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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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we are on storm watch as a second storm in as many days takes aim at the bay area bringing with it wet roads and cold conditions. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> and hello, i'm heather holmes. we begin with breaking news in menlo park where police are at the scene of a deadly shooting. this happened around 7:15 tonight. and in the 1300 block of ivy
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drive. not far from new peninsula high school on willow road. police say the male victim was shot during an apparent armed robbery. our crew is there now talking with investigators and we'll have much more information on this homicide in menlo park later in the newscast. now to the second storm that is rolling through the bay area right now and you can see the rain coming down tonight in oakland. this video was shot on lakeshore avenue just about an hour ago as the storm moved through. we have live team coverage for you tonight. mark has been tracking this latest sim em all day for us but we first go to jade hernandez live in castro valley. >> reporter: it has been raining steadily for quite sometime. minutes ago there was a downpour and it tapered off. we are along stanton avenue and you can see traffic [ inaudible ]. we are been driving all over. why don't you take a look at
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this. we've been finding pockets of rain coming down pretty hard. [ inaudible ] >> this weather is real slow. >> it can't be real bad. you can come over here and watch the rain and hang out the fellas and get your hair cut. it is all good. >> these are pictures that we took earlier in the day in a soggy san rafael as you can see here. we'll have much more on this rainy weather when we check in with our meteorologist mark. despite the rainy weather, holiday travel and people flying in and out of airports are experiencing minor delays. oakland and san jose have gate holds or arrival delays of 15 minutes or less and san francisco is also running smoothly tonight but about 10% of flights have had long delays and that is over 45 minutes.
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this storm is racing across the bay area, packing a narrow cold front to produce the moderate to heavy rain as we just saw in jade's live shot. you can see at storm tracker two, the main focus in the southern half of the bay. this is the radar loop over -- over the past three hours. picking up in san jose and around the east bay around the fremont area. that darker shade of green, you can count on heavier downpours closer to union city, also out towards skylark, niles boulevard and school street. as we shift the maps up here, you'll notice still some lingering rain showers in the east bay. here is hayward and it is showing you activity to the east toward hayward and around the castro valley area as well. you can put that out in the lower left of your screen. quite a bit of rain on the
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radar and we are expecting a different weather forecast for tomorrow. coming up we'll break down shower chances for tomorrow and talk about another system showing up in our five-day forecast. now to daly city where crews say a hillside soaked by a water pipe break this week is holding steady. workers are checking the area regularly to make sure the netting and hay bales are put in place. several homes had to be evacuated after a pipe burst releasing 40,000 gallons of water. our storm watch coverage continues online. there you you can access storm tracker at look for the link at the top of the page. a coast guard brought a surfer to safety this morning. two surfers had come out together and only one made it back to shore. other servers tell us the conditions today were
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treacherous with big waves. man was in the water for -- the man was in the water for half an hour until he was able to scramble up on to a rock and a coast guard motor boat picked him up at 8:00 a.m. fans are calling it a meltdown on stage. instead of telling jokes, katt williams launched a tirade at oakland oracle arena last night, one that some say was fueled by drugs. eric rasmussen is live in oakland who talked to people in attendance there. >> reporter: many of the people actually got video of the whole thing on their cell phones. we have some folks having fun out here tonight as well. but many of the folks say not only was katt williams but he also disrespected the city of oakland. things were headed downhill when katt williams threatened to fight a heckler at the audience in oracle arena in oakland. this cell phone video provides
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the view when his entourage carried him off the stage. >> another person with a cell phone caught this view of williams earlier in the night mocking the crowd. more than a dozen videos hit you tube today. >> this might be the end of this man's career. he's definitely done in the bay area. he's done out ear. >> it comes days after an 18- year-old said williams pulled a gun on him in oakland, california. >> on this night too short told the crowd 39-year-old williams has high on drugs. >> i'll tell you right now, [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: fans who paid as much as $100 to see williams feel like the joke was on them.
