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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a san francisco home goes up in flames tonight. the difficulty that firefighters faced in bringing it under control. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that fire destroyed a home in a neighborhood of million dollars homes. amber lee is live now to tell us what happened.
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>> reporter: investigators are still on scene making sure there are no flair ups. the fire started here and spread next door. the fire broke out around 7:00 tonight on firmwood. neighbors told me dinner was interrupted by the smell of fire. they initially thought it was someone's fireplace that is until they looked outside. >> this house was on fire like i've never seen before. it was the most frightening thing i had ever seen. it was unbelievable how hot and bright it was. i could feel the intensity on my face. it was out of control. >> reporter: fire crews said when they arrived the home was fully engulfed in flames. the assistant fire chief tells us the house was unoccupied and currently under construction. making it hard for firefighters to go in.
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>> to protect our members, there were no people, only property, we fought it from outside to protect our people. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they suspect roofers caused the fire. >> they were working on the roof, they were using a big canister and torch gun and my guess is the that's what started it. >> reporter: this is a live look at the scorched wall of the home next door. firefighters said the couple who live in this home will not be displaced. one firefighters suffered dehydration and exhaustion and was taken to the hospital for observation. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. ahead in five minutes, we have confirmed plans to close four fire stations in contra costa county. now the question is which ones. we're on storm watch tonight as a traumatic change in the weather has pull a chill
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in the air and brought scattered rain to the area. in liver mother you can see pollables were -- folks were prepared with umbrellas and others were caught off guard. the chp says the rain is most likely a factor in this accident on highway 101 in san rafael this afternoon. officers say the wet road should be a reminder to drivers as winter approaches. the chp recommends when the roads are wet you increase the distance from the driver in tproápbt -- in front of you. make sure you turn on youring lightnings every time you turn on your wipers because that's the law. we have team coverage tonight, our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the radar and expects snow as low as 3,000 feet this evening but we're going to
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start outdoors in blue canyon in placer canyon. cara liu is live with our conditions and it looks pretty cold up there. >> reporter: it sure is. below freezing, about 28 degrees. we're getting just a light snowfall right now. if you take a look on the ground we have a few inches of snow that's built on the roadway. if you look just a little bit further just in the last hour. we've seen the snow start to stick to the road out here. >> reporter: along eastbound interstate 80, chain controls were in place about 20 miles east of colfax. >> it's been pretty busy, for a weekday. >> reporter: this group has been delayed. >> we were prepared, we brought water and snacks, but it has been going really small. >> reporter: the group on their
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way back from touring the university of nevada reno did not mind. >> where we live in livermore it doesn't even rain that much. >> reporter: caltrans has 100 pieces of equipment and 130 crew members working around the clock to clear the snow. this accident on westbound 80 was one of numerous spin offs, folks driving too fast for the conditions. >> reporter: and these pictures were sent by the folks from squaw valley showing us a few inches of snow at the base late this afternoon. the resort is expecting up to a foot of snow between today and tomorrow. right now squaw valley is scheduled to open in two weeks. back here live if the weather forecast does hold up. boreal could reopen as early as this saturday. we're live along interstate 80, cara liu. if you're traveling on highway 50 to the south lake tahoe area be prepared. these are pictures from earlier today. you can see it was snowing near
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lake level at myers. caltrans says four wheel drive vehicles and snow tires are the only exception to its changing requirements. now to chief meteorologist bill martin he's tracking the rain and snow. >> we were just talking about how quickly it goes from winter to snow. widely scattered showers, let's stop it now. what it means is showers. they sort of come together. outside we have mostly clear skys in many places and a few sprinkles. the weather is mainly stopped. a little bit of shower activity up here on point rays. there are a few more showers. overnight lows tonight are going to be downright chilly. when i get back we'll have all the details and we have more
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rain that could impact one of the commutes on your friday. and we talk about the weekend. >> on you can get weather information including radar information. look for the link at the top of the main stage. authorities said they uncovered a drug lab and seized drugs and weapons. officers say they made three arrests, they found heroin, meth, marijuana, an assault weapon and other rifles. police say the lab was being used to make a hallucinogen. officers say they'll be working well into the 'king and expect to make more arrests. uc berkeley students walked out of class to demand a reduction in tuition.
