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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the highway patrol hit the streets of oakland tonight we're there as this crime suppression effort starts cracking down. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the governor gave the order and within hours the chpd began patrolling oakland. the crack down resulted from a community leaders plea for help. >> reporter: highway pa officers were deployed from the office you see behind me around 7:30 tonight. about a dozen chp officers got behind the wheels of their
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patrol cars and hit the streets of oakland. about 20 minutes we saw hpd officer pull over a driver for cancelled license. similar partnerships with oakland police have lasted from 60 to 90 days. >> our goal is to improve public safety through traffic enforcement and through contacting individuals who may have outstanding warrants. >> reporter: neither oakland police nor chp have said which days or what areas the officers will be patrolling. >> this shows the east oakland areas where the majority of the homicides occur. >> reporter: johnson told us where he would like to see police focus patrols. jackson put jerry brown on the spot asking for help to stop the violence. >> he said he would do it and it's happening tonight. so we're thankful for all that
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we can get. >> yeah, we're being robbed. >> reporter: this woman says she's operated a beauty shop in east oakland for 20 years. >> we really need it, we really need it. best thing to ever happen. >> reporter: in the past these extra patrols usually take place on the weekends. bishop jackson tells us crime spikes wednesday through sunday and that's when most officers are needed. amber lee, ktvu news. ahead in 15 minutes the outpouring of support for an oakland shopkeeper gunned down in a robbery last night. how family members hoped to find their killer. police credit a tactical units for getting six guns off the street. officers say one man had two
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guns, the special tactical unit is designed to suppress violence. california parol agents say they arrested 85 sex offenders during the annual halloween sweep known as operation boo. the arrest included 16 people here in the bay area. agents say they contacted 100 people to make sure they were not making contact with children. efforts to reign in rowdy crowds could be coming in. >> reporter: task force will be going back on regular patrol
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because there aren't enough officers on patrol. there's already varying reasons what will happen over the weekends. 18 arrests at all, party buses are making downtown a destination. >> we saw a bunch of buses coming downtown, a lot of them are already drinking. >> reporter: staffing shortages are forcing them back on to patrol. >> reporter: yeah it will seem like it's a rowdier crowd. >> reporter: last week we had zero arrests. >> reporter: police plan to cut
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their alcohol serving hours but he's appealing saying he'sing being singled out. >> if anything happens within a mile radius, i get blamed for it. if somebody steals a candy bar at 7/11, i'm getting blamed for it. >> reporter: police say that downtown team could lose two of its members as early as january. the other two will go back to regular patrol on an as needed basis. the walnut creek police department is also losing its police chief. chief joe briden announced he is planning to retire in about a year. and he's giving the city six to eight months to find his replacement. briden will be 67 years before leaving his job. sergio romo has apparently
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struck a cord that is resinating with people all around the bay area. romo wore a t-shirt at yesterday's world series celebration that said i just look illegal. many other latino americans approve. >> getting discriminated against, i think sergio has as well. people feel that we could be from mexico and people feel we're undocumented or illegal. >> reporter: at the la raza community in san francisco's mission people told us they're proud of romo but others disagree. some comments on twitter said they disagree with the message and that the world series parade was not the place for it. it's official, giant fans helped b.a.r.t. set a new record yet with 168,000 riders. it was the busiest day in b.a.r.t.'s 40 year history. b.a.r.t. says the record is because of the combination of halloween and the giant's victory parade on top of normal weekday commuter traffic. the previous record was set
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during the last giant's victory parade two years ago. we have some positive economic signs to tell you about last night and a key job's report is due out tomorrow just days before the election. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now in san francisco where she found some signs that hiring is heating up. jana. >> reporter: from union square to time square request people about their economy and it's likely they will say jobs. one showing unemployment down and hiring up. at the boxing room just before the dinner rush executive chef simeno posted a want ad. he did not think he would get
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applications until a couple of days. >> it usually takes a couple of days. >> the unemployment rate has come down from 10% to 7-1/2%. >> reporter: the economy has added 3.5 million jobs. private companies hired 158,000 people. tomorrow's more extensive job report could sway soft voters just days before the election. >> it's a very close race, in a close race anything might push it one way or another. >> reporter: both parties will be prepared to spin the job's numbers. >> if you get a job's number under 100,000 the republicans will say see the economy is in
