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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the debris field of the crash of airbornian a flight 214. pieces of the crash were thrown several hundred feet. they want to talk to the crew while details are fresh. >> we are conducting the interviews today. we will determine exactly what happened, when it happened and how it happened, if it was consistent with their process or procedures or if there was any deviations. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say the preliminary findings are that the engines were operating as they should have in the 1:20 seconds leading up to the crash. >> both engines were producing power at the time of impact. >> reporter: and they are trying to figure out why an exit slide seems to have malfunctioned. >> there have been interviews with flight attendants and witnesses that slides deployed inside of the aircraft. we need to understand why that
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happened. >> reporter: investigators confirmed once again that flight 214 was going 122 miles per hour at the time hit the seawall and run way instead of the recommended 157 miles per hour. at 6:00, we'll tell you about what investigators say about who is supposed to monitor speed. live near sfo. ntsb investigators are looking at all images and angles of the crash landing of flight 214. i want to show you now a new animated simulation. this is based on witness accounts. it shows the 777 coming well short of the runway. it hits the sea wall, rips off the tail. and it skids before coming to a stop. for the first time, we heard from some of the first responders on the scene of the crash within moments. david stevenson is here with some of the dramatic stories. david. >> reporter: that's right. today we heard some details from the first responders including what they first saw
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and its emotional impact on them. >> oh, my god. it is an accident. >> reporter: from the moment they got the alarm, first responders at the airport say it took less than 60 seconds to reach the run way, where airbornian a flight 214 crashed. >> the communication was alert 3, alert 3, plane crash, plane crash. >> reporter: firefighters said the sight of the broken 777 was shocking. a disaster they never expected to experience. >> we are looking and it seemed to be surreal, like it was not happening. >> reporter: as flight attendants deployed chutes, firefighters poured foam on the plane. david mont vern declimbed a chute. >> this is a chute that was deployed from l-2, the second door. i said if he can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: joined by two san
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francisco police officers, they discovered passengers still inside the rear of the plane including an elderly man, moaning in pain. >> we were running out of time. the smoke started to get thicker and thicker, we stood him up and he started to shuffle his feet. >> reporter: as it grew, fight fighters brought them out through the ripped tail section. >> i feel lucky and blessed we were able to get those people out in that time. >> reporter: in all, more than 110 san francisco firefighters from outside the airport responded to the crash site. joined by 84 more firefighters from san ma at the on county. at 6:00, the surprising stories of the police officers who climbed aboard the plane without gear to help rescue passengers, reporting life from san francisco international airport, david stevenson, ktvu. some amazing stories. also today, for the first time, we are hearing what was going on behind the scenes as those emergency responders were here
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dispatched to the disaster. ktvu obtained the dispatch auto from fire and ems. they showed the race to get there. >> we are arriving on scene with multiple units. we have a large plane, well involved in fire. >> >> reporter: the fires wave of responders to arrive knew it was bad, with smoke and flames growing bring the second and the feat of the passengers are unclear. >> people are trapped in the plane. >> the level of concern then grew, with more resources called in. >> engine 33, engine 13. engine 39, engine 43, truck 9. 47, 10, and joans 3 truck. >> those on the ground could see fuel leaking from the engines as passengers tried to escape, as some did, a warning went out. >> be advised we have a number of people that are out of the
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plane. >> with flames spreading -- through the jetliner, another call for resources. the urgent appeals on the recordings tell the race against time and the pressurized decisions being made to deal with the chaotic scene. >> attention, attention, a red alert. airliner crash at sfo. city and county of san francisco, red alert. >> red alert means thisy are dealing with a mass casualty incident, something that first responders here in the bay area train for but thankfully rarely happen. >> we are learning more about the two teens that died in the crash and the possibility that one of them may have been killed by an emergency vehicle rushing to the scene. kara liu is here. >> i spoke to the corner by phone. he says the exam is complete but they are waiting on
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additional testing and analysis. those results won't be back for about another two or three weeks. he says it won't be until then that they can confirm exactly how these two girls died. >> reporter: san francisco fire officials acknowledged during a news conference today that one of the two victims killed in the 214 crash may have been hit by an emergency vehicle. >> i became aware to one of our fire attack batallion chiefs that there was a possibility that one of their two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus at an unknown point during the incident. >> reporter: more than 200 first responders rushed to the smoke and flames saturday in what was described as a chaotic rescue to get 300 passengers to safety. >> it is tough to rescue 300 victims. >> reporter: the two teen vick
