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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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mateo bridge. westbound 92. now let's go back to the desk. we begin with overnight news from the east bay and the update to the story we first brought you last night. just a few hours ago authorities found the body of a man who fell to his death at the oakland quarry. alex savidge is live at the scene where the investigation is under way. alex. >> reporter: it certainly appears the wet weather played a role in this accident. the oakland fire department believes this man in all likelihood slipped and fell off a steep cliff and ended up drowning in this water filled rock quarry that is right behind the rock ridge shopping center. investigators say the man was out looking for his lost cat last night behind his house when he lost his footing. a rescue team from the oakland fire department began to search just after 7:00 last night after the man's friend reported him missing. rescuers put a boat into the
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water and repelled down the side of the cliff. eventually the alameda county sheriffs dive team began an under water search here. just before 1:00 in the morning divers found the man's body at the bottom of this old quarry. one of those divers involved in last nights recovery talked to us about the technique the team used. >> we have something called a circle search. we put an anchor at the bottom and buoy at the top. we have a divers station and another diver that circles that anchor in radial motion. searching for our target. the >> reporter: thus far authorities haven't identity of the man that drowned here. the fire department is describing him of being in his late 50s or early 60s. he may have fallen as many as 100 feet last night. as we come back out here live firefighters do say they did end up fighting a cat on this
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hillside last night. they believe it belongs to the man who died. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. if you are getting ready to head out the door, leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. wet roads is causing a big mess for drivers. this is what it looked like overnight in oakland. the accident happened on northbound 880 but no one was hurt. the rain caused flooding throughout the bay area. you are looking at -- the rainy weather also causing a nightmare at bay area airports on one of the busiest travel days of the year. christien kafton is live for us. we are hearing there are big delays. christien. >> reporter: absolutely major delays for some people. wet, rainy weather causing serious delays. we are here at sfo. you can see the rain still
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coming down. it's more of a heavy drizzle right now. it's not a driving rain. it certainly did cause a lot of delays just as thousands of people took the air. ktvu camera was there early this morning as delayed passengers collected their luggage. at least 81 flights were canceled due to the rain, the low cloud cover forced the airport to shut down one runway and alter flight pattern. they restricted the oneway to 27 flights per hour as opposed to the 90 flights per hour. >> about seven hour. we got in about 6:00 and our plane got delayed. we were supposed to lee at 9:00 then it got pushed back to 1:00. >> reporter: delays of three, four, and up to seven hours not unusual. there is also weather delays in other parts of the country. that is compounding the problem which could make for another day of delayed flights here at
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sfo. we will monitor this situation here at sfo as the rain develops throughout the day and let you know how that effects holiday travel patterns flying in and out of the bay area. we will continue to monitor and update that for you all morning long. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. oakland international airport and the port of oakland are also expected to be busy today as workers make up for lost times. this is video from yesterday's picket line at the airport as airport, food, age beverage workers join the striking clerical workers. striking workers blocked trucks that were trying to make deliveries. yesterday was one of the busiest days before the thanksgiving holidays. after a month of dead lock, talks are resuming. that means the port will be back open for business today. long lines are expected as those trucks come back to try to make their deliveries. san francisco deputy sheriff remains on the job
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after pleading not guilty to misdemeanor charges. according to the san francisco chronicle it happened last month when green was off duty. green got into an argument with her sister's neighbor over work he'd been mired to do for her sister. felony conspiracy and making threats. the deputies attorney says -- for department policy. fourteen is on administrative duty. police in oakland are looking for a man in connection to rape. they found the victim standing on international boulevard yesterday afternoon wearing only her underwear. the victim who is believed to be as young as 17 said she was raped in the car. he may be driving a light blue older model cadillac. we have continuing coverage out of the mideast just a few hours ago a bomb exploded on israeli bus near the country's military head quarters. at least ten people were hurt. there are reports that they
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left a package on the bus at first and it exploded after he got off the bus. this comes as hillary clinton is shuttling back and forth. we are looking at new video of clinton immediating with palestinian president in the west bank. earlier clinton israeli prime minister and later today clinton will travel to cairo to meet billion egypt's president. as the united nations today the council will hold an open debate. the move comes after the united states blocked adoption of a unanimous press statement. it did not criticize the rocket attacks by hamas. protesting nudist were both seen and heard in san francisco. they were trying to send a message to the board of supervisors after it decided to ban public nudity. some people will enjoy
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their thanksgiving feast a day early thanks to a restaurant in sausalito. avatars restaurant expects to dish up 1300 meals to those in need. the owner and family who serve the free meals from 4:00 p.m. to 9:30 or until everyone is fed. on the menu pumpkin and turkey enchiladas it has been a 24 year tradition for the restaurant. your time now is 6:36. it's rainy on the commute. sal is watching all the roads. how are we doing? >> we are okay. as a matter of fact, we don't have a lot of people out there. we've had a couple of wrecks already unfortunately. we haven't crashed 880 southbound as you drive to 980 there is a car that is spun out blocking a lane at least. this is a look at 80 westbound and the traffic continues to look pretty good. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. there are no major problems
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coming through. but right now we also have some collisions reported on 580 and livermore valley. that is happening right now. a couple of them there. so it's probably raining pretty hard i would think through there. let's take a look at northbound and southbound 280 that traffic is light. let's go to steve. good morning, sal. thank you. well our system finally got here. it lost a little bit of punch as it came from northern california by that i mean eureka and crescent city. still gusts of 40 miles an hour. it's sliding by now. but there is definitely breaks to the north. the front is sliding by now. very slowly i might add. it's not moving very quick. there has been pretty good totals. there is breaks in the north bay. peninsula over to the east bay. there have been bursts of moderate rain. some areas is like a drizzle. keep that in mind. also toward the south bay and the peninsula you can see there is a little bit of a back edge
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here but still for another couple hours we dealing with this system. it's not moving very quick. 60-degrees in oakland. 60 san jose. it's mild. this is not a cold system by any stretch of the imagination. when things clear out of here which will be later today and tonight there will be big-time valley fog. today we'll have to deal with the morning rain and clouds. windy up in the hills. very mild. the rain will taper off own very little clearing. am rain clouds and sun. 60s on the temps. now it looks good but i will tell you the fog will be thick as thieves as we head toward the north bay and east bay. otherwise coast and bay look good. sunny, dry, a little warmer there. >> thanks, steve. a campus burglary cost cal thousands of dollars in stolen goods. what was stolen and why it's not the first time it happened. black friday is coming and fan of the orange and black that means it's time for a little baseball.