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real trouble. if you get a jobs number under $150,000, i think the democrats will be in recently good shape. >> reporter: and that jobs report will be back under four hours, four days before the recession. more details now that jobs report helped power the jobs report. nasdaq rose 42 to close back over the 13,000 mark. coming up in six minutes the home stretch in the race for president. with polls as tight as they can be. each candidate has a message. and in 14 minutes the push for young voters, what's being done to encourage voting on college campuses in the bay area. california governor jerry brown says he is confident that voters will pass prop 30 despite polls showing a decline for support. >> there are so many darn polls, if you read them carefully you will have the
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same sense of optimism that i do. the governor was in san francisco for an event at the commonwealth club. proposition 30 is his tax initiative to fund schools the governor says if it fails automatic trigger cuts will kick in costing schools about $6 billion. opponents though call that scare tactics. prop 30 increases taxes on those making more than $200,000 a year. >> it seems perfect college
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courses online for free. tonight the draw back we experienced as we explored this new trend. and i'll track potential dense valley fog. we'll let you know where it'll be in your morning commute. and the aftermath of sandy, we're live in the east coast on the obstacles people are now facing. ñw
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now to our continuing coverage of super storm sandy, we are getting pictures of the extent of the damage on the
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jersey shore. this is seaside heights. the olympic ocean swept over the barrier island tearing apart homes and leaving behind tons of sand. crews are now working to cap hundreds of ruptured lines hoping to avoid another disaster. the number of power outages has been cut in half but tonight more than 100 million customers remain without power in the east toll. the death toll has now climbed to 90. the road to recovery is just beginning for some. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: about a million people still in new jersey without power and the temperatures getting very, very cold. but one of the roads to recovery one of those steps down that road is the fact that roads are opening into atlantic city for the first time since this storm hit. now families are getting into this area to see where they need to start. what they need to do to recover from hurricane sandy.
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>> this is the time when families are really living in hardship. >> reporter: andrew cuomo is letting people know that roads will reopen friday a huge relief to many commuters. much of lower manhattan is still reels after hurricane sandy. >> we came last night, they were out of gas. we're on fumes so it's just matter of we had to do this. gas lines in new jersey are just as bad, many people around the state are choosing to drive rather than taking public transportation into new york for work. >> i don't think you're going to see a gas shortage once the power comes back on. right now it's much more of a power issue than supply issue. >> reporter: governor chris christie is assuring people that more help is coming down. >> the light of day on tuesday was a time for us to feel sad
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and sorrowful, wednesday was to begin to plan and thursday to act. >> reporter: they are certainly starting to act. crews they were literally truck after truck after truck rolling into this portion of new jersey. there was a crew working back here earlier. they're having to scrape up literally two to three feet of sand, dumping into dump trucks and taking it to the side. they can't just dump it back on to the beach because they must take out debris like nails. the lines are long and that has led to a lot of delays. these are people lined up waiting to take a bus into manhattan. in the city there's no service south of 23rd street because of
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a power outage. many of new york subway trains were running again today. some commuters said they were relieved after being forced to walk to work. it's still not clear when all 600 plus miles of the system will return to full service. now to our 2012 election coverage. a new poll out today suggests the race for the white house is neck and neck. a new washington posttracking poll shows 49% of likely voters support president obama. while 48% say they're voting for his republican challenger mitt romney. the candidates returned to the campaign trail this morning after several days off. >> right now we could be putting more people back to work now. fixing roads and bridges, making sure our schools are state of the art. >> reporter: the president is expected to travel nonstop
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until election day hitting the all important battleground states. he has set to return to ohio tomorrow. >> i'm going to reach across the aisle and meet with democrats who love america just like you love america, and there are good democrats like that. >> romney is expected to attend rallies in ohio and wisconsin tomorrow. president obama received a big endorsement from new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he used this week's storm to highlight the president's warning about global warming. the victim's wife says she still hasn't been allowed to
