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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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is sal. oar lane workers are out there but traffic is moving well in both directions, now let's go back to the desk. one child has been killed, two others wounded in a shooting in oakland and their grandmother was also it hit, paul chambers joins us live from outside headquarters, paul? >> another family is grieving this time after a seven-year- old was shot and killed. >> and this happened last night. shots were fired near mcarthur boulevard. >> reporter: an adult woman, and a four-year-old little boy were shot around this complex. it is unclear if the shooting took place outside this
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apartment. one of the seven-year-old girls died from her injuries and they are still trying to figure out how the children knew each other. >> there was reference to her being a grandmother, we still have not determined that yet. >> the grandmother is also listed in stable condition. >> now police do not have any leads in this case and they are asking anyone who knows about this but they are trying to get more details on this ongoing investigation. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking to revisit a proposal to carry a weapon. they tried to address it more than a year ago but they
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dropped it, here are the reasons why, claudine? >> well, the violence and vandalism wire already seen it. protesters were upset when it was put on the table last year for consideration. the proposal came up and it would ban things like hammers and shields as weapons. they said people were using protests as a cover for vandalism. let me show you. .. >> i could walk up to you and kill you with a pencil, are you going to outlaw pencils? >> reporter: as you can see they are getting aggressive with their rhetoric. a man tried to talk in support of the ban and really the proposal did not go further
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after that. >> we -- >> okay -- >> shut the hell up, okay, we listened to you. .. >> sir, i'm sorry but it is out of hand, we are going to end the meeting now. >> council members have now told the contra costa times. we are here to he help him get an update. people have vandalized downtown during the protest. most of the protests were peaceful and as you can see most got out of control. police also released this short video which shows a man on a
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bike recently talking to a driver before kicking a man's car asking them following the acquittal of george zimmerman. lamar caldwell of oakland. the two are charged with vandalism. they are accused of smashing windows at the men's warehouse near 13th street and broadway. a third man is accused of throwing a rock at a police officer. more demonstrations are planned across the country for trayvon martin including a propose bay could the they are asking for correct where two police
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officers were killed. the apartment complex he owned was ridelled with bullets and his family has been forced to make all of the repairs on his own. they have already left the crime scene for him to clean up and the city council has denied his requests but they will revisit next month. airport is charging the airlines $50,000 to keep the wreckage from the july 6th airport and it has given them until july 6th. it was moved to a remote stretch of the airport, meanwhile some safety experts say the automatic cockpits systems may be a factor and they told the airline cannot
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play closely at a mountain view high school. a staff member at the christian preschool may have touch add child inappropriately. police are interviewing children and a letter has gone home to parents. the staff member who is under investigation has machine placed on administrative leave. they are stepping back to eliminatep hundreds of spaces and they are pro poeting one-on- one side of the parking and it would be there but they are
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remaining on polk. traffic is moving a long well, if you are driving on 80 westbound, you can see traffic looks good as you drive out to the mcarthur maze. everything looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza and for the last hour we have been watching it closely and there have been no problems. all of them still looking good but going up 125,000 feet is actually closer to the ground. and some say they can see it working their way around and that is a sign pressure is working its way in.
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a it is on the golf of alaska and that's going to build back in so fog sun warm, that is for sure but 60s to 90s and it will not take long. yesterday we had upper 80s and 90s but coast and bay, 60s and 70s and 80s, i don't think we'll see 110 or anything like that. >> destroyed, land slides which left 7 lake county homes uninhibittable. and super storm -- grants and donations for souper
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storm sandy may not have gone to victims.
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. welcome back. it is now 5:11 land slides have destroyed seven homes, 10 others were voluntarily
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evacuated. now an attorney has filed claims asking for $5 million each for homeowners. an irrigation system put in by destruction defects may have caused the land slides. a redwood city couple are now suing the building's owner. they also claim the building did not have sprinklers and 20 people including 3 firefighters were hurt . police arrested a man accused of setting a fire that destroyed a local landmark over the weekend. surveillance video shows steven edmond starting the fire outside the feed store. police say edmonds is a well-
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known transient who has been cited more than 07 times for -- 70 times for vandalism. >> they are voting on a plan for federal student loans, led to the rate doubling on july 1st and as kyla campbell reports, the interest rates would vary depending on the economist, kyla? >> it is set at 6.8% and this bipartisan legislation would lower the rate for undergrads for 5.4% for graduate students. now with this, it would be linked to the financial market and as the economy improves it does go up. they want a cap on the loan rates and under this plan, they are looking at undergraduates for topping out at 4.2 5%.
