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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 1, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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>> hi. if you're too stuffed to move on this thanksgiving weekend, sit back and enjoy great viral videos "right this minute." ♪ ♪ ♪ a story for the season with an outdoors man in alaska who can't believe what happens when he comes to shore. >> see the life changing experience with a baby caribou. >> she's making grunting noises. like a wet puppy to be honest. >> two jacked up turkeys fight for the title with -- >> the best play by play
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announcer i've ever heard. >> what happens when they fail to impress the ladies. >> four boys stupid fighting over the lady. >> until. >> that turkey is spread eagle on the floor. >> the video was a lesson for thanksgiving dinner disasters. >> fine. fine. chop it up and you'll be fine. >> and a thanksgiving diddy. >> i think this one might catch on. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now we reveal the instant classic that will stick in in your head. >> i woke up singing gobble, gobble, stretch, stretch. >> larry bartlett calls this a fantastic gift of nature. check out the video he sent in to "right this minute." here he is in the alaskan wilderness and going out to do fishing and be an outdoors man like good, strong alaskan men are. check out what happens when he
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comes to shore. gets a little visitor. that is a baby caribou. he estimates it's about six weeks old. he says he believes he's injured. he says, you know how you're not supposed to touch and interact with wildlife? he just sat there and she came up to him. he's not endangering the animal when she comes up to you and sits in his lap. >> no way. sits in his lap? >> it's clearly obvious she is wanting affect and she lets him give it to her. >> oh. >> what a wonderful gift. >> to tell us all about this adventure he had with his beautiful caribou, we have larry bartlett right this minute via skype. do you know what happened to her after you left? >> unfortunately, i don't. i'm hoping that she regained contact with her mother or
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another mother. >> describe what the moment was like. >> making a lot of gruntsing noises. felt like a wet puppy to be honest. truthfully, high heart was pounding so fast. she clearly wanted affection. i was the guy to give it to her. >> how does this change your perspective on wildlife. >> that's a really good question. this year i hunted caribou. just because of the nature of this encounter, i chose not to kill one. it took some of the steam out of my hunting. >> how tempted were you to take her home? >> i very tempted. but i could only imagine the look on my partners' faces when i came out with her. >> two guys named tom got themselves in a fight over a girl. and they happened to have the
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best play by play announcer i've ever heard. the two guys named tom, are actually tom turkey. here is the fight. >> two tom turkeys fighting for domination. >> i don't see this as so much a fight as a tango. >> it's kind of like weird arm wrestling but with their neck. >> two details are fighting for the dominance, for the -- here you see them enjoining glasses and weeds. four men, four boys, all of it, stupid fighting over a women while the women are enjoying their life. >> i love this guy. he's giving us life commentary. deep thought. this guy is incredible. >> wow. beautiful, i have never seen turkeys fight. >> they make their way back over. >> to like, break it up, guys
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stop it? >> they continue to ignore them. >> do you guys want to join in or don't want to ex-spend your initial. >> there were three females and only two of them. >> good odded. >> i love how the girls aren't fighting for each other for only two guys. logical thing, one of the girls would have to go. >> the girls know they're too tired to do anything. no word on who won. >> probably still fighting. >> yeah. think we can all agree that the essential part of the holiday meal is the turkey. >> yeah. >> agreed. >> now these guys in san diego, california, they were celebrating pretty hard because this is their first thanksgiving in this apartment. first time they've ever cooked a turkey. they got the cameras rolling and got in sync rolling in the
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background. >> this is like spiking a touchdown after it happens. they're that happy after they successfully cooked a turkey. >> and that's a great analogy. >> no. >> you're kidding. >> they spike the turkey. >> no. not. [ laughter ] >> fine. pick it up. chop tuit up, you'll be fine. >> is this from 1998? >> it is not. in fact we reached out to these folks. this is thanksgiving last year. and it's getting a lot of attention. they in fact utilize the five second rule. they picked that turkey up and ate that sucker. >> of course you do. >> check out the beautiful message by cassie. >> hey, everybody, thank you for donating to st. vincent de paul. >> she's thanking everybody
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because she started a go fund me page to collect funds so she could buy gift during the is a christmastime for st. vincent de paul. she doesn't want anything for herself, she wants to give. that is because she suffers from a condition called ev. kids with this condition are known as butterfly kids. it's where a connective tissue defect causes their skin to break at the slightest touch and end up with big sores. >> after learning about her, readit decided to award her. >> i told them about your st. vincent de paul thing and you won. you're getting $100 to get toys to take to kids on christmas
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morning. >> oh, my gosh. [ bleep ]. >> oh. >> couldn't keep it in. >> thank you, so much. >> that's awesome that that's what she wants to do. give to other people. which is so great. especially considering she's dealing with stuff right now herself. >> on their go fund me page, they say they have everything. too many cats, home, food, too many friends. and they really don't need anything. that's why she wanted to do this. that speaks to her heart and how beautiful her soul is. >> when someone returns from the air force, it's an overwhelming surprise from little bro. the sweet story behind the tears of joy. and a turkey with a mouth. >> giving people crap as they come out of a grocery store. >> hear how they eelt up this turkey talk. ñ=ññ
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the holidays are upon us. this is a time when families want to get together, they want to be together to express their love. what better time to have a surprise homecoming video. the man you're seeing in uniform is airman leo. and he's been deployed for nearly a year.