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see her husband's body. >> wilbur bartly's family shared photos and put out a plea. >> this is such a sad sad moment. not because of just what's been taken from us but because it's been taken from everyone else. >> reporter: so they want answers including his widow. >> i don't have any information about my husband, i haven't seen him since he died. i cannot view his body because it's a homicide. >> reporter: a homicide which pushed howard jordan to stand with the family explaining how last summer he met the business owner. >> i'm here today to personally condemn that senseless act of violence against this man. this man was more than just a number in a homicide stats, he was a family member, a son, a
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dad, a nephew, a cousin. >> reporter: oakland police say bartly was alone after closing and was shot and killed during a robbery around 7:30. his metro pcs store has been a mainstay for 14 years. he may have worked behind a glass window for safety but never treated customers like there was anything between them even giving away raiders tickets to neighborhood kids. today, posters filled with words of comfort and flames continued to burn. the family is putting together reward money for any information leading to an arrest in this case. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. it's going to be a chilly one out there tonight expecting some fog showing up in some north and east bay valleys. what happens is we got a little bit of rain in here. the ground is moist. the day will be cool. in the north bay, temperatures
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in the upper 40s. when the temperature meets the dewpoint, the fog forms. that's why we're expecting fog. we have a little bit of fog as well and those two could merge up. if you live or commute in those areas that has traditional foggy locations look for them tomorrow. when i get back here at 10:45 the bay area weekend in view. we'll see you back here. the ross valley sanitary district says a sewage spill is worse than at first thought. it was first discovered tuesday evening and repaired later that night. new estimates say it was actually about 88,000 gallons. the agency is working now with the town of san anselmo to determine how much sewage entered drains. nurses walk off the job in a contract dispute. why those news say they won't
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even considered the hospital's -- those nurses say they won't even consider the hospital's officer. students are encouraging everyone to head to the polls, and how they did out here tonight with a little music and dancing.
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3,000 nurses are on strike tonight at seven sutter hospitals around the bay area. the nurses union says sutter health is asking them to make 100 major concessions including changes to their paid sick leave and higher cuts. >> the hospital has put out its last, best and final offer. and that's what we want taken to our nurses for a vote. >> their last best final is almost verbatim of their first offer to us. almost verbatim. so no we have not taken a vote.
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>> reporter: the nurses planned a one day strike but sutter says it will keep replacement nurses for five days. the dispute has dragged on for 18 months and this is the sixth time nurses have staged a strike. the strike effects sutter hospitals in berkeley, oakland, castro valley, san leandro antioch and vallejo. they include alta base, sutter delta and sutter solano. workers at raley's are showing solidarity as they prepare for a possible strike on sunday. today a group of workers rally outside the federal courthouse in sacramento. the two sides are meeting with a federal mediator but they only have until midnight saturday to work out their differences. raley's wants a pay freeze for two years and the elimination of premium pay. if workers walk out it will be
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their first strike against raley's in the company's 77th year history. the last minute push is on to get voters to the polls but there's one group that is historically absent. maureen naylor is live now in san jose state to explain why young voters could tip the scales in a very tight race, maureen. >> reporter: campaign buttons are nothing new but tonight red and blue glow sticks and new technology to encourage those young voters. this 21-year-old foothill college student voted for the very first time. >> i guess when i was younger i was pretty apathetic about it but now that i'm old enough to do it i see why it's important to do it. >> reporter: he's part of a group of voters from 18 to 25 that usually don't turn out to vote. an energetic crowd was out trying to get the vote out. >> i was very excited about the
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whole day. >> reporter: and a little music for a voting block that tends to trend to vote for a certain party. compared to 74% of those 65 and older, younger voters are more trusting of the government and less interested in politics. at san jose state there were many empty seats. >> hey, what are you doing right now? >> reporter: those students stood outside trying to get others in. they also used this poster that links devices directly to election websites. >> it's to educate our students more and to tie them to technology. >> reporter: of the 1.4 million people who use the state's new
