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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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authorities issue an amber alert at this hour, a 4-year- old poi boy is missing and may be in danger. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. signs are up alerting motorists of the amber alert. today the pair may be headed to the south bay. it's a story that's still developing at this hour. lloyd lacuesta has been talking to authorities and he joins us now with the very latest. >> reporter: as you can see
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behind me amber alert signs are lit up on signs across the state. this one across 280 in san jose. both san jose and sheriff deputys are carrying photos of the 4-year-old boy and his abduck abductor and they fear that he is headed to san jose. >> that guy looks so weird, i don't know if he's going hurt my baby or not. >> reporter: the stanislaus police department says that cardenas was grabbed from the arms of his grandmother. >> i couldn't hold him no more. he told me, let go of that baby, let go of the baby. >> reporter: authorities say the alleged abductor is 27-year-
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old jose esteban rodriguez who is the ex-boyfriend of the child's mother. he was last seen driving a chevy toyota carolla with license plate number 4hbw445. the car has oversized all black tireless. it's believed rodriguez may be headed to family who live in san jose. authorities also say he has family up and down the central valley. a stanislaus spokesman just told me that the suspect should be considered extremely dangerous. he has an extensive criminal records including a conviction for manslaughter. if you see either the suspect or the child call 911 immediately. we will have any updates should the report come during this newscast or later newscast on channel 2 news. and you can get another
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look at that license plate at you will also find more pictures on the boy. and we have new information tonight about the discovery of five pipe bombs in a storage room. ktvu's patti lee has been following the development. she is live now with live details, patti. >> reporter: hazmat has now been called to the scene. they came in 45 minutes ago to look at rescue that turned a different color. i am told the pipe bombs were found in a storage facility behind me. they kept this small one for
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evidence. the manager of affordable storage says the building was locked down about 4:00 this afternoon, shortly after sheriff's deputies showed up to speak to a renter on a premises. >> they didn't need a warrant. because she was in the space with the door opened when they went up to talk to her. >> reporter: officers were investigating the tips that the storage unit may have narcotics. >> when we looked into the storage, we saw the pipe bombs, everything stopped from then. >> reporter: four pipe bombs were detonated on scene. the storage facility is adjacent to the south bound lanes of interstate 680. >> fire in the hole, fire in
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the hole, fire in the hole. >> the narcotics enforcement has finished their investigation of the storage unit. tonight the woman who rented the storage unit is in custody. there were some carry moments for passengers in a shuttle box in emeryville when two teenagers got on board brandishing guns. a passer by called 911 shortly after 4:00 after seeing what appeared to be a weapon. police then stopped the shuttle bus. police searched every passenger one by one and they found two teenagers carrying pellet guns gun. >> no one should even if it's a
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pellet gun brandish it or show it off in public because people can mistaken it for real weapons. >> reporter: police took up a proposal to cover the costs of sex change operations. the áf currently the city's health -- currently the city's health insurance does not cover it. and the council is taking aim at late night rowdiness. the idea is to -- some residents complain most of the troublemakers come from out of town. one restaurant manager says there are other solutions. >> if you're finding you're having issues with security, then maybe you need to up your
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security staff. if there's fighting going on then maybe you control your door a little differently. >> the city council did not plan on taking any action tonight. any change in closing hours could be weeks or possibly even months away. apple i pad customers are helping with the company's best quarter ever. revenue topped 26.7 million. apple sold more than 7 million i pads and 16 million iphones. those numbers come on the heels of yesterday's announcement that steve jobs was taking a medical leave of absence. two years ago jobs had a liver transplant while battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer.
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on the nasdaq, apple finished the day down to close at $340.65. and ktvu come has an extensive number on apple. just look on the apple tab. a 15-year-old girl is in critical condition tonight after police say a gun went off accidentally wounding both her and another student. police say a 17-year-old boy set his backpack down on a desk and by doing so, he accidentally discharged the 9- millimeter bareta handgun he had in the backpack. the girl was shot in the head and required surgery but the other wounded student did not and he is expected to survive. the staoubt who had the backpack has been arrested -- the student who had the backpack has been arrested.