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james,lily -- victims were traveling to a summer camp. the coroner estimates the victims bodies were found about a mile apart. one was ejected and found on the run way. the other was found next to the plane. he says it is that victim they are trying to confirm whether she was killed by the crash or a secondary incident. >> and i just got off the phone with a spokesperson for the chinese consulate. the parents of two girls are on the way to the united states right now. they will fly first into los angeles before making their way to san francisco about 10:00 to evening. live in san mateo. a total of 27 passengers are still in the hospital tonight. 17 of them are at san francisco general. six of those 17 are reported to be in critical condition
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including a child. they are suffering from brain and spinal cord injuries to internal bleeding to broken bones, and unfortunately, two of them are also paralyzed. 45 other passengers were treated and released from san francisco general. 10 passengers remain at stanford hospital. one of the ten is reported to be in critical condition. seven children were treated at pack jarred children's hospital. >> with three of sfo's four runways operational, air traffic is returning to normal. passengers continue to deal with delays and cancellations. some passengers have been stranded since saturday and are trying to get to their destinations and being told that all flights are booked until wednesday. this afternoon, late arriving flights at sfo were running about two hours late. >> they told us at midnight we would be boarding at 1:40. at 1:40, they came actually the flight is canceled, the service crew will not be coming.
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>> there is no word yet on when the fourth runway where the plane crashed will reopen. go to for more information on the plane crash. you will find a link to the faa's flight tracker if you are traveling. and we have posted more of the interviews from the first responders. you can find images of the crash from the ntsb. inside the airplane. new at 5:30, we speak to a flight attendant that takes us through a crash landing and how they respond. when disaster happens. and let the if you were lows begin. [ furloughs begin. the impact in california because of the sequester. who is actually going to profit off the mandatory cuts? up next, the new east span of the bay bridge will not open on labor day weekend as originally planned? when will it open? that is a mystery. i'm up after the break. there is fog offshore, but temperatures are heating up. how hot will it be in your
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the chinese consulate is assisting chai knees passengers on the flight, including a group of students an friends of the victims, we continue our coverage from san jose with the efforts being made to help the young passengers on the flight. jana. >> reporter: first of all, we learned that the families of the two girls that were killed and other family members of other students injured will be arriving here in the bay area by 9:30 tonight. the students, who were originally set to stay here at the marriott, we saw them board this big tour bus that you see here in front of the hotel.
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they got on, did not speak. but they -- they would not tell us where they are going. but when i saw them, they looked sad. they were holding on each other's arms. the consulate general for the bay area just left the hotel an hour and a half ago. he arrived around 2:00. the students gathered around him in the lobby while their teachers asked the media not to speak with them because they say they are too from advertised by the death of their fell fellow students, he said they should be brave and are young and should look the future. the group of 30 students came from zhejiang province, they are touring san francisco and stanford, then planned to leave for a two and a half week camp at west valley christian school near los angeles. through an interpreter, they said the families of the two girls killed were emotional and
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are arriving tonight. >> the relatives are very, very saddened and they cried a lot when they heard the news. >> reporter: the consulate staff gave teach of the student a bag with toiletries and will help students that lost passports and documentation and help them return home. it is uncertain at this point. he said there was another group of students, so a total of 60 students were to plane that crashed. as of last night, 23 chinese nationals are still in six area hospitals including one of the students that just went through surgery today. live in san jose. delayed until at least december. that was the big announcement about the opening of the new
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bay bridge. >> reporter: a labor day opening that will be missed is this. nice weather that you can count on in september, but certainly not so much in mid december or january or february. right now, there is no opening date set. >> a labor day weekend opening for the new bay bridge was dashed by failed bolts that cannot be fixed in time. >> we are sorry. we are very sorry for the delay. but we have a retrofit that we need to get built and we need to get it installed and we need to do it right. >> reporter: the toll authority director said behind closed doors at the capitol that the bridge won't open until steel saddled can be installed where problems have been found. >> so essentially, you might look at it as our belt broke and we are putting on some suspenders. >> reporter: they have long questioned how a $$1.1 billion
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project that is ten years late ballooned to a $$6.3 billion project. >> that is a failure. >> reporter: along with the announcement comes a report that blames contractors for a slew of fiascoes in the project. >> why did they go wrong? we have a lot of other infrastructure to build. >> reporter: the retrofit and delay will cost at least $15 million. who pays? taxpayers or contractors. >> that is to be determined. it is probably to be determined by attorneys. >> reporter: now, december 10 is when it is expected that this retrofit will be complete and it is then that bridge authorities will select an opening date. that could be based on weather, on holidays, or even traffic. so the opening date right now is unknown. on treasure island.