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sprawl plaza was the scene of a noisy protest. university officials say the prop 30 tax funds will prevent about $250 million in cuts. >> this is the start for us to get our bodies out on the street and demonstration that we're here first and fore most we're not apt mystic. protesters said they will make their sroeuzs heard again next week at the uc berkeley -- make their voices heard again next week at the uc berkeley meeting. under the proposal so called super seniors who already have enough units to graduate would pay extra. so would students who repeat courses and those who take 18 units or more per semester. the board of trustees will consider their plans at their meetings. four fire stations will be closing at the end of this year and the cuts aren't going to
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stop there. eric rasmussen is live in lafayette, he tells us this is all because of what happened on election night. >> reporter: you know measure q was a parcel tax to fill a budget hole at the fire protection district. it did not pass this week and now fire officials say it's no longer a question of whether fire stations will close, only which ones. >> reporter: neighbors of fire station 17 in lafayette are already worrying and wondering if it's on the chopping block. >> it would absolutely break our heart. >> reporter: isabela adolphson live across the street. >> it was just amazing, it's a safe place. >> reporter: on tuesday, measure q failed to get the 2/3 vote needed to authorize a parcel tax to fill a gap at the fire district. today they were meeting to talk about which of the department's
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28 stations would have to close something he warned about when we talked to him in july. >> it's not a scare tactic it's reality. >> reporter: now the county fire marshallen confirms four stations will -- marshal confirms four stations will close in january. >> whether or not it's down the vet from -- down the street from where a station is being closed or not, they'll be getting the call down the street. >> people are set up with the pension. it's just way too much money. and there doesn't seem to be any reform in sight. nobody is doing anything and the rest of us just don't want to pay for that. >> reporter: tonight the fire marshal told me it costs about $2 million a year to operate each of these fire stations. they hope to have a final list of which stations will be closing by the end of this month. live in lafayette, eric rasmussen. the fire department in menlo park is getting i pads for all of its fire engines thanks to a $10,000 donation.
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the fire chief says the i pads can can give crews mapping and information about buildings while they're on their way to an more than. the technology also lets the fire chief track resources and assess each incident. the donation comes from insurance brokers and the fireman's fund insurance company. a bay area woman kidnapped, tied up in her own car and robbed. where the thieves dumped her. it's designing shopping at a discount. some of the problems people faced getting here. you'll neat your jacket and umbrella in the morning. i'll pinpoint how much rain you will get.
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the newest mall in the bay area opened today, and so many people showed up, there's been major traffic all day. why is this mall so popular, jana katsuyama has the story. >> reporter: one thing that makes it different from other malls is it focuses on high end names. many said they got big bargains but the problem was getting here. at the paragon new outlet people waited in line searching for deals. >> people were out here in line waiting before we opened up. >> these retailers here are
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literally 25 to 65% off full retail every day and that is also in addition to any sale or specials that we're running. >> reporter: one shopper at barney showed us $200 sweater that he bought for $90. >> i got 30% off on one sweater, and 20% off two others. there you go, christmas early, for me. >> reporter: the traffic was tied up adds people tried to get to the mall. >> traffic is bad. we parked across the street where target is and we walked across the street through the overramp. >> reporter: police helped traffic. >> 30 minutes from the exit to get to the parking space. >> reporter: the outlets are expected to give the economy a big boost. >> it's $200 million of tax
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revenue that goes into the coffers. >> reporter: the reason needed more retail. >> i think it's awesome. i don't have to go away to milpitas, i don't have to go away to vacaville, i can stay right here by home. >> reporter: mall managers are also looking to draw tourists in from san francisco hotels and this mall is already 100% leased. so a second site is scheduled to open in 2014. you can see the line of car headlines coming out of this parking lot and they're expect to have 200,000 people visit by the end of the weekend. >> walnut creek police are looking for two men who kidnapped a 57-year-old woman, stole her money and left her tied up in oakland. police say the woman was forced into her own car outside the shadeland's park office. they said the two men blindfolded and bound the woman
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then withdrew money using her atm card. the man left the victim tied up. >> looking into a number of feeds, security camera footage from a number of locations. >> reporter: police describe the systems systems -- suspects as white men in their late 20s. 5'11 reufrpls, about 185 pounds, broad shoulders, short dark hair, white t-shirt and black zip jacket. the second man is described as 5'9". president obama is sedge -- scheduled to address the nation tomorrow. since returns from chicago he has not being holding any public meeting. president obama is expected to talk about the looming fiscal
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cliff. >> i'm really proud of all of you, and what describe -- >> reporter: president obama wiped away tears as he thanked his campaign staff following the election win. mr.obama talked about his work as a community organizer coming full circle and he told his staff they will do amazing things. his campaign released this video. >> reporter: just days after the election one republican leader says this is the lowest point the party has ever seen. ktvu's maureen naylor is live now in los altos where republicans are looking at the disconnect with voters and what's ahead for the future. >> reporter: there's 100 million registered republicans, tuesday was a tough night for them. and tonight we asked what the
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republican party needs to do now. >> i was disappointed. >> reporter: the santa clara political major voted for romney. >> i think in terms of financial the republican party has a good financial stands but fails to reach people. >> reporter: the party needs to find a new way to appeal to women and minorities. bill waland has worked on gubernatorial campaigns. >> romney did work among asian voters than he did among hispanic voters. it's a series of riddles that the republican party has disconnected so vastly. >> reporter: democrats secured the first supermajority in the legislature in decades. >> i think we need to do some soul searching. how we're doing as a party. >> reporter: from 36% of voters in 1996 to 29% this year.
