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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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least a cloudy mild afternoon, mostly some inland as well and temperatures today, mild, we are starting off in the 40s and 50s so it will not take much to get to the lower 60s. here is tara. we have lights out at the bay bridge, it looks closest to the island halfway to the next to you where, this is in the eastbound direction we will make a few more phone calls and see what is behind this outage. we have a heavy fog advisory in effect and we also have heavy fog advisories issued for the dumbarton bridges so make sure you take it slowly this morning. your drive is looking good in both directions, 4:30 let's head back to the desk. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that caused two homes in the berkeley hills. joining us from the fire scene, good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam,
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i was just told they will not be here until the 8:00 hour but there is a crew out here in case there is any possible hot spots. if you see that house, crews just told me it is possible it started on the second or third level because the bottom has minor damage mostly from water. firefighters got the call just after 8:30 last night which quickly spread to the next door home. it took 35 firefighters a little more than two hours to get things under control but the fire was not the only danger crews had to deal with. it was up in the hills so it was hard to navigate the roads and a power line dropped across. >> the power line dropped across an engine so we had to bail off and get a second
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engine to supply water to sustain the fire attack. no reported civilian injuries and we treated two firefighters for heat exhaustion. >> reporter: now because of the dry conditions, we had to worry because of the threat to nearby homes. fire officials say they will be working with pg&e officials to figure out what happened with the power lines. back to you. last night dozens of officers moved in on the fenced in camp along mandela parkway. they took down the small tent city and it came as quickly as the owner asked them to in on them -- move in on them. >> it became a nuisance. there was a little bit of marijuana smoking i am assuming because we can smell it here.
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>> a handful of defiant demonstrators returned late last night. it is not clear how oakland police will respond. meantime mayor jean quan has faced tremendous criticism and now she is the focus of a front page article in the new york times. it talks about her struggles and mentions her tense relationship with oakland police as well as the recall campaign to remove her from office. a deadly accident happened in livermore following a police chase. it happened late last night. a man on a motorcycle and a man was pinned under a van. the man had been racing at speeds over 100 miles per hour. the man in the van suffered injuries from the crash.
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they are looking for a woman they say is a wanted felon. he can a is wanted on two warrants, one for auto theft and another for drug charges. last night police tried to serve those warrants in oakland. they say she realized the cops were watching her and took off. >> i saw her coming down the sidewalk and ducked the curb. >> that is when she hit a man walking out of a nearby store. he was taken to a local hospital but he is expected to recover. she is driving a white endeavor and it has damage to the front right bumper and a california license plate 6 r-i-c-115. a deadly trend is on the rise among law enforcement officers. according to the memorial fund
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in the line of duty deaths jumped 13% this year. gunfire accounts for the largest number of deaths and that's a 52 percent increase since 2002, they are responsible for putting the lives at risk. officer jim capoot was shot to death while pursuing a bank robbery suspect and he is one of ten officers killed in california this year. a funeral will be held tomorrow for an oakland man who gave the gift of life after his tragic death. charles butler was shot and killed last thursday while driving home from a store. he had just graduated from the maritime academy and was planning on working as a
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merchant marine. he donated his organs and it helped to save the lives of two other men. a 48-year-old man is recovering after being rescued from a cliff along the mendocino cliff. he was pulled from a cliff off a road where he got stranded after a wave swept him against a rock and he injured his hip. paramedics had to climb down on ropes to get him. he was eventually flown to a hospital by helicopter. we are expecting addition on whether state legislatures were within the law when they eliminated the re-- eliminated the redevelopment agencies. governor brown wants to help with the budget deficit. they use it to revitalize areas
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but critics say in recent years the agencies have mostly benefited private developers. a new state law that takes affect on january 1st requires utilities to install remote control shut off valves that run through highly populated -- populated areas. a national transportation safety board concluded -- concluded the time it took to shut off that valve contributed to the disaster. we understand there is some fog in some areas. >> there is fog and the lights are out on the bay bridge and this is something we have never encountered before and we are making phone calls on it and we will be sure to get back to you to estimate when the fixing time will be. it will be in the next 15
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minutes or so but this is a look at the bay bridge incline. you can see the lights on the beginning, this is from emoryville we are looking at here, but it gets darker because those lights are out. the chp are definitely warning people to take it slowly because there is a heavy fog advisory in effect for the span. up next we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see there is a little bit of low-lying fog but commute to san francisco is looking good. we also have a fog advisory for other spans as well. martinez and dumbarton has a fog advisory as well so make sure you go slower than the posted speed limit. 40s or 50s, it is not the 20s but we had a lot more 40s. the fog is formed and we have a
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little bit of a break. you can see the clouds screaming out ahead. so there is a lot of cloud cover and there is a pretty good punch and they will pick up some copious amounts up there. there is rain in crescent city and somebody else is getting in on the rain before it reaches us but it looks like late tonight into tomorrow. north bay some drizzle along the coast. 40s to 50 in san francisco. 46 in oakland. we are continuing to see a lot of cloud cover and there is a juicy system and it will take aim at seattle portland in extreme portland. some areas of fog in the coast, mostly cloudy, starting off with 50 and 60 degrees.
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temperatures will be in the mid- 60s. 60s today, it clouded up on friday and it was warm to much warmer by sunday, pam. 4:39 at the time, mom converged on target store not to go shopping, the unusual protest they carried out all across the country. and the unusual tools police are using to crackdown on something this year. it will take hot spots for fog, coming up.