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and parents rate's would max out at 10-point 5%. the senate could vote but there is also a chance they will push that off until the middle of next week. the house already passed slightly different legislation. whether or not a deal can be reached, when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the house of representatives will begin on a republican rewrite of no child left behind, teacher eval wakes, school improvement plans and it would be up to each state taking away from the u.s. education department. the house could vote on the bill as soon as tomorrow but many don't support it and president barack obama said if it reaches his desk he would veto it. texas governor rick perry is planning on signing a bill in-law today.
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they released a statement saying it will be reached after the 20th week among several other new restrictions. it gave national attention after wednesday davis filibustered it last month and it passed. >> time now 514, nine months after super storm sandy, attorney general are talking about whether they are receiving the needed funds. charities raised $575 million for storm victims in the after math but as of april, 40% of those funds still had not been distributed. >> this is about transparency, this is about accountability and this is about us all understanding that the money goes where it is affectively delivered efficiently. >> now he is investigating
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whether some funds were used for overhead programs and at least 17 non-profits have been used for other causes. >> they are defending the use of surveillance cameras that tracked the areas for every car that leaves town. they raised privacy concerns and they are a crime deterrent and it is due to evidence collected by the cameras. data that is not linked to a crime is erased area 30 days. george cass phone -- gas cone will receive new security features and gas cone is one of the leaders of our smart phones national task force. they will have antitheft features and they are concerned because of nearly half of all robberies receive and involve high-end phones. what are you keeping an eye
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on, sal. >> a couple of things are popping up here. good morning, let's take a look at the bridges, first of all, san mateo does look good and no major problems reported there. also if you are looking across the bay it has been a nice drive so far. i just want to mention if you are driving before the waldo, there is a crash there and chp is on its way to check that out. let's go to steve. he is not going anywhere and it is not going just as far. it started yesterday but it will continue and some of that warm air pops up from 15 to 20
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degrees from tuesday and it is a foggy coast and there is still some fog out there but what is inland will burn off much, much sooner and most lows, high pressure is kicking in for 4 or 5 days. it started, and temperatures are averaging slightly below. today will be the day 92 to 102 over the next few days. clear lake, vacaville out to stockton, there will not be a northeast wind. 50s on the temperatures, everybody is close here. 54 in novato, 52, you can't get much closer than that. 52, a south wind, fairfield, delta breeze, you know darn well it is going to get hot. tropical clouds up in southern
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california, if you are up in capitoa it will be warmer, inland temperatures cooler lows, i noticed it this morning. now 90s and temperatures continue to be bumped up away from the coast and kind of leveling off and things will get warmer as we go to the weekend. >> it will be higher so far this morning and that's after the first day of testimony with chairman ben bernanke, asian markets reacted with their trading dated overnight, shanghai and japan's nikkei gained one and a third percent. it does look like a little bit of a mixed opening, you can see slight gains yesterday. a couple of things that will definitely affect the markets though, ebay hazardous appointing numbers and it is
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almost down $4 a share and ebay is disappointing. they will not renew their contract after the naacp -- ncaa football will not being able to use the name or logo. electronic arts will continue to use the series and ncaa is fighting a lawsuit they claim they owe them for using their imageels without compensation. nationwide stores are boycotting the magazine because of its latest coverage. and bottle rock festivals, mounting deaths. >> get the latest sent straight to your cell phone and you can get your wake-up call by
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texting the words "wake up" 17023.