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while the number of no party preference voters has almost doubled at the same time from 11% to 21%. >> reporter: the republican party right now is second tier status. >> i think there's a great future for the party. i don't think it was a bad night. i think what it was was an awakening. >> reporter: an awakening to reach out to more people and an opportunity to come back stronger. live in los altos, maureen naylor. in just minutes, a race that is too close to call. and the latest blow, a nor'easter. it brought snow to large parts of new york and new jersey that had been battered already by superstorm sandy last week. more power lines were also brought down. the word is that some people may be without power until thanksgiving which is still two weeks away. as of today 750,000 customers remain in the dark.
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the nor'easter also caused more flight cancellations between san francisco and the new york area. officials said there were nine cancellations that is down from 30 yesterday. most of them were from kennedy international airport in new york, newark airport. san jose airports reported no delays but they are fewer flights to the east coast. in live storm tracker up and going. we have snow in the mountains widely scattered showers. widely scattered showers around here. just offshore now we have these showers getting ready to move in. they are very light and they are widely scattered stuff. the biggest hit was at about 1:00 or 2:00. more of that stuff out there tomorrow. i'm going to show you in our latest computer model. tomorrow morning overnight lows they're going to be chilly. 40 in napa. that's really cold. 46 in vallejo, when the kids
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head to school they're going to need jackets, they're going to need them in the morning, they're going to need them all day. there is a chance for more showers tomorrow. not as much as we had today but more tomorrow. i'll see you back here with that and your five day forecast with your weekend in view. >> we have a spinach recall to tell you about tonight. also dualing protests as a new restaurant opens its doors. the controversy fueled in part by tuesday's election. you could find somebody that's stable, very unstable, medicaided, so agents are on high alert when they go up to these doors. >> special agents going door to door here in the bay area. in eight minutes why these agents are targeting gun owners. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
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supporters of same-sex marriage are celebrating tonight in washington state. voters there have approved gay marriage. the celebration began even before the vote became full-
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time today and opponents conceded -- vote became final today and opponents conceded. the gay marriage debate was front and center today in walnut creek. that's where a new fast food restaurant opened to long lines of customers. as ktvu's jade hernandez reports chick-fil-a were being served up with a side of protest and counter protest. >> reporter: the plan was always to open with a protest here. then tuesday's election result approving same-sex marriage in three other states further encouraged protesters. >> i think it made us more eager to get out here and tell people, that they're on the wrong side of history. >> in those states they decided
10:25 pm
against morality. >> reporter: dave katy served up some controversy saying they're guilty against charged. >> that's intolerance. >> reporter: this isn't about hate and shouldn't be on either side. >> we don't want to interrupt with their business, we don't want them to not go in. we're just making a statement. >> reporter: today even patrons not in favor of gay marriage felt offended by some demonstrator's signs. >> that doesn't really represent who christians are. >> reporter: the member of the chick-fil-a serving water. and by the look of the lines, people are getting the taste of. there's a big recall of bagged spinach due to fears of
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salmonella contamination. the recalled spinach has a used by date of november 7. the spinach was sold in stores in 17 states including california. no illnesses have been reported though. fresh express grows most of its produce in the salinas valley but is owned by chiquita brands. 37-year-old sean moffet came home with a bump on his head and told his roommate that five men had attacked him. but police say that he might have been five people that were doing summer salts on a mattress and hurt himself that
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way. >> he said that five men had assaulted him. and he had been beat in the back of the head. he said they really beat me up badly. he used some curse words and said, they really, really beat me up. >> reporter: his roommate says that he was unconscious the next morning and he was dead. plus turning back the clock on black friday. how wal-mart hopes to attract early bargain hunters this year. >> on the streets of california department of justice. why they're knocking on doors in the bay area and the unknown that waits for them on the other side. oñ
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special agents are
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targeting one city at a time going after gun owners. >> you will be close covered. >> reporter: locked and loaded, radios on. target city on this night. >> we'll search the residents. >> reporter: san leandro. >> initial contact is the most dangerous. robert slide around to the left. >> reporter: special agents from the california department of justice are on the hunt. >> it appears nobody is home at this time. >> reporter: but they keep moving. >> door to door from day into night looking for a number of people. >> 10:23, next one up is number six on the plan. >> reporter: people who they say lost their rights to own guns. but who still have them. >> these people have security doors, you can't see behind the security door when you're on the outside. >> reporter: he talks about the unknown and it's critical to point out because agents don't know what they're doing to