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one student said he was crying and apologizing to his classmates after the gun went off? -z the the threat was found on a campus bathroom last month. school administrators took the threats seriously. extra security was called in for the day. inscrupulous investors are trying to keep prices up so that they can buy a home. >> reporter: sources say the fbi raided the community here on fruitvale avenue in oakland,
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fbi spokesperson julie san would not confirm that this was e was the target. >> any further bid? >> reporter: that means that at public auctions people rig bids. instead of competing, individuals or groups agree not to bid against each other. to buy houses at rock bottom prices. people shown in these picture are not accused of any wrong doing. but a stockton administrator has confessed to bigging bids. they expect similar inindictments in the bay area. the fbi is seeking the public's help asking anyone who may have observed so called anti competitive practices at foreclosure sales please call their tip line at 415-553-
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7400. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. an abuse case has brought some animal control officers to tears but there is a happy ending for some of the dogs involved. we'll have a live report. also the unexpected twist today when the raiders went to introduce their new head coach. in tracking fog, in the inland bay valley, how much will you see tomorrow morning? i'll have the specifics.
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isn't it true at 10:00 tonight, a horrible case of animal cruelty. dozens of dogs in crates living in conditions so horrible that some animal control officers broke down when they went inside. >> reporter: the director of oakland animal services says it's heartbreaking and the single largest case of abuse she's ever seen. the pictures from inside a home only tell part of the story. dog crates stacked on top of each other in a small room with 33 dogs living in their own waste. >> several of us did cry. it was tough to see. >> reporter: animal control officers arrived at this house on capastrano drive in east oakland after getting complaints about noise and foul odors. >> the smell was very intense. almost impossible to breathe in that space. >> reporter: police arrested artsy yansi on charges of
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animal cruelty. neighbors say they knew he had dogs but nothing like this. mejia watched as the dogs were removed from the home. >> some of them, maybe they were also cramped or confined that they probably, they couldn't walk. >> reporter: many of the dogs were so sick they couldn't be saved. others were too aggressive. those that survived still have struggles. amarilis is a white pit bull, her fur stained yellow after living in their waste. >> most had scalding from sitting in their own feces and urine. >> reporter: still, homes have been found for some of the dogs. >> it's amazing after seeing the conditions they were liveing in how they've adapted and living well. >> reporter: it's also a sign of change in oakland with neighbors calling authorities. >> animal abuse in oakland is definitely being taken seriously and that's what we want to see. >> reporter: the investigation
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continues if there are any signs that these dogs were used for fighting, more felony charges could be filed. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland animal control tonight also told us about another disturbing case where a man attacked a dog with an ax. officers tell us the man charged in the attack charles black was convicted of two felonies, he is expected to be convicted sometime next month. the dog is named blueberry and he's also now developed an intense fear of people. animal control is working with the dog and teaching it how to trust people again. the man accused ofng an elderly relative in her richmond home is expected to be arranged tomorrow. including forcible rape and elder abuse. the contra costa county attorney's office filed the charges today. richmond police say the 80-year- old victim told them the attack happened last thursday night.
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>> a 21-year-old man surrendered to concord police in connection to a hit and run. police say they are reviewing the incident to see exactly what robert summers did. a 52-year-old woman was struck on solano way. he checked on the dog which he also killed. solano is disputing a report that he hit a woman, and did not stop. in san francisco, the man facing vehicle murder of a bicyclist. calder has pled not guilty. visitors to the grand hyatt hotel received a loud welcome
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from union members today. dozens of hospitality workers in the unite here union picketed the hotel. negotiations that began almost a year and a half ago have to p a hotel spokesman claims the union isn't taking negotiations seriously. votes are being cast this week as workers at alta base medical center choose from two different unions. currently the sciu represents the workers. the oakland raiders held a news conference today to announce the signing of their new head coach but it didn't take long for al davis to steal the spotlight. and ktvu sports director mark ibanez is here with more on what happened.
