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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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hear arguments concerning the voter approved prop eight. we have live team coverage on what it means for our state. we begin with mike in san francisco. >> ken, if the supreme court had denied review, same sex couples would be getting married here as early as next week. we know that's not the case because the supreme court has said they will hear arguments. >> today at city hall t confidence level of all of us is high. >> city attorney who joinsed the battle against prop eight said he's excited about the challenge. >> come summertime we're l we'll be on the right side of history. >> supporters say the court order gives them a chance at a fair hearing. >> these bad judges in
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california, they have to be overruled and corrected and i'm very pleased what the supreme court has said that they'll take the face the high court's announcement comes at a time when the public opinion appears to be changing. after the election, nine states have authorized same sex marriage. still at issue are benefits but the supreme court says they will also determine whether the government can deny benefits they took a federal case and a state case, it's going to be the big constitutional question. >> this law professor says if there's a swing vote o on the court, it's justice roberts. >> he's from a different generation. he's in a cultural sense, he's working with talented gay lawyers his entire career. he e knows gay people can raise children. >> and it was not revealed what justices voted to hear the
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case. arguments are expected to be heard in the spring with a ruling scheduled for june. >> governor jerry brown attended an event in oak lands where he made a brief comment o on the the decision o to review prop 8. >> i think the arguments have to be sglaed as the attorney general, brown has refusesed to defend proposition 8 saying it discriminates against same sex couples. >> today's decision affects thousands o of same sex cuppings in the bai bay area. patty talked to some of these couples. >> there was mixed reaction to the announcement as couples now resign themselves to more waiting and more uncertainty. >> tom watson has picked out a place for his wedding to jeff
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but they vice president set a date. they're waiting for the supreme court to make a decision. >> this means that there's a chance for an even greater resolution. that the supreme court could recognize that marriage is a constitutional right for all americans, just just us in california. >> this man did not expect the supreme court to take on prop 8 2k3w4r we're very hopeful that the decision will break in favor of committing same sex couples. >> we caught up with the former mayor who called today's announcement the beginning of the end of a long journey. >> remember in 2004, democrats and republicans were almost unanimous sli opposed to same sex marriage o so i didn't think this would happen while i was still around.
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>> especially for someone like me who's been around for a rong time, it's a good thing. . >> the same sex couples we talked to told us they know they could get married in other states but having weathered the storm and journey here in california, this is where they want to exchange their vows and they believe that will happen soon. >> for more on this latest decision log on to our website and look for the prop 8 tab. >> a stretch of byron highway in contra costa is still shut down following a major accident that took the lives of two people flt an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided around 3:20 this afternoon. a child described to be around
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7 years old was pronounced dead scene and, another person was pronounced dead at the hospital. . >> oak lands police say they're no longer investigating the case of a football fan who fell from the upper deck o of the coliseum last night. they say it's a medical incident. the man toppled over the railing falling 30 feet. some witnesses told l police the man was sitting on the railing, others say it looked like he jumped. >> two restaurants remain closed and without power after a fire last night. the three-alarm fire broke out in a crawl space over the pan dna express restaurant. the restaurants were evacuated and no one was hurt. today an employee told us an electrical short started the fire. . >> members of an oakland youth
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group say someone stole $1,000 dollar from them after they landed in florida yesterday. they traveled to fort lauderdale to attend a conference there. they had had worked months to save money for their air fair, lodging and food. they left the the rental van to eat and that's when thieves broke in. >> we're out here many miles away from home with no one to contact or ask for help. >> the youth group still plans to attend to conference. >> foster city police are reminding residents there to lock their vehicles after nine break ins this week. six vehicles were burglarized in one area and three more in other. --. there is some encouraging news
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on the jobs front. s new figures show jog job growth exceeded forecasts. in addition the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. that's the lowest in about four years. analyst say while the job growth is modest, the labor market withstood the impacts o of sandy. >> many of those jobs are being created in our area. >> ken, these restaurants here on north 1st street are packed during the day and they're pretty busy at night. the new report shows nearby tech workers are creating jobs by having a job. tech workers tral in large -- travel in large packs at lunchtime. . >> we go here, sometimes we go to five guys. >> a new report released today