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. a cold front from canada will bring in some cooler temperatures. cooling stations have been set up for people at -- for people who don't have air conditioning
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at their homes. not guilty verdict -- verdict for george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin, the marie mained peaceful but they want the department of justice to file federal charges against george zimmerman. and demonstrators took to the streets and held a rally and called for justice. the son of martin martin luther king, junior wants to protest the stand your ground law. >> truly when people don't understand your plight is when you decide to exercise your buying power elsewhere. >> he made this statement while speaking at the naacp convention in florida and he praised stevie wonder who will not perform again until that
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law is changed. they are refusing to sell the next issue of rolling stone magazine because it feature is the bomber and they said they will not carry the issue coming out tomorrow. putting his photo on the cover glamourizes him. they are getting complaints about bad checks written by organizers of the bottle rock festival. they filed the complaints after the checks were returned for insufficient funds. another bottle rock vendor is alleging breach and fraud and they are struggling to pay more than $3.2 million including 342 union employees.
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time now 5:45 let's swing it to sal. >> we are doing well, as a matter of fact we had a few things but for the most part let's go out and take a look at 280 northbound, traffic continues to move along nicely. no problems on the sunole grade heading south as you pass mission boulevard and we want to remind you, we can talk about it and there is a crash near summersville road and that crash is moving to the side but traffic is moving a long slowly already. it accident take much as you drive to the antioch construction zone and vehicles drive off as you still might see some slow traffic, let's go to steve. we have some areas of fog in fact most locationels say cloudy unclear skies -- most locations say cloudy and clear
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skies 60s and 70s and 80s. a little girl killed, an adult woman wounded, what they are saying about this shocking crime at an oakland complex. it has been a month after the deaths of two santa cruz officers and one woman is talking about how it cost her, her property, we will explain. getting stuck under a hot jet under a drizzling arizona zone, how that flight responded.
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. dave clark has the day off, time now 5:30 nice to have you here and steve is here and it feels like it is warming up. >> my friend eli is here. >> glad to be here for you. we have a good fog bank but it is going to burn off and there are still plenty of low clouds around, inland i don't think it will matter much, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving along well, highway 4 westbound but in the antioch area right here there is an accident in the construction zone which has been pulled off to the side and traffic is still slow through the region. at 5:30 let's go back to the desk.
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it is just a horrible tragedy in oakland, one little girl is killed and two others are wounded. one woman is also hit when somebody got into an apartment complex and police are still searching for suspects and at this point there is no word of any motive. >> based on speaking with victims as far as the female adult, we are still trying to deriver what occurred. >> police are urging anybody to contact them right away. paul claim letters -- chambers will have more from the scene in the next hour. it comes after a violent attack on awaiter during -- a waiter during a violent protest and claudine, it has happened
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in the past. >> reporter: yes, this is the second time that hammers and shields could be used as weapons or as part of vandalism but the last time they spoke about this, it caused a lot of controversy and it is still unclear if it will affect them this time around. the last one was at the public safety committee meeting they had to end it because things have gotten out of hand. here is some pretty angry retort. >> i am going to tell you that i could walk up to you and kill you with a pencil, are you going to outlaw pencils? >> reporter: obviously people are very upset about talking about banning anything they wanted to bring and they talked
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about banning tripod as well. now the meeting ended when people got up and talked about the ban and they are very upset about his viewpoint and this is how the meeting ended. >> we -- >> okay -- >> please shut the hell up, we listened to you. >> sir, i'm sorry, this is out of hand, we are going to end the meeting now. >> reporter: so they did end the meeting and the proposal didn't go anywhere from there and we have seen the violence and vandalism and as council member -- as the council member makes a new date to end the debate, we are reaching out to
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various city leaders about where this can go next, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. police found a man who had been shot just before 7:00 on derby street and that man died at the hospital and police are interviewing witnesses and have not named a suspect and anybody with questions is asking to call the police department. here joining us with the response from the santa cruz city council, janine? >> reporter: we are here on doyle street and this is where that gun battle took place between law enforcement and the man who shot two santa cruz police officers with two santa cruz officers and you can see what appears to be a bullet hold on these masonry pillars
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and the property owner wants to be reimbursed from the damage caused that day. according to a claim, her 5 unit office was shot on figure 26th. -- february 26th. police were chasing him because he had chased down officer elizabeth butler earlier that day and she applauds them in catching the suspects but bullets damaged her garage doors, the property inside fences doors annuals. she was -- and walls. she was also left to clean up remains of him and she wants the city to reimburse her. according to the santa cruz sentinal, they decided to deny it and they did not create emergency circumstances it was just protecting the public am
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but in the meantime, he has also filed a complaint against the county because it was the county and we plan on bringing it to city officials it is ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are reaching out to business owners who were targeted during the protest. police said they did not do enough to prepare for the protest and they met with downtown business owners to address their concerns. >> it is not acceptable to come to the city of oakland and commit crimes and we simply will not tolerate that. >> there will be more officers at a march planned for saturday to make sure things stay peaceful. verdicts have been reached in the gang rape trial.