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>> always great theater. raiders conferences have provided more entertainment than what goes on on the field. but everyone knew that was coming. the real reason for the standing room crowd none other than the appearance of the team owner davis. after statements by jackson that lasted nearly an hour. the session involved into basically a public sloughing of tom cable. >> all this stuff goes a long way against my wishes, against my way of living. against my life, and against the raider way. and i just wasn't going to take it anymore. there's no way that he can come clean on this. he know what is he did. look, there are a lot of things
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i can say, a will the of things i can't say based on legal, but you make a judgment for yourself about what you think. was going on in some of these complaints and what was going on with the head coach of the raiders we're not losers anymore. >> reporter: 81 years old and he still can command the room like no other. the disparaging remarks do nothing to dissway the raiders as he today was named the assistant head coach. so under cut today but still landing on his feet, tom cable. >> do we know much about the relationship. did you mean al davis and the new coach. because there's a knowledge that al davis did not get along
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with other coaches. >> jackson refers to al davis indearingly as coach. it was intimated that he would some day be the head coach. for now the two definitely get along and it's a very deferential relationship in terms of jackson to davis. >> we posted more of the interview on our website. just look for video on the sports tab. we had a little bit of valley fog showing up right now. the temperature in santa rosa pretty mild. we basically got less fog to start with. it wasn't that foggy this afternoon. these are the highs from today
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69 in santa rosa. 69 in morgan hill. not quite as warm tomorrow. here's how it goes. today was a little bit foggy then clearing. tomorrow a weak low pressure center gets close to us. see to the north there. that scours out everyone more fog. some more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-60s. we will show you when the fog returns in ernest and when the rain will return to the area. and a group got says it tested 32 samples of sword fish and found 20% had exceeding fda levels. got mercury is a group dedicated to save sea turtles. thgroup is wages on a campaign to stop eating seafood to save turtles getting caught
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in nets. two men charged ongoing after the e-mail addresses of thousands of i pad users. up next, why those two men say they should be commended. >> having to relocate is a concern to tenants on notice. now san francisco slams to host the america's cup are affecting dozens of businesses.
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>> a san francisco man is one of two charged with hacking i pads. but we were up to no good or were they trying to expose a flaw? jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: the security breech involves about 120,000 apple i pad users who had signed up for the at&t 3g
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service. today u.s. attorneys charged conspiracy charges against daniel spitzer and andrew arhimer. federal prosecutors say the men illegally exploited a flaw in the at&t system to access users private e-mails. >> what they used was a program used the spiter. >> elenore mills interviewed arhimer. >> he said we're legitimate researchers who do legitimate work. >> reporter: the men discuss
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possibles of fishing operations as they went public with the flaw. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. . another update on wall street despite disappointing earnings reports from banks, positive news from boeing pushed the dow up 50 points. in nasdaq was also up picking up 10.5 points. the federal communications commission gave comcast the green light today to buy a majority stake in nbc universal. the general company will pay $6.5 billion for a 61% stake of the company. the deal does come with some strings attached. comcast must allow rival cable and satellite providers full access to nbc universal
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channels. kusf the university of san francisco's radio station is moving to public radio. a commercial free all classical music station will be heard there starting on monday. kusf will only be available online. former american idol judge simon cowell turned down a huge payday to return to american idol. the sharp tongue critic turned it down and left the show after last season. the book also reports there was a power struggling between cowell and the show's creator simon fuller. the new show debuts tomorrow evening. there's two new jobs who will be joining randy jackson. i'm outraged, i'm upset concerning my safety. he witnessed a crime, now a
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san francisco man says he's receiving threats from the suspect. beautiful beach front homes are threatened by erosion. on their beach a river runs through it and they don't want it to but they don't know what to do about it. that story next. -p
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the america's cup is expected the bring a lot of jobs an a lot of money to san francisco. but the news is not good for dozens of business located along the waterfront. they are being forced to relocate. including one business that has been entertaining folks for years. tom vacar has our report. >> reporter: this soon to be demolished pier will become the very heart of what will become the america's cup village. the 80 port tenants will have to go.
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>> having to relocate is a concern to us. >> reporter: piatroz and zani has entertained many people in their permanent structure. >> they gave us a tentative date by the end of the year. but i think that's pretty much a moving target. >> reporter: port leases are not permanent. >> our standard industrial short term lease has a clause that says they will be subject to lease terminating, relocation at what we call it development development project of these piers. >> reporter: former governor the newsom said the pier needs the america's cup for improvement. >> we have not been able to find funding. if we're going to move folks we have to do it in a way that