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northbound 280 traffic looks good. here in the south bay but we have a big problem in the east bay reported. we'll tell you more about that.
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good morning. rain moving through. if it's ended it will still be cloudy and kind of misty and foggy. partial clouds later on. rain line moving from san francisco out to sacramento and up to the sierra right now. new this morning the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing outside of a u.s. military base in afghanistan. this is video of the aftermath of that expression in kabul. two afghan guards died and two civilians were hurt. it is the headquarters of the international military coalition. authorities say an elderly man killed two people in a senior center before turning the gun on himself.
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the shooting happened yesterday afternoon in tower answer. one of the victims was an employee of that apartment complex. police are still investigating but staffers say the gunman had behaved erratically in recent months and wanted to evict him. a controversial documentary claims a serial killer may be responsible for the murder of oj simpson's ex-wife. in the film they claim serial glen rogers claims to have confessed to the killings. los angeles police say they will investigate the documentary's claims but do not believe rogers was involved in the murders. oakland police are investigating the death of a pedestrian that was hit and killed by an amtrak train. it happened last night at 105th and eves. now the train was heading from sacramento to san jose.
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160 people were on that train. no one else was hurt. uc berkeley is out thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment after the latest burglary on campus. someone broke into a locked lab. the suspect stole ten apple computers. computers were also stolen from three other buildings earlier this summer but some of that equipment was later recovered. a new survey has encouraging news for staff at one east bay high school. coming up at 5:05 where reports of weapons and drug and alcohol use has fallen significantly in the last few years. san francisco fight fears say they and their familiesover time policy. both can be told they have to work extra hours with very little notice. last night gibbs told a special fire commission meeting the policy is creating a lot of stress and says she is always
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preparing for the unexpected. >> i put my kids to bed then i have to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner for 13 people because i don't know when i'm going to come home on thursday. >> the fire department says the mandatory overtime is necessary to prevent station brownouts and layoffs because of a tight budget. department officials say they are trying to come up with ways to share the workload and reduce stress on fire crews. in just a few hours hostess brands will ask for legal permission to shut down. it was unable to reach an agreement with the bakers union. the judge hearing the bankruptcy proceedings urged both sides to try one last time to reach a deal. 18,000 jobs across the country will be eliminated. hostess is willing to sell off the recipes. that is after they staged strikes at eight hospitals and two in san jose operated by
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hca. it is the seventh strike in three months. nurses are upset after the hospital implemented parts of the nurses contract that are in dispute including fewer days off and the loss of some health benefits. the hospital says they need to cut costs because of the current economic situation. san francisco is one step closer to telling nudist to cover up. >> shame on you. shame on you. >> at the board of supervisors meeting yesterday unhappy nudist stripped down only to be covered up and escorted out by security. the board voted 6-5 to prove a ban on public nudity. >> i think that the people who are afraid of nudity should reconsider their position. there is nothing wrong with being nude. we were all born nude. >> we're in the castro add seven days a week with people taking their clothes off at
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castro and market. and it has gotten over the top and it's time to do something affability it. >> the measure requires a second vote by the board and approval from the mayor, but if all goes as expected the ordnance could take effect on february 1st. a palo alto city council committee has approved a plan for people to -- it would allow up to three people to sleep overnight in a car in designated parking lots across town. the problem attracted the attention of the city council last year after complaints about the aggressive and unsanitary behavior of some car campers. cal has hired an executive search firm to help find its next football coach. they fired jeff tedford after 11 seasons. he finished with an 82-52 record and credited with helping getting memorial stadium refurbished. they also posted the lowest graduation rate in the pac 12
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conference. >> the legacy is unquestioned. however, the current state of our program is not what our student athletes, fans, and campus community deserve. >> tedford released a statement saying he was grateful for all the coaches, players, and support staff for turning cal into a relevant program. san francisco giants say black friday is turning into orange and black friday. the world series winners begin selling tickets on friday at 10:00 a.m.. tickets will be sold online and at giants dug outstores. special promotions next season include buster posey bobble heads, and world series baseball caps. 4:49 let's go out to sal. the roads are wet this morning. not too busy yet but certainly doesn't take much to cause problems. >> we already have serious things that i just heard from the fire department in san