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>> to go out there and to be blatantly be disrespected to your face and i could understand whyesh -- why everybody wants their money back. >> we could not reach his promoter to find out if they plan to offer any refunds for the performance. in oakland, a shooting in the city's lower diamond district left a 27-year-old man dead. officers found the man suffering from several gunshot wounds on plightner avenue around school street near 1:00 a.m. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there is no word on arrest or possible motive. this is oakland's 109th homicide of the year. there were 102 this time last year. also in oakland, police are looking for a drunk driver who sent two people to the hospital in a hit-and-run this afternoon. a woman was putting items in the trunk of her car when she was struck on 105th avenue. some people nearby tried to keep the man from driving off. >> he was trying to get out of
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the car and he got mad and tried to swing on one of us. >> both people were taken to the hospital with leg injuries. the driver took off. the police found the sedan blocks away but the driver was gone. an accident involving two police officers in southern california and injured five people. it was in alta dena. a spokes certain said a helicopter was landing when it clipped another helicopter trying to take off. police say none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. federal aviation investigators will look into the accident into police in santa cruz have arrested a man in connection with a homicide last night. body of a 51-year-old transient was found near railroad tracks behind depot park. they have not released the victim's name. a 26-year-old homeless man was arrested in connection with the killing. police say the man's death is
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still under investigation. we have new details tonight of an apology from the catholic bishop of san jose stemming from a school fair. convicted sex offender mark christopher was allowed to volunteer at a fast val last month -- at a festival last month. he said the diocese had gib him written perm -- had given him written permission. tonight they said it was a violation of the diocese policy. he said i am deeply troubled and apologized. a bank turned into a temporary homeless shelter. "occupy" protesters held signs and placed posters on the front of this wells fargo bank. they also turned the location into a soup kitchen to drive home their anti-eviction
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message. new at 10:00, oakland city council member brooks spent part of today getting ready to hand out 1,000 thanksgiving dinner bags. it is the third year for the givek thanks -- giving thanks program with the goodwin family foundation. brooks said in times of economic uncertainty, whole communities need to pull together. >> even though we give out 1,000 bags, that thousand will actually probably feed closer to 6,000 if you think of an average family of 6 and we put everything in the bag that we would use at home. >> brooks said each bag was filled with butter, eggs, bread,ams, vegetables and a turkey. boy scouts collected food for their food drive ahead of thanksgiving. we caught up with a troop connected food in a piedmont neighborhood today. the donation will go to the alameda county food bank. about 6,000 bay area scouts are
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selected to collect more than 100,000 pounds of food today. no doubt they are celebrating on farm tonight as stanford scores a upset over oregon. >> long enough but it is good. >> good, in deed. the cardinals football team takes a huge win against the number one oregon ducks in over time. joe fonzi will be here with all of the highlights coming up later on sports wrap. a high way patrol officer crashes his police car and ends up upside down. what happens before the crash. an officer involved shootout in this intersection and san jose police are offering new details about how they caught one suspect. >> and the woman at the center of the petraeus scandal is spotted in public. where paula broadwell steps out and who she was with.
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we want to show you another live picture of castro valley where it is coming down pretty hard for the last hour or so. a lot of traffic on castro valley boulevard in the rain. this is the second storm in two days to make its way across the bay area. we are learning new information tonight about a shootout in san jose that injured a police officer. one of the officers involved has been identified as a five- year veteran. officer bruce bartholomew. the search continues for a
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second man who was considered armed and dangerous. >> i was worried. i was scared because there was helicopters looking for a guy. >> reporter: neighbors are still recalling details from last night's shootout and standoff. detectives say it started with a series of four armed robberies. an officer spotted to suspects in a car and gave chase. that pursuit briefly stopped at the intersection of tully and lenai when one suspect started shooting. >> the car is now contaminated with pepper spray so the officer was fortunate to escape that with his life. >> reporter: police say another patrol car fired at the suspect hitting him once. the other suspect ran away while the alleged gunman got back into the car and led police on another pursuit. that chase ended at this home where they say the suspect bailed out of his car and burst in on a family of six. that family escaped without
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injury and police set up a perimeter, eventually talking the suspect into giving himself up. >> they finally caught the guy and he was right in our driveway and on the ground and had blood on him. i guess he got shot right there. >> reporter: as for the suspect on the loose, police say anyone who take part in violent armed robberies and in a shootout with police is as dangerous as they come. >> my message to him is we don't want to get into a situation where you are cornered and there is more violence. the smartest thing to do is call 911 and turn himself in safely. >> reporter: while police aren't releasing details about the suspect they do have in custody, they did confirm he will be in court early next week. channel 2 news. police are looking into whether that officer-involved shooting had anything to do with a deadly shooting earlier in the evening. authorities say officers found a man who had been fatally shot in the parking lot of a 7- eleven on south kylie boulevard