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police arrested two armed robbery suspects in oakland this afternoon, their suv rolled over and crashed. they had robbed three people at gunpoint near brand avenue in piedmont. they chased them down grand avenue and the chase ended when they crashed. they recovered a gun from the vehicle. a state group gave a rescue plan to city college of san francisco. the board of governors approved, appointed a special trustee to oversee the college. last week, ccsf learned it will lose its accreditation in one year because of financial mismanagement and other problems. the college says it has addressed many of the issues and it is important to note here that ccsf does remain open and is currently accredited. with another bart strike looming, contract talks are not expected to continue until
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friday. a union representative tells ktvu that both sides are meeting separately with state mediators. but the two sides will not sit down at the bargaining table together until the end of the week. they have until august 4 to try to come up with a deal. if not, union workers are threatening to walk off the job. >> reporter: today, they picketed outside the neighborhood of the general manager. the workers were asking for a 23% raise. more and more gay couples are getting married following last month's supreme court decision. last friday, the court in santa clara county issued licenses to 150 couples, including 27 same sex couples. that is a record for a single
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day. one county supervisor said he performed 41 same sex marriages last week. highway 50 is closed because of a grass fire. the fire is burning in a rural area between white hall. call tran said it shut down highway 50. it was apparently sparked by a blown tire of a vehicle. there are currently no detours in place. let's talk more about that. bill martin continue joins us now. what are the conditions up there for firefighters? >> not as bad as last week. 85 degrees in the fire zone. now winds are southwest at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. the humidity, relatively humidity is about 10 or 15%. it is low on the relative humidity percent. we're talking about better fire conditions than last week when we were dealing with 105, 106 degrees. fog on the coast cooled things off. if you are out in san francisco, or you are out at golden gate park you can see there is fog working its way
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all the way into the golden gate bridge. that will push into your neighborhood late tonight, early tomorrow morning as we pull out a little bit, you can see the current temperatures and it is hot inland. we are heading for a warmup. temperatures are increasing. they peak tomorrow. temperatures will trend down there after tomorrow. 90 in walnut creek, 69 in oakland. it is cooler with the sea breeze around the bay. air quality is good. fire danger is not as bad as last week. overnight low, mid 50s and patchy fog. kind of like we saw this morning. you have yourself a pretty nice day. so tonight the fog comes back. tomorrow, a lot like today, but slightly warmer and in the extended forecast, temperatures will trend down a little bit. we'll see it in the five day forecast. around the day tomorrow, mid and upper 60s, upper 70s in oakland hills, berkeley hills, and towards san jose you get in
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the 80s. and in the valley you are in the upper 90s. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. if you are going to the ball park, they are playing the mets. by the time you leave it will be foggy, cooler by the eighth or ninth inning with temperatures in the mid 50s. so it is the basic drill. forecast highs tomorrow, 94 in fairfield, 62 in pacifica. san jose, 85, 91 in gilroy. here is the five day forecast with the weekend in view. you can see the temperatures will peak and start to come down a little bit. you see they drop off here and by the bay area weekend they climb up. the five day forecast, weekend in view, looking at temperatures that will remain in the 80s and low 90s. fire danger will come up tomorrow and on the winged.