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hasn't seen his family for almost one whole year. watch this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ crying ] [ dog barking ] >> man. is that his brother? who is that? >> that's his 18-year-old brother who was at home sick in bed when his brother came walking through the door. and he won't let his brother go, sobbing into his shoulder so thrilled to see hi brother. >> even the dog got in on this. [ crying ] >> their video was actually posted back in may. but it's trending now because it's thanksgiving. people are thinking about their families and wanting to be together. >> he's in shock. i don't blame him for sobbing like this. >> those are serious man tears.
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what better reason than seeing your brother. you haven't seen him in a whole year. >> you all right? >> a lot of people talking about turkey this time of year. but have you seen a turkey talk. >> talk turkey to me. what you got in there? my name is leroy. you just go on. you just leave, man, that ain't right. >> this is a turkey outside of a grocery store in a cage giving people crap as they come out and chatting with people. >> come here. >> do you bite? >> no, i don't bite. put your finger in here. >> are you somebody's pet? >> i'm a homeless turkey. >> i'll take you home. >> there's the culprit old tom made. not a turkey at all. he went and set this thing up. he's got a wireless mic and battery operated speaker.
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[ laughter ] >> but tom has an answer to that guy. >> you'll have a plate in your head if you don't get out of here. i'll knock the stuffing out of you. >> i think it's weird he's in a cage outside in front of the grocery store. >> he could be there or in the frozen food section. >> if you fried that sucker, it would be delicious. >> are you a thanksgiving turkey? >> no. i'm a faux turkey. get out of here, kid. >> it's time for holiday meal fixes. because guaranteed one person is going to mess up one recipe. all came to the rescue. let's start with mash potatoes that get gluey. nobody wants that. make potato grauten. you put them in a pan and top them with butter and cover with
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cheese and a light coating of bread crumbs. you've made potato gratin. >> it's saving this thing. >> repurpose what you've got. they've got a muffin tin idea where you make a cheese muffin. or just get the box of instant from the cabinet. they also tell you what potatoes not to use. and then somebody has burned the pie crust. >> buy a premade one. >> or take a greater and brush the crumbs away. >> that works? >> yeah. and you peel it off and put a new crust on the top and put it back in the oven or about ten tore 15 minutes. and they say once it browns put foil around the edges so you don't burn the edges but the pie keeps cooking. >> great idea. >> there's good ones.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> add some pizazz to your holiday table. >> the napkin. >> the easy steps to fold to impress. >> this is what you call the crown. >> and -- >> keep it in mind when you're about to belly up to the thanksgiving table. >> when tur kwis gobble up their own feast. next. meet selsun
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>> one woman would like you to consider feeding a turkey instead of eating a turkey. >> turkey. >> that's debbie, the pet lady. she lives out on long island, new york. here she is with your wild it kwis. calling them over and giving them a crust of bread. then this big tom comes running up. >> that one turkey went down the line and took all four bits of that bread. >> very polite. >> still good to be cautious here. they're sticking theirs out here to come and get the bread. >> they know debbie. they trust her. she's known as the pet lady. word gets around. >> i appreciate her sentiment not to eat turkey, i'll eat chicken. >> keep in mind, turkeys need to
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eat too. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> during the holiday season, you're probably hosting a ton of really cool dinner parties. you have to be aware of the presentation, the table setup. very important element. the napkin. so i have really cool awesome ways to fold your holiday napkin. we have the crown. >> what is that? >> a candle. >> that's awesome. >> this is undoubtedly my favorite. >> is a shoe. >> that looks difficult. >> that doesn't look easy. >> wow. >> that's awesome. >> the rose. that is something. >> because we have a very crafty host here, i'm putting us to the test. especially mr. master busboy napkin boy over here. >> i could do that one so simple. >> i'm going to do the elf shoe. >> you can't do one you already