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they were both tried together and had separate juries. they both were outside the homecoming dance and if convicted both men could get life in prison. oakland police are there as they have an emotional vigil for her. >> last night's prayer vigil marked a week since 21 month old daphne web has been missing, they have received a lot of tips but no substantial leads. >> we just want daphne home. that is all i would like to say right now, i am sad just like everybody else. >> john web was arrested but prosecutors did not file
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charges. daphne also has a -- an arrest and she was arrested last time because of passing out in the back seat. a woman walked away from her facility and they say the picture is outdated because she now has shoulder length hair. she often pushes a shopping cart to help her walk because she is prone to falling. they had to endure a grueling delay in a very hot jet. they finally landed yesterday with 15237 passengers -- 157 passengers on board. it had an outside temperature of 106 degrees and there was a problem with the jet's air conditioner. >> every time your body gets over heated you have a chance
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of getting heat stroke, and it was probably over 100 degrees. >> they gave us water and food and a free drink of our choice. >> the airline did do everything possible to make them comfortable and the delay was due to some type of mechanical problem. the airline limits delays up to three hours and those related to air traffic control however passengers stuck on the tarmac must be given food and water and laboratories must be working. sal, so far so good? >> i see what you did there, mike. traffic is moving along well as you are driving around
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the bay area, we are looking at live pictures if you are continuing well. some fast track users are getting around without any delay, both directions near the oakland coliseum, traffic is moving well along the mcarthur maze as well. we are still talking about the construction zone and it is not causing a huge problem as it normally would. and as we are moving that traffic is looking good as it has been, let's go back to steve. we will start a little warmup, napa 9, -- 79, today is 84 for downtown napa, 85 out
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towards east san jose and palo alto is in stand formed and 76 and we will be 80 today. after that low cloud deck is coming through, there is warm air a lot of and that is taking that fog down and it doesn't have the support it used to. there is still plenty to go around and it will not last as long as it should. i will replace it so it is building back in and even though temperatures inland were below average. they will be below average to above, and inland as we head to the back am and there is not much of a spread. most locations have a westerly breeze and as long as that is
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there, temperatures can't get too crazy. yesterday was opening day in delmar and the hats were out, anyway, it is nice down in san diego, and they get more fog, fog, sun, warmer, cooler lows, it will stop cooling down, 60s to 90s. those well away from the coast will not get any fog. we'll see up to 100 degrees and the warmest day looks to be saturday but we will hold onto it for a couple more days. >> happening right now, the 65- th emmy award nominations, here is more. >> joplin ham, -- john ham, and kevin space i, house of
5:43 am
covered. leading actress in a drama series, connie britain, nashville, claire danes homelands, bates motel, elizabeth moss, madmen, kerry washington scandal, and robin wright, house of cards. nominations for a movie, matt damon behind the candle object a -- behind the candle, and al pacino. leaders in a movie are, jessica lang american horror story, the big c, here after, if i will
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specter, elizabeth moss, top of the lake and others. >> there are quite a few big names there, house of cards are getting a couple of nods and lists are watching to see if this is the first online television series to receive the nominations as of course as we said, house of cards and they are on net flickss. tributes from the white house to the bay area, the suggestion on how to celebrate his birthday. fleeing from an out of control fire near palm strings ñw?