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shows that for every one high- tech job, 4.3 additional jobs in the local goods and services economy are created in the same region. >> anywhere you see a concentration of high-tech workers, you'll see various other services pop up around them, restaurants and coffee shops and various other services that workers demand. >> services like dental care, perfect smile expanded into this second aufz and hired about ten new employees because of demand. >> our practice has been growing due to the industry in this sglaer and jp's pizza is benefitting by being so close. >> now that they've all opened up, it's been crazy busy for us. >> santa clara leads the nation with close to 30% of the workers in the high-tech
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sector. they earn almost 75% more per year than workers in other industries. >> since i'm younger, i'm a tech engineer, i go out and spend a lot of my money. >> the bay area council projectings the demand for high- tech workers will be stronger than other industries for at least the next eight years. >> hundred offense potential east bay home buyers are taking advantage of a pot of money tonight. they're part of a settle nlt over fair lending claims. the program happening at the oak lands convention center is called city lift. they will provide down payment assistance to nine east bay cities. . >> we're going to proskried a $20,000 grant zero % rate and as long as they stay in that home for five years, that
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20,000 is forgiven. >> one of the restrictions is that you must purchase a home within 60 days. . >> a husband and wife from southern california pleaded not guilty to charges they killed a retired schoolteacher in her home. they are accused of stabbing the 55 year old to death in her home in october. . the couple is set to return to court march 1st. >> authorities have identified the body of a man found in an alameda grocery store parking lot. his body was found yesterday afternoon in a car. now alameda investigators are trying to figure out how he died. >> san mateo officials say think have located a 76 year
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old woman with alzheimer who wondered away from her assisted living home around 1:00 this afternoon. they say she was found safe and in good condition. >> the manager of a mill valley nursing home accused of stealing more than $40 thousand from an elderly woman is out on bail tonight. she was arrested o on charges including identity theft and financial elder abuse. investigators say the victim was a resident. the she is set to be arraigned on christmas eve. >> a superior court judge sentenced a former elementary schoolteacher to one year in jail for possession of child pornography. he'll also have to register as a sex offender. the man's wife turned him in
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after finding images on his computer. the school district put him on paid administrative leave at a time. >> two bay area students say they were fed up with getting bullied but it's what they say the school did after it was reporting that makes the story interesting. >> then in six minutes, how some santa -- secret santas are making christmas special. >> a warning for women. police say this rape suspect is preying on women in the bay area.
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. >> richmond police are warning residents to take precautionses
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following attacks o of three women. they say this man raped a woman at knife point and attacked another woman. all of these attacks happened when women walked alone at night in richmond. they say the man followed the women in a white four door sedan prior the the attacks. >> parents in a school are accusing officials of not doing enough to protect the victims of two bullies. we spoke to one parent about her daughter's experience with bullying. >> one of the parents we spoke to said her daughter wrote a suicide note after being bullied here at the elementary and district intervention made it worse. >> she says her ten year old daughter and a fellow fifth grader find it difficult to come to school. they don't want to face their
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bullies. after contacting cooper elementary administration, the daughter was kept inside at recess to keep her away from those accused of bullying her. >> get some counselors. >> the city sent us this statement, they have an anti bullying hot line. >> this parent, a day care provider says the district does what it can. >> it's not the school districts fault. when you get parents who think that their kids are always the most innocent kids, that's whether the problem lies taylor, a cooper elementary kin der gart ner holds up the card that shows she got a guiang star for having good behavior and that a boy got red for
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being bad. >> i would have talked to the parents of the student for them to talk to their kids. >> the parents involved requested a meeting with the father of the two kids accused o of bullying. the meeting was never set up. the reports have filled a report with the police department. >> the city was seeking ways to fund programs to meet new requirements for water run off in the bay. they say they're facing a short fall of one hundred thousand dollars a year to meet the requirement and that is expected to rise by 2014. they're requires -- required to reduce trash by 40%. >> the second harvest food bank is making a plea for help this holiday season. they say they're only a quarter of the way toward their goal of raise ing enough food and mung.