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online voter registration system about half of them were younger voters. maureen naylor, ktvu news. a college education without the tuition. >> it's like coming out west in the gold rush. there's this big area who are trying to get in and we have no idea where it's going to go. >> the new trend in education and why some students feel cheated. >> at 10:45, sending supplies to areas hit hard by sandy. the big mobilization effort at travis. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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some students say it's unfair. >> reporter: a very crowded class on intelligence. but you can take it for free on the worldwide web. >> no money investment, all you invest is your time and you get a lot for it. >> reporter: 40-year-old tamir durebstein got a call after he completed six online courses in six months. >> the thing about tech here in the valley is that no one really paying too much attention on credentialing. people are interested in what you know and what you do. >> it's like coming to the big gold rush. >> reporter: keith dublin who teaches an introto math which is also available free online, says this education broadcast to masses at no cast is unwalked territory. >> from all over the world with
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different backgrounds, the goal of the course. >> reporter: this quarter 62,000 people signed up for dublin's online online class. they're called moots. what happens next is nothing short of a phenomenon. >> 450,000 people register and sign up for these three things. >> it's insane. >> reporter: armando fox teaches computers online and in campus. 30,000 people enrolled online this fall. he also oversees uc berkeley's participation with harvard, mit and university of texas in free online courses called the edx. >> most of the people enrolled in these are not full time students. we get people in countries that get six hours of electricity a day and they were using that time to get an allocation in the class. >> reporter: her out of state tuition fees $40,000 a year. >> i think it's really cool
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that berkeley is trying to spread like their great education system everywhere, but at the same time it's a little frustrating since i'm paying so much. >> reporter: students exasperated by tuition hikes have ignited controversy on campus. according to the federal bank of new york americans owe a trillion dollars in student loans. but if this online program could help fund universities and help students no one knows just how yet. >> maybe they should counter it by charging a small fee. >> reporter: corserra offers classes. >> it might have taken a year to get something comparable. >> reporter: these free classes do not lead to a college degree. >> it would be a case of buyer beware anyone who wants to hire somebody with this certificate.
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>> reporter: everyone we spoke to said online is not on campus. >> not the whole experience, to watch the lectures online there's much more that stanford officers. >> reporter: to get that experience you will have to pay stanford tuition. but this course online can give you taste of stanford education for free. a san jose school district is facing another lawsuit in a child sex abuse scandal involving a teacher. the mother of the alleged victim filed the lawsuit today against former evergreen elementary school teacher craig chandler. he is accused of molesting a total of five children and is currently awaiting trial. an exclusive ktvu field poll shows a dramatic shift in sentiment toward the repeal of
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california death penalty. a sudden surge in support, with 25% of likely voters saying they will vote yes and 38% of them saying they will vote no. 17% of voters remain undecided. the director talks about why that might be the case. >> as voters are kind of learning more about this and turning their attention to the ballot and reading their materials and however they go about making their judgments on elections more voters are coming around to the yes side. >> there are strong ethical issues on both sides, in 1989 twice as many voters thought it was more expensive to house somebody for life in prison than it was to execute them. now he says 52% believe the opposite because of all the court appeals. pay pal has a new holiday offer. if you buy something and you find it elsewhere cheaper pay
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pal will pay you the difference. the food's code chain will break ground tomorrow on a new store in oakland. it'll be built on foot square. the supermarket will anchor the center with ross dress for less. it will also create about 100 new jobs. foodco has five other stores in the area. the home consignment center on indis in -- industrial road was hit by a group of workers: investigators are now working with other law enforcement agencies as they try to solve this case. >> our investigators are working hand in hand with investigators and other jurisdictions. >> this is surveillance video
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from a recent similar crime at a bay area jewelry store. authorities say such robberies have taken place in san pablo, oakland and berkeley. a day of the dead celebration this evening took on a political tone in san francisco. dia de los muertos is a typical holiday that honors people's ancestors. one event in the mission tonight focused on people killed by police. >> this is not just isolated incidents that occur on your block, or in your city. i mean this is a national epidemic. >> cephus johnson is the uncle of oscar grant who was killed by a police officer on new year's day 2009. i'm back here in just a few minutes, we're going back to your bay area weekend i'll show
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you which day will be the warmest, saturday or sunday. and the record in russia this building just broke.
