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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 2, 2013 4:00pm-4:29pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, we got 'em, "right this minute." >> a hiker and voyeur in a ski mask have people saying this is one weird video. >> others even calling it creepy. >> we solve the internet mystery revealing the man and the motive. >> the cop warned him. >> get back in the car, get back in the car. >> what happens when a driver doesn't listen? >> it's a grim world spiraling
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out of control. and captain tom neville is in the center of the revolution. now jean carlo esposito reveals a new season of craziness and what he craves most. >> plus, a pizza delivery guy with a big dilemma. >> the towel drops. >> how you decide what he does next. >> there's a video i want to show you guys going viral, some calling it period, others even calling it creepy. it's in california on montara mountained entitled "i made a friend on the mountain." the camera zooms in and you see a hiker, a woman, appearing she doesn't know she's being filmed. keep watching.
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suddenly the camera turns around and it's this guy in a ski mask making this just sort of weird face. the camera goes back to the trail and listen. sort of a sinister laugh. now, you can imagine this video causing quite the conversation online. it all sort of traces back to a guy on live week who goes by the name gort. we have been in touch with gort. was unable to skype with us. we asked him, first of all, was the video himself a joke? what was he doing up there? >> the video was a joke. i thought it was obvious that it was a joke and i wasn't a rapist in waiting. >> i wear the mask because there are a lot of bugs up there.
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>> we also asked if he knew the girl. >> no, i didn't know the girl. there's not a lot of people up there. i wasn't trying to shatter anybody's serenity. >> he did have an interaction with the police because women in the area were a little freaked out after watching this. it's important to point out there was no crime committed here. >> the police basically got in contact with me. they really just wanted my name, address, personal information, date of birth and all that and to make sure in fact i had not raped and murdered somebody on top of montara mountain. >> he does obviously have a sense of humor and that's why he's so popular. i hope he at least understands why some people got a little creeped out by it. >> you're looking at dash cam video from the austin police
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department. what happens in this traffic stop got him in a world of trouble. the person in the nissan truck pulled over is james martin. there is a car radio playing but listen very closely at the man in the nissan truck gets out of the car. >> stay in the car. stay in the car. stay in the car! >> what you heard was a gunshot. the officer fired a shot after he told james get back in the car, get back in the car. after an investigation, the chief of police of austin video, it's clearly obvious that james was reaching for his wallet. >> you can't have officers squeezing off rounds of you just because they may be afraid. all we can see here is the guy reaching into his pocket. could he have been reaching for a weapon? yes. but that officer has to wait until he identifies a deadly threat before he returns with deadly force.
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>> the chief of police said it was an unreasonable action by the officer. he said it was clearly a wallet and he does not expect his officer to act this way on a traffic stop. >> how long has bain been on the force? >> five years. he was cleared by all charges but he's been suspended indefinitely without pay but he can appeal. >> stay in the car. stay in the car. stay in the car! >> two videos here that are a little disgusting but for completely different reasons. the first one is in south africa at a restaurant. they're eyeballing the purse of the little girl. eventually they cue the little girl, she takes the cell phone,
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put it in her shirt and they all go out and nobody notice as thing. >> the girl wasn't quick. she stood there in a few moments digging around in the purse before she got the phone. >> you wouldn't expect the 7-year-old to be a thief. >> these are the years she's learning right from wrong and she's being taught the opposite behavior. >> this is kind of cu cute. dad's 14-month-old son is with him in the bathroom. the little boy ends up running away with the cell phone, recording himself the entire time. >> pee pee, pee pee. >> can i have my phone? can i have my moan? >> just when you think he's
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going to get away, dad takes the phone back. >> thank you. >> this rescue scene may look very familiar. this is off the gold coast of australia. another whale trapped in shark netting. this time it's a hump back calf. you see mom around very close, keep an eye. >> the mother is very close. >> you see a sea world rescue boat. they're there to try and help and cut the net away. they can reach it, hook the netting and start cutting it away. >> as can you see behind us, the conditions are not the best at the moment. so they have to make sure safety for them is a priority today. >> what a tankled megled mess t. it's like christmas lights. >> this is the fifth whale
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caught in the shark netting. many say they've never seen so many hump back whales. even though they've spotted five whales caught in the net, they've all been rescued. >> this one is hard because the mom is in distress. she can't do anything to help her calf. thank goodness there are people brave enough to do it for her. >> it might keep happening. the shark netting is going to go away, that's there to keep people safe from sharks. what can you do to keep the whales safe? >> her video went viral when she made a video to tell her boss she quit. the big response move their dance moves are making. >> and see why this dog sounds more like a duck.