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promotes their success but enhances tir success. that's how we do it. >> they don't wantma'am manzoni to pack up and leave the city. if we're going to have to pack this spot, then they're going to find a place to move us. >> reporter: it's estimated the local economy will see an infusion of $1.4 billion. and 9,000 jobs will be created. although some will be temporary. repealing health care reform is exactly what the new republican majority in the house hopes to do and a vote is set for tomorrow. many republicans campaigned on that platform during the november elections that swept them into power in the house. >> we said we would have a straight up or down vote to repeal this health care law and
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that's precisely what we are doing here today. why we are doing this, other than playing to the vanity of the extremely conservative right wing of the republican party is beyond me. >> reporter: everyone if the house votes to repeal health care reform, a repeal really doesn't stand a chance in the senate where democrats are still in the majority. four term senator joe lieberman of connecticut is expected to announce he will not seek a fifth term next year. he was al gore's running mate on the democratic ticket. then four years ago he won his senate seat as an independent. chinese president is in washington, d.c. tonight where he had a private dinner with president obama. mr.who arrived earlier today and greeted by vice president al biden. and the new chinese american
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mayors of both oakland and san francisco, gene quan and ed lee will be attending. sergeant shriver the founding director of the peace corp. and led the war on poverty died today. shriver is shown here dancing to music as his son-in-law, former governor arnold schwarzenegger took office. shriver was married to the late eunice kennedy. maria shriver was one of the couples five children. president obama called shriver one of the brightest lights of the greatest generation. the mother of a danville soldier who died in afghanistan last week says officials told her a heart problem led to the medical emergency that took his life. major evan muldike died in
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afghanistan. his mother says he was supposed to come home in two weeks. the union that represents nummi workers in san francisco says it's concerned about safety following several derailments in one week. fortunately no one was hurt and no passengers were involved. the san francisco municipal transportation agency which manages nummi acknowledges there is a problem and says it's taking steps to solve it. >> we've moved a lot of the maintenance activity from green some to geneva yard across the street. >> they can say all they want, but in reality you need to fix it. nummi says the yard is safe and hopes to start a $30 million rebuilding process either late this year or early next year. we have an update now on a story we've been following in
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san francisco. a man who said what he believes is right is concerned tonight about his safety. he turned in a suspect after witnessing a crime. now the suspect has sent him a letter from jail. >> reporter: the man says he could not believe it after he received a letter from jail. the name included his name, address and cell phone number. >> i'm outraged, i'm upset concerning my safety. >> reporter: cufey saw a man light paeup papers on fire and place them against this apartment building. after calling police, he identified the man he saw. cufec y told us he received a letter. >> i now understand why people don't want to come forward. in instances like this.
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god forbid this was a shooting. >> reporter: olson who remains -- how olson who remains in jail received cufey's information. >> i believe it's from legal records. >> reporter: other defense attorneys tell us they black out information from any documents the suspect may see. >> if i don't pick up after my dog i'm held accountable. people should be held accountable. that what i'm looking for. >> reporter: we checked and we could not find cufey's cell phone number even online. the same cell phone number that appearings on olson's letter from jail. revealing new details tonight about that mass shooting in tucson. the fog is showing up. how much fog will be there for your compute tomorrow. i'll let you know which neighborhood will have the most
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fog. also ahead, a deer crashes into a castro valley home. what the owner used to get it to leave.
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>> a published report says surveillance video paint a clear picture of what happened during the tucson shootings. law enforcement forces say video shows the gunman shooting john wall in the back while he and another person tries to hide under a table. the gunman fired at giffords face from two to three feet away. loughner is being charged with murder and attempted murder of a congressperson.
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the deer or rather a deer came crashing through a front window. john stoughner says he grabbed his camera and the deer was trying to escape. >> at that time the deer saw the open front door and left. >> reporter: a lamp broke and other small items but generally the damage was minimal and he wasn't hurt. but he said he did find some blood stops so it appears the deer was injured. in news of the world tonight, in pakistan a major earthquake registering 7.2 hit a remorse and sparsely populated area today. people say it lasted 20 to 30 seconds. so far there are no reports of major damage or casualties. however mud houses near the epicenter collapsed. the quake was relatively deep,
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more than 50 miles which may have reduced the damage. john claude went to court today. baby doc has he's known is expected soft steals millions of the dollars and stashing it. in mexico, federal police arrested a founding member of a brutal drug cartel. flavio mendez is the leader of the zetas. and the gang is blamed for the massacre of 72 migrants last year. mexican president felipe calderon is expected to be stanford's commercement speaker. they nominated calderon to send the message to the world about
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social justice. commencement is scheduled for june 12th. a threatening river near coastal homes. up next, how big the problem is and how the plan to fix it was turned down. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is back with the complete forecast.
