it was an absolutely beautiful day. smiles all over. what are we looking at this weekend, bill. >> sure does change everything. people are super mellow out on the highway. today was one of the nicer days we've had in a while. the fog burned off quickly. the temperatures are in the mid- 50s. we go outside right now, a little bit of fog out in san francisco.
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the story tonight and really tomorrow will be fog in this case a dense fog advisory in the north bay valley. so that's tomorrow morning. again if the mechanisms are right for fog to form, in those inland bay valleys it's certainly going to be possible for fog to form in your inland bay valley. so you're looking at sonoma with fog, napa with fog tomorrow morning. you get the picture. overnight lows in the 40s. also a little cooler. the dewpoints are going to be easier to reach because the temperature are going to drop about five to six cooler. lots of fog in the valley. we'll see dense advisories out in. even out toward san pablo, antioch, brentwood even in the waters we have had some fog. the extended pattern shows a dry period. we're doing well for water content of the snow.
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we're also doing well for water in our reservoirs but it's always nice to get more. high pressure a story this weekend. saturday is going to be the nicest day. sunday is not half bad but there'll be increased clouds on sunday. so that all filters the sunshine, trend temperatures down just a little bit. there could be a sprinkle up around fort bragg, port arenas. that's about as far south as it would get. 61 in concord, those aren't bad numbers for us. look at santa rosa, almost 65 degrees. these are conservative numbers. i think some places down toward morgan hill, san jose, santa cruz obviously could get near 70 degrees in this quadrant out here. be prepared for that. it'll be a nice weekend, especially on saturday. nice weekend ahead. and boy i tell you it's interesting, we were so wet for so long and now we're kind of going dry a little longer than
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i'm comfortable with. it's weird having a five day without rain. >> it looks good. >> thank you, bill. there's a somber spirit tonight at san francisco night spot where a deadly shooting at temple nightclub. >> there is dinner service, dancing starts at 10:00. less than a week from the shooting, owners say they are still in shock. >> reporter: off camera, the general manager said it's been hard to rebound after a shooting left joe hernandez dead. >> we did a cleansing ceremony
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yesterday with a dear friend of ours. a swami just really trying to you know, take this as a lesson. >> reporter: hernandez suffered a head injury in the fight and had his organs donated. there was another fight at the same time where two men had a beer bottle hit over their head. >> i don't think people will have too much of a problem with them. if anyone has a problem, those are the people we don't want in the venue. >> they're keeping the neighborhood safer than it would be other wise. >> reporter: temple manager gave us this statement, that they express sadness over the death and they are trying to help police in any way they can find the killer. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. state senator lelang yee is
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trying again to have a law implemented, to have children wearing helmets on slopes. his law would fine parents $25 if their children are caught skiing without a helmet. >> what we're trying to do is hammer away at parents, you have to take a lot more responsibility of your kids. >> reporter: last year lee's bill was signed by governor arnold schwarzenegger but it failed to pass when the governor vetoed another bill tied to the helmet law. blue shield of california is opening up its book. the insurer said today it will send their increases to a third party investigator. 200,000 californians are impacted by blue shield's rate
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a san francisco landmark is once again opened to the public tonight. the palace of fine arts hosted a grand reopening today after a $21,000,000.06 year restoration project. repairs included seismic upgrades. the palace of fine arts was built for the 1915 panama pacific international exposition. get ready for a front row seat when san francisco giants start spring training. a reality show features the world series champions was announced today. it is expected to debut about the time the giants play their first regular season game at the end of the march. >> good characters for that show too. fred is in for mark.
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jim is very busy and he's only been on the job for a week. >> he's bringing friends with him. both of them come off the staford campus. sangio returns to the nfl as the 49ers defensive coordinator. romo spent the last two years with harbaugh at stanford. and sangio had just joined. speaking of the giants, we're exactly one month from giants and pitchers reporting to scottsdale. last weekend several players
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reunited at a memorabilia convention. you know it's been 2.5 months since the giants won the world series, but that incredible journey was just too intense to just win it and forget it. >> i would wake up, you know either in the night or as soon as i got up in the morning and i was thinking about a line up i had to put up. it was just like it kept going. then i would have to remind myself, it's over. >> have you become a rock star. >> i don't know about that. i don't know about rock star status. it's definitely been a life changing deal. and obviously for the better. >> i got some buddies back home that call me champ. they don't like that too much but it's funny. i get a kick out of it because i've lost so many times that i'm going to enjoy this one. >> and regular season opener is march 31st. we wanted to give a little plug here, on saoául bowl sunday we will have a one hour giants special talking about looking back at that incredible season. >> that is one journey you want
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to keep reliving and reliving. >> that's one you don't mind reliving. >> and does cody ross ever not have a smile on his face. >> he's just a happy to be there guy. another bay area vigil is being held right now for victims in the arizona shooting rampage. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, what has prompted so many people here in the bay area and around the nation to find a need to grieve collectively. that story is coming up. good night.
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