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imagine a world with no power. we would have no job. >> no youtube. >> exactly. that's the premise of a very popular show on nbc currently in its second season called "revolution." >> i'm sorry, but what the hell does this mean. >> that is jean carlo esposito, an award-winning actor. >> what this means is that the
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polly anna flowers, that what you rebels have been fighting for ain't what it wants. >> he plays the captain tom neville. >> it's a fun show, i've soon it. he's kind of awesome and you think he's going to help the characters out but then he always turns bad. he's good at it. >> we have jean carlo via skype right this moment. welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. >> nick was right, this character you play is a great representation of humanity, the good, the evil in all of us. what can we expect this season? >> this season we find tom neville in a refugee camp looking for his wife, julia. he's a broken man. we now have nuclear holocaust but it all comes back to being a show about family and how we have to struggle to survive in this desperate world. >> what's it like for you as a
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human being to imagine a world without power? >> my life has exploded. this little device has changed my life because it's always pointed at me this way. everywhere i go, everyone is trying to take a picture or sneak a picture about me. there's something missing about us when put faith in technology. people are like i can't rest, i can never sleep, i'm thinking of so many things. it's because we don't know how to rest, to breathe. we all need time to relax and we're hard pressed to do that when we sleep next to our phone. >> talk to us about your character now that that iconic show has come to an end. >> i'm sad but i'm glad, also, for having been april fofforded opportunity to be amongst such
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greatness. people ask me all the time, what's your favorite show, your favorite movie and i say it's the one i'm working on now, what i call a brutally delicious show, "revolution." wednesday nights at 8:00. watch. ♪ ♪ >> this has got to be the most 2013 way to quit your job. you probably saw this video, went crazy viral over the weekend. this is marina, a producers. she put thought video and is doing interpretive dancing to kanye west's song. it's about how she sacrificed time, energy over the years, working at this place and
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criticizes her boss for putting more importance into quantity over quality. this is her quitting. now there's an opening and they put out video of their own as a response to marina and it looks weirdly similar. same song. ♪ ♪ >> here's some of their commentary. they work for anyou awesome company, they have a dance pole. they do wish marinia well and they also announce that after this commercial, they're hiring. >> when bosses are finding youtube videos of their
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employees quitting, that's the world we're living in. >> and they're making their own as a response. i have to give them that for a sense of humor. >> they're an extreme couple sharing epic adventures, next "right this minute." >> and still to come, a sea lion swipes a go-pro and takes it for a swim. >> how its rightful owner gets it back. >> i get paid overtime. >> see why this mailman prank really delivers. >> ooh, ooh!
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like us on facebook all day long. now back to the show. >> they've teamed up to prank the good people of america. >> they got me working saturday overtime. i said, fine, you want to give me the shift i don't want? i'm going to dump some of them out. >> this time they're pretending they're mailmen. >> i get paid overtime, opening birthday cards. >> they're just opening cards,throwing them away. >> isn't that a federal offense? >> at one point in everybody's life you're waiting for a check
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in the mail. >> or a birthday card from grandma with a $10 in it. >> sure it's mine. it is now. >> and in comes jack veil. >> which way did he go? >> older guy on the bicycle rats him out. >> i said yours? he said opened it up, $10 bill in it and says it is now. >> and then he starts drinking out of a flask in front of people. >> keeps you going. got to in a government job, my friend. >> supervisor jack vail comes in to let him have a piece of his mind. >> hey, what are you doig? drinking? >> and as yo can tell, this is a lle around. and they have no shame. ooh. ooh! >> oh no. >> oh, look at the awesome people come in to help break these mailmen apart. >> all i can think of is if i
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was one of those people walking by i'd be like i hope my mail's not in there. >> ed, stop it! >> i hope they don't deliver to my house. >> imagine the thrill offing. >> to the glap gose islands and one of the sea lions steals your camera. >> he's a filmmaker. >> you do get a nice scene of the bottom of the ocean. what's really amazing is you get to see the sea lion starts to play with it at some point. >> he's definitely taking, you know, some artistic angles, artistic liberties with it.
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>> maybe he's just a thief, guys. maybe the sea lion is like tourist, camera's mine. later. >> well, the camera belongs to jordan. it was him that was in the water and had the encounter with t sea lion. at this point jordan has his camera back. he's been amused by the sea lion. to figure out how he got the camera back, we have jordan live from denmark. tell us, how he got it from you and how he got it back. >> my girl friend and i thought it would be nice to have the camera on the bottom and let it float up to us and we were on the surface. i swam down, put it on the bottom and noticed the go-pro had disappeared. it was a bit of panic what to do. we didn't expect to get it back. in the end we were lucky enough to find it hiding in the rocks
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with the sea lion right beside it. >> so you didn't have to pull it from him? >> i swam over and there was a bit of a confrontation and a struggle. he felt like playing with it a bit longer. >> did you ever get the picture you were trying to take in the first place? >> no. i'm sure this was much more exciting than the picture we would have gotten. >> dude delivers a pizza but then he's got a decision to make and we have to help him choose. >> are you coming or what? >> be a pro, dude, be a pro! >> be a pro! >> go for it! >> se
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in today's tech-crazy age, it's ard to satisfy kids with old school toys. but peter brown is making his toys out of a block of walnut.
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i hear he's taking that chunk of walnut he drove a hole into, carves it all down, sped it all up for us, a different carving tool, carving this block into something he can play with. he carves this part down to a really narrow little bit. >> is he making a dreidel? >> close, he's making a top. he's going to chop that part off, sand it, polish it. most tops, you spin it and it spins. his spins and flips upside down. >> this is a lost art. >> imagine getting something like this from your father, your grand dad. >> imagine getting something like this from your father or grand dad. >> i'd love to have something like this in my collection. >> dog making duck sounds.
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>> let's get ourselves tangled in a youtubeweb. it' most like a pickour ownure . remember those old books? video have from jason horton. he said it's based on a true story. that will be $14.50. >> yu i asked for extra sausage. i hope i got what i asked for. are you coming or what? >> be a pro, dude, be a pro! >> what do we do? be a pro! >> go for it! >> this is more fun. let's see what happens. ♪ >> passes up a room with just everything you can possibly imagine sort of sexual equipment. but then watch. >> hey, kids, pizza.
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hey, stop fighting with your sister. >> but what about my tip? >> and that was the wrong choice to go for it. so what happens when he's just a pizza guy instead of a horny dude. >> his integrity is in tact. he earned our respect. >> you have to go to rtm


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