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the california highway patrol is investigating a chain reaction accident. news chopper 2 was overhead about 3:00 this afternoon this is one of two crash scenes involving a big rig and nine cars that blocked three lanes. only minor injuries resulted however the pile up led to huge back ups you see it there that lasted for nearly two hours. the san mateo coroner's office is trying to identify a body spotted today in the surf. a tourist looking out his window made the discovery this
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morning. right afterward the tourist called for help. a sheriff's spokeswoman said the person was a white man in his mid-30s. deputies said they found no obvious signs of trauma. a woman says she used an attack tactic on a shark that attacked her in maui. she said it was a reflex to throw a few punches at the shark and managed to land one on his nose. >> i would hear like noise, people yelling i think. it was like hollywood. you see the big jaws coming at you. >> she wasn't bitten but did need about 60 to 70 stitches. earlier this week a surfer in eureka also survived a shark attack by punches the shark until it let him go. ktvu check with the hospital and we learned scott stevens
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was discharged today. he was attacked on tuesday while paddling on his board. in news of the world tonight in columbia, a bomb exploded prematurely. police suspect drug gang members were carrying a bomb on a bicycle when the bomb went off. the bombers died, 37 people were injured. the bomb was likely intended for police headquarters just about a block from that party. in italy, flooding in venice is higher than usual. it has gotten worse over the past several years. movable barriers are being built to protect venice but financing is difficult in the current economic climate and completion has been pushed back to 2016. in russia, moscow has reclaimed the crown for having the tallest building in europe. a few months ago a title went to a building in london. the new tallest building in
10:42 pm
moscow is called mercury city. it stands 1,190 feet tall. however there's another skyscraper going up right next to it that's going to be taller when it's finished next year. union city is celebrating the new station center with new pieces of arts. the development has been under way since 2007 and includes 157 units of affordable housing. it also features three 15-foot tall sculptures by dubre. they are his only works in the u.s. the pyramid in the playground are one of only two in the world. and how travis air force base is now stepping in to help those in need in the east coast. and chief meteorologist bill martin is working on his latest forecast, he's back to tell us when we can see more
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more relief is on the way to the east coast tonight as crew in the bay area make their way to the storm ravaged communities. the major effort that goes into mobilizing for the disaster. >> reporter: airmen at travis air force bay are part of the support team mobilizing to send supplies to those devastated by hurricane sandy. this morning dozens of airmen loaded the c5 on its way to southern california. there they will be part of a big effort to load planes with generators to help those without power. >> we have active duty, we have reserve and we have a family members and everybody is helping the east coast. >> there's very few units that can do what we can do. we have the ability to load all
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types of cargo utility vehicles, cars, cargo, put on on a single plane, and fly it one shot to where it needs to be. >> reporter: and it's not just the military. three dozen other red cross volunteers will join. >> i'll be working at the shelter as a shelter manager. and trying to make sure that things go properly, things go smooth and people get their basic needs. >> reporter: the red cross and other local organizations have been conducting blood drives here to help bolster the supplies for victims. the best thing you can do to help hurricane victims is to donate money or blood both of which are in short supply. in oakland, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on the relief effort, wells fargo bank is donating $1 million. fedex has pled 102 million in
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cash and transportation support. and target has committed $50,000 to the salvation army. in all target has given a half million dollars to storm relief efforts. two more small pieces of meteorites have been found in nevado. a geology student found this one and another meteorite was found near by. the first meteorite was found two weeks ago in pleasant valley neighborhood. the second was found two miles from there bringing the total number of space rocks found now to four. the big wave surf contest known as mavericks announced a new sponsor. the contest will run sometime between november 9 and march 31st providing the surfing conditions are just right. dentists handed out cash for candy today in both alameda
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and pleasanton. dentists say the halloween candy buy back helps save children's teeth from decay. they are shipping the candy overseas to our troops. at alameda dentistry, kids received $2 bills or gold coins at a rate of $1 a pound for their candy. and we've got a little bit of fog along the coast but not as much as we had earlier today. let's go outside, live storm tracker 2. i can't see it tonight with the infrared camera. but i have a little bit of fog here. tonight we're anticipating fog to show up in some of these inland bay valleys. we have two types of fog working. coastal fog or invention fog. radiation fog that's all the same thing. be prepared for that tomorrow morning as you head off to work especially in the north bay. these are the highs from today. forecast highs tomorrow warmer