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around 8:30 last night. officers have not released any information about what led up to that shooting or any information about a possible suspect. this is san jose's 42nd homicide of the year. fire investigators in oakland are looking into a suspicious fire this morning at an apartment complex. the fire department got the call just before 4:30 a.m. crews arrived at the complex on the 33rd hundred block of courtland which is located behind the fire station on high street. six firefighters -- it took firefighters 15 minutes to bring the fire under control. two cars completely destroyed. no one was hurt. a high pay patrol officer escaped serious injury after crashing last night. the rollover accident happened just after 10:00 p.m. on northbound 101 near the west railroad avenue exit north of petaluma. the cruiser landed upside down in a gassy area -- in a grassy area off the freeway. no other vehicles were involved. the officer hit some standing water and lost control by crashing. new details about the
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severity of an attack against a haywood postal worker. it is the sketch of the suspect released yesterday. the attack happened in may but the postal inspection service said they have been investigating ever since. the suspect hit the worker in the head and then stole hundreds of pieces of mail. investigators now tell us the attack was so violent that the postal worker needed surgery. >> a couple of days later he was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery. so it is terrible. >> it is a federal crime to attack a postal worker. there is an award of up to $50,000 leading to an arrest and conviction if the case. the family of a san jose marine killed by palm springs police last weekend today brought his body back to the bay area. marine corporal allen devilinna was shot and killed when he ignored orders to stop his car and accelerated toward another car. he and his family traveled to southern california and brought his body to a mortuary in
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fremont. the president will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit burma, also known as myanmar, to encourage steps toward democracy. he will make a first ever presidential visit to cambodia. the four-day asian visit starts in thailand early tomorrow. we are seeing paula broadwell in public for the first time since the scandal broke that drove david patient to resign as -- david petraeus to resign as head of the cia. they are in d.c. visiting broadwell's brother. the couple lives in charlotte, north carolina. retired petraeus resigned eight days after ago his affair came to light. he has kept a low profile and testified yesterday before a house and senate panels looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. he was whisked into the capitol through underground corridors and he now faces a cia inquiry into his conduct.
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some people hoping to become u.s. citizens got help in san jose today. the would-be citizens got to consult with an attorney for $30. they helped immigrants work through their applications and to see if they qualify for a fee waiver. those attended said they consider u.s. citizenship an honor. >> this country gave me an opportunity to get a job, to have a future for my family so i'm excited. i'm why i'm here. >> this day-long event was held at the center for employment training on vine street. organizers say they plan to hold similar events every two or three months. >> where in the bay area can you get free parking during the busy holiday season starting next saturday. also a conflict between israel and hamas con continuing and trying to protect citizens. and what safety experts say
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happened right before the deadly incident in texas. and your forecast, still tracking rain showers out there. right now focusing on the south bay and the east bay. more and the forecast for tomorrow coming up in a few minutes.
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israel's rocket defense system is in full operation in response to attacks from hamas militants. the system was unveiled last year to destroy incoming missiles. both sides launched hundreds of rockets across the gaza boarder today as the deadly conflict intensifies and so far 48 palestinians, including 15 civilians and 3 israeli civilians have been killed since the attacks began four days ago. and there are signs that israel may be preparing for a ground operation. leland vitter reports from southern israel. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the violence in the middle east continues to
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escalate. militants in gaza have unleashed hundreds of rockets against israel, including new longer range weapons aimed at tel aviv. in response the israeli military has deployed an iron dome rocket defense system. >> there is a possibility it will hit inside tel aviv, the dome brings down this probability to a very small probability. you cannot play games. >> reporter: a convoy of israeli troops and tanks could be seen driving toward the border. they showed the navy hitting a hamas building close to the home of the gaza prime minister. israel bombarded the gaza strip with hundreds of air strikes, targeting the prime minister's headquarters and police compound and smuggling tunnels. >> all night we were worried whether they will shell or not or target our house or not and if anything will be left for us or not. when we came in this morning sh we found nothing. there was a house here and now
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there is no house. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say they were hit by an israeli strike. >> now we are trying to stop the aggression against our palestinian people, to stop killing our citizens and destroying houses in the gaza strip. >> reporter: israel began the military offensive on wednesday after months of rockets from gaza hitting israel. so far they have struck 700 targets. the israeli military said that mostly consists of weapons storage facilities and other militant locations. in southern ill 's, leland vit ert, fox news. a train hit a school bus filled of youngsters and taking the lives of 48 children and three adults and critically injuring a dozen other children. a trin pushed the bus along the tracks half a mile. the man operating the gate at the train crossing was asleep and has been arrested. in spain police officers demonstrated in madrid against measures that have frozen their pensions and eliminated