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welcome back, one 8-year- old girl has been killed and another woman was killed when somebody shot into an apartment complex and police are still searching for the gunman and at this point there is no word of any of motive. several people vandalized downtown reason protests and they hit the man's car near lake merit and the senate could vote on a bipartisan plan. the rates doubled when lawmakers could not reach an
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agreement but also has a cap on the new rates. the anti-apart tied activist remains in a hospital. there are handwritten notes wish wishing him a happy birthday on the wall outside the hospital. the united nations is encouraging people to take part in volunteer projects nominating it mandela day. the healthcare reform law will put money into the hands of millions of americans this super. under the care act, they are required to pay 80 percent of the money on premium salaries -- premium salaries and they are required to give rebates to their customers. they will receive rebates averaging about $100, the uc
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bored of dashboard of regions, some community groups are protesting outside the meeting in mission bay campus in san francisco, immigrant rights' groups say secretary of homeland security janet napolitano oversaw an unprecedented deport takes and supporters say her washington connections will help the university seek government funding. a wildfire burning out of control is forcing 6,000 people to evacuate. that fire is in a rugged mountain terrain and it has burned nearly 20 acres and is starting to move towards populated areas. that fire is 30% contained. >> they just said get out of the house. they have been trying to get a trailer locked up and we have
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to get all of the stuff locked out of the house. >> they are sending ash into the air and a smoke advisory has been issued throughout the region. >> sal, is it picking up at all? once again, we are looking at the commute and traffic is moving along well in most areas. let's look at northbound 280 traffic and if you are driving as far axle page road, they will be conducting a break to get a sign coming out over page mill road, watch for that. also the morning commute is pack willing up and so far those meeting lights don't come on until 6:00. most are getting a little bit more south as well, let's go to
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steve. there are still low clouds around, livermore is seeing some clouds only concord is the only observation and fairfield as well, we are not seek some component of fog and it is not as much as we saw the last two morning and some of the lows are cooler but the fog is coming down and there are some areas of thicker fog, reduced visibility and in caldecott some of the higher elevations, temperatures are very close, coast bay and inland. it continues to work its way towards us. base side will warm up and today we will be am slice -- bayside will be warmer and today will be above average, around contra costa and around the coast up and down 60s and 70s and around the peninsular and around the bay warmer will
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kick in and carry us into the weekend. again this has to be far away and we will get toasty numbers, and it is not changing that much. new unemployment claims, they filed origin initial jobless benefits but that's the lowest level since early may. employers are cutting fewer jobs than in the past few weeks. johnson & johnson is ending a lawsuit by investors. they received quality control failure and johnson does not a head to it and a judge still has to put it up up in the
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air. and plus one u.s. mayor is pushing residents away from elevators and on to stairs. it is a plan that coliseum force many -- plan that could force many city buildings to get a face-lift.
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. good morning, plenty of areas of fog, not that much
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change coast and bay. well, a month rail in sacramento is closed this morning after dozens of people got stuck. 38 passengers were stuck when it lost power and cherry pickers had to rescue the riders. >> everybody was focused to the side, i was like, oh, my g-d, we are going to fall over. transfats, they are trying to curb obesity in the big apple and now he is target being elevators. active designs should be in new and renovated elevators and he wants people to walk and sweat off the calories rather than taking it easy in a nice
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elevator ride. >> some times stairs are creepy. let's go out and take a look as you head to interstate 880 i should say, it does look good if you are trying to get into the valley, also on the sunole great, we had nothing really major, let's go back to the desk. a little girl is shot and killed, the hunt is on for the killer. san francisco international said they decided to charge rent, the bick bill is being sent to asiana airlines and
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. a young child is shot and killed, the strange developments tied to this
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tragic story. >> and they are cracking down. they made have played a role at fso, the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues right now. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is thursday, july 18th, i am pam cook. >> and i am mike, in for dave clark. there is still plenty of low clouds around, it will burn off sooner and temperatures continue to warm up and i will have more coming on up on that, here is sal. also looking at the commute here if you are driving on the golden gate bridge, steve


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