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thanks, bill. facebook is sporting a new feature. and gripping testimony today in the murder trial of george zimmerman. the questions raised in court about 9-1-1 calls and the response from trayvon martin's father. korean culture and the deadly plane crash at sfo, what an international airline expert calls an unfair saum goes -- assumption about the accident. an officer that climbed in the wreckage relives what he saw. these stories coming out up at 6. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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. a marin county sheriff deputy is recovering after an officer involved shooting. it happened just about 6:00 last night. the deputy spotted a man driving that he knew had a suspended license. when he approached, the man tried to run him down. the deputy fired at the man that drove off. the suspect was arrested four hours later and taken to the loss with bullet wounds in his arm. the deputy suffered head wounds after bystanders threw rocks at him. oakland police are investigating the death of a man that died in their custody. it happened after police responded to a disturbance
5:26 pm
after 1:00 this morning at a home on east 21st street. a 54 year old man was being detained for a psychiatric evaluation. police say he resisted and struggled with officers as they were trying to put him in a police car. during the altercation, the man became unconscious. he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. his cause of death is not yet known. the murder trial of george zimmerman today focused on 9-1- 1 calls the night that trayvon martin was killed and the key question was whose voice is heard screaming for help on the tapes. >> [ screaming ]. >> you hear him yelling help? >> yes. >> do you know whose voice that is? in the background screaming. >> yes. definitely that is georgeie. >> when i heard the tape, my immediate reaction is that is george screaming for help. >> four witnesses today testified that the voice heard screaming for help was that of george zimmerman.
5:27 pm
he is charged with second- degree murder for the shooting death of trayvon martin, an unarmed 17 year old. a detective testified today that trayvon martin's father told him that the voice was not his son's. the defense called martin to the stand today and questioned him about his interview with the detective. >> i shook me head and said i can't tell. >> so your words were i can't tell. >> something to that effect. but i never said no, that was not my son's voice. >> today, the judge also ruled that she will allow testimony about a toxicology report which showed trayvon martin had marijuana in his system when he died. the trial is expected to wrap up this week. in fact, jury deliberations are expected to start on thursday or friday. facebook is trying something new that it hopes will make it easier for users to find people, places and photos on the social networking site. facebook rolled out the graph search feature today for all of its users in the united states. a test version was released
5:28 pm
back in january. you can search for things like photos of your friends in paris or movies your friends like. some people are raising privacy concerns, but facebook says nothing labeled private turns up in search results. more coverage of the deadly plane crash at sfo. in the wake of saturday's plane crash, when it comes to flight attendants, perception is not necessarily reality. >> this is a flight symptom you later showing the approach to sfo. we show you what pilots have to take in consideration when flying in the airport. new developments in the deadly train explosion in canada that leveled dozens of buildings and left 40 people missing.
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. an asiana airlines flight a den and the is speaking out about the or deal of the flight crew. >> cab inmanager lee yoon-hye spoke with crews and said the crew acted heroically. one flight attendant slid down a slide with a school boy on your back. she said two slides inflated
5:32 pm
inside the cabin and pinned two attendants on the floor. the ntsb says that interviews currently underway with the pilots will shed more light on what caused the jet to crash. they released video today that shows investigators walking through the debris field and looking through the wreckage, here are few findings. they revealed today there was no indication of a steep decent and both engines were functioning. the plane was going slower than normal for a landing at sfo and the pilot at the controls was in training. >> it was a captain, who was working on his initial operating experience in the 777. he was at experienced pilot and a prior captain, but working on getting his rating on the 777. >> in fact, this was his first landing of a 777 at sfo.
5:33 pm
investigators are interviewing all four pilots on board who flew the plane during the lengthy transpacific flight. >> families of the two teens that died in the plane crash are flying into san francisco tonight from china. they are expected to arrive around 10:00. this video shows some of the relatives at the airport in shanghai. among them are the families of the two teens who were the only people killed in the crash. the teens were part of a summer exchange program. >> we heard a moment ago about how flight attendance on board the asiana flight helped save passengers. we are at sfo with more on exactly what flight attendants do when there is a disaster. rob. >> reporter: frank, the crash of flight 214 highlights how important flight attendants are when it comes to passenger safety. this is perhaps how most passengers view flight attendants.