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christmas bonuses. a spokesperson for the national police union said members are concerned that 15,000 officers who have left the force won't be replaced. police say without those officers, there won't be adequate security in spain. and in singapore, secretary of state hillary clinton told an audience the united states would not plunge over the so- called fiscal cliff in january. she made the comments during the speech at the singapore university, saying a critical budget deal is necessary for democrats and republicans. she is set to visit the president on his tour of asia. warning signals were activated as a west texas rail crossing on thursday just before a parade float carrying wounded veterans hit by a train. four veterans died and five people are still hospitalized. the ntsb said that warning
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bells and lights started 20 seconds before the train slammed into the boat. there is no reason why they didn't get off the tracks. ten preprevious collisions were found at this area. four men missing in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard called off their research for two men who went into the water. it exploded, and four of the 11 survivors suffered major burns. john mcafee now said he never left his sprawling belize compound but he still fears police who want him for questioning. police want to talk to mcafee about the shooting death of his neighborhood last sunday. he told several reporters by phone he was on run and in fear for his life. a police spokesperson said his office is aware of mcafee's latest claim. >> coming up we'll have much more on the breaking news in menlo park where a man was
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killed during an armed robbery. >> thanksgiving comes out with the china and plates and we have everything you would have on a normal thanksgiving table. >> only he's talking about thanksgiving to go. the lengths some people are going to to try to cash in on the black friday deals. the one city that is set to benefit from new efforts. and you can get news to go on your cell phone. just download the ktvu app and watch our newscasts live. be connected any time, anywhere. closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleep world. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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we're continuing to monitor the wet weather that is out there with storm tracker 2. and mark, where are you seeing the heaviest rain? >> mark, in the east bay and
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parts of the south bay. see the latest on live storm tracker 2 with multiple sweeps sewing you the current rainfall pattern. we begin in parts of the south bay. it has taken a while for the rain to get going but south of -- toward the peninsula toward half moon bay and san jose and east bay around fremont, the rainfall is picking up. quickly shifting the maps up and showing you this around concord, antioch and toward livermore. and san ramon becoming tight and we'll show you the roadways closer to camino ramon and toward norris canyon road, moderate rainfall for this region. we'll have the sunday forecast coming up in just a little bit. we have an update on the breaking news we're following in menlo park. we want to show you video that just came into the channel 2 newsroom. it shows the drive scene on ivy drive where the attack happened at about 6:30 this evening. a police spokesperson said two men confronted a man and woman sitting in a car in what
10:31 pm
appears to be a robbery. >> it has that feel to it. there is some scattered jewelry on the street, i believe her purse might have been taken from her. she had indicated that one or two individuals had approached them while they were sitting in the car and one of the two individuals opened fire on the male subject. >> the chief said the two robbers were wearing dark colored hoodies and ran north on ivy drive. there is no word yet on the identity of the victim. the bay area could beat the national average for travel growth this thanksgiving holiday. san francisco airport expects 3% more passengers this year than last, for a record-setting million and a quarter travelers over the next eight days. now nationally triple-a predicts that air travel will drop nearly 2%. across the state, more than 5 million californian as plan to travel 50 miles or more during the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. the tradition of lining up early for the black friday deals is being taken to extremes in florida.
10:32 pm
take a look at this. some folks are already on the sidewalk, outside of a big box store in ft. myers. they say they are ready for the deals that will be offered six days from now. >> right now we just take in shifts. one person stays during the day and then the next person comes in and covers for the other person. >> thanksgiving, moms comes out with the china and plates and we have everything you have on a normal thanksgiving table. >> only they have it on the sidewalk. the campers claim they can save thousands of dollars by being the first inside the store for those black friday deals. drivers in oakland are getting a gift this holiday season. free parking. the city is expanding a pilot program from last year that allows free parking every saturday between thanksgiving and new year's day. the friday after thanksgiving is also included. the idea is to make it easier for people to shop oakland's small businesses. the free parking applies to city-run meters and some city- owned lots and garages. there is word tonight that
10:33 pm
the long awaited face-bucks program will start after thanksgiving. mercury news reports facebook is set to give employees what amounts to a $25 gift certificate that can be used at 125 local restaurants and shops in menlo park. face-bucks were first announced about a year ago. the idea is to help the local economy. facebook doesn't pay much in the way of sales taxes to menlo park and the use of face-bucks is part of the deal made with the city to build a new campus. prices for some of the most popular hostess snacks are on the rise online now that the company is going out of business. some folks are apparently hoping to raise some serious dough by putting boxes of twinkies on e-bay. tonight some are asking as much as $15 million for a box. yes, i said million. but the prices appear to be tongue and cheek. the san francisco museum has signed a deal to exchange