10:31 pm
find. they knocked on the door of a woman who was deemed mentally disabled and they found a gun and a shotgun and the bullets that go with it. >> she's prohibited until 2017. >> reporter: on this fall night special agent supervisor john marsh alerts us to some numbers. 19,374. the number of armed prohibited persons in california who in all have an estimated 34,000 guns. and as of last month the california doj says more than 2,700 of these individuals live in the bay area. this east bay residence who lives a few doors down from where agents confiscated this ammunition is happy with the plan. they have a list of people
10:32 pm
prohibited to carry guns. convicted felons, domestic offenders, and mentally ill people. >> reporter: baldwin park virginia, february 26, 2008. roy perez shoots and kills his mother and two others including a 4-year-old. he later pled guilty to the murder charges. four years earlier, police say perez bought the gun he used in the killings legally because he had a history of mental health issues authorities said at the time of the murders, his name was in the data base of people who's gun should have been taken away it never was. according to statistics provided by california d.o.j. about 75% of the prohibited persons they're looking for are those with mental health disorders. >> you could find something that's stable, very unstable, medicaided, so the agents are on high alert when they go up
10:33 pm
to these doors. because they don't know the stability of the person at the door. >> reporter: many police departments don't have the time or money to go after those weapons that leave it is california d.o.j. bureau of firearms. 40 agents that's it across the state. >> every day the system is populated by new people. so it's populating faster than we can bring the number down. >> reporter: they're on their own every week, one city at a time. one door at a time. looking to keep you and others safe. >> mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. a homeless woman who was killed in a bizarre samurai sword attack has been identified. state officials say the victim was 70-year-old joan hughes who was originally from new york. members of the community held a vigil for her after her death. authorities say she had a break down and became estranged from her family after moving to
10:34 pm
california. reynolds is accused with her murder and in jail. according to the city's department of elections fx c rowley is only ahead of norman yee by less than 100 votes. the winner will represent the district that includes the west portal and park merced neighborhoods. anti domestic violence group says it will hold san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi accountable. the issue is mirkarimi's conviction on a domestic violence charge. the sacramento women wants mirkarimi out as well as the
10:35 pm
supervisors who voted to reinstate him. the city's health commission approves a new program that would provide and cover the cost of sex reassignment surgeries. the surgeries would be covered unr the city's five year universal plan. the dow closed down 121 points bringing the roses to 434 points. nasdaq fell 41. investors are concerned about potential fiscal cliffs of tax increases and spending cut s if washington does nothing. wal-mart says it plans to start black friday shopping a little earlier than usual. it will kick off sales thanksgiving night. that is two hours earlier than last year. wal-mart promises huge bargains for shoppers who come in early. the san francisco based company called square allows starbucks customers to download the app and play with a debit
10:36 pm
or credit card. starbucks has invested some $200,000 into square. a merger is in place for price line and kayak. the potential merger is worth nearly $2 million and will need approval from shareholders and regulators. a mass shooting suspect learns his fate. how survivors a addressed jared laughner in court. >> i'm back here in just a few minutes we have more showers in the forecast. it's going to be cold tonight and very cold weather headed for the weekend. all the details coming up in a few moments. >> fresh crab coming into port. how the sport season now under way is raising homes for a good commercial season. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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jared laughner the arizona man who tried to murdergiffords was sentenced today. kelly told jared laughner you may have put a bullet through he heard but you did not put a dent through her spirit. jared laughner opened fire outside of a grocery store. arizona representative ron barber one of the survivors also addressed jared laughner. >> i hold you hold no hatred for you but i am very, very angry and sick as heart about what you did and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. >> reporter: eight other victims spoke at today's sentencing. jared laughner punishment includes seven consecutive life terms plus 140 years. the second man to be charged with vandalizing a muni
10:40 pm
bus during a world series celebration pled not guilty in court. nicholas hudson was charged with willful tampering with a passenger transit vehicle. hudson is accused of being part of a group that torched and vandalized that transit bus. the judge ordered that hudson be held without bail because he is already on probation. police released this photo of a man they're still looking for. oakland police have released a sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a 14-year- old girl this week. here's a look that the composite drawing. police describe the truck as a newer model red dodge ram pickup. they're also looking for its driver. the girl was able to escape and run for help. in news of the world tonight in guatemala the death toll is still rising.