5:34 pm
>> typically, serving drinks, serving food. >> reporter: but they say there is a lot more to the job than serving cocktails. chris black worked here 28 years. >> we are firemen, policemen, nurses. we absolutely, yes, serving you food and drinks, but most importantly, we save your butt. >> that was evident in the aftermath of last saturday's crash landing at sfo. one flight attendant, lee yoon- hye, called the press that despite a broken tailbone, she put out fires in the cabin. they must be certified yearly in training. it is a two day series of drills. >> we go through pretty stringent emergency training and know what to do, how to get people out of the plane as fast as possible, what to say, and get them out within 90 seconds. >> reporter: they also have to know how to use fire fighting equipment, and deploy life
5:35 pm
vests and rafts. that is what happened in 2009 when they landed an air bus in the hudson river and everyone survived. so when passengers say this about the job of a flight attendant. >> give us drinks and food d blankets. >> >> reporter: they say, think again. >> bottom line is, the flight attendants are the first responders. it is because of the flight attendants that so many people survived. >> reporter: and flight attendant chris black says it is frustrating to see passengers not paying attention when she reviews safety procedures. after what happened saturday, she hopes that changes. live at sfo, rob roth, ktvu. we know the pilot of the boeing 777 had little experience flying the aircraft and was landing it for the first time at sfo. we join you from a flight school in san jose, where pilots learn the basic approach to sfo and what they might
5:36 pm
learn from this tragic situation. >> reporter: we are at reed hill view airport in san jose. they pointed us here to see the best flight simulator to see what pilots can learn about sfo. >> reporter: this simulator is operated by a well-known flight school. inside the simulator it provides a panoramic view for a student pilot. he does not want to comment on the crash but says pilots are tracking the investigation. >> we look forward to what the ntsb has to say. we are 17 miles from san francisco. >> reporter: he showed us the approach to sfo with the simulator set for assess that 172 traveling at 100 knots. >> you are using the same approach as a commercial airliner does. they are defined per airport. >> reporter: our simulated speed was approximately the
5:37 pm
same speed as the asiana airliner in its approach, though its target speed was supposed to be faster. >> the faster the airplane goes, things happen faster. it causes the flight, you need to be aware of the situation. that is what is training about. >> one of the things you take in consideration now beside your speed? >> saying on the center line of the runway. >> reporter: a flight simulator is a great learning tool for pilots and there are many other factors in take in consideration. >> there is a lot more workload in the airport than what you see in here. >> reporter: geiger says trade winds conducts safety seminars and expects to incorporate the ntsb findings in future sessions. live in san jose, robert handa. los angeles is prepared to welcome the girls killed in the crash and they are now
5:38 pm
grieving. they were headed to a three week summer camp and stayed with host families and taken afternoon field trips and weekend trips. the students are now all planning to return to china. the church is offering prayers and holding a fund-raising campaign. >> we are collecting some funds to try to help these students. a lot of them, their suitcases, they may not have them. so we are trying to provide for some of those needs. >> the church plans to hold a prayer vigil thursday. families that were going to host the students are among those planning to attend. more coverage coming up later at 6:00 including who was supposed to monitor an airplane's speed when it comes in for landing. also, looking at the pilot's back grounds and the role it might have played. and we are looking in the evacuation procedure after questions come up about one of the chutes on the asiana flight malfunctioning. you're paying for it.
5:39 pm
the washington, d. c. bureau tracted your tax dollars. the money being spent by an agency to create this video. and 57,000 federal workers in california get a day off, not by choice. the furloughs affecting then and why other workers benefit.
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. hazardous conditions are
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delaying the search for victims after the runaway train disaster in canada last saturday. the official death toll was just raised to 13, but up to 40 people are still missing after train cars filled with oil broke loose and exploded. firefighters have to be sure that all of the flames are out before they can even search buildings that were destroyed in a town in quebec. thousands of people still cannot go home. today, egypt was rocked by the deadliest violence since the military seized power. more than 50 people were killed. witnesses say troops fired tear gas in a group of protesters taking part in a sit-in. the interim president issued a swift timetable to amendment the constitution and also scheduled new elections for early next year. they have secretly moved records of the mission that killed bin laden out of sight.