10:34 pm
works of art with the louvre in paris. >> it will run through 2017. the first exhibit opened at the legion of honor today. the show royal treasures of the french monarchy featured decorative items from louie the 14th to marine antoinette. curb side service. how many turkeys are hoped to be collected for the hungry. and we are continuing to track the storm that is right now making its way across the bay area. mark is coming up next with where the rain is right now. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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children skated for free at
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walnut holiday ice rink. it included face painting and magician and other family friendly entertainment located in downtown walnut rink. it is open for birthday parties and other events, hosted by the walnut creek chamber of commerce and the downtown business association. it looks and feels like winter outside. mark will tell us how long the weather will stick around. >> it seems like it is changing by the minute out there. we started the work day with clear skies but the clouds have been increasing and the rain quickly moving to the south. as you can see right now on live storm tracker 2, still some moderate and probably heavier downpours out there as well. the darker shades of gene as we do come in tighter to the santa cruz mountains and half moon bay and between san jose, fremont, out toward the milpitas area. as far as rainfall rates, the one yellow cell, you can see estimated at .08 inches an hour so not too impressive but you can see the ams change a little bit to right around this portion of the activity with the rainfall. well move the maps up and show
10:38 pm
you rain showers toward san ramon, concord and around livermore so the darker shades of green does link up with moderate to heavy as well. just around blackhawk. so moving to the south and to the east but still a factor for the rest of the night into early tomorrow morning. as far as this, rainfall rates, these numbers quickly jumped up between 9:00 and 10:00. in fact i just updated the numbers a couple of minutes ago. santa rosa, .42. san francisco .34. oakland and castro valley jumping up as you can see oakland .5 and concord just about a quarter of an inch at last check. and we are adding to those numbers right now. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s to the 50s with the chance of a shower so between now and when you wake up the weather pattern will change as the main cold front, this guy with the storm two, moves quickly to the south and to the east. so for tonight we do have the rainfall primarily focused in a southern half of the region. that will be the theme in the
10:39 pm
short-term. as we do take this into sunday, just a chance of a few lingering showers out there. but still all of that moisture in place, quite a few clouds out there with partly cloudy skies. temperatures do come down a notch. back down into the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. our rain means more snow for the mountains and the key with this, the colder air moves in and that means snow levels coming down to around 6,000 feet. snowfall is on the order of 6- 12 inches. this winter storm warning in place until 10:00 sunday morning. here is our forecast. doing a great job with the timing of the system. the east bay tonight and the south bay. and then tomorrow not a lot to show you. quite a bit of cloud cover out there and there is enough moisture in place, we do have to hold on to the chance of a sprinkle or light shower. mainly in the morning hours. but even a slight chance into the afternoon and evening hours. but nothing too organized out there. here is the bigger perspective. you notice this into monday. not a lot to show you. but a few sprinkles in parts of
10:40 pm
the north bay and the same deal into tuesday with the shower chances on the increase somewhat by tuesday night and into wednesday as another system approaches the region. forecast highs for tomorrow, upper 50s to lower 60s. san jose 62. livermore 61 degrees. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, you notice a few sprinkles up in the north bay on monday. a slight chance of a shower on tuesday. could have a few spotty showers on wednesday but the good news is still way out there but it looks like we could have a dry forecast for thursday on thanksgiving. so we'll hold on to that hope for day five. >> a lot of people like to go outside and throw the football around and work off the turkey. >> i'm one of those. >> thanks, mark. volunteers at saint anthonys are asking you to think of others when you go to the grocery store this week. through thanksgiving volunteers are taking donations of turkeys and canned goods. the non-profit is located at 150 golden gate avenue in san francisco. food items will stock the saint anthony dining room and they are also asking for a specific
10:41 pm
piece of clothing. >> actually socks. socks are gold to so many folks who come here. you can see on a wet day like today, if you don't have a clean pair of socks, it is tough. >> the organization's goal for this year is 1,000 turkeys. today 142 were donated. volunteers with the oakland police activities league worked through the rain to ensure turkeys made it to the table. people lined up hours ahead of time on bank croft avenue to get a free turkey. it is an annual event forgiveaways. this is one of three schedules. so far the oakland police department has donated $2,000 toward the turkey program. well you were talking about tossing the football around on thanksgiving. plenty of football action today including the cal bears as they try to get back on the winning track against oregon state. and the cardinals try to play spoiler as they take on the undefeated oregon ducks. sports is next.
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good evening. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports rap. this is an epic day in college football, a day that has seen the top two teams in the country see their bcs championship hopes go up in smokes. oregon and coach chip kelly not seeing the evening go well against stanford. oregon used to scoring in the 50s, gore for it on 4th down in the first quarter but bringing down maryota and the ducks turn the ball over. and it was stanford putting the first points on the board. hogan finds the end zone. stanford on board 7- 0. the ducks tied it before halftime. maryota will throw a strike to keenon lowe, they headed


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