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the center says it serves the needy year round but sees an increase around the holidays. >> the spirit of giving is a- life and well where lay away angels are lending a hand to shoppers. almost every day at this k. mart, a handful of people come in to pay off other people's lay aways. this long time cashier says this is bringing joy. >> one lady had actually been in the hospital and when i told her, she started crying. to me, that was, you know, really a touching moment. >> o employeeings say the do gooders come -- employees say the do gooders come in all ages. >> some of our reporters showed up to help viewers in
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need with the salvation army. the 32 ndz annual celebrity bell ringing featured some musicians and our reporters sharing cheer and raising money. . >> and a great day to be outside. right now on the maps, just a few high clouds approaching the north bay and also the central portions of the bay. we're shifting the map south where we're looking at the fire weather watch beginning sunday through monday. they have not picked up enough rain fall so fire danger is still on the table for them. right now, we'll take a look at our current temperatures, they are dropping off currently.
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forecast headlines for tonight, fair skies, this weekend it will be dry, the extended we do bring in a few high clouds and a drop off in temperatures. take a look at these overnight low os, we will have locations in the low to mid-30s. once again, it was beautiful today. high pressure will continue to strengthen so that storm track will go way up to the north. saturday, a cold start, partly sunny skies. as this high builds in, those northerly winds will be on the increase. that's why they have those fire concerns in southern california. for us we're going to have
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stronger winds sunday morning. sunday also the warmest day of the weekend. here is a our forecast, som patchy fog toward the central valley. just a few high cloud os in the afternoon hours but for the most part partly to sunny skies. a nice recovery of 63 degrees for saturday. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast, temperatures continue to go up for sunday but winds will be around 30 miles an hour first thing sunday morning. lots of sunshine monday and a few clouds by tuesday subpoena a drop in #2e78 temperatures wednesday. just beautiful this weekend though. >> i see those suns on the monitor. >> we definitely deserve all
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of that. >> coming up, continuing coverage of today's high court announcement to take up same sex marriage. a closer issue o of what issues the justices may or may not hear. >> plus cars o on a consignment lot suddenly vanish. >> it was 71 years ago today, we'll show you how the bay earmarked the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor
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. >> a 21-gun absolute to honor survivors of the attack on pearl harbor. today is the 71 assist anniversary of that day. there is also a wreath laying ceremony to mark the lives lost. more people mark third degree day by lighting the beacon. there it is at dusk it was lit and it will shine until dawn. it was turned off on december 8th, 1941 after the attack so
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it wouldn't be a guide for enemy planes. it stayed dark until l 1964. we've posted pictures of the attack on our website >> mark ibanez has the day off so we welcome joe. >> yeah, the oakland a's continue to evolve in this baseball off season. brandon mccar thi has agreed to a two year kranth with the arizona diamondbacks. he was hampered by injuries last year. the most severe when he was hit in the head with a line drive and underwent a two hour surgery. last month, he was cleared to begin working out again and resuming his regular off season ri routine. last night further nonstraited what difficult times these are for theed raiders.
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carson palmer taking the heat during and after a loss to denver. palmer lost a fumble and threw an interception. the fumble came with oak lands trailing 16-7. oakland's record falls to three and ten and when things are going that bad you can expect a drum beat for a quarterback change. >> obviously he's made a couple of mistakes in the last few weeks but yet carson's been one of the reasons why specifically earlier in the year why we had a chance at certain games. i'm not down on carson at all. . >> the warriors tobt tonight in brooklyn are tied at 89 in the fourth quarter. >> thank you. thank you for you trusting us with. tonight on the 10:00 news, are holiday parties a sign of economic recovery. >> we'll see you tonight at
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