5:43 pm
they ordered files about the raid on his hideout to be purged from computers, they are being sent to the cia where they can be shielded from being made public. according to the cia, the records transfer was part of an effort by the admiral to protect the names of the personnel involved in the raid. a privacy group is asking the u.s. supreme court to stop surveillance of domestic telephone data by the national security agency. the electronic privacy information center filed an emergency appeal directly with the court today bypassing lower courts. they say only the supreme court has the power to change federal law dealing with court surveillance orders. a secret federal court improperly authorized this. furloughs for thousands of workers are about to begin. who is getting a raise because of the cuts. and you heard the jokes
5:44 pm
about how long twinkies can survive? we have a definitive answer tonight about their shelf life. and back here right after the break, there are clouds out there now, but high clouds will move in the area. the five day forecast with the weekend in view back here after the break.
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5:46 pm
. summer furloughs began today for u.s. defense workers including 57,000 right here in
5:47 pm
california. but not everyone on the payroll is suffering a forced pay cut. we hear about the situation for colleagues overseas. the pentagon is giving injure mans working at american military bases overseas a pay raise and at the same time orders here at home, workers are facing a 20% pay cut. this is a furloughed firefighters at an ohio air force base. he worries what happens in an emergency. >> we have to call for help from the community and hope they are not out on a call and come in to help. >> reporter: in two letters to defense secondary chuck hagel, they called the foreign worker pay increase disturbing. they are urging them to suspend the raises. 650,000 civilian defense workers are forced to take 11 days off work without pay. it is a move that is expected to save the defense department $1.8 billion. an ohio congressman says it is
5:48 pm
a travesty. >> this is wrong. we have individuals that are paying the price for the president and congress not doing their work. >> reporter: in january, the germans earn $40 each month. the union also negotiated a one- time bonus of $670, citing years of pay freezes. american workers have not had a pay increase in three years. the pentagon says foreign national employees provide invaluable contributions. they are exempt from furloughs because their situations vary by country and region and many are paid for by foreign government. the the curiosity rover is on move to a new location on mars. this is a photo. it has six wheels and has gone 190 feet since july 4 after seven months. it already discovered an environment that could support
5:49 pm
life and now nasa scientists are anxious to get a close look at rock layers at the base of a mountain. the new and improved twinkie that is expected to hit shelves will have an even longer shelf life than its predecessor. the company that took over making twinkies says it will last 45 days. that is three weeks longer than the old twinkie. there are reports that twinkies and other snack cakes will be frozen on delivery, that further extends the shelf life. i always liked the apple pie. >> let's talk about the weather now. over to bill martin continue. i guess this is the kind of weather that is good for firefighters. not hot, and. >> a lot better than last week, when we had the heat have it -- advisearies. we have a tropical storm, eric,
5:50 pm
that will stream north in the middle of the week. we can see a few, maybe thunderstorms or sprinkles or wet weather just south of the san jose area. i'll track that for you and show you that on the computer model. what we are looking for tomorrow and certainly the next few days as the high pressure builds in, we'll see temperatures warm up. temperatures will trend down as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. so spikes tomorrow, and temperatures trend down after that. it will be warm tomorrow, slightly warmer inland. highs in the 90s. on the edge of the valley, around the bay, lots of 70s and 80s tomorrow and right along the coast you have the patchy fog. so here is the computer model. tomorrow morning, some patchy fog but clear. that's the warmest day of the week. then you get into the afternoon, same thing. fog clears from the coast.
5:51 pm
wednesday, computer model, same deal. patchy fog on the coast. then look what comes from the south. that's moisture, subtropical moisture pumped up, so warm, moist, unstable air. wednesday at 5:00 we see the clouds move in. and thursday, the areas here, south of the area, a chance of some wet weather, maybe a thunderstorm. this could spawn a thunderstorm around lake tahoe and around the southern sacramento valley. it should be 95 in brentwood tomorrow. and along the coast, the fog will keep it in the low 60s. 78 in redwood city. with the weekend in view, wednesday, some clouds, into wednesday night, into thursday.