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some homeowners are worried that it'll take one of their homes collapsing before anything is done. a water creek is destroying their homes and their solution was turned down. >> reporter: these days a 20- foot wide river runs through del mar beach. water that used to cut straight
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into the ocean now goes underneath homes. the water causes other problems as well, pollution and a new cliff. >> there's about a 12-foot drop out there. peoplewalking third base don't real, as soon as they step near that edge h they can fall right down. >> reporter: homeowners asked the state to allow them to bulldoze a step to send the water directly into the ocean but were turned down. the key could be an aging retaining wall. >> because it could come to county planning. we would have to work with the coastal provision. it's not a quick answer but we could do that. >> it could be a long term solution to these homes here directly but it may be a long term problem for homes further down the beach. when you start looking at the effect it may have on the
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lateral drift of stand. >> reporter: homeowners know it will be very difficult to come up with full proof solutions but their concern is that agencies will work until homes are lost before taking any action. robert handa, ktvu news. the santa clara valley water district have placed new provisions. it comes from the underlying creek bed. that could make the dam vulnerable during an earthquake. the owner of a residential hotel in oakland has been charged with conspiring it to have it burned down to get the money from the insurance. singer allegedly offered $65,000 for the job. he is currently being held without bail pending a hearing
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on thursday. if you've ever heard to wait for weeks to see a doctor. new rules now in place put a limit on your wait. for example, a patient must see a doctor for urgent care within two weeks. an allergy specialist told ktvu that hmos need more doctors. >> i think the hmos are being unrealistic if they don't offer more doctors. >> eventually health care providers could be fined for not meeting the new provisions. and i have fog right now in napa and in santa rosa. here's the big area of fog.
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the san joaquin valley, that fog is going to work it's way north ward tonight. it's not going to be that extensive. we're not going to see just that major dose of fog as we've seen the last two or three mornings. tomorrow is a lot like today. patchy fog in the north bay specifically. out toward walnut creek you will see a little bit of fog. in lafayette, dry the long range forecast. the fog is basically an indicator of how stable things are. you don't get fog unless you have stable atmosphere. this weak system was enough to mix out the fog in the northern central valley and the bay area today. the thick fog and hazy sunshine tomorrow will be the forecast. this is drawn in pretty aggressively. it's be patchy and then it'll
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clear off. the big story, there's no rain this week. it'll be nice to get a little rain in here. right now, if you look at the long range models there's nothing. so tomorrow morning patchy fog in your forecast. you knew that. mid-50s around lunchtime, upper 50s mostly sunny. today was we had temperatures in the 60s. upper 60s. tomorrow most of our highs will be in the upper 60s. mostly clear as we head into your day afternoon tomorrow, especially in the santa clara valley. there's downtown livermore. there's 580, 48 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning. so you get the picture, dry and as long as it's dry, you're going to find fog showing up in these spots up toward lake b
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ariesa. 65 los cados. we've had rain the whole winter and fall, wet very wet. and it's gone to this pattern that is super stagnant and that's why we're getting the fogment things could change around here, that fog isn't showing much of a change. so just be careful driving around in the fog. there's an update now in a story we reported in november of a pet shop that was inundated with rats. the rats were saved from a home, and since then you may say nature has taken it's course and there are now 400 more rats. as a result, the female and males have been separated. the human rights campaign will open it's doors in the
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shop that was once harvey milk's office. the trevor project will run a suicide prevention hot line out of the store front. the man who founded the name's project lee jones who was a friend of harvey milk says he believes that harvey milk would approve of the deal. the giants resign two players today. both of whom had a key role of helping the team win the world series. sports is next.
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you seem the to know the answer to this one. a way long time ago. mark is here with more on the raiders new head coach. >> remember a couple of weeks ago when if raiders denied, firmly denied hugh jackson would not be our next head coach. that clenched it. the raiders world reinvolves around al davis. and as everyone from john gruten from john cable will tell you, do not forget that or do not let the door hit you on the way out of town. hugh jackson is the darling right now. what he's done in his brief stint he's managed to endear himself to davis earning him a head coach job. as far as he defers to the man don't get too big for your
10:56 pm
briches. he may last. >> i have never had anyone else who i've had to drawing something on the board for. so i still refer to him as coach he is my resource, whenever i need to have something answered, i call him. >> don't you just love the honey moon period. >> and the two sides weren't about to sour things by going to arbitration. ross is going to earn $6.3 million. that's a nearly $2 million raise over last year. the giants also avoid arbitration with another guy
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who showed up big down the stretch for the world champs, that still sounds good to say. jonathan sanchez, 13 game winner in 2010. lefty agrees to a one year deal worth 3.7 million. maybe he can pull another 50 grand by throwing 100 or so more innings. does seem like a lot of heavy stuffs in points sort. a little lighter moment. first match in the women's side of the net. and aggie rowonska against date crop. brandon that bract. take a look at that again. it's like a baseball player breaking his bat. her look is priceless despite the problem, rowonska got herself another racket apparently and she wins in
10:58 pm
three sets. as the aus australian opening continues. >> that's smashing tennis. >> that's a grand slam event. >> thanks, mark. all right, thank you for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night.
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