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know and you're good at. >> okay. yeah. okay. i'm going to rose. >> i'm doing the candle. >> i'm doing the crown. because that's what steven means in latin. >> i folded it the wrong way. >> i don't know what i'm doing. >> oh. oh. oh. i'm matching it. >> my elf has a very small, chuggy foot. >> so far -- >> this is looking pretty sick. >> there it is. >> except it's not going to stand on its own. >> i'll put my mouth in the middle. >> it does look like a candle. >> it looks like a rolled up napkin. it's awful. >> that looks like a candle. >> that looks like a rolled up candle. >> how about the rose? >> what the heck. >> that looks like you smashed a mouth onto the napkin. >> it's holding it together. >> yea. >> this is what you call the
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crown. you could wear that. >> look at that. >> to see the video to learn how to fold nap quinns, head on over to and click on see the show or you can also see it on our mobile app. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's a turkey tune that will have you shaking your tail fetsers. ♪ ♪ >> and the song is from the perspective of the turkey. >> hear all about the thanksgiving hit from dickey himself. >> i'm celebrating in every way. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ )!)a$v)ttttqtt$dt$$p7[8
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>> it's holiday time. that means lots of cooking and baking. >> probably going to need eggs, right? >> you need six per pound cake. >> but how do you tell if an egg is still good? >> the crazy russian hacker is going to hack your life with the egg test. >> all you need is glass of water and the egg. let's see what happens. the egg sinks. so that means the egg is peshltly good. >> a good egg will sink all the way to the bottom of a glass of water. a bad egg will float. >> it's starting to float like dead fish. this is not good at all. >> why? >> very interesting that you ask that. >> the siengs behind this is that the eggshells are quite porous even though they seem very hard. >> like our skin is our large heest organ. it soaks everything in. >> but as the egg goes bad it
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started taking in air and therefore you've got a air pocket inside the egg. the egg will float. >> that might save your life. >> there are many thanksgiving songs out there. but none quite like this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> diky stickhead and his song. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and you'll learn pretty quickly that the song is from the per specty of the turkey. >> don't you cut off my head because without it i would be dead ♪ ♪ and you would be fat instead >> the turkey is trying to kind of convince listeners to maybe try different alternatives for thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think this one might catch on. >> gobble, gobble, strut, strut. >> and we've got them joining us
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right this mind. are you a turkey empathizer? >> yes, i am. and i actually dreamed this song after a crash. i woke up singing gobble, gobble, strut, strut. >> what are you going to have for thanksgiving instead of turkey. >> anything but turkey. and she's a vegan, that why she looks like she does. >> it's quite a production. >> it was great. i got sow royty girls. you want to shake your butt and feathers, they're the ones to do it. >> what's it like living with dickey. >> there's never a dull moment. >> what is it that you're pulling out of the oven a giant piece of pie? >> yes. i love pie. pumpkin pie. >> she made you guys pie tonight. i'll mail it right to you. >> i love pumpkin pie.
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>> hold on. >> are you a musician by trade? >> i'm a musician, an actor, and i like to have a darn good time. i was an auctioneer. i have made over $7 so far on this song. >> can we get like a short little impromptu performance. >> absolutely. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> excuse me. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.
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i find motivation any time i need it. flo matter how bad i'm hurting i can push through anything. >> i've never back down. i'm a fighter. when someone is threate


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