10:41 pm
at least 52 people have been killed including a family of 10. all found together in a rock quarry that had been their livelihood. guatemala's president says there's no communication and are in danger from continuing aftershocks. the china, president tao say china must reform its ways and its economy or it will fail. and he issued a stark warning about corruption. and from london, this is security camera video of six men riding their motorcycles, robbing a high end jewelry store in a shopping mall. they drove up, went inside with a bat and an ax and got away with more than $3 million wort of jewelry. the motorcycles were later found abandoned and the gang got away at least so far. it is going to get worse
10:42 pm
before it gets better but a fix is in the works to what many call the south bay's worse freeway interchange. construction is set to begin tomorrow to widen the ramp from southbound 880 to stevens creek boulevard. crews will also build a direct link from 880 and a fly over to bypass the freeway all together. the construction project is supposed to be finished by 018. the crab season off to a good start. why they expect big boats from oregon will stay away this year. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin tracking more rain and your complete bay area weekend coming up.
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starting next week you should be able to get local crab in restaurants and grocery stores. tom vacar talked to crabbers about their catch and what we're expected to see this crab season. >> reporter: the oceanic the season has just began. that fills the commercial crab traps that fill the restaurants and grocery stores. robert galia is the skipper of the sports boat el dorado. >> years past we could go out on opening day of a sports fishing season and we can find our traps only holding six or eight crab on the opening day. that's a weak indicator. >> reporter: this week so far. >> every trip we make we're expecting full traps. >> reporter: it depends on if and how many big factory boats
10:46 pm
come down. >> a lot of bigger boats are kind of hesitant to come down this year. >> reporter: that's because they may be restrained this year by good crapping up there and high cost to truck crab pots down herement and it's not just the party boats. the fact is lots of folks go crabbing right from the pier where no license is required. >> i come here because it's closer, we usually go to tomales bay. >> i will stay here for five hours nothing, but came back monday and i got eight crabs for like, say four hours. >> reporter: the only sticking point could be if the fishermen and wholesalers can't agree on the price before the boats go out. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the window for holding the mavericks invitational surf contest begins tomorrow.