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. highs on the mild side, a few mid-50s to 60s. a student is behind bars as part of a five-day jail sentence that killed a toddler. now the press democrat said caitlin was booked into the sonoma jail accused of texting behind the wheel when she hit and killed a two-year-old girl an injured her mother last year. she will also have to spend 115 days in detention and perform community service and pay restitution. annan connection with a hit-
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and-run crash, he is suspected of hitting a two-year-old boy after his suv jumped the curb. officers found car parts and a trail of traps missing fluid in a trail to a parking lot. they went to the store right after the crash. >> you hit my son and then you went to target. you got -- you are on camera. >> the boy's family said he has some bleeding and swelling in his brain but he will recover. a contra costa school janitor has been charged with felony counts of child molestation. he molested two boys and neither was a student at any campus at the unified school district where he worked as a janitor but he does remain custody on two million dollars
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bail. nursing moms are targeting a major retail discounter, said she had a bad experience while trying to feed her baby. they went across the country to give her support. she said a target employee humiliated her while she was feeding her baby. she was told to move to a bathroom. >> i said i am not going to move to a bathroom and feed my baby would you want to eat your lunch sitting on a toilet in a bathroom? >> there is word that a third baby has been sickened by a rare bacteria that was linked to formula.
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that is the formula that was pulled from store shelves. two other infants have been sick and so far they have found no trace of the bacteria in the formula. they are five days ahead of the shake up and among the republican candidates, it continues. it puts mitt romney back on top and it follow by rand paul. rick santorum has more than triple the support he had at the beginning of the month. rick perry gets 11% and michele bachmann gets 9 percent. there is another poll out about people's expectations about the new year. they think their situation will improve in 2012 while many people think it will worsen. many people are ready to leave it behind because 68% described
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it is a bad year. shots spotters are now in place on top of building. now the system is a series of microphones connected to police dispatch. it works by different yates the areas with addresses for shots fired. >> we get a large line of gunfire throughout portion of the city to the point where officers get undercover right around midnight. >> anybody recklessly firing a
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gun will be taken into custody. there will be extra officers on the street which will allow faster response time to that shot spotter system. they are making it easier to get around on new year's eve. they will offer free service and muny and cal trans will offer free train service. bart will offer skipping downtown san francisco to avoid over crowding. they will be at the corner of fell and masonic for injury collisions. that area is popular with both bicyclist and motorists which can create problems during traffic. >> there is a potel next and
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people want to get through the light before it changes and pikers are supposed to cross too so i saw somebody get hit that way. >> now cameras will be turned on early january and fines can be fined up to $350. silicone valley are warning people that will likely to finds new targets including your car in the coming year. that is because of all of computers built into cars and trucks. one found it can be remotely accessed through blue tooth or on star connections and that can be easily exploited. >> we can do several things, we can unlock them, start them, deploy the breaks with a smart phone. >> there have only been a few instances where cars have been hacked.
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they are working to protect that threat. and they are launching a new type of television set. apple is not commenting but they are revving up their supply chain after the first of the year. asian papers say it will not be a set top box which is already an apple tv instead it will be an all in one tv with a 32-inch screen. they wanted to revamp the entire television industry with what he called intuitive controls. skipping a day, the reason the island of somalia is wiping december 30th off the calendar this year. and it is reaching a new milestone, stay tun-- and the
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reason a new memorial is reaching a new milestone. stay tuned for more.
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. the government has an order to pay almost $18 million following this jet. both engines failed and crashed into a house. a mother, grandmother and two babies died. now the marine corp admitted a series of mistakes led him to fly over the populated area. the pilot ejected safely. 2011 could turn out to be the safest ever. 1million passengers are traveling and charter flight
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according to a consulting firm. the previous record was one fatality seven years ago. there were no fatal accidents in the u.s. this year. a september 11th memorial has reached a new milestone. it has had one man visitor. it marks the footprint of the world trade center towers andrews about 10,000 people a day. tonight when people go to bed, it will be thursday but when we wake up it will be saturday morning. they are wiping december 30th from its calendar. they are using trade zones and they are working in line with the american traders based in california but times have
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changed and trading partners are now from australia and china. you are saying the lights are out on the bay bridge, is that the case? >> yes, that is the case, first candle stick park and now the bay bridge. definitely take your time across the span this morning. you can see lights are out just east of treasure island. a combination of that s-curve may make it tricky. they are working on the power outage but we don't know when the problem may be fixed. also a heavy fog advisory on san mateo bridge but i guess it is out of the way but it is letting you know to take it slowly. we have a dense fog advisory for the van nearby -- dinesh
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why and -- venetia and dumbarton bridges. the fog has returned and coast and inland a little thick, mainly east bay and lows are mild because of the fog and cloud cover, but for a few hours we will have cloud cover and fog. reporting some in concord as well. there will be some rain in the north coast and for us we will have to wait for tonight and tomorrow but may be we will have some rainfall. 36 san jose, 31 fairfield, allow the of cloud cover, -- a lot of cloud cover, the bark may be worst than its bite a lot of high scattered clouds with increasing clouds as it
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begins to inch closer. this is a weak system, by tomorrow cloudy skies and again morning drizzle. light rain to the north bay. we will start off with some sun and we will have clouds increasing. mild fog near the coast, 60s on the temperatures, or upper 50s for some, extended forecast clouding to friday and it is out of here on saturday and warmer upper 60s into monday pamela. we will take you to the fire scene next for the latest on the investigation into the cause. plus, taking back the internet, what thousands of people are doing today to get the attention of congress.
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. we have a fog advisory in effect right now.


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