5:52 pm
clouds and still warm. bay area weekend, temperatures start to trend up. temperatures go up tomorrow, drop down a little bit, clouds come in, go away, and come back up on the weekend. there is the five day forecast. wyle keep an eye on that. that is the situation with the subtropical moisture that can turn into a fire concern if you get thunderstorms or things like that. thanks, bill. your tax dollars at work, folks. how much one agency spent on a spoof, even as it struggles to help those coming home from war. >> back to julie in the news room with more on what we are working on at 6:00. >> he rushed into the wreckage moments after the crash at sfo. the haunting sights and sound he says are seared in his memory. also, i think that's very unfair statement. >> theories about korean culture and the deadly plane
5:53 pm
crash. these stories and much more coming up in 10 minutes.
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5:55 pm
. the touchy issue of cyber security is at the top of the list at u.s. and chinese officials begin talks in washington, dc. they are concerned about
5:56 pm
chinese theft of intellect y'all property. the meetings are designed to build cooperation. warren buffet handed over another church of his fortune to charity. he is giving $$2.6 billion to charities. two billion dollars to bill and me linda gates and a million shares to each of his children. this is his plan to give away his fortune. closing arguments in the richmond high school gang rape trial start tuesday. 20 year old marcelus peter faces life in prison for a 2009 attack on a girl outside a
5:57 pm
homecoming dance. two other defendants were convicted of gang rape and two are awaiting trial on lesser charges. the u.s. lawmakers are furious over some spoof films paid for with taxpayer dollars. scott mcfar land has clips of the movie. >> despite a back log of claims of veteran, the u.s. department of veteran affairs spent $50,000 to spoof patton to share with employees that attended a conference in orlando. and justnd unearthed by a watch dog group, this video by employees at the u.s. general services administration. an amateur rendition of the movie rocky. an in-house video for a town hole meeting. they did a rap video. and a version of jeopardy. >> they are a waste of time and stupid. these are high level government
5:58 pm
officials doing these videos. the videos you see are of officials who are being paid the most within our federal government. >> a spokesman for the director says they were produced in 2011, before the director took over. he asked internal agency investigators to review them, saying the videos were produced during a period with a pattern of misjudgment. the irs also taking heat for spending tens of thousands of dollars for a spoof on star trek. one agency executive had to answer to that in front of congress. >> it is embarrassing. and i apologize. >> reporter: the v. a. and general services administration saying they are reducing what they spend on videos and conferences and the obama administration issued an executive order to reduce conference expenses government- wide. now at 6:00, ntsb
5:59 pm
investigators focusing in on a key piece of emergency equipment that may not have functioned properly during that deadly plane crash at sfo. and we are hearing the here ontic first-hand accounts of the first responders that rushed into the building plane to cut passengers loose from their seat belts. >> i went inside and was trying to get people out. plus, what the coroner is saying about the young victims and questions that one of them may have been run over and killed by an emergency vehicle. complete bay area news coverage starts now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening, i'm frank somerville. we are learning new details about the deadly asiana plane crash that killed two people when it crash landed at sfo saturday. we have live team coverage as the investigation into the cause continues. tonight, we're hearing the here ontic first-hand accounts of some of the emergency responders that went into the
6:00 pm
burning plane to rescue passengers and insight in the pilot's past experience, we begin live near sfo as investigators look at a key piece of safety equipment that appears to have failed. christian. >> reporter: ntsb investigators spent the day combing over the wreckage of flight 214 at sfo. one of the areas they are investigating is the slide and the crew to get their account of what happened while it is fresh in their minds. they spent another day going over the wreckage of asiana 214 and released new video of the accident scene. they will be paying close attention to the emergency slides after reports they did not deploy properly in the moments following the crash. >> there have been some interviews with flight attendants and witnesses that slides deployed inside of the aircraft. we need


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