10:47 pm
the competition gives 20 contestants 24 hours. the contest hasn't been held for three years because the waves never materialized. the new chancer lo of berkeley was announced today. nicholas b. dirks was announced the new chance lore. the uc board of regents still needs to approve the appointment later this month to make the university's tenth chancellor. a reminder you can get ktvu news the go. just download the ktvu app and you can watch the ktvu news live on your smart phone. it was the end of the road for a bay area hopeful. jason brock was eliminated. one of music producer's l.a. reed favorite. today was the first live result
10:48 pm
show of the season. there are now 12 finalists remaining. clouds out there right now. it's a cool night, temperatures are going to be down into the 40s. maybe even upper 30s in some places. the showers have pretty much ended. we're going to see a few scattered showers moving offshore. light scattered showers some where after midnight i think we'll see a little bit of activity again. this cold storm is going to linger as it moves in today we have the showers to the tune of .1 to .2. we could still see snow flurries at mountain peaks. maybe get a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon. snow levels 3,000 feet for the most part but they could drop a little bit lower. things are starting to settle down. the strongest winds will be out of the way. your friday will be a day like
10:49 pm
today but without, without as much rain. so keep an umbrella handy. keep your jacket handy because it's not going to warm up but it's just going to be a little unsettled so that could put a little bit of a fly in your plan. the low pressure center, sticks around. that's why the cooling continues and the chance of showers stay. we move this into saturday. this moves off, but the cool aerostays. so we wake up saturday morning, frost on the ground, you bet. freezing temperatures on the north and east bay. maybe. some of the coolest spots like forestville, and then dry after that. the story was record heat. then it's rain. then it's very, very cold mornings as we go into the weekend. the forecast for tomorrow morning you see the computer model says no rain here. some stuff comes in offshore here about 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. it gets right up against the coast. maybe some where out in the peninsula then gone. we'll definitely be tracking this. steve paulson will be here tomorrow morning filling in for
10:50 pm
steve. and she'll be tracking that because we could easily see one of these showers break off and bump into us. scattered showers remain in the forecast. 57 in gilroy, 58 in morgan hill. so you get the picture. five day forecast clears out your weekend. the cold mornings, you're going to notice it tomorrow morning. you're going to notice it's chilly. it's not going to warm up much. the weekend dry. >> i can feel it tonight it was chilly. >> definitely from summer to winter like that. thousands of people are expected to line up at a san jose charity tomorrow to sign up for holiday help. volunteers were unloading crates of donated food at sacred hard community center to prepare for the holiday give away there. tomorrow morning, families can register for free holiday food
10:51 pm
give away and toys. they say the economic recovery isn't helping people who are not making enough money to survive in silican valley. >> there's so much many more families this year, people who come in and say they used to donate and now they're here as a customer so it is, it's hard. >> reporter: some people are even camping out tonight to be the first in line. doors opened for registration at 7:30 tomorrow morning. some big honors for two bay area baseball figures, also a rare find on display. where you can see a mammoth tooth recently discovered in downtown san francisco.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
an ice age colombian mammoth tooth is now on display in golden gate park. that tooth was found by a crane operator drilling the ground for the new transbay track sit center. the tooth was found buried 200 feet below street level. it's believed this tooth is 1,000 to 600 years old. we saw quarterback that i think a lot of people around here are familiar with. game that had absolutely no ill pact on the local teams but bay
10:55 pm
area -- impact on the local teams but bay area are watching andrew luck becoming a pro. he helps dismantle the bag-u- ares. their fans have had it with them. luck on the move. one of his two rushing touchdowns and it's 10-0. his dad oliver luck a former nfl quarterback a proud papa in the stands. nothing goes right for the jags. darius butler int 11-yard picks it. colts are now 6-3. they've won four in a row. 27-10 the final. sad state of affairs. hopefully buster posey has hired a contractor to do the work he needs to expand his trophy case this winter. national batting champ and soon to be mvp wiring up for the big daddy award today as he was named the national league silver slugger award winner. given to the best offensive
10:56 pm
player at each position in both leagues the first time honor for mr. posey probably not the last. if you think of some of the moves the a's made last winter a few raised eyebrows but billy bean proves there's a little sense to his madness. and bean has been named sporting news nay skwror league baseball executive of the year -- news major league baseball executive of the year. now the hype of the trade is over, reality is the warriors have a guy who is not ready to play any where near full time. in fact, bogett will now be out for at least seven to 10 days. his surgically repaired left ankle now fully healed. and greatly affecting his mobility right now. the team wants to shut him down to further strengthen that
10:57 pm
ankle. a unanimous decision made by all those involved. >> i've tried it out now. i know how it feels on the floor. so now i have to be smart with it. i tried to be a little bit of a hero early on and tried to push through things that i probably shouldn't have. but i have to get it stronger than it is. i can push my left ankle and dive on that lose ball and go for that rebound or blocked shot. i think when that happens we have to play very, very smartly. >> look for bogett's return around november 21st when brooklyn comes to town. meantime tomorrow night in l.a. against the lakers versus dwight howard, asile and bingris. good luck with that. that's the sporting life for a thursday. >> they need bogett in the line up. >> when he's healthy and full strength he is the top five center in the nba. but he's not nearly that right now. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and ktvu morning news will be here tomorrow. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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