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francisco. southbound 280 at 101 there is a car on fire. it does appear someone may be trapped inside that car. fire department and rescue on the way. 280 and 101 san francisco. big rig accident let's go to the maps. crash eastbound 580 at vasco road. it's a big rig from one of the super stores that is blocking all the lanes eastbound but also blocking one lane westbound. 580 near vasco road if you dry on the 580 commute. really tough weather right there and also really bad accidents. eastbound 580 at vasco road is the latest location. given to us by chp. also the morning commute is going to be kind of tough. had a little bit of flooding reported in some areas. westbound bay bridge not a lot of commute traffic right now. it is light but just as i look at my chp list the accidents keep popping up. that usually happens when there is a downpour. people lose control and that is what happens. we have a new accident for example just popped up in marin
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county on northbound 101. car spun out. no one is injured. let's take a look at northbound 280 here. doesn't seem to be raining here. we're just looking at this picture in san jose the roads are wet. we have our system moving through now. the front is dragging itself across. to the north there is a lot of cloud cover. it will be a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. it's raining up in tahoe. 43-degrees. this is a very mild system. but you see there are breaks on the backside of that right there. still rain moving through up toward clearlake and mendocino county. the main front continues to work its way southwest to northeast and as it does, this is a really mild system. and it's leaving behind decent totals. you can see a lot being painted with occasionally drizzle. it looks like there is a back edge to this. but light rain also on the
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peninsula. looks like finally coming in on the san mateo coast there is an edge to that. 50s to 60s. i mean it's really mild. you can see little enhancement coming in right there. that will keep a lot of cloud cover going. morning rain. been kind of drizzly. foggy. windy up in the hills. especially up in the santa cruz mountains. partly sunny and partly cloudy on thursday but it looks dry expect for night and morning fog it will be nice. why are the temperatures going down? we'll get more of a northwest direction on that wind. warning from police in one east bay city. thieves are targeting the front porch of online shoppers. what you are being told to do to protect yourself and what you buy. in just a few hours the president will officially pardon a turkey. the new twist to this thanksgiving tradition that allows the public to take part for the first time.
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fremont police are warning online shoppers this holiday season. they say a number of mail and package thefts are on the rise. take a look at this. a package he ordered from was delivered but 20 minutes later snatched up by that woman who says he says he doesn't know. the person also allegedly stole
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items left for charity. if you do buy online or september sal package to family members require it having a signature on all of your deliveries. the president will take part in the white house thanksgiving pardon today. there is always two turkeys in case one is sick. the american public got to choose which board would be the official national turkey via facebook. it looklike the turkey named cobbler beat out the one named gobbler. but both birds will get to live out their lyes at the george and martha washington estate in mount vernon, virginia. it's 4:55. we have problems on the roads you need to know about. sal, watching those for us. sal. >> we have a big problem in livermore on 580 eastbound. almost all the lanes are blocked with a jackknife big rig. that is all over the lanes.
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eastbound 580 near vasco road is blocking all the eastbound lanes. could be blocking the westbound lanes as well. give yourself plenty of time. reported heavy rain in the area as well. also 880 north and southbound we've had a couple spinouts right here in oakland. southbound 880 add oak street. the latest one on the shoulder but people are losing control throughout the rain and there is some standing water in some places if. be careful. and if you're driving in the south bay it looks okay. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. our front is moving east and also south. but not before it's leaving decent totals. 1-3 inches of rain especially san francisco up to the russian river area. still rain kind of hit and miss shower activity coming in behind this. clearlake over to clover dale. and the front continues to march off to the east. this is very warm. a lot of cloud cover continues to stream in. even the rain is ending we get
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a drizzly pattern. almost package to that. kind of steady to the east bay also over toward the peninsula and south bay. still working its way toward the santa clara valley. right along the san mateo coast. looks like an end to that system. not before we get a lot of drizzly light rain or moderate rain. morning rain and then a lot of clouds. there may be partial clearing later. it's windy up in parts of the santa cruz mountains. really mild. we're in the 50s now or 60s. looks like the rain will be tapering off later today and gradual clearing but not much. otherwise it will be dry. but that fog will be very thick as we go into the weekend claudine. 4:57. it's getaway day for the thanksgiving holiday. how the stormy weather is causing trouble at both the airports and on the highways. also he was simply looking for his cat. how the search for a man who fell into an east bay quarry ended early this morning.
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an oakland man is dead after slipping and falling into an old rock quarry that is filled with water. how authorities say he lost his footing. rainy


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