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than they were today. the clouds are going to filter in throughout the day especially in the afternoon hours. and that will create partly cloudy mostly cloudy conditions but a nice day for your friday. saturday, sunday look a lot nicer. it's doing to warm up nicely. sunday looks to be the warmest day in the bay area. overnight lows is going to be pretty chilly. 44 in napa. overnight low temperatures dewpoint in napa right now probably about, probably about 42 degrees, 43. once that temperature drops down actually 44 degrees you're going to get some fog. that's why we're anticipating fog. dewpoints related with that rain. last night the grounds is wet, there's a higher humidity so no fog. it'll be patchy but in these spots north and east bay valleys and there might be some coastal fog mixed in with it along the beaches and peninsula. it's one of those mornings you might think about, bay bridge may get a little bit of fog and
10:50 pm
you might see a bit of an issue. steve paulson is going to be here in the morning. and the first thing he's going to be doing is going to look for the fog. that's going to create more cloud cover tomorrow afternoon, here we are tomorrow morning. here we are tomorrow afternoon. clouds start to filter in in the north bay. saturday, a few more clouds in the morning. it's actually really cloudy. the wind kind of click on shore a little bit. saturday and sunday warmer, sunnier on sunday than saturday but really a nice weekend over all. sunday is going to be your warmest day on the weekend. these are your forecast high for over 50 cities, 71 in fairfield, warmer than it was today. 69 in walnut creek. just slightly warmer. on the santa clara valley, 71 in morgan hill. the weekend looks really good especially the sunday. that's going to be your warmest
10:51 pm
day with temperatures going into the 80 degrees. >> return of summer. >> it's going to be really nice. we found out new politics. you may remember ivory madison. she first told police about the fight between mirkarimi and his wife. she broke her silence tonight. she said the system didn't work. now madison is urging voters to oppose olagi because she voted to give mirkarimi his job back. helping those in need. the two goals the second harvest food bank is hoping to reach this holiday season. prop thirty-eight.
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thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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this is a busy time of year at the second food harvest. the holiday food drive has now begun as much food and supplies as it has it needs more. second harvest says it supplies food to 250,000 people in the silican valley and peninsula every single month and it's hoping to raise $12 million and 2 million pounds of food this
10:55 pm
holiday season. mark joins us now. no rest for the weary, the giants are still working. >> they can't put anything to rest. the rest of the teams they were out of it they were already busy on their offseason stuff. savoring their victory. the giants brain trust illegal business to attend to. plenty of decisions to be made. parting ways with aubrey huff. of course the mayor contributor to 2010 huff declined in an alarming way and leaves a buy out although they have every intention of signing their other major free agents like angel pagan, and marco scutero. none were given qualifying officers today should any of them depart the giants would not receive compensation from the team that signs them. but like i say they do want them back. solid a guy as you will ever find former giant third
10:56 pm
baseman williams now a candidate for the toronto blue jays. they have received permission to receive that job from williams from the arizona diamondbacks where he has coached the past three seasons. of course he played there as well. keep that momentum rolling forward. raiders hoping to do that in every possible way. a very winnable day in fact, against tampa in oakland. you're going to see it right here at 2:00. encouraging signs of late. coach dennis alan and jason tarver closing in on a defensive team of work. injuries that slowed progress but one healthy presence. former number one pick michael huff has made a nice transition to corner back after six years as a safety. >> how comfortable are you with the word corner back? a little different they say it but i just love playing it whether i'm a corner, safety, nickel i just want to be on the
10:57 pm
field and playing. >> maybe he's still learning that position. >> of course, i would. they threw it up there and made the play. i would love to say i loveded the opportunity. >> thursday night nfl football, directly impacting the raiders in the afc west. third quarter matt cassell by a swarming defense. he's not coming back with a 50- yard return with the mit. charges roll 31-13 over the chiefs. they are 4-4 now and if the raiders win on sunday against tampa they would also be 4-4 tied for second place in the afc west. right behind denver. that's the sporting life for thursday night. we do want to remind everybody tomorrow night at 5:00 if you want to relive the giant's entire season the world series all that right here on channel 2, we will do just that. >> we're going to look forward
10:58 pm
to that. thank you mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning will start at 4:30 tomorrow. we'll see you then.
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